Three’s Company Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — The Hot Tub

“Hey baby, Jill sent me an email inviting us to a party next Friday at a friend of hers. Sounded like fun so I said we’d go.”


Friday evening

“What time did Jill say the party started?”

“She said around 8, but let’s go a little later”

So we arrive around 10. The weather turned bad during the afternoon and it was snowing heavy and there isn’t many cars at their house. We ring the doorbell and an attractive lady in her mid-30s answers the door.

“Hi we’re Ray and Sheryl, Jill had . . .”

Before I could finish she says “Oh Hi! Jill told me about you guys. Come on in. Oh I’m Jess.”

I reach out to shake her and she pulls my hand, pulling me to her and hugs me. Turns to Sheryl and hugs her, “It’s so nice to meet you, come this way and I’ll introduce you to some people.”

We meet her husband, Tom and then onto he and she and they and I’m thinking there’s no way I’ll remember anyone.

Jess is a lovely plus size lady, probably in her early 40s with lots of energy, with a happy go lucky attitude and a sexy charm. Tom is a big guy, a bit older than Jess, rounded belly and produces a big hearty laugh. They seem to be made for each other.

Jess says “the bar is on the patio out back. It’s warm out there, don’t worry.”

We make our way to the patio and entering we hear “Hey guys!” Jill yells as she spots us.

All three of us hug and kiss.

I whisper to Sheryl , “I’m getting chubbed from the smell of her perfume!”

Sheryl , “I’m wet from feeling her lips”

Jill brings us to the bar and introduces us to Cindy.

Cindy says “I remember you guys from the pub last month when I left with that asshole. Jill told me about your evening, I wish I would have hung out with you!”

Sheryl and I turn to each other and smile at each other.

Jill says “oh, what are you guys drinking tonight?”

Jill introduces us to the bar keep, “Jack, this is Ray and Sheryl , take care of these guys tonight.”

“Hey guys, welcome, what’ll it be?”

“Shot of Crown” Sheryl says

“I’ll have Crown and coke for starters”

Sheryl looks at Jill and Cindy and said “he’s a pussy tonight”

“Eater” I quickly added.

“I’ll vouch for that” Jill says into Cindy’s ear

The girls chuckled as mad our way to a table.

The Patio was a glassed in area with a stone floor. There were a few tables that nicely matched the décor. A stone fireplace in the corner blazed as it warmed the room. This patio looks as if it could be part of a high end restaurant. Bill and Jess have created a nice place to hang out.

The snow was still falling heavy and made a very nice scene in the backyard. They had a swimming pool that was nicely lit and near the house was a hot tub. The hot tub was billowing steam and looked inviting but no one was venturing out into the cold air.

We begin idle chit chat and after a few minutes Cindy begins to inquire about our evening with Jill.

“So, Jill says that you guys . . .”

She is interrupted by a friend of theirs, “Cindy, Jill, we’re going to head home. This weather says drinking and driving in this, won’t mix. Cindy introduces us to them and its hello, goodbye.

Several couples come by and make the same goodbyes, nice to meet you and leave.

Tom and Jess come to our table, pull up chairs and join us.

“It’s a shame this weather got all fucked up.” Tom chimes in. “When we planned this; this storm was supposed to get here tomorrow.

“Well, fewer people can be fun as well.” Jess added.

“Where’s the ladies room?” Sheryl asked Jess.

“Come with me, I’ll show you.” Jess replied. Jess took Sheryl ‘s hand and leads her away.

Jill and Cindy began discussing something secretively.

Tom says, So Ray, how about those Leafs? They gonna do anything this year?

“Oh I imagine they have to be better than last year, right?”

Tom being unaware I’m from Texas and don’t give a shit about hockey.

“Oh you know it. They couldn’t suck that bad two years in a row.” as he gives me a punch in the arm.

A lovely lady appears and asks of Jess’s whereabouts.

“She’ll be back in a sec, showing Sheryl where the little girl’s room is,” Tom informs her.

Jess and Sheryl return and its more introductions to the new girl.

“This is Ray, Sheryl , I think you’ve met Jill and Cindy, and this my best friend, Heather.”

Heather looks to be in her late 20s, looking athletic with a hard body. Heather and Jess have their arms around each other and Jess’s hand slides down to Heather’s ass.

Tom smiles and notices that I see this and he winks at me.

“All you guys should just spend the night and not even think about getting out in this weather,” Jill pleaded,. “There are two bedrooms on that side of the house, she points in the hot tub direction, and please, this is your home too.

