Borrowing Money Ch. 02

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Larry and Miranda drove over to Dan’s house, “I don’t understand why we had to drive separate cars to your brother’s house.”

Miranda and Alissa shared the second car. She glanced back to check on their daughter who was following. “Alissa is getting together with her friends later and wants to leave early. They had talked about getting rid of her car when Larry was laid off, but the complications of only having one car far outweighed the cost of keeping the second car.

Larry was talking but knew his wife hadn’t heard what he had said, “Miranda.”

Miranda jumped, she had been daydreaming of the morning she’d had, “What?”

“Where’s your mind today?”

She intended on having sex with her brother again but still wanted to see to the needs of her husband. Reaching over and letting her hand lay on the front of his jeans, she started to play, “Finishing what was interrupted last night.”

“You need to stop before I show up at your brother’s in an embarrassing condition.”

Miranda slid over and kissed his cheek, “Later then.”

As she followed them Alissa saw her parents kissing, and grinned. They had always openly shown affection. She and her boyfriend had to hide most of what they did. She and Chad knew how to satisfy each other, and tried to every chance they got. It was too bad that Chad was out of town visiting relatives this weekend; she was in a particularly horny mood.

The two cars eventually pulled into the driveway of Dan’s house. Alissa had always been proud of her uncle. As a chemist, he had money and a nice home with a hot tub, and he drove a little red convertible sports car. What he didn’t do was flaunt it in everyone’s face. He wasn’t arrogant and had always cheerfully given to her mom and dad. But this was different; $5000 was a lot of money. As she walked to the door with her parents, she doubted that he would give it to them.

As Dan answered the door to let his only family in, he noticed that they had driven two cars. “Hi guys, come in.” He gave a knowing look to his sister and she smiled back at him.

He led them to the back yard, “I have the grill all fired up.”

Her dad hadn’t seen the exchange between her mom and uncle, but Alissa had and she wondered what was going on. Where had her mom gone this morning and did it have anything to do with her uncle?”

The hamburgers hot off of the grill tasted really good. The afternoon was so pleasant, everyone just sat around on the patio having tea and talking about the family. Larry finally decided that he should bring up why they were there. “Dan we all really enjoy coming over.”

Dan interrupted, “I sense a ‘but’ coming up.”

Larry hated this, “We need to hit you up for some money, again. -“

Dan was playing his part, pretending he didn’t know anything about it. He had actually practiced looking surprised ever since Miranda had left.

“-It’s different this time I’m afraid.” Larry took a deep breath, “We need $5000. I just got a job and the bills are killing us.”

“What! Damn Larry that’s a lot of money.” Dan gave another quick glance at his sister.

Again Alissa saw the exchange between her uncle and mother and guessed that her uncle already knew about the money. That had to be where her mother went this morning. She had gone to see him about it.

“Whew,” Dan looked deep into his glass of tea. “I don’t know.” He looked up at his sister, and then at Larry, “I’ll have to think about it.”

Alissa thought that she understood. Her mom had already asked for the money and her uncle hadn’t decided if he would let them have it. Alissa could appreciate that, not everyone had $5000 lying around.

“Everyone need a refill?” Dan headed for the kitchen

“I’ll help,” Miranda stood, grabbed the glasses, and followed him. She made sure that no one had come with them and put her arms around him as he was in the refrigerator. “What’s going on?”

Dan turned and kissed her, “Don’t worry nothing has changed. I’m trying to act surprised. I figured that I should also act like I’m thinking about it.”

She kissed him back, “Well you had me fooled.”

“I’ll call later and tell you guys that I’ll do it. I can’t get the money until Monday anyway.” He brought the tea pitcher and Miranda brought the glasses back with ice in them.

When her uncle and mom returned, the conversation drifted to other things. Alissa was smart enough to know that the money topic was off limits. She also realized it was time for her to leave, “It’s been great Uncle Dan, but I have to go.”

“Is that why you guys drove separate cars?”

“I’m going to hang with my friends tonight.”

Dan did his best Shakespeare, “Ah, to be young.”

She grinned at him and then gave him a hug, “You’re only 40, and you aren’t old enough to be considered over the hill, just yet.”

Dan started laughing, “It isn’t the age it’s the mileage.”

