Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 74

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 70). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 74 – Family Planning. Opening Night at Club Infinity


Yes, I went to India, but only for three days not four. I got back a half-day before I appeared at the condo. I spent that time at The Meadows and Club. Everyone else was in the city, except I did see Elsa and Stacy at the soon-to-be-open Club. The reason why was that I wanted to attend to the last details on the Grand Opening of the Club Infinity.

With the time difference, and my weird sleeping habits, I was in almost constant communication with Elsa and Stacy about the place. I finished up early in Mumbai, and starting the long flight back by way of Luton to refuel, and then a long direct flight to City Airport. John had brought the long haul 737 along with two relief pilots to keep things safe. He didn’t want to fall asleep and keep right on flying along on autopilot.

John told me the story from when he’d been in the USAF that a B-52 pilot had told him about flying the interminably long flights where they were on a mock bombing sortie aiming at several major cities in the old USSR, only everyone in the plane fell asleep – a crew of eight and everyone dozed off! They overflew their turnaround point in North Dakota and ended up near the North Pole before someone woke up and realized what the hell was happening. Somehow, they managed to avoid a major reprimand or the start of World War III.

I spent twelve hours with Elsa, Stacy, Lee, and everybody else at the club doing everything from making major spending decisions (my wallet), to bringing boxes of liquor in to stock the new bar. Near the end of the day everyone was there except the patrons. I was taken that Kate Kenworthy was there too, lugging boxes and helping to set up the tables and the bar so everything looked in top shape.

Onstage two of the male strippers and four of the female strippers were practicing their routines. Fortunately, they had the music at a reasonable level instead of what it would be once the risqué part of the club fired up around ten o’clock each evening we were open.

The bartenders were laying out their bar and making final adjustments as to where glasses and bottles sat, and getting to know which taps worked what beverages. The kitchen area was abuzz with the cooks just practicing by laying out a nice meal for everyone else that was working that day. I thought the food came out reasonably well. I did make a few recommendations, and they seem well received.

Lee and Stacy showed me some of the advertising from the prior week. I liked it, and so apparently did about three hundred others who took advantage of the ‘special sign-up offer’ with great discounts, include free ‘club’ membership if a large donation was made to the city hospital expansion fund.

Stacy had talked to the fire marshall about our opening. The club was rated as 210 people on the downstairs floor area, and 65 upstairs, which had separate fire escapes. He allowed that for the special occasion we could go up to about four hundred providing all the fire doors remained open and a crew was onsite. She readily agreed to those terms, and that set up part of what would be happening that night. She also made sure he had a special club membership that extended to his family.

Lucas stepped in and handled the security for the opening night, coordinating with Lee. He had the core group he needed to protect – the girls and me, and then provided extra security for the various open doors, and also sobriety checkpoints armed with breathalyzers at the exits from the large parking lot. When the police heard about the checkpoints, I got a special call of gratitude from them praising the attention to detail, safety, and the good example we were setting, even if only for the special night.

I called everyone who’d worked on Club Infinity together about five o’clock. The bartenders set up small flutes of champagne so we could toast to the club and each other’s success. Five o’clock was when the door would be opening the next night, for an official start time of seven p.m. I gave a little speech, praising their efforts, expressing my appreciation for their future focus on making our customers have a great experience while they were with us, and also acknowledging the special efforts that Stacy, Lee, Alice, and Elsa had put into making the Club Infinity a reality.

As I spoke, ankarada sakso çeken escortlar I couldn’t help but notice the unusual assortment of people we had gathered around – about fifty people. Not everyone would be working every night, but for the grand opening it was all hands on deck. There were about ten bartenders, four of the male and all ten of the female strippers were there, and scantily dressed given that they had just finished a dress rehearsal of their late night routines. When we opened for normal operations we would have a ladies night one night a week that would feature the male strippers during certain time segments. The rest of the time it was tits and ass, as Elsa called it. The grand opening was only a tame sampler of what would be our regular offer in the sex department.

