After School

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The dismissal bell echos throughout the school and release two-thousand teenagers into the wild. I drag myself out of my desk, slip into my coat and bookbag, and begin to shuffle towards the bus parking lot. The buses won’t leave for another ten minutes and even if I miss mine I live literally a mile away from school so I can walk. If I have to. I step out of the science building and, catching sight of my bus in its assigned spot, suddenly remember that I have a very good reason to get to it as quickly as possible. Grant! Hard to believe, but seven hours of AP classes actually succeeded in shoving the events of this morning to the far corner of my mind. Now they all rapidly come flooding back, crashing through me like getting a bucket of ice water dumped on my head. I pick up the pace and hurry to the bus, my sneakers slapping against the cement sidewalk. I immediately slam to a halt to avoid crashing into the line of kids boarding the big ugly taxi. Impatiently, I tap my foot on the asphalt. I try not to fidget as I wait. Finally it’s my turn to climb the steps.

There are several empty seats this time, including the one from this morning. I make a beeline for it. My ass has barely a second’s worth of contact with the seat when a pair of brown eyes suddenly appears before me.

“Are you dating Grant?” Crystal asks, leaning around the back of the seat in front of mine. She looks extremely annoyed and her voice is dripping with jealousy. She tosses her long dark ponytail and purses her lips. “Well?”

“Um, no?” I say, uncertain of the answer myself.

“I saw you making out with him this morning,” she declares loudly.

“So?” I counter in a hushed voice. I was hoping no one had seen. If she was the only one who did, I didn’t want the whole bus knowing. “That doesn’t mean anything.” I narrow my eyes at her. “Unless you like him.”

Crystal swiftly stands up and scowls at me. “Why on Earth would you think I like Grant?”

“Because you’re always drooling over him when you think nobody’s watching,” Denny says as he swings into the seat behind me. “Grant’s noticed a few times, too.” Crystal flops into her seat and scoffs. He gives me the usual chin-flick greeting, with a teasing grin.

“Saw you and Grant getting pretty…cozy this morning,” he tells me, wiggling his eyebrows.

I blush and hang my head, covering my face with my hands. “Was everybody watching?” I ask through my fingers.

“Everybody who could see without having to get up,” Denny confirms.

Crystal suddenly whips around, her dark eyes flashing. “Are. You. Dating. Grant. Or. Not?”

I look up at her and shake my head. “No,” I say after a moment’s hesitation. “At least I don’t think so. We haven’t talked yet. I haven’t seen him since we got off the bus this morning.”

She sets her jaw and crosses her arms. I can tell she is about to say something when suddenly the bus roars to life and the driver shuts the doors. I hastily look towards the window and see an empty parking lot. Grant isn’t on the bus and it doesn’t look like he’s coming. Crystal gives me a smug grin then spins on her heel and drops into her seat.

Slumping back against the window, I cross my arms and stew. I can’t believe he didn’t get on the bus! It wasn’t anything unusual for Grant to skip class or leave school early, but I would’ve Escort Sincan thought that, after this morning, he would have at least come back to ride the bus with me. Denny attempts to make casual conversation on the ride, but I’m so furious I can’t see straight. I storm off the bus and would’ve slammed the door behind me if that was an option. The chilly afternoon air is still as I stomp down the sidewalk to my house. I finally get the chance to slam a door when I step in through the navy-painted front door after grabbing the mail. The framed picture hanging just inside the doorway rattles against the wall. I kick off my sneakers and throw them into the shoe basket that my mom has stationed in the foyer, taking care to hang up my coat on one of the wall’s many hooks.

Too annoyed to start my homework, I throw my backpack at the dining room table as I sweep past it and into the kitchen. I hear it crash to the hardwood floor as I reach for the glass candy dish that Mom keeps on top of the fridge. Some situations require chocolate. I pause to read the sticky note that’s attached to the stainless steel refrigerator.

