The Obscene Call Ch. 04

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Sharon was dogpaddling toward me. Her stroke was ungainly and awkward and her head dipped beneath the surface twice in the two feet she swam to get to me. I picked her up and held her against my chest as Heidi threw a dry towel toward us. Wednesday she swam nowhere. Heidi dropped her in the pool and I was waiting, camera beneath the surface, to catch her scrunched-up face on that, her first day in the water. As soon as her head broke the surface I grabbed her, hugged her to my chest and made sure she knew that she was the most precious girl in my life.

Two feet! Not bad for her fifth day in our pool. I said, “Hey Andy, by the time you start training her I bet you’ll have her doing complete laps.” I brought her over to the pool’s edge so he could kiss the top of her tiny head.

Andy really loved his little sister. She was sixteen days old.

Heidi had brought Andy into the house and came out with a pitcher of iced tea. As she poured she said, “I think we’ll need to at least pull a permit to repair the storm damaged roof. Ken said that that’s the common way to get around the laws limiting expanded construction on waterfront lots. Bayside can use at least three more bedrooms and if our offer is accepted on the property next door we can add five more.

Oh, and we’ve got five girls heading home to visit their folks. They’ll all be back in a couple of weeks but we’ll need to reassign their clients to the other girls. I’d like to expand Nancy’s hours in the office to make up for my lost time taking care of Andy’s little charge.”

I just started to open my mouth to respond when she continued, “Did she tell you that Bonnie’d been accepted to do next year abroad at Oxford? I know that means she’ll be lost to the lineup but it’ll be great on her résumé whether for more school or a research job.”

I was just about to add how proud I was when Heidi stepped on my lines again. “Louise just broke it off with the guy she’d been seeing ’cause she could tell he wouldn’t buy into her side job. It’s probably for the best, don’t you think?”

That time I didn’t even attempt to respond and she said, “You could at least try to show a little interest in what’s going on around here!”

I decided to change the subject. “I was just wondering whether you felt together enough to get together tonight.”

Her face instantly softened. She smiled as she answered, “I was wondering how long you’d hold out. To tell you the truth baby I kind of want to make out with you tonight but it still hurts when I pee so I figured it might be too soon for the other.”

Her smile grew to a grin. “That’s why we’re throwing a birthday party tonight!”

“Who’s birthday?”

“Her name is Amber and she just turned eighteen yesterday. She’ll be starting at the community college in the fall and I had ninety percent convinced her to come to work for us when I came up with the idea that you could break her into the life.” She leaned over and kissed me. “You’re great at giving Sex 101 lessons.

You got her lingerie for birthday presents.”

“I suppose I’d better get cleaned up then. When’s she due here?”

“See I told you that you weren’t paying attention. She’s inside with Andy as we speak.”

“Well I still need to get cleaned up. Shower with me?”

“Will you try to fuck me in the shower?”

“Cuddle yes, caress yes, fondle yes but penetrate no.”

She extended her hand to me. “Sounds like just what I wanted.”

As we entered the living room Andy and Amber were both sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa. Andy said, “Speak of the troglodytes…”

Heidi said, “Amber this is the other Andy who lives here even though the one you’ve been talking to sometimes thinks that the entire household revolves around him.

This house has almost every electronic advance ever developed including programmable artwork on the walls but the fact that we’ve drawn the line at X-boxes and Playstations Andy ascribes to some sort of technophobia. We think of them as wasters of massive amounts of time.

And by the way the sleeping lump in my husband’s arms is our new housemate Sharon and it’s her sixteen day birthday today.”

Amber shook her hands, “The X-box issue sounds way too political for my tastes. I’ll take a pass. Andy asked if he could show me the bay house? and I wasn’t sure what the rules were.”

I said, “Actually that’s a great idea since that’s where your birthday dinner is being held and after a day at the pool we want to feed the baby and get cleaned up. Heidi and I will meet you there in about two hours.”

It seemed that it was to be dinner for six, not counting little Sharon who spent most of her time asleep between Heidi’s breasts. There were the three in my family, Nancy, Grace and our guest of honor, Amber.

We never smoked in the house so after the dinner dishes were cleared and Andy sent up to bed before we broke out the pipe out by the pool. “So Amber, Heidi tells me you’re thinking of joining our little college endowment family.”