Alissa left, but instead of heading for her friends, she parked the car at a convenience store a few blocks away and called Cindy on her cell phone, Fulya Escort “Cin?”

“Ali are you still coming over?”

“No, something has come up and I need you to cover for me tonight.”

Cindy didn’t mind covering for her friend. Both girls did that for each other when they didn’t want their parents knowing what was going on. Both of them were 18 but that made little difference where their parents were concerned. “Not a problem. I thought your boyfriend was out of town this weekend?”

“He is. Will you cover for me?”

“Of course,” Cindy had a smirk as she hung up the phone. Her best friend was going to have sex with someone other than her boyfriend.

Alissa knew she wasn’t fooling her best friend, but then she hadn’t tried to. Now she just needed to wait for her parents to drive by so that she could go and try to convince her uncle to give them the money.


Dan waved as Miranda and Larry left. He hated to make Larry suffer by making him wait but it was necessary so that he could let his sister pay him back over the next few years. He thought back to that morning and shook his head, “Larry you’re an idiot. Miranda would blow your socks off if you would just let her.” He busied himself with cleaning the dishes then went to watch some television.

She was playing a game on her cell phone when she saw her parents drive by. Alissa couldn’t just stop; she was way too addicted to the stupid game for that. She finally lost all of her lives and headed back to her uncle’s house.

At 18, she’d had plenty of boyfriends, but only one that she had sex with. Her experience was limited to what Chris knew, which wasn’t a whole lot more than her. But, experience with sex was far down on the list of the things a girl had to know. A girl grows up to be a teenager knowing how a guy thinks. Turning a guy on was easy, trying to find a guy that you actually wanted to turn on was much harder.

But this time she was on a mission. Her uncle was a lovable teddy bear as far as she was concerned, but he was still just a guy. Alissa took her hair barrette off and shook her head to loosen the curls. After checking her makeup in her mirror, she got out of her car.

Dan answered the door. When he saw Alissa he was confused, “I thought you were going to go be with your friends?”

Alissa smiled and shook her hair, making her blonde curls reflect the light. “I changed my mind. I came to see you instead.” She walked in and went to his back yard with him following. She turned to him and put her arms around him, “Can we get into your hot tub?”

He thought his niece was acting strange, “Sure, did you bring your suit?”

She pushed away from him. “No, is that a problem?”

“Well I think we could find one of Rebekah’s suits that may fit you.”

Alissa didn’t want to wear a bathing suit. She slid her arms around his neck, “Uncle Dan could we just get in the hot tub with no suit?” Even as she said it she could feel her face turning red.

When he had gotten up that morning, Dan never thought his day would go where it did. “I guess so.”

“Great,” and with a deep breath, she started taking her clothes off. She wasn’t planning on just teasing him; her intent was to get him so turned on that he would give the money to her dad and then fuck his brains out. She had come up with the idea of seducing her uncle to help out her mom and dad, but acting this way was really embarrassing for her.

Alissa was comfortable showing her body off. Even with clothes on there were ways to flirt and tease and it was a game that she loved to play. This was new for her though. She had never been totally nude in front of anyone before except Chad, and it had always been dark. This was different for many reasons, it was outside, there was plenty of light and it was her uncle who would be seeing her.

Doing a slow sensual strip, she peeled her top off. Kicking her shoes off, she temptingly slid her shorts down and stepped out of them. Even though she had never done anything like this, her brain was telling her every movement to make to entice her uncle to desire her. The embarrassment was still there but there were other feelings starting.

Dan was definitely not prepared for her to start striping and felt a twinge between his legs. He knew he should turn away from her, but could only seem to just stand there and stare. He had seen a lot of his niece’s body and he had to admit that she was nice looking. When she and her parents came over, her choice of bathing suit was a pink bikini. He knew that his niece was a little flirty but what she was doing seemed totally foreign to her nature.

She had to do more than just take her clothes off, she had to seduce him. Alissa turned away and undid her bra, making sure he could see her breast from the side and then let the bra slide down her arms and off.

Dan had always liked his niece but would have never thought to do anything with her. As she started to slide her panties off, her butt was making his mouth water.