“I’m working late tonight since Dad’s still out of town. Call me if you want delivery. Love you!”

I stand on tip-top to retrieve the candy dish. Yanking off the lid, I dig through the brightly wrapped sweets but come up sans chocolate. Dammit! Someone needs to refill the candy dish, I think with a defeated grimace. As much as I may want to chuck the pretty glass traitor into the next room, the little dish came from Tiffany’s and I’m not interested in getting a job to pay for a replacement. Setting the dish back up in its spot, I head out of the kitchen and back into the foyer. I pause when I see a shadow darkening the frosted windows flanking the front door.

The doorbell rings and I debate whether or not to just ignore whoever it is. Maybe it’s Girl Scout cookie season. But what I find leaning against the door frame is even better than Samoas and Thin Mints: Grant.

“Hey, kitten,” he says with a slow smile. “Sup?”

I blink in stunned disbelief. Did he just ‘sup’ me after this morning? Really?! I open my mouth to tell him to go to hell but he reaches for me through the still open door.

“Can I…come inside?” he asks with a smirk, wrapping his long fingers around my hand.

I laugh. “Maybe,” I say, pulling him through the door and closing it.

Not wasting any time, Grant hauls me into his arms and presses his lips against mine. It happens so quickly that I lose my balance. I stagger a step backwards into the door. We kiss hungrily as he leans into me, sliding one hand up into my hair and the other down to my waist.

“Sorry I didn’t…take the bus…this afternoon,” he says between kisses.

“It’s okay,” I say, slipping my hands between us to unzip his jacket.

He briefly releases me to shake out of the supple leather. His arms are back around me before it hits the ground. Grant lifts my left leg and presses his pelvis forward. I can feel him stiffen under his jeans. Our breathing is ragged and both of us have begun moaning. He turns his head and kisses behind my ear, teasing the soft skin with his teeth.

“Should we go to your room, or do you want me to fuck you against this door?” he whispers into my ear.

That stops Sincan Escort me dead in my tracks. I freeze mid-motion, my eyes wide. Pulling back, Grant looks at me, concern in his ice green eyes. He reaches up and lightly thumps the tip of my nose.

“Relax,” he says softly. “I didn’t come over to talk you into doing anything you don’t one-hundred percent want to do.”

I feel my breath rush out of me in a sigh.

“Okay.” I hesitate then quickly make up my mind. “Want to go hang out in the living room?”

Grant steps away from me and holds out a hand. “Lead the way.”

Hand in hand, we quickly head down the hallway towards the living room. Grant follows me across the darkened room and sits beside me on the faded blue futon. I look down at my hands in my lap and a tense silence falls around us. I’m very nervous, and Grant knows it. He gently places a hand on my shoulder and turns my head to face him with the other.

“We don’t have to have sex,” he tells me. “I can go if you want.”

I shake my head. “No.” I reach over and put my hand on his thigh. “I want you to stay.”

Leaning forward, I take his face in both hands and we pull each other into a kiss. The barbell in his tongue makes contact with my teeth, drawing a gasp from my lips. He draws back.

“I can take it out if you want.”

I pull him back into a kiss.

“Or not,” he murmurs as I tilt my head to one side and kiss down his neck. He smells so good and his skin is so soft. Our kiss deepens and our movements quicken. Grant’s hands wander over my body, but I notice that he is matching my movements, letting me lead. I suddenly decide to take things further. Rising to my feet, I pull my sweater over my head and toss it aside. He stops me as I begin to remove my leggings.

“Do you really want to go all the way?” he asks cautiously.

My shoulders drop and I chew my lip in indecision. “Not really,” I finally admit with a sigh.

Grant takes my hips in his hands and draws me down onto his lap. My legs straddle his waist as I face him.

“Well how bout I show you some of what you’re missing?” he says, holding my waist lightly. “Then later, not today, you can decide if you want to…try everything.”

I frown. “How can you do that?”

