This Is How She Did It

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Your wife had nearly given up on the idea of including another man in your sex lives. The right person, the right opportunity just never materialized. It was fun to fantasize about for awhile, but she was honestly starting to lose her interest in the whole concept and wondered if it was something she really wanted anymore. Then suddenly, one day, out of the blue, there he was, the perfect man to cuckold you with – the gardener.

No, not Sal, the 80 year-old tending to your spacious backyard garden twice a month, for the last 3 years, but his grandson, 23 year-old, Robert – who just broke up with his long-term fiance, moved from the small town to the big city, and took over the family business of cutting grass, trimming leaves, and picking weeds. She knew the moment she saw him, his boyish charm and dopey, innocent smile, his wavy brown hair and dreamy blue eyes. And there was just something about his trim, fit physique, his youthful, defined back and tight butt, the way his neck connected to his shoulders, that made her simply want to jump his bones, a feeling she hadn’t experienced for another man in quite some time.

“I think we have a winner,” she informed you, but you thought she was kidding.

That initial weekend when he took over the gardening duties, she watched him, studied him. She allowed herself to feel aroused, to feel her pussy get wet. She found various reasons to talk to him and be in the backyard with him. She laughed at everything he said and they developed an easy rapport. She wondered what his turn-ons were and what his cock looked like.

She felt mischievous, predatorial, and sexy.

She felt rejuvenated.

While sunbathing and watching him tie raspberry stems, she found out that he had limited experience with women, beyond the five-year relationship with his ex-fiance – who had left him only recently for a much older man. His ex wanted someone who’d “been around the block”, as he put it glumly. He was meek and humble, but not particularly self-conscious, and she found him adorable, and she loved the way he couldn’t resist checking her out in her swimsuit.

For the next 12 days she talked about it frequently but you were never sure whether to take her seriously or not. “I’m gonna seduce him,” she would say, often while you were in bed together. “I’m going to be his teacher. Imagine me sucking his cock and then fucking him. It gets you hard, doesn’t it? I want you to catch us. I want you to walk in on us fucking and then you can join in. Imagine sucking his cock with me, baby. If everything goes really well the first time, maybe I’ll get you to suck his cock for me the second time around. Would you like that? I know that’s what you’re really after,” she teased. Then she would tilt her head back and moan, her fingers dancing over her pulsing clit, climaxing loud and hard.

The Friday night before Robert’s next appointment, she lazily played with her pussy, while you massaged her feet. “No cumming for you, tonight,” she said. “I want you to be extra horny tomorrow while I’m seducing the gardener.” Once again she masturbated herself to sleep, dreaming of you watching her seduce another man, dreaming of making you a cuckold. Dreaming of commanding two hard, stiff, obedient erections, pleasing herself with two cocks and pleasing them in turn. Dreaming of giving herself a guilty, sinful pleasure while fulfilling your ultimate fantasies at the same time.

You have a job that takes you out of the house on Saturday mornings. Your wife playfully hinted on your way out that you might need to hurry home early. “I’m gonna do it,” she insisted. “I’m gonna make it happen.” You still weren’t sure how serious she was, and truthfully, neither was she, but she kissed your cheek and squeezed your ass with one hand and grabbed at your crotch with the other, and she definitely felt something stir. Her own panties were already getting damp with anticipation and Robert hadn’t even arrived yet.

Two hours later, her plan was well into action. She spent virtually every minute with him in the backyard, chatting with him and watching him work up a sweat. She wore her tightest, most revealing top, and even tighter shorts, and when she’d catch him admiring her beautiful form, she’d meet his eyes with a seductive, flirty stare.

It was a hot morning, and the sun climbed overhead across a cloudless blue sky, shining brightly.

“Bobby, it’s so hot, if you want to take off your shirt, please go ahead and be my guest,” she told him.

“Um, I’ll be okay, Mrs. Smith. It’s not too bad,” he replied politely, trying to navigate the rusty lawnmower across the yard.

“Well, I think you’d be more comfortable,” she said with a sly smile, “but maybe you should do it anyways, y’know, just for my amusement?”

Robert kind of froze at that, like a deer caught in the headlights. She could see the wheels turning in his head.

“Go on, Bobby,” she pursued. “It’s not everyday that I get the pleasure of a buff, young man to keep me company in the backyard. Give me a little thrill, why don’t ya?”

