the night a random blew my mind

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This story starts out with my roommate mike and a booty call he was after

Mike and I had our own place when we went to college. We had a 2 bedroom apartment off campus which was glorious freedom that we used to our advantage. Mike had been long time chatting with this girl angela who ironically was one of our good friends cousin. I tried to stay out of it especially since I had known her since she was about 10 and even though she flourished to into an incredible woman, I didn’t want to upset our friend but truth be told she was the initiator. There was only one problem with this encounter, she was too scared to come up to our place alone. We were 2 hours from home and that was a pretty scary thing just for her. SO, if u stay tuned past this first paragraph, here the fun begins…..

Mike bursts into my room and goes “dude its happening”
Me: “what angela is coming up?”
“Yea shes coming with shell.” We high five.
“Wait, Shell? Like Shell from our high school class?”
“Yea dude holy shit like I am finally gonna tap angela I need to go for a run or something to get ready”
“Do whatever man I’ll just play it cool”
“Are you sure? I can try and see if Shell is down to hit you up.”
“Dude Shell? She was weird in high school man I don’t know…”
“Hey ill try. Whats the worst that can happen? She sucks you off and thats that.”
“Yea I mean I guess…”

So ends our encounter. My mind starts to wander and I start trying to picture what Shell looks like. She was short, petite, and small from what I remember. She was really quiet, like really quiet in high school. Weird almost. I remember she was with a weird crew too. In my mind I start to think if she looks the same, she might be a really good fuck she might not. Who knows. Who knows if shell even want to. Its all just gravy at this point.

The two of them knock on our back door at 930. They come prepared which is great because we are seriously broke college guys. They brought three handles of vodka and various mixers, and a deck of cards. So adıyaman escort we decide to begin this night. Things are tense, as neither party really hugs or has any sort of greeting other than just a hello but let me tell you Angela was seriously ready to party. She goes to Mike and jumps on him and says “oh my gosh I miss you!!” I can’t help but think how bad she wants to just take Mike back into his room and just begin. So we break out the cards and start playing a game or two.

Things quickly become irrelevant as its clear that these two women came to drink. Us guys are kind of trying to pace ourselves because we are in college we know what the deal is if you want to last all night and not hit the floor by 11, you dont rip shot after shot at 10 pm. But these girls live at home so to them its a special occasion. I can kind of begin to see the gloss over Shell’s eyes and I see her paying attention to my ‘area’. I’m not sure if she was sizing it up or not because as soon as she noticed I caught her she looked away. After about an hour or so I being the good wingman decided that this was to end and started up good old fashioned “truth or dare”. Which is to say I dared angela to go ‘find’ something in Mike’s room and she took the cue. Which left me and Shell alone in the living room. I got a secret look from Mike …one that said a huge YES on the response that Shell wanted me. Mike goes into his room and before he even locks the door I looked at Shell and she was getting up. I push her against the wall and start kissing her violently. She is clearly ready for me to have my way with her as she whispers into my ear “oh please just take me into your room and fuck my little pussy”

These are the first words out of her mouth. All night as I learned later she apparently was begging Angela to convince Mike to sleep with her. And boy, did she turn out to be a star. I don’t waste any time as I dictated the entire night. We are still in the living room with Shell and her back against the akkent escort wall. I unbuckle my jeans and Shell instinctively gets down on her knees. She is not even undressed yet, and i’m facefucking her with my cock. My cock is so hard just watching me go really really fast in and out of her mouth while im plugging her hard with my dick. I fucked her so hard in the mouth that I came within minutes. My cum bursted throughout her mouth as my ass thrusted forward so hard that I thought I hurt her as her head hit the wall. She spilled out a bit from her mouth and onto the floor. When she licked my hot cum off the floor, is when i picked her up and threw her on my bed.

I decided right then and there that this submissive little slut was going to get a pounding. I ripped off her dress and decided as she was laying to 69 her. I started to lick her soaking wet pussy while she licked my balls, and before long i was hard again. I slipped two fingers inside her and she moaned so loud and said oh please fuck me already. I said not yet, you have more pleasing to do. Her tongue continued to slide up and down my balls, and I started to grind on her face. Shell’s hot little mouth went to work and I kept grinding until I felt her hot little tongue on my ass. So as you can imagine I lost it. She started licking my ass which I had never had done before. It was incredible and I grabbed the back of her head until it was deep in my ass. All the while I was fingering her and she was enjoying it staying quiet other than moaning hard which I liked.

After another minute of her licking my ass I had had enough. It was time to pound this chick until I came on her pretty little face. I was fairly drunk myself and as I began to lick the juice off her sopping pussy she literally screamed. She was waiting for my cock to burst inside her and after another minute of licking I spit on my dick to go in and she asked if I had a condom. I begrudgingly did and put that on but not before she turned me around and started gaziantep anal yapan escort giving me a trombone. Dear jesus this girl was a freak. So As i’m putting the condom on she starts to lick my ass and rub me. I am rock hard at this point and as soon as my dick is wrapped I picked her up like she was a playtoy and put her ass up so she was in doggystyle position. I spit on her wet little pussy and her moan was there again. I finally slammed my dick hard and deep into her. Her pussy pulsated on my dick as it got wrapped and she came immediately. Never in my life have I felt a pussy like that, it screamed for my dick and it was squeezing it so hard. I continued to really pound her with my animalistic nature until she said wait let me ride you. I said ok withone exception….

She jumps around ready to ride me but I was standing at this point and made her deepthroat me while I suspended her in the air. So more or less the upside down 69 at this point and I am holding her in midair while she sucks me off. After fucking her throat solid for a minute she jumps onto the dick and begins fucking it as if she were a man. Her pussy is screamingly tight and I come close to cumming and decide its time to get her off and wait. As I Pull out she screams for me to dont stop so instead, I decide to test the limits. I slapped her ass pretty good and she just screams “UGHHH” in pleasure and asks me to fuck her until I cum. I immediately tell her to turn over and I am now fucking her standing up with her legs at the end of my bed. My cock is screaming at this point and I am ready to cum. As soon as I pull out its as if she knows what to do. I take the condom off and she is on the floor already ready to suck me. I begin to jerk off and she slaps my hand away and has her hands behind her back as if they were tied so she can show me her deep throat. She goes all the way down and after i take her head and fuck it a few good times I pull out and Cum all over her little face and even in her hair. I cum so violently that it is seriously everywhere. This time around, she not only takes the cum off her face, but licks my balls and continues to just suck my flaccid cock. Finally after I can’t take anymore, I am finally laying down and she jumps onto my chest and asks, “when are you going to take my ass?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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