“I was, but now I’m not so sure.”

I supposed she was expecting someone to urge her to continue Avcılar Escort but failing in that she started on a new tack. “Let me tell you about my dad’s pool table.

He loved to play and had always wanted one but always thought it was too selfish using family money to indulge what he thought of as a personal toy. Six years ago with both my older sister and brother hitting college at about the same time he pulled quite a few overtime shifts and was wearing himself down for us kids. Finally my mom decided that the pool table was a long overdue and much needed therapy so she got him a really nice Olhausen for his birthday.

The table was delivered in the afternoon but Dad was pulling a double as usual and wouldn’t be home until two in the morning. I was already furious at my mom for turning away a boy I wanted to see because he was five years older than me so I arranged for him to sneak into my house after mom went to bed. I’d decided that I’d get my revenge on her by giving this boy my cherry.

When the boy arrived I started to chicken out so I took him down to the family room which was furthest from my parent’s bedroom.” She shook her head as she continued. “So we christened my pussy and the table at the same time. It never occurred to me what would be leaking out of me while we were fucking and we did it with the lights out…

Well you know the rest. My Dad, my super best friend, comes home at two wanting to play one game on his new pride and joy. He turns on the family room lights and is confronted with my cum, the boy’s semen and my torn hymen’s blood all over his green felt. He took the new table cover out of its plastic bag, covered the table and never played a single game on it. He never even yelled at me. It was my mother that showed me my mess.”

Amber took a sip of her drink before continuing. “Two weeks later the table installers were back at our house. I’d dipped into my babysitting money to get the table recovered in purple. I figured a new green felt would still bring up the visual of the copious amount of blood I’d left smeared on the original green surface.

When he got home after work I sat in his lap and asked him if he’d give me an early birthday present if it was the thing I most wanted in the world and of course he said yes. I made him close his eyes, took him down to the family room and asked him to shoot a game of nine ball with me. He looked at the expanse of purple, got all teary-eyed and gave me the tightest hug I’d ever gotten. We played our game and as hard as he tried to let me win by blowing easy shots he finally won.”

Amber stared at the ice cubes left in her glass. “Joining your group makes a lot of sense as far as being able to pay for school but if I ever got busted for prostitution…

Well I couldn’t do that to my Dad.”

I stood and began to walk toward the office. “I understand completely and I will certainly respect your wishes. We’re not in the habit of forcing our girls to do anything which makes them uncomfortable.

Now I thought this was supposed to be a birthday party! Nancy, why don’t you give me a hand with the presents. Grace could you go upstairs and make sure Andy’s either asleep or otherwise occupied? I have a feeling some of the gifts might be PG-13 or above.”

Our wine glasses filled, the toast having been made, Heidi started passing over the gifts in a particular order. The first box contained a pair of Yves Saint Laurent open toed t-strap black patent leathers with 5 ½ ” heels. The girls all laughed about having to relearn how to walk. She started to put the box aside when Grace interrupted the flow.

“Uh-uh girl, you get designer shoes for your birthday and you put them on and model them for us. I think one trip from where you are to the kitchen and back ought to prove to us you won’t fall on your face!”

A look of surprise crossed Amber’s face. “OMG Heidi! When we were window shopping yesterday… this is why we stopped and you treated us to pedicures!”

Heidi tried to deny it. “Nonsense! After carrying an extra ten pounds of stuff in my belly for so long I just figured my toes needed a treat.”

So Amber slipped off her flats and donned the heels for a trip down our makeshift runway. She only had to reach for one chair back for support during the trip. The wrapping was torn from the next package and Amber displayed her new lace bra and thong set. The bra crisscrossed in the center of each cup so the wearer could proudly display her nipples while wearing them. She looked around the room hesitatingly and attempted to put the package aside. Nancy started shaking her head. “Sorry Dear, get a gift, model a gift. It’s the rule around here. If you want to be modest about it you can go over there and change behind the piano.”

Amber took her package behind the instrument realizing how very little concealment it afforded her. She slipped the new shoes off so she could push down both her jeans and panties. She smiled a bit knowing that her new thong gave her only slightly more concealment than total nudity. Add to this the fact that the Beylikdüzü Escort new bra showcasing her nipples made her tits even sexier than had she worn nothing at all.