There was hardly anyone left now and Jack, the bar keep, announced to us that he and his Ankara Escort Bayan girlfriend would be leaving as well.

Tom, Jess and Heather made their goodbyes with them and now there is only the seven of us.

We had a few more drinks and Tom, Jess and Heather said they would be going to bed.

Goodnight guys, feel free to do anything you want around here.” Jill says winking.

The four of us go to the bar. I make everyone a drink. Cindy has Rum and coke, Jill and I have Crown and coke and Sheryl is straight up Crown.

Sitting at the table again, talking about their relationship with Tom and Jess.

“We’ve known them for years. They’re always having parties. The pool is a blast in the summer; you guys need to be hanging here with us.

Sheryl asks the girls if they’ve checked out the hot tub.

Cindy was first to say, “It’s bad ass! Ten people can get in that thing.”

“Why don’t we get in it?” Jill chimes in.

“Well. . . ” I started saying.

“Come on let’s go. Grab your drinks.”

We get our drinks and quickly walk through the falling snow to the hot tub. There is a covered walkway running from the benches alongside of the tub to one of the bedrooms that Jess referred to. Sheryl and I were watching Cindy and Jill to see what we were supposed to do. They stood at the bench and peeled off their clothes then quickly climbed into the tub, Sheryl and I followed like sheep, stripped down and climbed in as well.

Most of the area around the tub was dimly lit. The water was set at 44 degrees. There are four dim lights along the bottom but with the churning water and the dense steam, it was barely effective.

Sheryl and I are sitting together and Jill and Cindy are on the opposite side, which seemed a long way.

I said, “You girls should come closer.”

Sheryl seconded the suggestion as she reached between my legs to pull me closer. She notices I am fully erect already, thinking of what may lie ahead.

“You dirty boy, what are you thinking about?”

Jill and Cindy have gotten close to us. Jill is facing us and Cindy has gotten on Sheryl ‘s side.

Cindy asks, “What did he do?”

I confess, “I’m just a little excited, because of being in this tub with three beautiful naked women.”

Then I feel some toes examining my hard cock.

Jill says, “I think someone IS excited!”

Then I feel another foot and toes moving around my balls, then up my cock.

I look over at Cindy and she has a sly smile on her face.

Sheryl slides her hand across my thigh to the base of my cock discovering the two sets of toes running up and around my cock, playing with my balls.

I get my drink and guzzle the remainder of it.

Sheryl is trying to generate small talk as we are all sitting in a tight circle.

I’m running my left hand in between Sheryl ‘s thighs across her pussy. Sheryl and Cindy begin kissing and feeling each other. My hand runs into Cindy’s, battling for the privilege to finger Sheryl . Jill has moved where she and I are face to face. We kiss as I run my hands on Jill’s breasts, as she is now stroking my cock.

Our circle gets tighter. Cindy straddles Sheryl ‘s lap and they are face to face. Sheryl has both her hands on Cindy’s ass, squeezing and feeling. They are locked in a deep kiss while Cindy’s hand is exploring between Sheryl ‘s legs.

Jill has sat on my lap but facing away. I’m kissing her on the back of her neck as my hands have cupped her breast then finding their way to her pussy. She intentionally pushed my cock against my belly before sitting. Then she begins moving her ass up and down on my cock. It’s inside the crack of her ass and feels amazing.

She stops and in the weightlessness of the water, pushes her body upward and with a spin she is facing me as she lowers herself on my lap. Taking my cock in her hand and rubs it on her pussy lips.

Cindy stands up and pushes her pussy into Sheryl ‘s face. Sheryl ‘s hands are squeezing her ass as she helps Cindy grind her pussy into her face. Sheryl ‘s tongue pierces into her pussy as she spreads her legs for easier access. There is a rail above the hot tub wall that gives Cindy leverage to hold her body in an awkward position. She doesn’t seem to mind that it is -3 degrees. Her nipples are hard as nails and I can see the goose bumps over her entire chest. With her holding on the rail, she pulls her legs out of the water and wraps them around Sheryl ‘s face.

Jill now has guided my cock into her pussy and moving up and down on me. I have my right hand sliding up and down in the crack of her ass and my left hand is busy fingering Sheryl ‘s pussy.

Sheryl has the best of both worlds right now with a pussy grinding in her face and a talented finger working her clit.

All of us are quiet. The only sound is a few moans breaking through the constant bubbling of the hot tub.

Cindy suddenly lets go of her hands on the rail and falls backwards with a big splash. We all stop our finger fucking and exploring and look towards the splash. Escort Keçiören Her head pops up and we’re wondering. . .