He pecks my cheek and his hand drift up my back to the clasp of my bra.

“Like this.”

With one flick of his fingers, he unhooks the bra. Grant kisses up and down my neck and along my collarbone as I take out one arm at a time, holding the front of the bra in place until my arms are free. Finally I pull it away from my body, allowing my breasts to spill out. He grins at me.

“Perfect 36Ds,” he says, reaching up to cup my heavy breasts.

My eyes widen. “How could you possibly know that?”

His grin widens but the only answer I get is a shrug. Pulling me close, Grant kisses a line from my jaw down to my collarbone then down in between my breasts as he begins to rub the pads of his thumbs in circles over my nipples. I let my head fall back and I moan softly as he covers one breast in feather light kisses, then the other. He flicks his tongue across one nipple and lightly pinches the other. I gasp sharply. Locking eyes with me, Grant lifts one breast and slowly draws the nipple between his lips. I hear a shaking moan Sincan Escort Bayan escape my mouth.

Grant sucks on the nipple and begins to pinch the other harder. His tongue ring grates against my nipple as he twists the other. I feel him growing incredibly hard underneath me again, only this time my soaking wet pussy has a much better chance of grinding against his thick cock. I begin to rock my hips back and forth and he moans into my breasts. He switches sides and sucks the other nipple into his mouth as I run my fingers through his black hair.

Holding his hands on my lower back, Grant turns to the side and leans forward, laying me down on the futon on my back. He carefully lowers his body over mine, settling his pelvis between my legs. He is rock hard against my dripping slit. I want so badly to feel him inside me, but I don’t want to let myself make that kind of decision in the heat of the moment. My heart is beating furiously against my ribs as I let him guide my body.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I look up into his piercing green eyes. Grant smiles down at me and slowly begins to rock his hips back and forth. Clearly he’s done this before because he seems to know exactly what he’s doing. I can feel the head of his cock rubbing against my throbbing pussy as he mimics thrusting and withdrawing. My breaths turn into panting that turns into moaning. He slips a hand between us and unbuttons his jeans. I shove them down past his hips. His cock strains against his boxers. He slowly thrusts down and the tip enters my pussy just a bit. He pulls back.

“Sorry,” he says quickly, his voice thick.

He fumbles to pull up his jeans. I stop him with one hand on the waistband and pull him back down into a kiss with the other. The speed of his thrusts increases as he kisses me furiously. When his cock threatens to enter me again, he reaches down to adjust it. Now the steel shaft grinds against my slick lower lips. The tiny vibrations of fabrics sliding past each other over the entrance to my canal combined with the press and drag of his thick cock against my clit is maddening. My moans grow louder as I let my head fall back against the futon mattress. Moans become ragged cries as Grant rocks hard and fast against my pussy.

A powerful sensation is building deep within me, burning like fire through my nerves. My hips move on their own, meeting his every thrust. My leg curls around his waist and his lips press into my neck. As our bodies move faster, the heat inside me burns white hot then suddenly explodes. I reach my climax with a wavering cry. My body involuntarily twitches each time his cock makes contact with my clit. His breathing Grant’s open-mouth groans become gritted-teeth grunts as he thrusts hard one last time with a loud moan of ecstasy. Breathing heavily, Grant kisses my cheek then relaxes against me, laying his head on my shoulder. He pushes up and stands, looking down at the front of boxers with a grin. I swing my feet to the floor and follow his gaze. The front of his boxers is soaked with cum and juice. He pulls up his jeans and I reach for my bra. Grant hands me my sweater and I pull it over my head as we walk back towards the foyer. He scoops his jacket up off the hardwood floor and pecks my cheek as I open the door.

“See you on the bus in the morning,” he says with a wink.

I pull him into one last kiss then linger by the door as he walks down the gravel path towards the sidewalk. I watch him saunter down the road for only a moment because the back door opens and closes in the kitchen.

“Hi Steph!” my mom’s voice rings out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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