Somehow the high level of exposure seemed to embolden her. She traced the same path up and down the makeshift runway but there was a degree of extra swagger in her carriage, a bit more sway in her hips. She leaned forward in front of Grace and said “Thank you for my gifts.” Just before kissing her lips and thrusting her tongue into her mouth. She next paused in front of Nancy but instead of thanking her Amber gently locked her teeth around each of her nipples. Next she stopped in front of Heidi and said “In case the baby gets hungry.” As she pulled her shirt off and threw it to the floor. Next she took a tiny sip of breast milk and wiped it around her own aureoles.

These she offered to me. I pulled her onto my lap and cleaned each nipple rather thoroughly before having her raise her arms so I could pull the bra up over her shoulders and off. While I was molesting her breasts her hands made short work of my belt buckle. I had just started nibbling her neck when she began to tear my jeans off in a near frenzy. This girl had no interest in foreplay, she wanted dick and she wanted it now.

I was already hard so as soon as she freed my cock from the underwear she pulled her thong to one side and began lowering herself onto my shaft. It almost seemed that I was delivering a penile injection of cortisone to relieve her overpowering itch.

The more aggressively she posted up and down the more the volume got turned up to the point where Grace felt compelled to excuse herself and head upstairs. The second floor of the Bayside house was well insulated but Amber was a howler with a strong set of pipes. When she had finally finished with me she had cum three times and only stopped because of physical exhaustion. Outside of the two of us panting for breath the first sound in the room was Nancy’s reverent “Wow!”

Amber’s face was resting atop the sparse amount of chest hair I had. She was finally able to say, “Thank you and I must confess to being amazed.”

I kissed her forehead and replied, “Your welcome but why?”

“I expected you to try to convince me of the error of my decision.”

“Sweet Amber there are no indentured servants here. If you want to work with us we’ll of course aid in the accomplishment of your goals but the decision has to be yours.”

“What do you think of my decision?”

“About the same as I approve of million dollar bomb shelters. I suppose they have their uses if life is that precious to a person but generally not worth it.”


“None of our girls has ever had the problem you referred to, all of our girls has access to the best attorney in the Commonwealth and most importantly, the pleasure and pride you’d be giving your father decisively outweighs the slim possibility of arrest.”

“Pleasure and pride… explain.”

“Having the financial resources to be able to transfer to a better school now, rather than waiting an indeterminate number of years, being in a position to help your little brother with his school expenses, these are all things which would make a father burst with pride.”

Rather than respond, she fell asleep against my chest. Heidi eventually got up and helped me extricate myself so we could go to bed. While she was bathing I dozed on my bed with Sharon sleeping on my chest.

The next morning Nancy woke us for breakfast. I always enjoyed watching her cook while drinking my first cup of coffee because invariably she cooked topless and I’d yet to become complacent about those tits. That morning was no exception as she went from the potatoes and onions to making the batter for the blueberry pancakes and so on in green fuzzy alligator slippers and a matching green thong.

She asked, “Tell me something boss. Was I watching sex last night or was that a rape?”

“I’m not really sure. Is it a rape when no overt threat is made but you can tell that bad things will happen to you if you try to deny the person anything she wants?”

“She sure seemed like a woman in need.”

Heidi and Andy wandered in and she deposited Sharon on my lap while she asked the cook, “How can I help?”

“Would you mind polling everyone so we know how they want their eggs?” Heidi saluted the cook and turned to check with Grace and Amber. As it turned out she almost bumped into Amber who’d been following the smell of the coffee grinder. Heidi spanked her bare bottom as she passed the girl in the doorway.

Andy, as was his morning ritual, booted up the laptop on the kitchen table so he could knock off a chapter in Rosetta Stone Spanish. He liked to learn the words with company so the entire household was learning the language together. It was especially fun for him with Nancy who was already fluent in the language.

Sharon awoke with a smile and I dutifully blew bubbles into her tummy. Such was my home life.

Andy asked Heidi, “The tube of sunscreen’s empty, is there any more around?”

“Downstairs Bahçeşehir Escort bathroom under the sink. What do you need sunscreen for?”

“Bonnie said she’d be here by ten so we could take the Corsair out. We want to sail up above the bridge so we can be in the flyway for runway 15. We like watching the jets land.”

