Two Sisters and a Plumber

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The call came late the night before and so I told the gal I’d be there first thing in the morning unless she wanted to pay plumber overtime. She didn’t.

It was five to seven that next morning when I pulled into the driveway. I gathered my tool pouch and was about to close the door of the van when a woman came out onto the side porch and waved me over.

She was dressed in a pair of shorts that came high on each thigh, low at the midriff wearing a white shirt with the tails tied above her waist and open to a single fastened button midway down between her breasts. She wore strappy heels probably three inches high and was likely five years older than I am. Her hair was worn in that old-fashioned Page boy look.

She explained the problem as water running out from the cabinet below the lavatory basin whenever the basin was emptied or the tap was running.

It’s a common enough problem when the trap corrodes on the way to the drain. Enough corrosion and you have a hole.

I told her I’d have to see it to verify the problem and she asked how much I charged. I explained that I could give her an estimate after seeing it and then for some reason she asked if I was an independent or one of those plumbers that works with a fleet of trucks and plumbers. I’m independent.

As she walked me to the bathroom she asked if I had a lot of work that had to be done today and I explained that I had several jobs to do yet but there was no real emergency on them and that was the reason I’d moved her to the top of my list last night.

I was right about my suspicion of the problem and gave her a verbal estimate. She accepted.

I had to go back to my van to get a new trap and another wrench and returned a couple of minutes later.

As I entered the kitchen again from the back porch entrance there was another gal standing there talking with the first. She had the same hair color and many of the same features except she was shorter and closer to my age I assumed. She wore shorts also but a transparent blouse with a bra under. She wore open-toe sandals and her hair was in a ponytail.

The new gal looked me over and smiled as she commented to the first gal what good taste she had in plumbers. I was introduced and the new gal seemed to be mentally undressing me.

The first gal then took a long look at me and smiled as she agreed on her own good taste.

The first gal introduced the new one as her little sister. She wasn’t a little girl anywhere and had tits and ass at least as sweet as her older sister.

I blushed and suggested that I should get to work as I walked past the new gal. I heard her remark that I didn’t have plumber’s cleavage either and it was Bostancı Escort a shame that when a good looking plumber was found he wore his pants too high. I was probably smiling as I got to the bathroom.

I was on my back on the floor with my head under the lavatory when they came to the bathroom door watching me.

I heard one of them comment on how tall I was and the other one snickered, lowered her voice probably so that I couldn’t hear her but I did. She’d just said that I looked “Well hung too.” and the other gal giggled.

I finished and asked if one of them could step over and turn on the water for me so I could check for leaks.

The tall one stepped in and straddled my chest as she turned on the water. I managed a look up and swore she was wearing nothing under those shorts and she wore them tight enough that the camel-toe I’d missed earlier clung and seemed a little damp.

I waited then ran my hand around the joints. My hand came out dry and I scooted out from between her legs and slowly got to my feet. Her ass was full and well-rounded in those tight shorts and I wondered how I’d missed observing so much earlier.

I told her it was fixed and I’d prepare an invoice and be right back. I walked to the van, and filled out the invoice for the amount I’d estimated earlier then headed back in.

I gave her the invoice and she told me she’d get her checkbook and write me a check.

When she left the room the shorter gal asked if I was married or living with someone.

I was asked a similar question several times each month and answered quickly that I wasn’t married and lived alone. She smiled.

The older gal returned with the checkbook and a pen and sat at the table to write before the shorter gal asked if there wasn’t a longer list of things that needed a good plumber to fix while I was there.

The older gal smiled and thought for a minute before she said there were several things if I had the time.

I told them I’d be happy to look at them and give them an estimate and maybe fix some of them if I had the necessary stuff in the van and if I could get some of them done that same day.

Most of the list was simple things like leaking faucets that needed new washers. One was a broken handle and the rest would require me to crawl under the house to guess at the problem and estimate a fix. Altogether it probably mounted to more than a couple of hundred dollars.

They asked if I could fix the simple ones first and then if necessary crawl under the house later or come back sometime in the week.

I gave them an estimate for the simpler things and they agreed but they’d moved so close to me at that time Anadolu Yakası Escort and I began to sweat.

