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“Trust me.”

He whispered it to her as he slipped the black silk blindfold over her eyes. His breath was hot in her ear, making her shiver…or was it the anticipation of what lay ahead that had her trembling? No matter.

The blindfold securely in place, he took her hands and slowly, gently led her forward. Her other senses heightened, she was preternaturally aware of all around her: the light odor in the air of apples and peaches; the warm, soapy-clean scent of her lover. She heard the cottony whisk-whisk of his jeans as he walked with her, the silken rustle of her own clothing and, from another room, the steady, ticking heartbeat of a clock. She sensed rather than saw the deepening dimness as they moved from room to room and down a hallway, to the rear of the house. She heard the quiet snick of a door opening, then she passed into warmth and the door was shut behind them.

He kissed her cheek then, and wordlessly began to undress her. He deftly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide off her shoulders to drop on the floor. She felt his fingers on her back, searching for the clasp of her bra, and she smiled, saying mildly, “It opens in the front.”


Corrected, he unhooked her bra and tossed it away to join her blouse. Next he unsnapped and unzipped her skirt, letting it slide down to puddle about her feet. Taking her hand, he helped her step out of the skirt, nudging it aside with his foot. She was left wearing the three items he had specifically requested that she make a part of her wardrobe that day: black stockings and suspenders, and black vinyl knee-high boots. She heard his quick intake of breath as he took a long look at her, turning her slowly to get the full effect.

Still, he did not speak.

He let go her hand, leaving her to stand, docilely awaiting his next move, and she smiled to herself as she heard his now-familiar undressing sounds.

When next he touched her, it was to snap handcuffs about her wrists, snug, but not too tight. She could tell by the feel of them that he was using the medieval pair, and again she shivered, feeling her nipples tighten into sudden, hard points. He pushed her back against the door. The chains on the handcuffs jingled as he elevated her arms high above her head, securing them to a hook placed above the door. He knelt in front of her then, guiding her legs farther apart, tying a black silken scarf around each ankle. This done, he tied the end of each scarf to other hooks set into the wall at either side of the door.

Still kneeling before her, he gazed at her. Her hair, the colour of molten lava, cascaded in curls to the small of her back. Her face was pale beneath the black blindfold, her cheeks slightly flushed, her rosy lips parted from her heightened respiration. Her breasts were pulled taut, the nipples pebbly and blushing dark pink. His gaze traveled from the black suspender belt cinched about her waist, down the white vista of her tummy to the neat triangle of dark auburn curls nestled between her creamy thighs, framed by the black belts of the suspenders.

His cock–which had hardened the instant she’d stepped into his house–began to throb.

He leaned forward slowly, Porno inhaling the sweet scent of her, like vanilla ice cream with a hint of sea-salt. He exhaled, his hot breath blowing over her pubic mound, stirring the silken hair and causing her to moan softly. He glimpsed jeweled drop of moisture between the pouting lips of her pussy, and averting his desire to lick it, he deliberately blew a stream of hot air onto her swelling clit. Keeping his mouth close to–but not touching–her pussy, he reached out and grasped each of her booted ankles, sliding his hands unhurriedly up to her knees, the vinyl squeaking and creaking against his palms. He felt her legs begin to tremble. He kneaded her flesh, his fingers reaching her stockinged thighs. He leant his head down to kiss the inside of one leg, above the boot-top, then the other; deep, slow, sucking, nibbling kisses which made her sigh out loud:


Desire was raging in her, the heat inside her pussy grown intense, her juices flowing, dripping. She knew he was not to be hurried, so pleading would be in vain; and restrained as she was against the door, she had no choice but to submit to his will.

His mouth, biting, sucking, had reached her groin. He licked across her pubic hair, seeing her clit, swollen now and pulsating. He ignored it. Kissing the inside of one thigh once more, he rubbed his hand up and down the flesh of the other, letting one finger graze her pussy just enough to moisten the tip. Sliding it further back, questing surely, he found her asshole and, with no hesitation, pushed his finger in. She cried out, not in pain, but in pleasure, and he continued to massage the hole, going back to her dripping puss for lubrication as needed.

He stood then, pressing his body against hers, his cock pressing boldly and insistently into her tummy. As she writhed against him, groaning, he bent his head to her tits, kissing, sucking, then gently biting the tender nipples, a low growl in his throat.

“Oh, please,” she gasped breathlessly, grinding against his hard-on, “I want it in me…”


He let his finger slip from her ass then, and taking her tits in both hands, he squeezed the pale globes of sweet flesh, grinding his cock into her belly. He squeezed harder as she moaned, pushing them upwards so he could lick and bite her nipples. She rolled her head from side to side against the door, straining against the chains and cuffs that held her firm. Sucking hard on one ruched nipple, lashing it with his tongue, he released her tits and grasped the cheeks of her ass from behind, and pressed her to him hard. His balls slapped her gently just beneath her pussy, and he began to grind tantalizingly against her clit, eliciting more moans and groans from her. Sliding one hand up her back, he took a handful of her hair, just below her skull, and wrenching her head back, asked her, “D’you want it now? Well? Do you?”

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee…” It came as a long, agonised wail.

“Well, have it,” he growled.