“I suddenly realized I’m freezing my ass off!” she yells.

Laughing, Sheryl , Jill and I move in and surround Cindy, hugging her cold, goose bump covered body to warm her up.

“I thought you had to be cold but I didn’t want you to move your pussy from my face,” Sheryl says.

That killed the moment. It seems to be break time.

“Ladies, I’ll go get us new drinks”

My cock is still hard as I run naked to the patio. I hear giggles as I run through the snow.

The lights in the bar are now dim. I’m in someone’s house I’ve never been in and I’m standing naked behind the bar, with a half erect cock.

“Let’s see, rum and coke, two crown and cokes and a strait up for my girl.”

My concentration is suddenly broken by Jesse’s voice, “Ray?”

“Whoa!” startled I bark.

“My my, you are looking very nice this evening, Ray.”

I am very uncomfortable now, naked and the owner of the house is standing before me. Jess is wearing a white, light cotton robe. I can see the silhouette of her legs from the pool lights behind her.

“I went to the kitchen to get us water and saw someone moving across the patio” Jess says as she moves very close to me.

Jess is now only inches from my face.

“You know, Ray, we didn’t get to talk much this evening,” as she slowly runs her fingers down my chest.

“Uh, no we didn’t. I’m sure we can visit in the morning after we all get up”

Her fingers have gotten to my belly button and are still moving downward.

I feel my cock waking up.

“You and Sheryl seem to be fun to be around. I would hope you guys will be able to come over, often.”

Her fingers are now twirling my wet pubic hairs.

“We’d love that. I, um, we’ll be over here often. Uh you know I should be heading back out to the hot tub, girls are getting thirsty”

Jess starts kissing my neck, moving down and kissing my chest, then my belly.

“They probably aren’t that thirsty” as she nears my cock and gets on her knees.

“They are probably licking each other’s pussy out there and have forgotten you were going for drinks.”

She takes my cock in her hand and lightly kisses the head. Kisses down the shaft to my pubes and slowly moves back up. She licks the head of my cock then she stands back up.

Jess has allowed her robe to open and in the low light, I see a very sexy lady. Her pubic hairs are nicely trimmed. If there weren’t three women out in the hot tub, that hopefully are wanting me to return with drinks, I would like a taste of this lady.

Jess kisses up the left side of my neck and whispers to me, “you need to serve drinks outside; I’ll see you at breakfast.”

We hug and I squeeze her ass. Then she kisses me on the lips and with a sly smile disappears back into the house.

“Wow, I love this place.”

I find a tray and with the drinks head back out to the hot tub.

The girls are all huddled together, in a triangle, facing each other. It looked like they were still playing.

“Our busboy is finally back” Cindy announces.

All three girls look my way.

“And he is still hard, what a stud” Sheryl jokes.

I smile and hand out the drinks and climb back into the tub.

“I ran into Jess at the bar”

“Oh, I bet I know why you still have a hard on” Jill says.

“Uh, yeah, Jess is a friendly lady” I joked, “did you miss me?”

“The mood here isn’t as lively as before.” I comment.

“Baby, we think it’s time to go inside,” Sheryl says as the spokesperson of the three.

So we gather the drinks and our clothes and go into the first bedroom nearest the tub.

This bedroom is very spacious with a king size bed and a couch that folds out to a queen size bed. All the girls have put their shirts back on and I’m still naked, not knowing what to do with myself at this minute.

Jill hops on the bed and reaches into the headboard and flips a couple of switches which turn on several low voltage lights. Cindy turns off the ceiling lights and we all climb onto the bed.

Jill and Cindy are leaning against the headboard and Sheryl is at the foot of the bed with me in the center.

“Well, ladies, what do you want to do?”

They smiled at each other and Jill pulls me backwards forcing me on my back.

Sheryl moves between my legs and begins kissing my thighs. My cock immediately stands up, out of respect for this woman.

Jill leans over and plants a deep kiss on me. Cindy climbs over my chest and straddles my head and lowers her pussy on my face, forcing Cindy out of the way.

Sheryl has taken my cock and deep throated it, sucking and stroking with her hand.

Jill felt left out so she goes to the foot of the bed and has Sheryl get on her knees. She gets in and spreads Sheryl ‘s ass cheeks and licks her from the top of her crack, slowly down, pausing at her asshole, running her tongue in a circle around it.

“OH” Sheryl Çankaya Escort Bayan moans and bites down on my cock.

“Oh shit!” I moan from the sensation of having my cock sucked and stroked then suddenly bitten when Jill licked Sheryl ‘s ass.