A warm smile and a mischievous Kadıköy Escort wink later, and Robert was pulling his t-shirt over his head, revealing his handsome, trim chest. He wasn’t overly muscular, just lean and fit. There wasn’t an inch of fat anywhere, only a thin layer of sweat on his hairless chest and firm biceps that made his skin shine and glisten in the sun. She thought his body glowed like an oily stripper sent from heaven.

Her reaction was immediate and undeniable. An unmistakable tingling from within her pussy sending excited little butterfly messages up through her stomach to her chest. She felt her thighs and ass getting hot, her nipples getting stiff and rising upwards. This wasn’t fantasy anymore, she realized. She was having real, physical sensations, and it felt good, exciting, stimulating. It was pleasurable, and she felt buzzed and full of frantic energy.

She went inside for a moment to regroup. “I can do this,” she thought to herself. She told herself that it was now or never, that an opportunity this good just doesn’t come around more than once. She suddenly felt nervous and insecure. She looked out the window and studied the bare-chested young man in her backyard.

He was still cutting the grass, but in a completely mindless way, going back and forth over the same spot, while staring off into space. A noticeable bulge formed a tent shape in the front of his shorts and his bare chest sparkled like gold. Suddenly her confidence returned, surging through her, causing her to bite her bottom lip with lust. “I can do this,” she said out loud. She pulled out her cellphone and texted you:

“You better come home fast. It’s happening. You don’t wanna miss this.”

A moment later she sent a second text, just to punctuate the reality of the situation. “The shirt is off…”

She returned to the backyard with a cool glass of lemonade in her hand and walked straight over to the half-naked gardener, taking a sip, and then offering it to him. “Can I give you a little refreshment, Bobby?”

“You can call me Rob or Robert, Mrs Smith,” he said, pushing away the useless, old lawnmower and accepting the glass.

“I like calling you Bobby,” she said, touching his chest and watching him drink. She thought of telling him to call her by her first name, but then she changed her mind. The way he called her “Mrs. Smith” turned her on in a way she hadn’t expected. She took the empty glass from him and set it down on a patio table and returned to him.

“Why don’t you take a break? The yard looks pretty good for today.” It didn’t, but she didn’t care.

“Uh, alright,” Robert replied, uncertain. There was that deer in the headlights again. She moved in on him.

She stood directly in front of this slim, half naked, young man, in her backyard, under the sun, and placed her hands on either side of his hips and pulled him to her, pressing her pelvis up against his. She felt the stiffness growing in his shorts. Jackpot.

“Y’know, Bobby, we could have a lot of fun today. Make each other feel real good…”

“What about your husband?” he asked. That didn’t sound like a “no” or “stop” to her ears. Green light, she thought to herself. Go.

“That’s the exciting part – he wants us to do it. I told him I was going to seduce you. I want him to catch us,” she said with a big smile, trying to sound as friendly as possible.

“Catch us?” Bobby said with surprise. “Won’t he freak out?”

“Oh, no, no, no, it’s not like that at all. He wants it to happen, just as much as I do, maybe even more. At this point, Bobby, I think he’ll be more disappointed with you if he doesn’t catch us. I sent him a text message and he’s on his way home, so there isn’t much time.”

Robert said nothing for a moment, so she pressed on, while pressing her mound into his now obvious erection.

“I know how it must’ve hurt you when your fiance left you for a more experienced man… let’s fix that. Let’s give you some experiences you’ll never forget, in a fun, safe way, so you’ll never feel that way again.”

And that was it. Bingo. He leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, her hands went to his shoulders, and they made out. It wasn’t a long kiss, only thirty seconds or so, but her heart swooned, and there were little tiny fireworks going off inside her pussy, for sure.

She stepped back for a moment and pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing, her sexy and beautifully pert tits to him. Her nipples puffed out proudly with arousal. He responded by going directly to them, holding her breasts carefully in his hands and then lowering his mouth to kiss and suck and lick each nipple in turn.

It felt wonderful for her. It felt deliciously erotic initiating sex with a man more than ten years younger than her. She wished she could draw it out, prolong the experience and savor it bit by bit, but she felt a sense of urgency, the time pressure of knowing you were by now frantically rushing home.

“We have to hurry,” she said. “He’ll be here soon. I want you to be fucking Ataşehir Escort me when he finds us.”

