A Story of an Orgasm

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She lay there in the darkness and knew he had entered the room. As usual he was silent in his movements but by now, after the other times, she could sense his presence. Her naked body tensed, not with fear but with anticipation. At first, when she had been brought to this place by her unknown abductor, she had been terrified. The sudden arm around her neck, the chloroformed pad over her nose and the sudden loss of consciousness had all been too sudden for her to feel anything. But afterwards when she had become fully awake again the fear had begun.

But now she welcomed the anticipation of the release she knew she would soon have. She flexed her arms and legs held firmly, but not harshly, by the restraints that kept her from moving off the padded surface of the horizontal St Andrews Cross she sensed she was lying on. She was in no pain, no discomfort. All she wished was that she did not have to wear the blindfold. Not now. She would never have told anyone about him. Ever.

She knew he had come closer and despite herself her breathing quickened as she knew what was to come. Jolt! the feeling shot through her stronger than she had felt the other times as his tongue, that wonderful tongue, licked the flesh at the top of her left inside leg, right inside the join where it met the inner side of her left hip. Whhoooshhh! Her breath escaped in a rush as the gut wrenching feeling in her stomach gripped her in a sexually induced cramp. He took no notice. The tongue licked the same spot again and this time her hips rose involuntarily to meet it. But he was experienced. It was too early. The tongue began a regular licking motion until she began to accept it without lust but with a drifting of thought, an emptiness of mind that was almost hypnotic in its affect. She Escort Etlik felt the coolness on her skin as the surrounding air came into contact with the saliva now covering the top of her thigh. She felt unconnected. Her mind floating as the soft, wet, licking lulled her body. She drifted…

Jolt. “Eeeeeeeyyyy…”. This time she keened. The sound ringing out into the darkness. Without her realising, without her being aware, he had transferred to her other side and the tongue was repeating its soft lapping on the other thigh. The new feeling of driving lust re-awoke the sexual grip on her body as a stream of lubricating juices were released, flooding the inside of her vagina. She felt herself being taken further down the road to release and she gladly accepted her destination. A slight film of perspiration covered her flesh as her body temperature rose with the movement of the tongue, the wetness coming from her softening cunt and the screaming of sensitive nerve endings. Her slight bucking increased in tempo as she felt the build up of the first climax. She felt hot. The tongue was relentless. Her own wetness, and his, drove her into uncontrolled imagination. Thoughts of men, objects, demons flashed through her collapsing mind in seconds as her body went rigid and a rippling wave of orgasm brought her to the heights of release only to let her crash down again as it passed. She lay there panting hard. And still the tongue lapped on. She now knew better than to relax. She allowed her body to do as it wished. She no longer wanted to control it. It wasn’t a part of her. Her mind was now the centre of all her pleasure.

She moaned slightly as he lost contact with her body. Then she moaned louder as she felt her buttocks being gently pulled apart and Etlik Escort the very tip of that tongue, that bringer of ecstasy, touch the outside of her anus. A light, feather-like contact. With a circular motion it licked its way around the rim. Her body melted into liquid as she felt the softening and opening of the tiny entrance. Her mind made no reflex movement to stop the total surrender. Her moaning turned into a groan as the tongue entered the pliable opening and slid passed the anal ring. Again she felt the sexual cramping of her guts as her body responded to the slight upward movement. She heard from a distance the wet, slurping, sound as his saliva drenched the inside of her rectum and she felt his hot breath against her as he exhaled in short, panting gasps. Too late. She had no time to enjoy the sensation before her second climax, without warning, swept over her. For a split second she tried to stop it but it was unstoppable. Her head supported her body as her back arched like a bow, rising high into the air. Legs went rigid as they too lifted as far as they could from the cross. Her whole body was in tension leaving only her head and her ankles in contact with the leather covered wood. The tongue followed and quickly transferred to her gaping cunt. Licking and probing more urgently as the man knew the end was near. The orgasm forced her higher and higher into sexual oblivion. The mental images were more extreme. Many men, many animals impossibly huge cocks all pushing and thrusting and forcing their way into her thrashing, sweating, screaming body.

She screeched out her lust. A harsh, high-pitched sound. The orgasm didn’t stop but it took her no further until…until…The man’s large, thick organ slid into her without resistance. Her wetness, Etlik Escort Bayan her lust, her fantasies allowed him full and easy entry. Her climax rose impossibly higher as her body accepted his cock into her throbbing, twitching cunt. Unconsciously she tried to impale herself still further on him. Her climax peaked but didn’t stop. His piston like thrusting became more urgent ploughing in and out of her with ever-increasing speed, ripping into her with hysterical passion. His arms now held her to him. Squeezing her body against his rock hard chest. She didn’t care. She didn’t even know. All she felt was the final flood of her own lust overflowing and spinning out of control as her body met his with a tidal wave of sexual release. He pumped his seed into her. He kept thrusting into her and as she slowly, very, very slowly started to come down he kept coming inside her.

Her body began to recover only to tense again as a series of minor climaxes gripped it during its descent back down to awareness. The man too was slowing. His pumping less urgent. His sperm less copious. His movements more tender. Her hair was plastered to her scalp and her body was slick with the wetness of the sweat pouring in a continuous stream from her gaping pores. Her breathing was ragged and rasping but soon quietened and became more regular. The man gently lowered her back down to the cross and with swift, familiar movements, as if he had done this many times before, he released her from her restraints, went to the door, opened it, and slipped away into the darkness.

The woman lay there. She had no feelings. She still drifted in another world. A world of extreme passion. A world where nothing mattered except the release of uncontrollable lust.

She left much later even though she knew she could at any time. Her clothes had been left in a neat pile on a chair and as she too left that place she understood that no matter what may happen to her in the future she would always have this one afternoon which would be hers’ alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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