The Virgin

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Oh the beauty I have found in this woman who has never been with another. She only knows the joys of the heart, as she has never had the pleasure of a man.

I will be gentle as I show her the many pleasures that will be engulfed in her imagination as the night goes on. I start by placing gentle kisses all over her neck and arms showing her that I will not rush the pleasure into pain.

Then as I slowly caress her face and breast as she moans in anticipation of where my hands will go next. Then I see that look its not fear but one of intense desire she wants to have my manhood inside of her as I visualize this.

Her body is almost aching for me to bury myself deep within her untouched virgin walls. Yet I do not rush as I gently kiss her belly then her soft warm mound of pleasure for the moment as the anticipation builds.

Then like a bolt of lightning running through her body she shutters and bucks at the first feel of a mans tongue darting onto her heated little button of love.

The excitement is more than she has ever known as I lick and rub the little pleasure bump into a mad frenzy of fully intense pleasure. Maltepe Escort Her body quivers uncontrollably from the waves of intense heated pleasure building to her first explosive orgasm.

The timing seems right so I place my manhood at the tiny excited opening of her sweet love mound while placing her trembling legs on my broad shoulders.

Then with an intense driving force I thrust my manhood deep inside of her until I feel the outer ring of her hymen and her legs begin to tighten then tremble again.

Then with another intense thrust forward I break through the delicate hymen with fury and passion and her toes spread with a sharp tension as I start working my manhood deeper inside of her a little at a time until I am buried deep inside of her womb stretching it to full capacity.

As we start working on a rhythm of pleasure I pull her leg to my mouth and start licking the calf slowly and gently until I reach the heal of her delicate foot.

My tongue gently goes across the bottom of her foot giving a slight tickle until I reach her sweet little toes. The rhythm starts to pick up as I feel her body Anadolu Yakası Escort start to tense and tighten around my throbbing manhood and her moans are getting louder and louder as the pace picks up.

I put her pretty little toes in my mouth and start sucking gently and like a wild horse her body starts to buck uncontrollably as I feel the intensity of her second orgasm squeezing around my throbbing member.

She now has a glazed look in her eyes and my pace stays steady, as I want this to be the best experience she will ever have. Still sucking her sweet toes I reach my hand around her while pumping my manhood in and out of her freshly broken virginity.

I then slide my finger into her never thought of virginity and a look of fear comes to her face but fades quickly back into pleasure as I push my finger in and out of her divine never before used sweet bottom.

Now I take her toes out of my mouth and lift her luscious legs higher onto my broad shoulders revealing that sweet bottom to me. She has juices all over it from the lovemaking she has just had and my manhood is covered in thick cum and Ümraniye Escort a touch of crimson from the recent taking of her virginity.

I pull my manhood all the way out and place the tip at the entrance of her puckered bottom. She is still in a haze from the intense orgasm’s she has just experienced. I had been working her bottom a bit with my fingers to get her ready so with one driving thrust forward she lets out a loud squeal as my manhood invades her sweet tight butt pushing intensely past her sphincter.

I begin to feel the bottom of her tight butt as I wait to let her get accustomed to the invader in her rear. Then I start working my manhood in and out while rubbing her juicy hot mound right on her love button and kissing the back of her neck.

She finally gets completely relaxed and starts grinding her bottom back against me to meet with my forward thrust. As we get our rhythm going steady I once again feel the intense tightening of her body on my manhood.

So as she starts to buck and moan with fierce aggression I pick up the pace and this time I feel my own orgasm coming on. My sack tightens as I feel myself let loose deep inside of my sweet virgins butt with a flow that just never seemed to stop.

I had pumped and pumped until we could not move and finally I fall to her side completely satisfied knowing her first was the best and all others would be compared to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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