A Soldier’s Tale

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He loved Army life. His wife hated it. Sergeant Tim Miller loved starting his day at 5 A.M. with a workout, loved pushing his troops to the edge of their tolerance and beyond. He loved going to the rifle range and firing off thousands of rounds. He loved teaching young Soldiers and watching them become warriors. He loved his job.

He had started as an Infantryman as a young 18 year old kid. Deployed to war six times in ten years he had seen more than his share of combat. On his ninth tour things had gone bad. Riding in a helicopter with his squad on their way to kill a high level terrorist the chopper had been hit by a rocket. Only three out of 12 of them survived the crash. Tim’s back was broken and his spine had to be fused. That had ended his time in the Infantry. But rather than leave the Army, Tim became an intelligence analyst. He told himself supporting the fight was almost as good as being in the fight. His wife was angry about him staying in. She was angry he didn’t want to go home to Boston. She was really angry when she found out Tim would be working with female Soldiers now.

Tim took it all in stride. The job was different, but he made the best of it. He relished teaching these non-combat troops how to be killers. Some got it, others did not. Tim trained through pain. He believed that pain retained and that a pain consequence was the best teacher. His young troops did well or they suffered.

Tim went out to the range to do combat training every chance he got. Today had been a great exercise with lots of moving, shooting, and moving some more. At 5 P.M. he walked back into his office to close out some open paperwork, and was surprised to see one of his young Soldiers still working.

Private Rachel Hernandez was at her chair studying her computer screen when Tim walked in. She looked up and smiled at him as the door shut behind him.

“The hell are you still here for ‘Dez?”, he asked.

“Trying to make your deadlines, SGT”, she replied with feigned distress. Tim worked his kids hard, but was always fair with them.

“Fuck it. Knock off and go home, young’n”, Tim said as he started to undo his body armor.

She watched him. Rachel often watched him. He was the gruff, older, foul mouthed boss. At 28 he was nine years older than her, but she was always drawn to him. He was a man’s man. He was tough, blunt, strong, and authoritative. She was smart enough to know it was a daddy complex that made her attracted to him, but she didn’t care. She wanted him.

Rachel often fantasized about Tim. She knew he was married and that made her want him more. He was much taller than her 5’3″ frame. But she knew he had admired her small frame. The 38C breasts she had drew his glance more than once. And she thought she had seen him looking at her firm ass during morning runs a few times. But Tim was always professional with her. Even when she would try to flirt he either wouldn’t notice or didn’t care.

She was sitting transfixed on him as he sloughed off his heavy body armor. The 18 Escort Sincan pound vest fell to the ground with a thud. It was summer, and the heat had made him sweat through his uniform under the armor. Rachel absent-mindedly licked her lips as Tim started to take off the camouflage top. He pulled it off and revealed his well built and defined arms, as well as several of his tattoos. Her brown eyes were looking at the outline of his pecks through his shirt when he noticed her staring.

“Can I help you?” he asked with a smirk. She was startled and embarrassed but decided to press her luck.

“I doubt it, SGT”, she said with a teasing smile. “Not with the kind of help I need”.

His smirk remained. “Lookit, young’n, I thought I told you to say fuck it and take off. Get going. It’s after quitin’ time. You don’t get paid overtime, so shoo”.

“And miss the show?” she was getting braver, and she noticed him start to flush a bit. God, she wanted him. She could feel her pussy start to heat up thinking of him pushing against her.

“You got balls for a chick”, Tim said. His cock was starting to stir, he had often thought of banging this young hottie. Big tits, nice ass, cute face, full lips. Damn.

“You like it. You like tough chicks”, she stood up. “And I’m the toughest chick you know.”

“But you forget your place, Private”, he said her rank firmly. He felt he was losing control of the situation, and wanted to reaffirm his position as her supervisor.

Rachel boldly took a step towards him. “My place is under you, SGT”, she said with a seductive grin, her cat like eyes narrowing as she started to close the short distance between them. She swayed her hips a bit and watched his eyes look over her body. Even in the frumpy Army uniform she was curvy. Tim could feel his willpower melting away. He tried to remain in control.

“Rachel, what the fuck are you doing?” he asked unable to move away from her advance.

“What I wanted to for a while now”, she replied as she reached out for him, running her hand over his sweaty t-shirt, feeling his strong chest. His breath caught in his throat.

He towered over her, but she got up on her toes and kissed him. He stood stoic for a few moments, but she kept her lips pressed against his. Finally his will broke and he kissed back. His tongue danced with hers and he wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her into him. He felt her firm tits mash against his chest, and she moaned softly into his mouth. The kissed heavily for a few minutes before she pulled away. Time was lost in desire for her, and she had wanted this for months.

She started pulling his wet shirt up over his head, but she was too short to get it all the way up. He took over and pulled it all the way off. Before he had it over his head she attacked his pecks. She licked and sucked his right nipple and felt his six-pack. She was impressed that he shaved all the hair from his chest. He threw his head back and let a small moan out.

