Wrong Room

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Asa Akira

“You ready for another one?” he heard his buddy Tony ask.

“No man.” He responded with a drunken slur, not even bothering to lift his head from the bar. “I’m good.”

“Where you staying tonight?” Tony questioned.

“Probably at my folks house.” he slurred in response. “Thankfully … my mom hasn’t … touched my room since I moved out.”

“That’s cool at least. Come on man … I’ll give you a ride.” this time the sound of car keys jingling accompanied his friends voice.

It was nearly 1 O’ Clock in the morning, when the back door opened with a crash, and in stumbled a dark figure. Of course if happened at the worst possible moment in the scary movie she was watching, and Melissa jumped in terror, stifling a scream and hiding behind a pillow, like THAT was going to do any good!

The figure lumbered, terrifyingly, across the room, the shadows making it seem even more ominous. It lumbered closer to her, and briefly into the light, just enough for her to recognize her older brother Kyle, putting her mind at ease.

‘What is he doing here?’ she wondered, breathing a sigh of relief. ‘He moved out with Karen almost a year ago.’ Karen was his girlfriend of the last couple years, she was pretty, with long brown hair, though not as long as Melissa’s, and a slim figure. She had a way of looking down her nose at people that made you feel inferior but Kyle seemed to like her. It was then she noticed his obvious inebriation and, as he turned and stumbled down the hall toward the bedrooms hands on the wall for balance, she understood. ‘Karen broke up with him!’

She felt so bad for him, she and Kyle had always been close. Even though he was several hears older and popular, and she was a bit of a geek, he was always there for her when they were younger. He never let anyone pick on her, not for her glasses, her crooked teeth or later on, for her braces. He even beat up the first, and only, guy to break her heart.

She had always been a bit of a bookworm but after that heartbreak, she buried herself in her books even more. Books were reliable, books didn’t lie, books didn’t break your heart, and books didn’t cheat on you with your best friend.

‘I wonder what happened?’ Melissa thought. She continued watching him as he drunkenly swayed down the hall, until he disappeared into the shadows. Hearing the sound of a door clicking shut, she turned back to the TV to finish her movie.

Making his way in the dark, trying to find the bed, he found it, toes first, with a crunch.

“Sunnuva!!!!” He muttered, hopping around a bit before he decided that was a bad idea. Apparently he had startled the room and it began to spin. Catching himself on the edge of the bed, he decided to pause a moment until the room calmed down to a more stationary pose.

Confident the room was no longer surprised by his presence, and was once again content sitting still, he pulled his shirt over his head. Balling it up, he tossed it unceremoniously into the corner, his socks and pants quickly followed.

Feeling the outline of the bed in the darkness, Kyle made his way to the headboard. Pulling back the covers roughly he fell face first into the bed. Reaching behind to grab the covers, he pulled them over his body as sleep was already closing in.

“I can’t believe she left me for HIM!” he muttered into the pillow as the last vestige of consciousness faded.

30 minutes later Melissa gave up. After seeing Kyle come in she just couldn’t get back into the movie and slowly made her way to her own room. After a quick stop in the bathroom to brush her teeth and take out her contacts, she turned off the light, opened the door, and began to make her way to her bedroom.

Pulling her long brown hair up into a pony tail as she walked, she was nearly to her room when with a “THUD” walked right into the closed door.

“Owww!” she muttered rubbing her forehead. ‘I didn’t close my door!’ she thought to herself and then it occurred to her. KYLE! She had moved into his old room a couple weeks ago! It had been their parents 18th birthday present to her to let her have the bigger room since Kyle had moved out.

‘It was probably as much a gift for mom.’ she thought absently, as she turned the knob. Less than a week later her old room had been turned into her mom’s new sewing room.

Opening the door confirmed her thoughts, for there in her bed, illuminated by the faint light sneaking in from outside, was her brother, passed out, fast asleep in her bed.

Melissa was torn. ‘What should I do?’ she wondered, looking at her brothers sleeping form. ‘Do I go back and sleep on the couch? Do I try to wake him up and send HIM to the couch? Or do I just climb in and stay on my side?’

‘Well it IS a double bed.’ she thought to herself, which ultimately made the decision for her.