From opening to eight o’clock, the club would be a fairly straight restaurant and bar – even young children would be welcome. We hoped to have some live music, but not the full band that would start at eight and go to midnight or later with a few breaks; from eight on, the place would be a rockin’ dance club.

The whole tenor of the club would change again between ten and ten-thirty depending on clientele. After that, the strippers would also be performing. People could continue to dance, but on stage there would be some very risqué entertainment – our strippers. Each girl (or guy) would perform for about twenty minutes, working the crowd, and milking the paper money stuffed into G-strings and jock straps by audience members. There’d be a ten minute or so break between one performer ending his or her routine, and the next starting.

During the subsequent performances, the guys or gals in particular would circulate in the audience soliciting lap dances and photo ops. We set some rules, in accord with the state laws, about no hands and such, but we were prepared to be lax about enforcing those except in problem situations.

Most of the population, even in the adjacent states knew that full nudity was allowed. For the grand opening we were only going to segue into that state of dress after midnight with some unique lighting effects, in particular colored strobes and lasers. Stacy was going to be playing emcee all night long – one of her new jobs – and would be sure the audience knew that our routine shows would be a little more risqué than what they were seeing at our opening, especially since so many people brought their wives or partners along to the gala. We expected some complaints, and everyone who was working had free drink coupons to give out as a salve for just that situation.

A few of the electricians opted to work on the lighting after we broke up our thank you speeches, but other than that, most people went home.

Alice, Stacy and Elsa took me upstairs to christen the VVIP room. I guessed their motivations, and even caught a smirk from Lucas as they led me up the cordoned off stairway. Elsa led the way into the safe room, now beautifully appointed with furniture, and a series of photographs of nude women that were sexy, lewd, and unbelievably artistic. The photos were the work of Brite Reber, a photographer working out of her farm in Minnesota, who had done kings, queens, rock stars, and every other kind of celebrity you could think of. Some of the photographs were Brite, a point that made them especially appealing.

One particular photograph showed the petals of a Gardenia – about four feet across. Right next to the beautiful ‘plant’ worthy of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting and the same size, was a woman’s vulva, with the petals of her labia minora as beautifully spread as the flower revealing the invitation to her sex.

I didn’t resist or play cute with the three women. I romanced them immediately and seriously, getting naked with them, and then making love to the three as we tried out one of the pull out beds. On the other side of some one-way glass, we could see the light show that was being tested. The effect was startling, and I could only imagine how sexy it would be once one of the sexy strippers was there performing and enticing the males in the audience.

Our safe room had a small bath that proved convenient for cleanup. Once we were decent, I left the club, and Alice, Stacy, and Elsa followed me home for dinner. Officially, I was arriving home from India.

I had sent the girls an invitation to the special event, ‘whatever it was,’ for the Saturday night. I figured that might have tipped my hand that I knew what was happening, but I tried to word the invitation as though I was as in the dark as they were except for that sign at home.

The next night we had the long stretch limousine, and at six-thirty the seven of us left to go to a ‘special dinner’ that I had arranged. By then, everyone had guessed that I was the source of the ‘Surprise’ – only no one yet knew what it was.

The club was about a half-hour from The Meadows, so we arrived right a seven o’clock. We pulled up just as a couple of ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar other limousines had finished dropping off some people. Already, the parking lot looked quite full.

Melanie was jumping around in the car. “What is this place? What’s the Club Infinity? I’ve never heard of this place and I thought I knew every club within a hundred miles of here.”

I held up my hand, “Ladies. This is our new toy. I own this club thanks to Elsa, Stacy, Alice, and many others. This is the grand opening. We’re expecting about three or four hundred people to help us kick it off tonight. So come and enjoy.”

I barely got the words out. There were squeals of joy and surprise from each girl. They were ecstatic about the surprise and the ‘toy’ as I’d called it. Instantly, they realized the potential for the club and our lifestyle.