He looked down at her and unzipped Sincan Escort her uniform top, pushing it over her shoulders. He could see the outline of her tits being held in by the sports bra beneath her t-shirt. In one quick move he pulled her shirt over her head. He took a moment to gaze at her lovely breasts before kissing her neck and biting it gently. Rachel’s breathing was getting quicker as her pussy got moister. She kept her heavy tits against Tim’s chest as he worked her neck. She could feel his cock pushing against her stomach through his pants and wanted to feel it in her mouth.

Tim ran his left hand over her bra covered breasts and squeezed her ass with his right. Rachel began to undo his belt as he fondled her. She got his uniform trousers open and took a step back from him. Tim kept his hands busy touching her chest and neck as she started to lower his trousers and boxers. His hard dick jumped out at her and she was worried about its size. At 8 1/2 inches long it was defiantly the longest she had seen. But it was also very thick. She looked at him and he grinned at her.

She began to caress it and she could feel it get even harder. She wanted it in her; even if she didn’t think it would fit. Tim began to unbuckle her uniform trousers. As she worked his cock with both hands he revealed her panties. He smiled as they were definitely not uniform panties. They were black lace boy shorts. He could see a small wet spot on the front of them and rubbed one index finger over her panty covered mound. She moaned again and sunk to her knees.

She held his big prick in her small hands and flipped her tongue out over the swollen head. Tim looked down at her the whole time as Rachel licked around his head, licked the shaft from his balls all the way back to the tip. After getting him nice and slick she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid his dick in. He let out a small grunt as she bobbed up and down on his rock hard cock. She fit as much in as she could, and Tim could feel his head touch the back of her throat. She worked her hands up and down his shaft in time with her mouth. She relaxed her throat to take more of him, but it was so thick and long she still couldn’t take it all. But she loved the feeling of his smooth shaft against her tongue. She sucked his cock like a pro, and Tim was starting to move his hips gently fucking her face. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and his dick stuffing her face. She moved one hand under her panties and started to work her clit. She could feel how soaked she was and she wanted that thick cock in her pussy. She pulled her head back and let his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop.

Tim wasted no time. As Rachel stood up Tim yanked down her pants and panties in one motion. He took a second to look at her shaved pussy. She turned her back to him, moving awkwardly because they both still had their combat boots on. She bent herself over his desk and he moved into position behind her. He rubbed has cock against her soaking wet box, Sincan Escort Bayan her pussy lips felt like velvet. He slowly started to enter her pussy, feeling it stretch around his thick member. She moaned as he filled her. His cock was so thick it hurt, but the pleasure was so intense she ignored the pain. After a few moments he was buried in her to the hilt. He shuddered at how tight and wet she was. He started pulling back out of her slowly, until just his head remained in her. He then pushed into her hard and fast. She let out a little cry of pleasure and he continued to hammer her tight pussy. He was fucking her harder and faster with each thrust and she was crying out with each push. She lifted herself up off the desk with him still impaling her and pulled off her sports bra. Tim’s hands instantly went to her tits as her pounded her from behind. He squeezed and pinched and twisted her hard nipples as he buried himself in her over and over.

Rachel was quickly approaching orgasm. She could feel it building up in her as she pushed back against the hard cock in her wet pussy. She was yelping with each thrust and Tim was starting to grunt each time he entered her. He released her wonderful tits and she collapsed back to the desk. The cold desk against her warm body was an intense sensation. She felt Tim’s hands on her hips pulling her harder onto his swollen cock, burying it deeper into her. She couldn’t hold off any longer and started to cum. Loudly.

“Uhn, fuck yeah Tim, I’m cumming! I’m fucking cummmiinngg! Uhn, Christ, Tiiimmmmmm!”

Tim answered back by pounding his cock into her with wild abandon. He felt his own orgasm approaching. He thrust into her one last time before it over took him.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby, uhn, ahhhhh” was all he could get out as he spurt is hot load into her tight snatch. Rachel could feel wave after wave of his sticky cum filling her, and she flexed her pussy tight around his cock milking it all out of him. She had never felt anyone cum in her before without a condom and it made her shudder again with another orgasm.

“Oh God, here I go again! Fucking stay in me, Tim, Oh god yeah!”

Tim held his cock in her until her orgasm subsided. He then backed out of her and she felt empty when his thickness left her. Tim bent over and pulled his pants up before collapsing into his chair. Rachel stood up and pulled her pants up as well. She sat on Tim’s lap and he gently massaged her naked breasts. She leaned in and kissed him deeply.

“I have wanted that for so long, Tim”, she said. “That was so amazing.”

Tim smiled, kissed her again and held her for a moment. Rachel stood and picked up her sports bra and t-shirt. She stuffed the bra into her cargo pocket and pulled the shirt on. She was gathering her uniform top as Tim was pulling his shirt back on.

They were both silent for a moment, neither one knowing what to say next. Finally Tim said, “See you tomorrow for PT”

She smiled and headed for the door to the office. “Sounds like a plan, SGT”. Just like that they were back to Sergeant and Private.

As she reached for the door knob Tim asked her a question. “Uh, you’re on the pill, right?” She turned and looked at him nervously.

“Shit”, was all she could say.

“Oh shit” her Sergeant echoed.

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