Slipping out of her pants, she turned around to draw her shirt over her head before removing her bra. Massaging her firm breasts, that were reveling in their new found freedom, she slipped on her nightie.

Even though she suspected a marching band could have come through the room and gaziantep escort reklamları not woken him, she was mindfully careful as she pulled back the covers and slid into bed. Drawing the covers over her, she fluffed the pillow. Resting her head on the pillow, she took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

Moments later, just as sleep was nearly upon her, the bed shifted as Kyle rolled over.

His body was chilled against her hot body as he spooned up against her. She was shocked as his arm snaked around her body to cup her breasts. His large form was molded up against her, his legs intertwined with her own but what shocked her the most was the large erection stabbing her in the back.

She was as wide awake as her eyes were open, her heart pounding and her breath ragged. ‘How many times have you imagined THIS?’ she thought. ‘well I mean this but NOT THIS!’ she corrected her thoughts. ‘I mean, not KYLE!’ Even in her thoughts she couldn’t keep anything straight she was so shocked.

Not daring to move, barely daring to breath, she wanted him to stop and roll back over, yet desperately hoped he wouldn’t.

It was a bittersweet sensation when his hand left her breast and she anticipated he would roll over at any moment. Down her torso his firm hand slid and then into her soft cotton panties.

If it was possible for her eyes to open any further they would have popped out of their sockets and fallen on the floor as his fingers slid over, and then into, her freshly shaven mound. She had never been touched there, not even by herself. The stimulation was intense as his fingers touched her and, with a quivering exhale, melted into his embrace

‘It had always seemed so dirty, and naughty!’ she thought to herself as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter.

Kyle’s fingers slipped further down and into her pussy, he began nuzzling her neck, causing her breath to catch momentarily.

“Oh God!” she murmured as his fingers continued to stimulate.

‘THIS IS YOUR BROTHER!’ her conscience screamed at her. But all thoughts of how wrong this was were fading, rapidly! Between his muscular form spooned up against her, the hand playing with her pussy, his hot breath and lips on her neck, and his hard cock in her hand.

‘When had that happened?’ she thought briefly ‘and why wasn’t he wearing underwear?’ giving his shaft a slow soft stroke.

It was the first cock she had ever experienced, outside of a book that is, and even in the darkness she marveled at it size.

Always the academic she decided it was time to “do a little research.” Rolling over to get a better look at the tool in her hand, she wasn’t fast enough to avoid his mouth as it found purchase on her lips. She opened her mouth in shock, to protest, which instead gave way for his tongue. Around and around her mouth it twirled finding and teasing her own. Her eyes drifted shut reluctantly as his kiss intensified.

Stroking his cock with greater fervor she relished in the attention her body was receiving. She tingled everywhere but especially wherever she was being touched by Kyle.

The fingers between her legs moved back up to her clit as she aggressively returned his kiss, driving him over and onto his back. Kneeling next to him she broke the kiss long enough to get a look at his rigid cock still clutched in her grip.

Ignoring he fact he wasn’t wearing underwear, she focused on his cock. It fascinated her. It seemed so much larger than she anticipated, she HAD to measure it. Gripping it at the base, she moved her other hand down to meet it. Bringing the first hand over the second like she was trying to get first ups in a baseball game, she was shocked to see the head still sticking out of her hand. Three hands and then some! Estimating the size of her hand and doing the math in her head quickly, she figured it had to be at least 7″ long, and thick enough, her hand couldn’t reach all the way around.

‘Was that normal?’ she thought inquisitively.

Kyle’s hand caressing her thigh shocked her back to reality. Frantically looking back at him she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw his eyes were still closed.

Her heart was pounding from everything. The Taboo of the whole situation, the stimulation she had already received, the shock just now when she thought Kyle had woken up to see his sister playing with his hard cock, and finally because she knew what was about to happen.

Moving her hand back up to feel the size, shape, and texture of his helmet, she brought her face closer to get a better view.

The light in the room was dim as she examined it with an almost scientific curiosity. She moved it this way and that to put the light in the best possible place for her discovery, all while slowly stroking her brothers meat.

Just when she thought she was finished studying every square inch she noticed a small glistening ball of liquid at the tip of the helmet.

From her books she knew immediately it was his semen, his cum, and she knew she had to taste it. Without gaziantep escort bayan reklamları hesitation she bent closer and licked it off, coming back briefly to kiss the top of the head.