I’d never been hit on in my work but several gals had suggested that perhaps I give them a call sometime. Many of them are married and I’d just be a daytime diversion I suppose although I’d had many thoughts of doing it but never had. Twice I’d even had lady customers walking and talking while nude flirting before me.

The smaller, younger gal leaned over and kissed my cheek as her hand slipped forward and explored. I was half-afraid to react although for an instant I panicked and felt like running away. The older gal was smiling and said to save some for her. Years ago I think there had been a movie or video named something like “What do you say to a naked lady?”

The younger one was standing too close and instead of moving to give me free exit she turned sideways and I had to brush past her tits as I squeezed through. Suddenly I felt her hands on my shoulders and she turned me and launched herself at me kissing hard. Her momentum had turned me around and an instant later the older gal was behind me wrapping her arms around me as her hands replaced the younger one’s. An instant later the hands of the older suster were searching for the zipper on my fly and then before it was fully opened her hand was inside and examining my size.

I never wear anything beneath my uniform pants because it’s frequently just one more thing to wash when I get dirty with the work. As that older gal was feeling me and clinging to my back the younger sister was wrapped around my neck and her weight pulled my head down as her tongue plunged deep into my throat.

In another minute I might have panicked and ran but with a tongue down your throat, two hands around my cock and holding up the weight of the two of them I was not only unable to move without a fight but my body was telling me to go with it all.

The older one had my cock out of the pants now and she was stroking with one hand as her other searched for a way to drop my pants entirely. When the younger one pulled away to catch a breath she glanced down and I heard her moan as she dropped to her knees and a moment later I felt her mouth and tongue on and around me as the older one continued with shorter strokes.

The older one was left to undress me as the younger found my balls and sucked me even deeper.

I was soon naked except for shoes and socks and the older gal quickly stripped and was as naked as I was. The sight of her nakedness just made me harder and the younger one had clamped her hands around my ass and was alternating pulling me forward and pushing me away as she continued the Ataşehir Escort blowjob.

I suppose I was being raped but I’d never heard of a man being raped except by other men. This was more like necessary immediate gratification by two hungry women.

The older sister pulled the younger away and told her to leave some for her and then stared in wonder as she commented about how large I was. The younger one’s mouth was dripping with saliva as she shook her head and began stripping too.

Older sister told me she’d never tasted one this large as she dropped to her knees and the younger sister said she’d had one almost this big but it wasn’t beautiful and cut like this one.

When she was naked the younger sister pulled a chair over from the kitchen table and pushed me onto it while the older sister literally hadn’t missed a lick.

When I was sitting the younger asked if I’d ever eaten pussy and without waiting for an answer she swung her legs around her sister and presented it for me. When I closed my eyes at what I was feeling below the younger grabbed my hair and forced me forward as she arched her back to give me better access. Both gals were smooth without a hint of stubble as I found out more about the first while extending my tongue hungrily.

The younger one swore loudly as she began to understand more of what I was doing but it was difficult for me as I continually arched my back driving my cock deep with each stroke. The sister between my legs was deep throating me by then and her fingers were gently rolling my balls as I listened to her humming happily. Now the younger sister joined in the chorus as she too began humming while she rode my mouth and tongue. Neither sister was talking now but lost in the moment.

I’d given in entirely when the older one pulled back and gasped for air then I heard her speak to her sister and say she’d missed all this and that the two of them hadn’t shared a man since years before and just after High School.

Then the older told me that I’d better cum soon or I’d be here all night until I did. The threat wasn’t actually needed as I slipped one arm around the younger one’s ass and the other behind the older one’s head and began urging them both. My hands are huge and neither gal could have pulled away even if they’d wanted. They didn’t want.

I was in for an experience because I’d never been in a three-way before and had never thought of it with two insatiable sisters. I’d find the pleasure of it that afternoon.

After this short introduction I filled the older and satisfied the younger. The older sister was more than happy and rewarding as she finished me off and leisurely cleaned me. The younger gal could barely support herself as she slid backwards against the doorway. I’d just pleasured each of them and was now filling my eyes with their nakedness. They were only temporarily satisfied and the remainder of the day was expended completing the tasks.

It was a first for me.

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