Jill moves down running her tongue inside of Sheryl ‘s pussy. She pauses and starts tongue fucking her before moving to her clit. Jill needs a better position and lies on her back under Sheryl so she can finger fuck and lick her clit at the same time.

Cindy is sitting up grinding her pussy into my mouth then leans forward trying to kiss Sheryl but she is too busy sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. And as usual, this woman has turned evil, knowing I need to cum now after hours of being around naked women, and now, one is sitting on my face. She stops and accepts Cindy’s invitation to kiss.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned.

Sheryl is getting close to cumming with Jill eating her pussy and working her fingers inside. Sheryl is cumming and stops kissing Cindy and lays her head on my thigh and bites my cock. Not a bite then move on, she bites into my cock and stays there. As her orgasm intensifies her teeth clamp down a little harder and not letting go.

“OH shit” I complain. Now Cindy is cumming and grinds her pussy into my face harder. Sheryl ‘s orgasm tapers off and she realizes that Jill hasn’t cum yet and directs her to sit on my cock. Jill is so ready from eating Sheryl that she starts bouncing on me and cums immediately.

“What about me?” I asked as If my feelings were hurt.

Sheryl climbs on top of me and slides her pussy onto my aching cock. My legs are spread wide and Jill gets under Sheryl and sucks my balls. Cindy seemed a bit overwhelmed from her orgasm given by my mouth and she lies beside me, kissing my face, tasting her pussy juice in my beard and mustache.

With all this attention I’m getting from the girls, I finally cum. Sheryl knows from feeling my cock throbbing inside her. Jill can tell from my balls in her mouth contracting. This had to be one of the most intense orgasms I’ve had. My cum came out so hard I was surprised I didn’t injure the inside of Sheryl ‘s pussy.

Now that we’ve all had a good one, we lay together on the bed.

We drink our diluted drinks and have some idle chit chat, none of it is about the previous few hours.

I am running my fingers up and down Sheryl ‘s back, actually starting to get erect again. Cindy notices and comments, “how do you manage to keep getting hard? Most guys would be passed out now!”

“Modern miracle baby, Cialis!” I replied. “Don’t leave home without it! And, most guys don’t have three beautiful, naked women lying next to them, grinding their pussies into my face. And another was actually eating my cock and another fucked me! Holy Shit! I’m in heaven! This is heaven, right?”

My cock thinks there’s more to come before the sun comes up.

I’m still running my hand up and down Sheryl ‘s back and she tells me she wants attention somewhere else by pushing her ass towards me. I run my hand down the crack of her ass to her sopping, wet pussy. She lays her head on the bed in approval of my hand exploring her.

Jill has moved over to Cindy and they are lying in each other’s arms watching me feel Sheryl ‘s pussy.

I turn my body around to get my head near Sheryl ‘s ass. I have her get on her knees so I can spread her cheeks. Hovering over her, I lick around her asshole while running my fingers into her pussy.

I catch a glimpse of her face and she looks as though she is in pain, but, in a good way.

My tongue runs down her ass crack pausing to lick around her hole and then moving down to get a taste of pussy.

I flinch when a hand starts caressing my balls. Cindy and Jill wanted in on the fun. Jill lies in front of Sheryl , spreading her legs with an invitation for tongue. Sheryl obliges moving her face to Jill’s wet pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers and exposing her swollen clit. She licks and gently sucks Jill’s clit as her head rolls backwards as she tightens her legs against Sheryl ‘s face.

I can hear Sheryl making slurping sounds and she devours Jill’s pussy.

I do the same to Sheryl and she hears my slurping sounds and moans with pleasure, for she is receiving the same as she is giving.

Cindy has been stroking my balls and cock and is trying to find a better position to play.

I am eating Sheryl ‘s pussy like never before, sucking her clit, harder than ever. Her body twitches, and her ass gyrates. I am not backing off pressure like I normally do. Sheryl is imitating my movements on Jill’s pussy, sucking her clit, hard, finger fucking her pussy, fast and furiously. Jill’s face is flushed and she has a grimacing look about her. I believe Jill has never been eaten like this before. She is letting out a steady moan. Sheryl ‘s moans are competing in volume.

Cindy managed to make her way between my legs. She is licking my balls and taint and feverishly stroking my cock.

Sheryl ‘s orgasm begins. I can feel her trembling deep within. She is gasping for air while sucking Jill’s pussy while trying to maintain her own rapid breathing. Jill sounds like she is hyperventilating. Her body quivers and her moans are constant in shaky voice. She can hardly keep her body still enough for Sheryl ‘s tongue.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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