It wasn’t at all what she was expecting. She had read it would be sour, or bitter, and salty, VERY salty. Well it WAS salty but it was also … sweet, creamy. Giving his cock several more strokes earned her a little more.

This time instead of just licking it off, she repositioned herself between his legs and licked all the way up from the base, up and over the top before letting herself taste his sweet treat.

His reaction to that maneuver shocked her, and after once again confirming he was still passed out, she did it again. This time though she hovered over the head of his cock, her hot breath stimulating it as much as her hand.

Was she REALLY going to do this? ‘Are you REALLY going to suck your brothers COCK!?’ her conscience asked her.

‘Academia be DAMNED!’ she answered. ‘Books only take you so far. Sometimes you have to jump in and get your hands dirty!’

The first kiss, she planted right on the tip. The second, started with a small lick just underneath the helmet before taking the head in her mouth. Melissa paused there, the head of Kyle’s cock in her mouth, her soft brown eyes wide to make sure once again he was still asleep, before she continued.

Nervously, she began. She had little knowledge of how to suck cock and do it properly. She had browsed through the Kama Sutra book at the library a few times, and she had a few friends who had done it before and were quite descriptive but that was the limit of her knowledge

Pooling all of her knowledge together, she pulled her lips back over her teeth and took as much of him as she could into her mouth. Conscious of her uvula she stopped short of the back of her throat marking the depth with her hand.

Looking at how deep she had gone she was amazed to see she had taken about half of his length without gagging. Determined to do better, she began again with a slightly different technique.

Cupping his heavy scrotum in her hand, she lightly teased his balls. Dropping her head down there she licked and sucked his balls while making her way to the base of his shaft. A couple of soft moans initially made her pause, until she realized it was just an unconscious sign of approval.

Continuing her journey, she licked, sucked, and french kissed all up and down Kyle’s hard veined shaft. She especially focused on the area below the head. She had gotten the most reaction there.

Armed with her new found knowledge, she took him in her mouth again. This time licking that sensitive area as she sucked, dragging her pouty lip over it when she nearly pulled it out of her mouth, before diving on it again. His breathing, moaning and squirming gave her all the feedback she needed to know she was doing good and she soon developed a rhythm.

Gripping his hard shaft, she would stroke the underside with her thumb, followed quickly by her soft lower lip, and finally her tongue that she would let lightly graze it the whole way down. On they way up, she would adjust her head and make her tongue rigid, putting more pressure on the underside of his shaft. She would suck hard while sliding it out of her mouth, being careful to keep her upper lip pulled back over her teeth.

The more she did it the better, and faster, she got, she was also, she thought with a curiosity, making a LOT of spit. Being especially careful not to waste any of it, she used it to keep his shaft slick.

Occasionally, she would move too fast and inadvertently break the seal her lips formed on his cock. With a slurp she would suck the spit that leaked out back into her mouth and keep on going without losing pace.

Struggling to keep her eyes open to see his reaction, she continued, wondering how she would know if he was getting close. Her heart was pounding in her chest with the excitement of the risque, taboo, situation but she couldn’t stop, not yet.

Suppressing her nervousness she closed her eyes and let herself focus on the task in front of her. Continuing the pace of her rhythm, she was pleased when she noticed her saliva was taking on a different consistency and flavor.

‘It’s starting to taste like his precum!’ she thought with delight, knowing she HAD to be getting him close.

She didn’t have much warning but it was enough. His legs and abs began tensing up and he starting meeting her mouth with small thrusts of his own.

‘Are you ready for this Melissa?’ she asked herself.

‘Oh yeah!’ was her immediate response.

Following the suggestion of her girlfriends she pulled back so that her lips formed a seal behind the rim of his head and increased the pace of her hand as she continued stroking him.

“Uh … Ahhh … Ohhhhh!” He grunted as he filled her mouth with cum.

She didn’t know how much to expect but what he gave her seemed to fill her, already spit filled, mouth. Her cheeks sucked in and out as escort gaziantep reklamları she struggled to swallow it all, her eyes watering with the effort.

