Calling Mommy and Daddy?

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“Hi. It’s me,” I heard Amy whisper softly on the telephone not knowing I had tapped into her line. I had put my phone on mute so that she couldn’t hear me at all.

“Hi baby. Hang on. Let me get mommy and put you on the speaker,” said the voice on the other side, obviously not needing to be as secretive.

I could hear some conversation in the background and then a click as the speaker was turned on. “Hi honey. We missed you,” came a female voice.

“I missed you too,” responded Amy still whispering.

“Have you been a good girl honey?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Are you wearing what we sent you baby?”

“Yes daddy. It’s kinda short and tight though.”’

“It’s supposed to be that way baby. Did you open the other package yet?”

“No daddy. You told me not too.”

“That’s a good girl. You can open it now baby.”

“Oh my god,” Amy gasped raising her voice a little.

“Do you like it honey?”

“Yes mommy. It’’s so big though,” Amy answered whispering again.

“It’s just like daddy’s. In fact, daddy is already getting nice and hard just thinking about you. Now we both have something to play with at the same time. I’m stroking daddy now, making him nice and big and hard. Why don’t you stroke it also. Do what mommy’s doing. Are you stroking it honey?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Oh you’re getting daddy so excited. Would you like to suck daddy’s cock honey? I know he’d love you to.”

“OH Yes mommy. Can I daddy?”

“Yes baby, suck on daddy’s cock. Mommy’s putting daddy’s cock in her mouth also. It’s so hot and wet. I’ll bet your mouth feels just as good as mommy’s. Are you being a good girl and sucking on daddy’s cock also?”

“Yes daddy,” came Amy’s muffled reply as I could hear the sucking noises coming from both ends of the phone as Amy started sucking on her new toy.

“You’re Merter Escort so good baby. Daddy can’t control himself when he’s with you. You make me want to cum so bad. Do you want to swallow daddy’s cum baby?”

“Yes daddy,” Amy managed to mutter out between slurps.

“That’s it baby. Daddy can’t hold it any longer. Daddy’s gonna shoot his cum down your throat. Swallow it all baby.” I could hear the man’s moans of pleasure as he apparently came.

“Mmmmm. Daddy’s cum tastes so good honey, but now mommy’s all wet and horny. Will you lick mommy’s pussy like mommy taught you last time?”

“Of course mommy. I love licking your pussy.”

I could hear the noises from the bed as the couple on the other side were changing positions. “Mommy’s on her back and has her legs spread nice and wide for you baby. Go ahead and lick her pussy.”

“Yes daddy,” Amy responded obediently as she make fake licking noises in the phone. I could hear the moans from the other woman as well as the man was most likely licking her pussy for real.

“Your tongue feels so good honey. Yes lick and suck on my lips,” she directed. “Oh, now stick your tongue inside of me. Yes deeper..deeper.”

“Mmmm, mommy you taste just as good as daddy.”

“That’s it baby, make mommy cum now. Suck on mommy’s clit. Oh yes.” I could hear her screams of passion as she came. “Oh you are incredible honey. Daddy’s going to reward you now. He’s nice and hard again. Are you ready for daddy to fuck you?”

“Yes. Yes mommy. I can’t wait.”

“Are your panties wet honey?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Good. Take them off for mommy and daddy.”

“Yes mommy.”

“Now unbutton your blouse honey. You didn’t put on a bra did you?”

“No mommy. You said to wear just what was in the box and there wasn’t one.”

“Good girl. Mommy Merter Escort Bayan wants to play with your lovely little titties. Mommy wants to squeeze them and lick and suck on your nipples. Are they hard honey?”

“Yes, v..very,” Amy groaned.

“Do you like it when mommy does that to you baby?”

“Ye..yes daddy.” Amy was having trouble responding.

“Good. Now lift your skirt up. Did you shave your pussy like we told you to?”

“Yes daddy. You know I’ll do everything you tell me to.”

My god I thought to myself. Just what was she wearing and did she really shave her pussy? I couldn’t believe I was getting so turned on from this eavesdropping and now I was actually imagining what Amy’s shaved pussy would look like.

“Excellent. Spread your legs for daddy baby. Don’t worry, daddy will be gentle. Take daddy’s cock and put it to your opening baby. Then push it in slowly. How does that feel baby?”

“It feels good daddy. But..but it’s so big. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the whole thing in.”

“That’s ok baby. Just take your time. Push it in slowly and tell daddy what you’re doing.”

“OK daddy. I’m putting just the tip in. hurts a little but feels real good also.”

“That’s it honey. Slide a little bit more in each time. Use your other hand to rub your clit. Imagine that I’m playing your rubbing your clit while daddy fucks you. Can you do that honey?”

“Yes mommy. That makes it feel much better. I’m..I’m pushing more of it in now. OH it’s spreading me so wide. Your so big daddy ohhh.”

“God baby that’s it. Take daddy’s cock inside your tight little pussy. I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock.”
“Oh daddy it feels so good now.”

“How much of daddy’s cock is inside of you now baby?”

“About half.”

“Good girl. Keep going Escort Merter baby. Daddy wants to be all the way inside of you. Daddy wants to cum deep inside your pussy.”

I could hear Amy starting to breath heavier and heavier. She didn’t speak for quite some time.

“Is it all the way in yet baby?”

“Ye..yes d..d..daddy.”

“Now baby, daddy wants to fuck you hard and deep. Faster and harder. Daddy’s going to cum in your pussy.”

“Oh mommy, daddy, I ..I feel so funny.”

“That’s alright honey. Let it go. Cum for mommy and daddy.”

It seemed like for the next five minutes all I could hear was Amy’s muffled screams of pleasure.

“Did that make you feel good honey?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Are you ready for bed now baby?”

“Yes daddy?”

“Same time next week honey?”

“Yes mommy.”

I hung up stunned. I snuck up to the bedroom and lay down next to my wife Lisa. How could I explain all of this to her. Needless to say it was impossible falling asleep that night. I had no idea that things would have turned out this way.

It was just the other week that Lisa had opened up the phone bill and noticed the large charges on the second line which only Amy usually uses. She confronted me with it accusingly but it wasn’t me. After looking through the charges we noticed that two calls had been made at about 1 o’clock in the morning the last two Saturdays. One of the nights I wasn’t even home having been away on a business trip. It was probably nothing serious but I was determined to find out what was going on so I connected a phone to the second line in the study room.

I don’t think Lisa or I would have guessed it in a million years. Our daughter was having phone sex with a couple pretending to be her mommy and daddy. Could Amy really want to have sex with me and Lisa? What would Lisa say about all of this? Then my true perverted nature reared itself. Could I get Amy to do all of those things she was talking about on the phone with me and Lisa (hey I’m a guy and I was so horny what can I say).

If you would like this saga to continue, please let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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