Young Breastfeeding Mum needs Help

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My son Josh was nearly three months old. He was doing ok but his feeding was not going very well. He would only get close to emptying one boob each feed. I alternated the side he fed from but was always left uncomfortable in the one not fed from. I tried expressing and pumping but this was not very satisfactory. One of the things that having Josh had done was to increase my boobs from being almost non-existent to being for the first time in my life a lovely size. My nipples that had always been very long, thick and firm exploded and were now an inch long, even thinker and super sensitive.

It was a real shame not to be able to share them with anyone, well except the odd new mother in the post-natal class. My boyfriend had left me when I was six months pregnant. Other than the meetings with the other new mums I had no social life. I was almost excited when my neighbor, Bob, offered to come round to fix the lights that had stopped working. He was a divorced man a little older than me. We had always been friendly but I had only recently realized that he was actually quite good looking.

He fixed the lights in a couple of minutes and I offered him a coffee. We sat chatting and I offered to pay him. He laughed and said he was always happy to help a gorgeous woman in need. I haven’t been so embarrassed by a compliment since I was a teenager and went bright red and completely tongue-tied. After a minute I was able again to chat casually.

It was at this point that Josh stirred and started to cry. I said that I would need to feed him and suggested that Bob might wish to leave as I might embarrass him. He smiled and said he would leave if that was what I wanted but would not be embarrassed to watch me breastfeed Josh. I was a little hesitant and uncertain but it felt almost like a challenge.

I brought Josh into the room and took my tee shirt off leaving my boobs covered by my less than sexy nursing bra. When by myself I always took this off while I fed Josh. Feeling incredibly daring I followed my usual process leaving myself naked above the waist. When Josh latched on to my left nipple I was stunned to see that my right nipple was fully erect and huge. This did not go unnoticed by Bob who drew in his breath making an appreciative noise.

“My god those are the most stunning nipples I have ever seen. I didn’t think I could be Bostancı Escort jealous of a baby but I am right now.”

“I am sorry but I am much more comfortable with both boobs out of that horrible bra. Could you bring me a pad from over there I think my nipple is going to leak badly.”

Bob retrieved a pad from the coffee table and approached me with it. He hesitated as he got very close and his look seemed to be asking me a question. I think I must have given some non-verbal response as he smiled and leaned forward. His tongue ran the length of my nipple barely touching it. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and it felt amazing. He started again on my areola and slowly swept the length of my nipple. I was holding my breath as he started the third caress. As he reached half way my nipple exploded and milk sprayed straight out in front of me, landing six feet away. He did not miss a beat as he repeated the action time and time again. I was sitting there with my son on one nipple having my other nipple masturbated in the most exquisite way. The milk sprayed in bursts soaking the carpet and me until Bob took the whole nipple into his mouth.

He latched on sucking the length of my engorged nipple deep into his warm mouth. The milk was now gushing in torrents as he sucked, nibbled and caressed the nipple with his mouth and tongue. I was frightened, confused, embarrassed but most of all aroused. True I had not had an orgasm in months but I was frightened that I might become unhinged and cum in this very inappropriate situation. Josh carried on feeding happily blissfully unaware what was happening to my body and my mind.

Bob reached down and pulled my skirt up to my waist. I almost screamed “no” at him and he removed his hand. My knickers were as sexless as my nursing bra but even worse than that there was a soaked line covering where my pussy could be clearly made out. He moved his two hands so they encircled my right boob and started to lick my nipple a bit like you would an ice cream. I realized that I was actually crying at this point as my mind and body seemed quite unable to deal with the stimulation and the pleasure. As he applied gentle pressure the milk sprayed either into his mouth or straight out in front of me.

I concentrated as hard as I could to ensure Josh was still getting fed. When Ümraniye Escort Bob’s hand started to slide into my knickers I yelled “no” again and curled up in a ball. His hand went further between my legs, outside my knickers, and became trapped as I closed my legs firmly. It felt like a defensive move but I had not realized just how aroused I was and found myself humping his hand and arm like a horny dog humping a leg. The orgasm hit me with a speed and force rendering me helpless. I simply rode his arm in a frenzy of desperation. Somehow I managed to keep my top half reasonably still as my hips lost all control.

I was hit by a second wave of intense orgasm as the first threatened to die away. I had not noticed that I had been wailing apologies to this man whose arm I was using as the best sex toy ever to masturbate with. I was exhausted when I finally regained some sense of awareness. I was now apologizing again as I sorted a now sleeping Josh.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Bob laughing uncontrollably at me. I was embarrassed enough without this turn of events. He quickly put me at ease when he said that it had been the most arousing thing he had ever witnessed. He further admitted that he had nearly done something he had only done once before when he was a teenager. I looked enquiringly at him and he said he had very nearly cum in his pants. This helped me, as I was able to laugh too.

I put Josh to bed and returned still naked above the waist and feeling rather nervous. I had just had a stunning orgasm with this man and I had done nothing to reciprocate. Since the very problematic birth of Josh I had let myself go. I had not fully healed and had not trimmed myself down there. Would Bob expect me to let him fuck me? It would not be unreasonable, as I had taken advantage of him using him almost like a sex doll. He sat me down taking my skirt off in the process. He went to take my panties off but stopped when I protested. I didn’t want him to see the state I was in down there.

He then lay across my lap on his back taking the nipple Josh had fed from in his mouth. His mouth was now much less demanding but very calming and sensual. I was not sure what he expected until he slipped his trousers and pants off in one easy movement. His prick was hard. Not the biggest I had ever seen but the head was big and Kartal Escort looked ready to burst. As he was suckling the nipple I could easily reach his excited cock. I pulled his shirt up, as I wanted to play with his nipples for some unknown reason. He let me do so as he lightly rolled my nipple with his tongue.

He tried to reach round to feel my pussy but I told that it was his time and to just lay back and enjoy himself. He seemed happy with this particularly when my hand left his nipple and found his cock. I used my spit to lubricate my hand and the head of his cock felt like velvet. I could tell he was loving what I was doing as his mouth stepped up the action on my nipple. There was not much milk left in the boob but what was there was hitting the back of his mouth.

I was being gently brought back up to a level of arousal that I had not thought possible. This was meant to be about him but my hand found its way between my legs where I found a very wet welcome. I gently played with my clit that had grown to its full state of erectness. I was now masturbating him with one hand and myself with the other.

As I sensed from his movements and the noises he was making he was close to orgasm I slowed down and told him to hold it as long as he could. He told me he would take it as a challenge. It was one I felt certain to win as I had already got him very close on a number of occasions. Finally I told him that if he lasted one more minute he would win and I would suck him off as his reward. He lasted only 30 seconds before exploding so violently that the rope of cum spewed over his head and covered him and me. This spectacle was so powerful for me I started to orgasm strongly before he had finished spraying us both. We both laughed at the mess we had made.

I told him that I was such a good winner that I would suck him off anyway at a time of his choosing. He seemed delighted at this and suggested the next morning. We never did have straight sex together but during the next month we incorporated at least one orgasm for me brought on by nipple play every day. I tidied up my pussy and we both loved giving and receiving some wonderful oral sex. In that month I had more orgasms than I had ever had in any six-month period previously.

My confidence was restored during this month. My libido was now higher than it had ever been. Both Bob and I became involved with new partners but even after I stopped breastfeeding we would get together every three to six months with him sucking my nipples while I sucked his cock. Those orgasms remained the strongest and longest that I ever experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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