Amber piped in, “That sounds like fun, can you use an extra passenger?”

“Sorry, no passengers allowed but we could take on an extra crewmember.”

“Cool, I’ll get my hat.”

Andy called after her, “And a swim suit unless you don’t care about prying eyes!”

The dishes were washed, the baby fed and we settled under the awning overlooking the dock. Nancy had brewed us some iced tea and didn’t have a “sitting” appointment until five thirty. I threw my question onto the table to be picked up by either girl. “So what do we think about Amber?”

Heidi didn’t look up from the baby’s face as she answered, “Oh I’m pretty sure she’ll come around. For her, as much as she’d like to think it’s about the money, it’s all about loving to fuck.”

Nancy added, “Right now she’s only half listening to Andy and Bonnie teaching her the ways of spars and spinnakers. She’s dreaming about an endless line of cocks whose owners have paid to give her what she already desperately wants. She’s in!”

I’m feeling rather Old Testamenty right now since Amber begat Tiffany, Janice, Jennifer and Maxine. Max begat another Jennifer along with a Louise and a Percy which I learned was short for Persephone who was the Greek goddess of the underworld, wife of Hades. Heidi still occasionally recruited girls but between school, the two kids and the one in the oven, who all the girls have decided will be a Carl, she didn’t have a lot of free time. She had become the Den Mother for all the girls and was frequently called on to arbitrate squabbles. She’s hoping for a two year research project at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Nancy calls her the Madam but I always liked ‘Den Mother’ better. If Heidi winds up on Cape Cod for the two years she tells me Nancy can adequately fill her place on the pillow next to mine. I leave those decisions to her as long as the kids are cared for and I get laid frequently and I’ve always thought of Nance’s tits as glorious.

Sandy sent us a wonderful digital scan of the Diploma she received from the Naval Academy before she was deployed to some classified posting somewhere near the Med. Nancy proclaimed one living room wall to be the Wall of Honors and framed the document for prominent hanging there. Her sister Alice is now in her third year at Montana State and has been on two digs with Jack Horner. She even earns a few dollars now and then when a few of her old clients referred friends going to Vegas to her. She never allowed them to interfere with classes but a few grand for a weekend partying wasn’t a bad way to clear her mind as well as her hormone levels. She did very well in Vegas since she didn’t look like a whore, she just acted like one.

By the way, Andy has already finished the fourth module in conversational Spanish and has just started on Mandarin. I get a kick out of the network of girls hunting for a potential whore to join our family who already speaks it fluently. I’m sure they’ll succeed.

I had always thought of women as being afraid of numerical milestones like turning twenty-five or thirty but I had to confess to not being all that thrilled with my upcoming five zero. I knew it was impossible to stop the girls from making a big deal out of it so I didn’t even try. The only thing I made a point to mention was that buying walkers and wheelchairs was only effective humor if unexpected and would be a total waste of money since I’d already thought of them.

I was told to be at Bayside at two o’clock and I knew better than to either disagree or question Heidi’s instructions. I did a little shopping at Lowe’s and arrived at the designated place at the designated time and let myself in. There on her knees beside one of the sofas was a nude redhead with a magnificent pair of tits I didn’t recognize reaching under the furniture with the vacuum’s wand. I was just about to ask who she was when a voice came from my right,

“Mr. Reynolds?”

I turned and was met with a vision in the image of a six foot raven haired beauty with even larger breasts and a thick unshaven carpet of jet black pubic hair. At this point I noticed that both girls wore matching yellow pumps with five inch heels.

I answered, “Yes and you are?”

She laughed in a soft light tone. As she said, “Oh it doesn’t really matter does it?” she approached me and placed my hands on her breasts.

Of course I immediately knew they were natural and said, “Very nice!”

She smiled, “Nancy said you would approve.” Without looking behind herself she raised her hand and a third girl, this one a blonde with equally large tits and yellow heels, approached carrying a gift wrapped box adorned with a custom printed Happy 50 card. The inscription read, To the fifty-year-old who adopts all the roles needed to provide the needs of all his girls, we sincerely wish you a joyous day. the card was crowded with what I was later told were forty three signatures, the only one absent being Sandy’s since her super-secret posting gave new emphasis to the term ‘Snail Mail’. I opened the box to find two rather famous looking blue pills.

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