Her Fulya Escort Bayan clothes were in a pile. Without looking to see if he was watching her, she walked over to the hot tub and slipped into the water. Alissa looked over at him and could tell that he liked what he had seen. “Aren’t you coming in?”

It wasn’t just her taking all of her clothes off; her total relaxed attitude to being nude in front of him was surprising. “I guess so,” and he started taking his own clothes off.

Her uncle was in pretty decent shape for his age and his muscles made her appreciate him even more. Alissa wanted to turn him on but be playful at the same time. As he got in the hot tub she kept her legs together and made sure her arms covered the fronts of her breasts.

Dan sat apart from her, being like this with his niece was making him feel awkward. In truth, he wasn’t really seeing a lot more than he would have if she were in her bikini. She had taken her clothes off facing away from him and he had only gotten tantalizing glimpses. Now all he could see besides her flat stomach was some of her breasts and a few pubic hairs.

She watched as he turned on the bubbles, “So, are you going to give the money to my mom and dad?”

Dan chuckled, “Come right to the point don’t you? I haven’t decided yet. You guys just asked me.”

Alissa felt the bubbles making her relax and slid down until her head rested on the edge of the hot tub. Her arm accidently lifted and let him see her nipples. She still had her arms crossed in front of her; they just accidentally didn’t cover everything.

Dan saw her puffy rose pink nipples standing out from the untanned part of her breasts. Her young body drew his eyes and he took in each tantalizing part he could. After a few minutes of that he used his arm to cover his own front.

“Um,” she sighed as the bubbles help ease her anxiety. Spreading her arms on the edge of the hot tub, she gently rubbed her uncle’s back.

With her arms no longer covering her breasts he got a full view. Her tan lines only served to accent her big breasts and the soft nipples. Her blonde curls were getting wet but still caught the light. Dan felt her fingers gently scratching and crossed his legs to hide that he was getting hard.

Alissa closed her eyes, partly because the hot water and bubbles were hitting her body in all of the right spots, and partly because she wanted to see if he was looking at her. So far her plan was working. As a matter of fact it was working too well. While she was trying to seduce her uncle she was also getting turned on and she had been horny to begin with.

Dan couldn’t take his eyes off of her breasts. They were nice to look at but so were his sister’s. He shouldn’t even be thinking of sex. He’d had sex with Miranda only that morning and that had been awesome. In top of which staring at Alissa’s naked body and thinking of sex with his sister only made his cock harder.

Alissa never thought she would be having sex with her uncle until this came up. It wasn’t because it was considered taboo. She did find him attractive but had never thought of him and sex at the same time. But her family needed that money and if she could help them get it by doing this, then she would.

Alissa opened her legs and let the water move them as it would. She would have liked to have had more time so that she could have really seduced him. Then she would have worn something sexy to attract his interest, something with a low neckline to draw his eyes to her cleavage. She would have gone much slower before showing her breasts to him and he wouldn’t have gotten to see her totally nude until much, much later. But, time was something she did not have. Slowly edging closer to him, she touched his leg with her own.

Dan was trying his best to hide his condition. With her leg brushing against his it was almost impossible.

“You know Uncle Dan, my mom and dad really need that money.” Alissa let her fingers walk across his thigh playfully twisting his leg hair.

Dan could feel the light contact all though him, but especially between his legs. “I know they do.”

Alissa got out of the tub, “I think I’ll get us something to drink?” She could plainly see he was hard. Covering it with his arm wasn’t necessary at all, she wanted him that way. Walking away from him as sexily as she could, she hoped that he was looking.

Dan saw the muscles of her tight butt bunch up as his niece walked away and thought he would cum right then and there. Damn! He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her butt cheeks as they were swaying back and forth.

Alissa made just enough noise as she came back that he turned toward her. She made sure her blonde pubic hair moved just enough to catch the fading sunlight. Pushing her breasts right at him, she set the drinks on the edge of the hot tub. He was still trying unsuccessfully to cover his erection. Maybe she should help him.

Dan just stared as she got back in the water. He was surprised when she pushed his arm away and sat Escort Fulya on his legs trapping his hard cock between her body and his.

Alissa pushed her breasts into his chest as she pressed her lips against his for a slow sensuous kiss. “If you gave that money to my mom and dad, I would be very grateful.”