“You’re sure he won’t freak out?” he asked, noticeably less concerned, as he flicked his tongue over her sensitive nipple.

“Honey,” she said, holding his head to her breast, “he’ll be elated. He’ll want to watch, and then probably join in, and he might even want to suck your cock, but he won’t be mad in the slightest, I promise.”

Robert paused. “Is he gay?”

“No, but he likes what I like, and he’ll do what I tell him. And if something turns me on, it turns him on even more. Besides, everyone’s a little curious.”

“I’ve never…” he began, but trailed off as she dropped to her knees in front of him, her fingertips going to the waistband of his shorts. She kissed his flat stomach softly.

“What about the neighbors?” he asked.

“Forget the neighbors. Let them get their kicks watching us if they want. I doubt anyone can see anything, but who cares if they can?” She really was horny now, hornier than she’d been in many years. She’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be this horny.

In one quick tug, she pulled down his shorts and released his throbbing, youthful erection. It was a nice, stiff cock. Smooth and straight and not too veiny, about the same length as yours, but definitely thicker. She was pleased, and aroused by it, and showed her pleasure and arousal by taking it in her mouth and sucking on it like a greedy slut.

She slipped a hand inside her shorts while she sucked him and felt how wet she was, and was genuinely surprised at the scorching furnace-like temperature inside her pussy. She quickly tugged her shorts and panties to her ankles while shifting around on her knees in the grass. She brought his cock back to her mouth with her left hand, and held it right at her lips. Her right hand remained between her legs, tracing circles around her excited little clit. She looked up at him seductively and asked if he’d ever seen a girl masturbate while sucking his cock before.

“”No…” he whispered, his eyes wide in amazement.

This kid is so perfect, she thought to herself. So adorably sexy. So fit and healthy. So fresh and horny. So easy going, so easy to lead. She sucked him adoringly while she played with her clit and moaned all around his cock, working herself up to a fevered pitch.

She pulled him down to the grass beside her and kissed him hard, hoping he’d notice the taste of his cock on her lips. Then she turned around on all fours and offered him her pussy. She looked back at him, reaching between her legs to smooth her wet opening and rub her swollen clit. She smiled playfully.

“Come and fuck me like this. This is how I want us when he first sees us, with you fucking me from behind.”

Robert crept closer and pressed the fat tip of his cock against her opening. Yes, he was thicker than you, noticeably. Even with her soaking wetness, she gasped as she felt his thick meat push into her. It felt lovely. It felt hard and energetic. It felt frisky and responsive. It felt new. Robert sank his cock deeper and deeper into her with every thrust until he was all the way inside, surrounded by her warmth, her ass wiggling and her pussy pushing back against him, accommodating every inch and loving it.

They fucked on their knees, doggystyle, in the grass for several minutes, under the hot sun, working up a light sweat. Their bodies bounced and heaved and swayed as they kept up a steady rhythm, Robert thrusting into her hot, juicy pussy with a nice consistent pace.

And the timing could not have been more perfect. They noticed a stir at the back door and that’s when you walked out on to the back patio, and “discovered” your wife having sex in the backyard with the gardener.

The look on your face was priceless. Almost comical. Disbelief. Wonder. Lust. Joy. And maybe a little bit of fear. Like the face of someone who’d just found out they’d won the lottery and it was a lot more money than they thought it would be. Anything but anger or jealousy. Just the face of a boy visiting an amusement park for the first time without knowing if he’ll be tall enough to go on the big-kid rides.

The look on your face put her at ease right away, and while Robert froze momentarily, she continued to hump back at him as she looked at you, welcoming you with her eyes. This was going to be her show, her deal, so she decided to take control of the situation right away.

“Hi honey, welcome home,” she said in a voice that was husky and out of breath. “Why don’t you get us some drinks from the kitchen before you join us. There’s lemonade in the fridge,” she instructed with deliberate nonchalance.

You went back into the house and poured two glasses of fresh lemonade in the kitchen, and with shaking hands, returned to the backyard, trying not to spill them too much on the way. By the time you came back out, you found your wife and Robert had changed positions. He was now lying on his back in the soft grass and she was straddling his cock in a cowgirl position, her hands on his chest, Maltepe Escort happily bouncing up and down on him, fucking herself on his thick shaft.

