Bad to Worse??

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It started simply enough. I had had the day from hell and expected it could get no worse. I was wrong. When I awoke in the morning I was already an hour late since I had not changed the clocks appropriately when daylight savings time took effect, then, to make matters worse, on a day I had the most important meeting of my life to take place, I got not one but two flat tires in the worst possible area of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Great start to a day right? It got worse from there. My boss, the president of the company, told me that because I was not there on time and appropriately attired, in other words spotlessly dressed, the Japanese consortium that we were dealing with considered themselves insulted and refused to do any further business with our company.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t called to make them aware either, because I had, but still I lost my job in only a matter of minutes after we lost the contracts with the Japanese. Now, the company I work for does very discreet work for the government so I can’t describe it exactly since that would land me in a federal penitentiary for the rest of my life but suffice to say that the Japanese were very necessary for my previous jobs operational goals.

So, as I am chartering a car to take me back home since my company car went with the job, I realize I am a bit too old to start looking for work again. A search made all the harder when you can not look in your field easily since you can’t describe your work to your possible future employers. Alas, a job search is in the cards for me. I know it will be several hours before I can get home through the traffic, but at least this time I am not the one doing the driving.

I got myself a whole stack of newspapers and figured I’d start my search as the limo driver worked on getting me back home. I was just really getting into it when, and I’ll be damned if I can believe this myself, the fucking limo got a flat as well and dang close to where I’d gotten mine this morning. What was I to do? I sure as heck could not let the limo driver change the tire could I? I mean she was a sweet looking lady and all and my age old belief in chivalry sure as heck just would not let me do it.

So, here I am changing my third tire of the day, covered in grease, sand and oil, bemoaning my situation when, of şişli escort course, as I knew it had to happen, the fucking sky opened up and deluged the whole damn road. Of course the lady I was changing the tire for decided that we’d best let the rains pass and try our luck at changing it then.

That was when my luck really changed. Maybe it was just me, maybe she really liked my chivalrous attitude-especially given the way my day was going-or maybe she was just really, really horny. Whatever the case was Diana was definitely what the doctor ordered for me and apparently I was what the doctor ordered for her. I watched amazed as she lowered the partition between front and back and crawled through after first locking the doors.

I must admit the sight of such a beautiful woman, one so obviously in need , yet whom could have any man she wished, coming on to me so blatantly was a major turn-on. Of course her large, nearly fully exposed bosom coming through the partition might have also been part of that turn-on. I know I was sporting a major league woody at the time and that there is nothing that could have caused it to go down anytime soon.

“Sir,” she said, “I know it has been a bad day for you and my car problems are not making anything better but perhaps you could help me with another.”

“What is it,” I replied simply.

“Well Sir,” she said, “I had just broken up with my boyfriend before I picked you up. We had a falling out over, of all things, sex. So I am in dire need of some and you are a very attractive man. Would you make love to me?”

“Now what man would break up with you over sex? What was the matter? Did you not make love enough for him?” I asked not believing my luck had changed for the better instead of the worse.

“Actually,” she said sheepishly, “The problem is I need sex all the time. I am not some nymphomaniac Sir, however I do need it more than my boyfriend could provide. Why any guy only wants sex once every month or two is beyond me but that was him. Me, I need it daily, usually several times. Am I not attractive Sir?”

I gazed over her body as I began to strip down. Her flowing red hair half way down her back, long toned dancers legs, classically shaped face and gorgeous ass had all been a tonic to someone in dire need of one when I kağıthane escort first saw her pick me up in the limousine and now here she was offering that to me.

“My dear, I would love to make love to you. Please come back here and I will show you just how much you are desirable,” I said as I revealed my hard cock to her in all its rampant glory.

“Oh Sir,” she replied with a lascivious grin, “I think I see how much.”

Within moments she was out of the car and in the back with me. Shortly after that she had stripped down to just her undergarments. I watched intently as she revealed inch after lovely inch of her skin wanting to taste each part as it become visible to me. Luckily, she really was in need of the fucking as much as I was in need of the distraction of fucking.

She pulled my head to her bosom and I tasted those sweet watermelons for the first time that day, but it was not to be the last. Her nipples hardened as I gently removed her bra and, tossing it aside, began to lick and suck on the nipples that were now revealed to me. Each one engorged as I worked my way over it with my tongue then pulled it into my mouth with a suction that hollowed my cheeks out as if I was a baby nursing and trying to get my milk out of momma for the first time.

I could not, however, work on just her tits. Her hands were fumbling with my clothes to remove them from me. Her need for sex clearly was as evident as mine at this time and I removed her panties—if you can call what I saw panties. I’d never seen what she was wearing before, but, basically, what it was was a piece of fabric that was shaped like an oversized tampon that covered just her pussy slit and it narrowed down into a rod that ran underneath her and up between her ass cheeks.

Whatever it was it was held in place by tightness I suppose and it split her asscheeks wonderfully. Aside from covering her pussy slit it basically left nothing to the imagination.

“It is called a c-string. I found it online,” she said, “Once I ordered one and tried it on I was hooked. It is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever wore. With just this on there is nothing but what my pussy slit looks like left to the imagination. And, I have to admit, wearing it makes me horny as hell.”

“Well that explains your sex drive,” taksim escort I joked.

“Actually it was like that before I ever got this thing,” she mused, “This just increased my sex drive even more.”

“And your boyfriend only wanted sex once every month or two,” I inquired, “He must be either nuts or gay!”

“I am not sure, but now that he is no longer in the picture I intend to find someone willing to take care of my sexual needs,” she said.

“Look no further dear,” I said, “You’ve found him. That is if you would like to have me dear.”

“I do,” she said with a leering grin, “And right now.”

With that she proceeded to show me just how much. My large member was soon enough in her willing mouth and getting a blowjob to end all blowjobs. The woman was an oral expert, a fellatrix, and I was the lucky recipient of her skills. As her mouth moved slowly up and down my cock her tongue tickled me in ways I could never have imagined before. Of course I could not let her just suck on me. Being the gentleman that I am, and feeling the need to eat such a lovely pussy, I pulled on her legs to reposition them to be I could eat her out while she pleasured me.

To my surprise, not to mention pleasure, she had a nicely shaven conch which appeared to be very tight and dripping with moisture awaiting my arrival. It did not have long to wait. I slid my tongue slowly up the inside of her thighs arriving at the junction of them just before she sent me into orgasmic overload. I was releasing deep into her throat as she let me slide my tongue into her pussy.

Wetness soon began to drip from her and I was quick to lick up every drop. But, what started off as drops soon turned into a raging torrent of female ejaculation. I’d never been with a woman who could ejaculate quite like a male (and by that I mean forcefully enough to shoot quite some distance) but she sure as hell could. There was only one thing stopping it from going all over the car and that was my very willing mouth. I swallowed down every drop she had as she worked to get more from me and to come again for me.

Once we had caught our second wind after a few hours of making love we both decided it would be a good idea if we continued this elsewhere—like my house. So we left to go there and it was quite a trip for the next 250 miles. You see, I drove the limousine home since the driver was too busy to do so as she was naked and on her knees sucking me off the whole way there.

But that adventure is one I will have to relate to you another day. Something just came UP!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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