The Visitor

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He felt her presence before she’d even made a sound. Something changed in the room when she was there. It wasn’t the change in temperature from the cool night air coming in through the open window. It wasn’t the change in the light coming in from the outside, her dark form casting a shadow on his bed. It wasn’t the change to a breathless silence as the crickets abruptly ceased their chirping. All these heralded her arrival. When she would at last appear, he’d feel another change.

A murky, electric, and heavy sense of claustrophobia clung to the room. It sent chills down his spine and paralyzed him where he lay. From the corner of one eye he could see the black shape perched on the window sill. Dark as it was in the room, unnatural shadows further concealed any of her features. How he’d even guessed her gender was a mystery. Something pulled his mind towards hers, and amidst the haze he had learned, or she had disclosed, her femininity.

It began only as a feeling. One night he had the unshakeable impression that someone was watching him sleep. He could feel her pulse in his chest, hear her breath in his mind. He dared not approach the window. The next night he watched inexplicable shadows dance across that second floor window, almost human in their figure. They tapped softly on the window, yet he knew there were no trees on his side of the building. The third night he heard the faint call of a voice. It was at once everywhere and nowhere, both outside the window and deep within his mind. His heart responded with a pounding like it would break free of his body. Then two nights passed without event. On the sixth night, he could take it no longer and opened the window.

The moonlight bathed the yard and the neighboring buildings in a dream-like glow. Slowly and cautiously, he leaned his head out the window and looked around. No shadows, no branches, not a soul in sight. For a moment he felt relieved, but it was soon replaced by a strange feeling of longing. His heart settled, he let out a sigh, and returned to his bed. The cool air and soothing sound of the crickets lulled him to sleep. Soon he began to leave his window open every night.

Suddenly, one night he awoke in a terrified sweat. His eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness around him. The room felt as if the air had been drained from it. He heard nothing but the eerie sound of rustling. As desperately as he fought Ataşehir Olgun Escort to move his arms and legs, they remained lifeless and still under his sheets. The rustling turned into the new sensation of pressure on his body. He felt something press down on him, on the bed around him, and though he wanted to yell and kick it off, no sound came out and no movement followed. After eternity, his eyes began to focus. He now felt a weight on his chest, like another person holding him down. He stared into the shadowy form on top of him and all went black.

One week passed before the visitor appeared to him again. Following the first night, he kept his window closed and locked. Yet every morning he awoke to find it open, remembering nothing except falling asleep the night before. Then he opened his eyes in the middle of the night, as if waking up from a long rest, and there she was standing next to his bed. He felt the sheets begin to descend down his back, over his legs, and finally off onto the floor. He lay paralyzed in fear again. Slender fingers with long nails touched his bare back and slid down into the top of his boxer-briefs. Ever so slowly, they were pulled to his knees.

He closed his eyes and prayed for the torment to end. When he opened them again, the shape was gone. The air felt different.

Then legs climbed on top of his. A hand grabbed his right ass cheek. He felt someone’s upper body press down on his back, and the unmistakeable feeling of warm breath on the back of his neck. He opened his mouth, but was cut short by a wet, coarse sensation moving from the crack of his bottom to the top of his back. He knew exactly what it was, although it was too long and too coarse to be human. His eyes welled up with tears as the fear gave way to pleasure. The cursed longing returned to his chest again. A soft hand, palm open, snuck between his frozen legs and gently up his balls to come to rest at last with a delicate grip upon his cock. Humiliation overtook him as he remained flaccid in her hand. Her fingers stroked his head, played with his balls, and cupped both together firmly. He felt defeated. Then one finger poked its way into his vulnerable ass and suddenly he grew hard as stone while his face grew red as an apple. She licked the side of his neck and all went black.