I pointed at Elsa, and she started to fill in some of the details. Instantly, they got on her case for not sharing, but they were pretty forgiving too. They were more interested as they heard about the strippers, and the unique atmosphere we were trying to create in the club.

Right behind us, another limousine pulled up. Six people got out and we all greeted each other: Wes, Vanessa, Scott, Anna, Felicia, and Monica. As I held Van and Monica, I gestured to the club entrance, and said, “This was all your idea. This is in part for you.”

“What do you mean?” Anna asked. The other two women moved into the conversation.

“At our big party a few months ago, you told me you wanted a place nearby to dance and perform once in a while as a stripper. I liked that idea, especially because I’d like to be in the audience watching all your hot bodies up on the stage that you’ll see inside. Well, this is your place to perform.”

I got a barrage of kisses from the four new women. My own girls weren’t through with me yet either, so I felt well loved by the time we made it to the entrance.

The club bouncer waved us all inside. I’d met Carlos several times the day before and we’d even talked. He was almost as big as a barn door, and his muscles made his t-shirt stretch to nearly the tearing point. He did have a pleasant smile and welcoming façade, however, but if you were underage after ten o’clock you wouldn’t want to mess with him when he asked for ID, and perish the thought that you’d ever piss him off for any reason.

Beside Carlos stood Kate – the sexy stripper I’d helped with some money for her daughter’s braces. She also welcomed people to the club. Kate was dressed in a very slinky cocktail dress and sparkly shoes, and looked like a lure to sexy entertainment if I ever saw one. She wore a sash to identify her as part of the club retinue and was also handing out little half-page colorful circulars that described the club and how it would function.

Welcome to the Club Infinity

We’re different!

We’re new!

We’re your home for entertainment and great food!

5:00 to 8:30 p.m. – Lounge/restaurant – Enjoy our fine food (Membership not required)

8:30 to 10:00 p.m. – We’re a club with live bands – come dance

10:30 to 2:00 a.m. – We’re that club with live bands, AND adult entertainment

Please join us on a regular basis. We’ll have constantly changing entertainment.

Tonight – our Grand Opening – is only a sample and after 10:30 will be tame for tonight

Kate stopped me, and her eyes got all teary again. She hugged me politely and said, “I just want to thank you again for your help. Tori got her braces on this afternoon. She’s already complaining but she knows it’s for her long-term best interest. She calls herself ‘Tinsel Teeth’ now.” She threw an arm around me and gave me a hard kiss on the lips, and then looked longingly into my eyes.

I thought, ‘Wow.’ I said with some humor, “I might like to kiss you some more. Do you have any other kids that need braces?”

Kate gave me a playful punch on my arm, and said, “No, but you can kiss me anytime. I’d like to kiss you some more too.” We both laughed to take the edge off the moment, but there was a serious undercurrent of attraction between the two of us.

I led our group inside and the din of the music, conversations, and laughter reached our ears. This was a happy place. I liked what I heard and saw instantly.


Mark had to work late after having been out of the office for most of the week for his trip to India and his preoccupation with the Club Infinity. His tardiness in coming home gave me an excuse to talk about our family with my sisters – Mark’s other wives.

Izzy and I cooked dinner for the six of us. We were staying at the condo for the next four nights. Sheila, Melanie, and Izzy did not stay to work with Mark since he had a late meeting, but came home about seven o’clock. KC also didn’t have to work at the gallery that night. Cindy happily made some hors d’oeuvres for us as we sat around at the large island in the kitchen. ankara gece kalan escortlar Stacy had also shown up with several dozen canapés from the Club Infinity. She was becoming more and more a member of our circle and like another sister. Alice was also there working on a light and fluffy dessert she swore wouldn’t have that many calories in it.

As the cooker did its thing, we shared some Chardonnay together and munched on the hors d’oeuvres.