Realizing that no more cum was ‘forth-cumming,’ she giggled to herself in her head at the joke she had just made, she took him back in her mouth. Knowing from her friends stories that his cock would continue to respond to her actions for a little while, she didn’t want to miss anything. Plus, she also remembered how their boyfriends liked the additional attention.

Melissa was so attentive to Kyle’s cock, she never even noticed when his fingers began to play with her hair, when she did … she panicked.

Pulling back quickly, her heart beating out of her chest and trying to come up with some excuse as to why her mouth was wrapped around his cock, his semen around her mouth, she rolled out from between his legs back to “her” side of the bed.

Sitting there on her knees, she brought her hands up to cover her cock-sucking mouth. Kyle’s eyes were OPEN!

Tears began streaming down her face as she thought about the damage she may have just caused their relationship.

“A mmm mmm da do.” He drunkenly murmured and rolled over, closing his eyes.

“OH MY GOD!” she whispered, her whole body shaking.

She had let this go too far, let her curiosity get the better of her.

‘What if he had WOKEN UP!?’ her conscience asked. ‘What if he had SEEN YOU!?”

Ignoring the question of her conscience, Melissa tried taking a deep breath to calm her nerves but it was too shaky to achieve any calming effect. Grabbing her pillow, she slid off the bed and retreated back to the living room grabbing the comforter that had been tossed onto the floor as she left.

Crumbling on the couch she covered up with the comforter and tried to go to sleep but her mind was racing and her body was alive in a way it had never been before.

Her mouth still had the creamy taste of his cum and she sucked on her fingers but it wasn’t the same. Running her fingers out of her mouth, over her chin, and down her chest, she tweaked her nipples on the way to her pussy.

Trying to relive everything that had just happened she slipped her fingers into her panties like Kyle had done earlier, her eyes rolled up in her head as they slipped into her warm, wet folds.

Any thought of it being dirty or naughty vanished with the first flick across her clit. She felt amazing inside as she explored her body in way she never had before.

Under the covers she brought a hand up inside her nightie to pinch her nipples and play with her breasts while the other continued working her pussy closer to orgasm.

As her fingers danced in and out of her pussy, and up and over her clit, she felt her body temp rising. ‘Why have I never done this before?’ she questioned pausing only long enough to cast the comforter off, before her hands were back to work. The musky smell of her stimulation soon filled the room, while she cooed her pleasure.

She was getting closer, she could feel it, but all she could think about was Kyle. Images of his cock flashed through her mind. She could still feel it in her hand, her mouth. She could still taste his semen. She imagined what it would look like to watch his huge dick disappear into her pussy. Wondered how it would feel. And then all sorts of other thoughts started going through her head.

‘Is he still passed out?’

‘Could he even get hard again so soon after cumming?’

‘If he was still passed out and if she could get him hard would he be able to finish inside her?’

She wasn’t worried about getting pregnant because she was on the pill and had been for a couple of years now. Her OB had recommended it because she had periods that were irregular and often so painful, they were debilitating. She herself was against it at first but her mom was OK with it, probably because she knew Melissa didn’t have a boyfriend and seemed perfectly content to keep it that way.

‘NO!’ Her conscience screamed at her as she pulled the fingers away from her clit, her mind made up.

Abandoning the comforter for now she padded back to her room with a determination that surprised her.

“Kyle?” she whispered, tiptoeing back into the room.

No response.

“Kyle? Are you awake?” she asked again, this time a bit louder.

Kyle’s response that time made her jump but he was just rolling over.

“Kyle?” she asked again. Feeling more confident this time, she approached the bed.

When she was confident he wasn’t going to answer, she drew her small bikini panties off, kicking them under the bed “just in case.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she smoothed his hair. He had always been so handsome but she had NEVER thought of him in this way. Never thought of doing what she was thinking about doing.

He stirred ever so slightly as she caressed him but she was beyond caring. She wasn’t scared, she was determined.

“Scoot over.” she whispered, sliding in with a smile on her face as he subconsciously obeyed.

Snuggling up next to him, she kissed him lightly on the lips. She was only partially surprised when he returned her kiss which quickly escalated. While her lips and tongue worked that end her hands did a little exploration of their own. She touched his muscular arms and his hard chiseled chest. She had seen him with his shirt off before but actually feeling it was exhilarating. Reaching around she grabbed his ass before coming back to his now, all too familiar, cock.

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