Since that intoxicating, puzzling, and disturbing encounter, not a day had gone Ataşehir Sarışın Escort by where he did not reflect on what had happened. He had no idea what she was, where she came from, or why she had visited him. He felt like a mouse being toyed with by a cat. Yet in some foolish way it all made sense. He wanted more of her, he wanted to awaken more inside himself, and for the first time he had a potent desire to be used, to be the object of this unearthly creature. Weeks went by in silence. Every night he left the window open and slept naked on his chest. As the longing mounted, he began to fear that he might sacrifice too much. Not even the heavens themselves would prevent him from serving her.

Tonight was something new. He felt her there, he could see her on the window sill from the corner of one eye. Yet he could move. He carefully turned his head to see more of her. She stayed motionless as a gargoyle, quietly watching him, fully aware that her spell had taken him in. As the shadows faded, the very first thing he saw were her eyes – eyes that shone white as the brilliant moon. At first he was put off by the apparent absence of pupils, but as the thought crossed his mind, she spoke: “I see everything.” Her voice was like a velvet whisper wrapped in the cloak of death. Her words soothed him, but her tone filled him with disease.

“In the darkest hours of the night, I have heard your soul cry out.” As she spoke, her lips and facial features became more visible. The black shade of her long silken hair and lustrous lips reflected coolly in the light of the moon.

He began to sit up until she motioned to him. “On your knees,” she said. He fell to his knees next to the bed.

“I have seen the darkness inside you that craves devouring.” She set one foot down into the room, then the other. Very slowly, she began to move towards him. “You are prey in search of a predator. A victim longing to be victimized. The conquered crying out for its conqueror.”

The words slid off her tongue like poison as she walked in hypnotic rhythm with her hips, drawing him in like an insect caught with a web. The shadows dissipated to reveal the devilish red shade of her skin. It looked so frighteningly smooth and soft clinging to her hard, strong frame, he wanted nothing more than to taste it. His heart began to beat passionately. Horns became visible, poking only an Ataşehir Şişman Escort inch or two above her dark hair. His pulse raced. From the darkness behind her emerged two startlingly sharp-angled wings. He was breathing heavily, wondering what on earth he was doing. At last, his eyes were suddenly drawn down to her waist as a thick, long red cock came into view.

He swallowed nervously. She smiled through her fanged teeth. With little hesitation, he put his hands on her body, working his way to her balls and cock. He stiffened upon taking her in his hands, realizing how big she was. He had no explanation for what was now in front of him, or for why he wanted this, having never taken another cock before. Yet in some strange way that made it all the more exciting. It was like she had invaded his dreams in the night while he slept and corrupted everything from within. The more he thought about it, the more it turned him on until he stuck out his tongue and licked her cock bottom to top before stuffing it in his mouth. He felt her get bigger and his cock hardened as well. She began to growl and dig her claws into his hair.

She became impatient after a moment and jumped onto his shoulders, curling her legs around him. Holding on tight to his hair, she fucked his throat like she was trying with all her might to make him choke and suffocate. His face turned red to match her skin as he tasted her. Once a few minutes passed, she crawled off his shoulders and rubbed her cock against his face, with an occasional slap from it. He sighed a delighted sigh and watched her large red breasts bounce against her chest as she moved.

Without warning, she lifted him up by the waist and set him down on her thick cock. Gasping, he grabbed her shoulders to brace himself. He slid down onto her, feeling himself stretched as his cock grew harder. She grinned a toothy grin and licked his neck with her serpentine tongue. He felt her dick expand inside him and she gently nibbled at his neck with her fangs. His gasping rapidly turned into moaning, then into squealing of the most effeminate sort. Her clawed hands dug into his ass cheeks while she growled at his face and thrust deeper. He saw and felt her muscles clench against his hands. He marveled at the grotesque beauty of the beast impaling him on her cock. As she came inside his ass, her claws scraped along his bare back up to his shoulders.

She picked him off her and tossed his body onto the bed like a doll. The next thing he heard was the flapping of wings trailing off into the distance. The room felt different again, as the air stung his scarred back. Empty, cold, wrong. He closed his eyes and silently said a prayer of thanks to his new goddess.

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