Dan swallowed hard, and pushed her away. “I love you very much and I just can’t have you do this.” Even if he couldn’t tell her about what he and her mom had arranged, he still couldn’t make her do this. Even if he wasn’t already planning on giving them the money, he still could never have her trade him her body for money.

Alissa went to instant pissed off; she had humiliated herself for nothing. “You don’t know how hard this was for me Uncle Dan.” She got off of him and glanced at his erection, “You seemed to have liked it though.”

Dan grabbed her arm to stop her, “Please sit back down.” He saw her getting even madder, “Please.”

“All right,” she had to make herself sit back down only now the water didn’t feel as nice as before.

“There are two reasons I can’t let you trade me sex for giving them the money.” He thought that there were actually more than two but she didn’t need to know about them. He held out a finger, “First, I would never make you do that for money.

What he had said made her feel better about him rejecting her offer. “I was just trying to help my mom and dad.”

He held out a second finger, “The second reason is that I have already decided to give them the money.”

Alissa squealed, “Really?”

Dan nodded, “Yes, so you see there is no reason for you to continue.”

Alissa flew back on his legs, her lips found his and she kept kissing him and kissing him, “The hell there’s not.” She grabbed his hard cock, “I’m as turned on as you are. Now I’ll just come over every now and then to thank you.

Dan knew that her mom and him were basically doing the same thing and thought that he was going to need some vitamins. He pushed her off of him and made her get out of the hot tub; he had heard way too many bad things of what could happen to a woman having sex in a hot tub.

They walked side by side as they made their way to his bedroom. Alissa chuckled as she kissed her uncle, “My mom would have a fit if she knew what her daughter was up to.”

Dan chuckled, but for a different reason. He knew that his niece would have done the same thing earlier about her mother.

They fell onto the bed their arms wrapped around each other, their lips pressed together. She could feel the heat between her legs start again and this time it had nothing to do with the water in the hot tub.

Dan pushed away from her and looked deep into eyes that a man could get lost in. “It feels a lot better knowing that you want to instead of thinking that you have to.”

Alissa smile came from her heart, “How about because I love you.”

“I love you too.” He couldn’t help himself and put his hands on her big breasts. They were firm and the nipples were begging him to make them hard. But he soon moved on to her stunning blonde hair and the curls that fell everywhere.

Alissa knew that her girlfriends would find it genuinely bizarre that she was having sex with a man 20 years older than her, not to mention it was her uncle. Actually, his kisses were very romantic. Unlike her boyfriend, her uncle wasn’t kissing her so that he could fuck her; he was kissing her because he liked to kiss her. Opening her lips slightly, she accepted his tongue in her mouth and played.

Her uncle wasn’t all wrinkly and stuff, after all he was just 40. He was fairly fit and had a good dress sense. Her boyfriend could use a few lessons on being willing to spend cash on clothes, not just games.

Dan was attracted to her long neck. It was graceful and smooth and he made a wet trail with his tongue and lips.

Alissa was pleasantly surprised that he hadn’t attacked her breasts, Chad would have. Uncle Dan had earlier but that was because she had teased him to death. She liked how he was much more relaxed and was taking his time as he explored her body.

Dan finally got back to her nipples after having kissed her breasts and stomach all over. They were already hard and standing up proud as he started to gently play and suck them.

“Mm,” he was making her nipples send out a sensuous pleasure all through her. Maybe it was the age thing, but he had control which Chad didn’t and she found it sexy as hell.

After Dan left every inch of her chest and stomach wet, he went to explore lower. The light glistened off of drops of moister on her blonde pubic hair.

Her uncle had taken the warm feeling and was making it hotter. His playfulness was making her whole body respond. His gentle touch as he twisted around her pubic hair was making her as wet as she could remember being. Her boyfriend would have already been inside her.

Still in no hurry, Dan moved down her firm thighs. Her perfume made her smooth skin smell like flowers.

Doing her best to suppress giggles as he licked her knees, she just couldn’t do it when he licked her toes. Alissa saw an evil grin on her uncle’s face and then shrieked. Letting her uncle know that he was tickling her had made him do it even more. She squirmed all over the bed begging him to stop.

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