Resisting the urge to ram his cock brutally into her, he entered her slowly. She was slick and wet, so ready and yet so Altyazılı Porno tight…He clenched his teeth together in exquisite pleasure as he pushed into her, feeling her cunt contract and pulsate on his hard-on. Halfway inside her, he stopped. Ignoring her protest, he withdrew a bit, pausing, and then entered again, slowly, once more only half-way. He repeated the teasing withdrawal, feeling her pussy clutch at him, try to keep him. When only the head of his cock was lodged inside her, he paused once more, holding still for one heartbeat, two, three…then surged forward, impaling her fully on his cock. She gasped out loud and shivered, and he held tight inside her, pressing up and back, the whole length of him inside her.

At last he kissed her mouth, working at her dizzily, rapturously, her tongue meeting his eagerly. She moaned into his mouth, writhing on his cock, grinding her clit against him hungrily. He held her tightly, both hands plunged into her silky, flame-coloured hair, and plundered her mouth with his tongue. Too greedy to wait for him, she thrust and thrust against his body, determined to take what she wanted from him if he would not give to her. Incoherent in her ecstasy, she squirmed and twisted on his cock and he let her, feeling the tide rising inside her, her supreme moment coming closer and closer until she tore her mouth from his, her head snapping back to smack heedlessly against the door as she hitched in one great breath and her pussy spasmed and pulsed on his cock and her whole body arched and she screamed aloud in the throes of her release. For a long instant she froze, her body stretched tight as a spring, and then she relaxed completely, bonelessly, held up-right only by the bonds on her wrists, her head lolling forward onto his shoulder. She sighed mightily, shuddered, and was still.

“You’re welcome,” he quipped, and she giggled deliciously.

He reached up then, and detached the chain holding her cuffs, lowering her arms gently. Her arms went round his neck–the cuffs still on–and she inclined her head to kiss him tenderly, a cat-that-got-the-cream smile curving her lips. She put those lips close to his ear and flicked out her tongue for a tantalizing lick, murmuring, “Your turn now?”

Still inside her, his cock stone-solid, he could have cum himself in a stroke or two, but he had his mind set on taking her another way. He slowly disengaged from her, then bent down and untied her ankles.

Keeping one of the silk scarves in hand, and leading her by the chain which connected the handcuffs, he led her the few feet to his bed. He lay her down on the crisp linen sheets, a pillow beneath her head, and again put her arms above her head, using the scarf to attach the handcuffs’ chain to the headboard of the bed. Straddling her midriff, he took the blindfold from her eyes. She blinked, her eyes adjusting to the soft glow of the bedside lamp, then focused their attention on his cock. Her tongue slipped out and she licked her lips, then looked into his face, her eyes glowing hotly. He moved forward, over her face, and her sinuous tongue flicked out again, lapping at the underside of his balls. She licked Brazzers them thoroughly, all that she could reach, then tongued the underside of his shaft, sending quakes of pleasure through his body. He shifted a bit, and slid another pillow under her head. She resumed licking his cock eagerly, crooning “Mmmmmmmm” and tracing its every vein and bulge with her tongue-tip. She nibbled at his foreskin, using her lips and tongue to slide it over the head, then down again, up again, then down again, her tongue swirling wetly over the crown. She pushed her tongue-tip into the slit, vibrating it and then lapping at the pre-cum that oozed from it, looking up at him, her eyes gauging his pleasure and expressing her own. He slid a hand beneath her neck, holding her firmly, and pushed his cock head against her pursed lips. She let it slip in a fraction of an inch, then she tightened her lips and sucked him in. Oh, gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwd, her mouth! His hand tightened in her hair and he fucked into her mouth, her tongue fluttering and dancing all over his cock. He could feel the cum begin to boil inside his balls, so he pulled away and took a few deep breaths, his heart hammering in his chest.

He moved to the side and expertly flipped her onto her belly, at the same time pushing at her hips, sliding the pillows beneath her. Her ass in the air, he moved behind her, taking in the sight of her smooth flesh, the suspenders, stockings and boots, the sweet slit of her pussy between her thighs. His cock just nudging her moist cunt, he slid a finger into her, then out again, transferring the wetness to her pink, puckered asshole. She moaned in anticipation, wriggling her ass impatiently. The head of his cock well-lubricated with her juices, he began to slide it into her, slowly and teasingly. Eagerly she pushed back against him, and he sank into her up to the hilt. Holding her hips, he fucked into her, strong, steady strokes, her ass gripping him like a hot velvet glove. Her muscles contracted, squeezing him, and he groaned, battering her harder. His balls slapped against her and she bucked against him, corkscrewing her hips.

“You like that, baby?” he panted. “You like my cock in your ass?”

She looked back over her shoulder at him, her eyes glinting and her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

“Yes!” she told him. “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

He continued to ram into her, lifting his hand every 10 strokes or so to smack her ass, making her cry out, “Oh, yes!”

The flat slap of his palm against her ass spurred him on, and he slipped one hand beneath her to stroke her swollen clit.

She groaned out loud and gasped, “Cum for me, cum in me, oh baby, yes, let me feel you…”

His cock swelling inside her, the cum beginning to churn in his balls, he thrust into her, again, again, slapping her ass, riding her, harder, harder, the wave approaching, coming closer and closer, heart hammering, his vision a blur, and then he was cumming, cumming, cumming, spurting hotly as he rammed into her yet again, the intense pleasure wrenching a roar from his throat as she squeezed and bucked beneath him, calling out his name; and he thrust in mightily and held tight inside her, his scalding cum filling her ass and oozing out between their tightly joined bodies. He collapsed on top of her, still deeply buried inside her, his face in her hair, his hands sliding around her to cup her breasts tenderly as they sighed in unison and drifted away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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