I broached the subject; “I have an important subject to raise with all of you. It’s … kind of personal and sensitive.” My voice was kind of shaky. It had taken me all day to work up to talking to my sisters, because what I wanted to do would change everything about the way we lived.

Sheila sat next to me and sensed my angst. She turned and touched my arm and urged, “What? You can tell us anything.” The others nodded in agreement with her statement about our openness with each other.

I blurted out with great uncertainty, “I want to have a baby … to get pregnant by Mark.”

Thirty seconds of silence is a long time after you’ve made a major confession about your deep feelings on one of the most important things that’ll ever happen in your life. My sisters all stared at me with a mix of expressions – the same expressions they had just before I spilled out my desire. I wasn’t at all sure whether I was now banned from the sisterhood, or whether their stares were or would be welcoming.

Sheila stood next to me and wrapped her arms around me. She kissed me as the others watched and started to smile. Cindy hustled around the island and embraced me in one of her ‘I’ll never not love you’ hugs.

Sheila said, “I wondered when one of us would feel the urge. I am one hundred percent with you on this. I might even join you. You have always been our trail blazer.”

Cindy spoke next, hugging me more, and saying things to me that both a sister and lover would say. She reminded me of how happy our parents would be with a grandchild.

I started to cry … to sob, actually. I didn’t realize the tension I’d been holding in since my realization that this was what I wanted days earlier. My family not only liked the idea, they loved the idea. The sisters closer to my age wanted the same thing; the younger ones were supportive but wanted to wait a few years. They all hugged me and told me how much they loved me.

Through my tears and my jerky voice, I tried to make them realize how much our lifestyle might change; everything from work to home life to our sex-laden parties. Not one of my sisters was the least upset by any of my negative talking points. They assured me that we’d work through every problem and issue, and we’d find a way if we wanted to continue our parties.

I volunteered to take Baby Worthington away when there was a party, but they told me they would have none of that kind of thinking. We were a family – every one of us, including juniors. Those words just made me cry more loudly. I was accepted. Baby Worthington was accepted.

Melanie and Izzy were all over me with kisses and hugs, telling me how much they wanted to be aunts to whatever WE had. Stacy suddenly held me too with similar words of love and support.

KC locked eyes with me and nodded. She pointed down at her belly and silent tears flowed down her cheek. She tearfully said, “Me too. I want one.”

Alice stood next to KC with an uncertain look on her face. She admitted, “I guess I’ll have to find a baby daddy, because I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard all year – all decade – in my life. Count me in.” In an almost imperceptible voice she said, “You don’t suppose Mark would mind, do you?”

I scooted around the island to Alice and held her, “Oh, Alice. You’re one of us – a sister and one of Mark’s wives. Of course, he’ll be a father for your baby – yours and his. He loves you and don’t you forget it.”

My sisters validated that not only to Alice, but also to Stacy who was our newest, but equally loved sister. We also acknowledged that the guys we hung out with might also want the honor.

We ended in a huge group hug with all of us. By that time, we each had a soggy tissue in our hands from all the tears of joy at the idea of motherhood and extending the family.

My tension subsided as we all talked excitedly about the prospect of one, then two, then more babies in our midst. I explained that with their support, I was going to go off of birth control. I also talked about how I wanted Mark to be the father, and they all said that was an obvious conclusion for all of the women in the room. A couple reminded us that there were other options since we also loved the guys we hung out with. Our ‘fuck buddies’ had become our lovers in more ways than we could count.

I felt so relieved I could barely eat when we did finally serve the dinner meal; I still had tears running down my cheeks – tears of joy. I wasn’t a pariah. I had a vision of myself on a cold wintry night carrying my small baby in a blowing wind as snow fell. I let that one go. I’d be home with my family.

Mark got home about ten o’clock looking haggard and tired. I was his welcoming committee. He knew I’d planned to talk to the sisterhood about pregnancy because of our talk on The Meadows patio that morning before we all left for work.

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