“Just set Bobby’s down on the patio table for later. I’ll take mine over here now,” she told you. Dutifully, you set the drink down beside the empty glass, then walked over to where your wife was fucking the gardener, and offered her the cold glass of lemonade.

She stopped bouncing momentarily and took it from you, looking up at you with hungry, thirsty eyes, her brow covered in sweat, her cheeks red and flush. She chugged it all the way down in one gulp, then handed the empty glass back to you, wiped her lips with her forearm, and said, “Like what you see?”

You looked down at her, riding that handsome young man’s body, your passion and lust burning for her, your mind spinning with desire, and mumbled, “I can’t tell you how incredible this is…”

“Well, why don’t you take off your clothes, get on your knees, and stroke for me while I ride Bobby’s cock?”

You didn’t need anymore encouragement than that, but you took your clothes off slowly and methodically, watching her fuck her new lover while she watched you disrobe. Soon enough you were naked as well, on your knees beside them, pumping your cock in your fist, your wife grinding away on Robert’s lap.

“Do you want to join us?” she asked, teasingly.

“Oh God, yes. Please…”

“Patience,” she said. “I want to cum first. Not until I’ve had an orgasm and made you a proper cuckold. Then you can join us.”

“Yes, of course, whatever you want,” you replied, stroking faster. “Damn, you look so beautiful.”

Your wife bounced up and down on Robert’s thick cock, humping him hard. Her fingers found her swollen clit while her other hand clutched at her tit and pulled at the nipple. She felt your lust, your devotion, watching her fuck another man, and she felt her own sense of craving for sexual decadence. She fucked him hard right there in the grass, right in front of you, embraced in the sweet grip of pure indulgence. She brought herself off, cumming hard all over his thick cock, and then cumming some more over his youthful, athletic body.

As soon as her orgasm passed, she spun around and pounced on his slick cock. You were surprised at the way she hurried to get it in her mouth, anxiously sucking the sweet flavor of her pussy juice from his knob. She took a moment to bond with his cock during her post-orgasmic haze, kissing and nibbling on it gently, then looked over at you with a seductive grin, like an evil mastermind.

“Come over here, and let me introduce you,” she said to you. “Bobby, stand up for me.”

She reached for your own throbbing member with one hand and held Bobby’s with the other, pointing them towards each other, comparing them, gently stroking them.

“Husband, this is the gardener. Gardener, this is my husband,” she said directly to the cocks in her hands. “Pleased to meet you,” she added softly, then leaned forward to kiss the head of your cock, and then kissed the head of his. Then she very intentionally wiped the head of his cock across the head of yours, then sucked the top of your cock into her mouth. Then she did the reverse, wiping the head of your cock, and a fair amount of your pre-cum, across the head of his cock, then sucking him lovingly into her mouth.

Back and forth, she did this a few more times until finally focusing on Bobby’s cock exclusively with her mouth while holding yours casually in her hand.

For many long moments, she worshiped Bobby’s thick cock with her eager mouth while absentmindedly stroking your bursting erection with her soft fingers. Your cock, she could play with anytime, but Bobby’s cock was a special treat and she intended to enjoy it. She wrapped her lips tight around the head and stroked him into her mouth, really putting on a show for you, moaning and slurping over his cock like a European pornstar.

“Come down beside me,” she said, tugging on your dripping boner. “Touch my tits and play with my pussy while I suck him.”

You knelt down beside her, a hand cupping her breast, and another going between her legs, feeling her moist opening. You were astonished at how wet and hot and loose she was. You kissed her shoulder and fingered her pussy while she sucked on Bobby’s cock. You held her tit and pinched her nipple and sucked on her neck while her mouth bobbed up and down around his shaft. And you whispered in her ear, telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, and you told her that you loved her, and even kissed her soft cheek while her mouth was stuffed full of Bobby’s thick cock.

“Put your cock in me, baby,” she said to you at last. “I want to feel you fucking me while I worship this cock. Give me the one thing I need that you could never give me on your own – a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth at the same time!”

She lay back comfortably on the soft grass, her legs spread for you, her juicy pussy glistening in the sun, and pulled Robert by the shaft to her mouth. She began seductively kissing and licking the tip while maintaining eye contact with you, as you positioned yourself between her legs. Then, as you slipped into her, she tilted her head back and sucked more of Robert’s cock deeper into her mouth, purring around his swollen knob like a happy cat in the sunshine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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