Clare’s First

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Big Dicks

Joanne was stunning; small, blonde and had an amazing figure. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a stripy top, through which her nipples were clearly visible. She often didn’t wear a bra, as her ample breasts were pert enough without one.

Our lovemaking was always passionate, and we tried to make it as varied as possible, in as many places as possible. Her parents were very strict and didn’t believe in sex before marriage, so making love at her house was always difficult, but it didn’t stop us.

Joanne had a younger sister, Clare, who was every bit as gorgeous as Joanne, if not better. I had fantasised about making love to her many times, but knew that she was off limits. She was very sexually aware, and we flirted often; much to Joanne’s annoyance.

Joanne and I walked back to find that it was empty. Within seconds I had removed her top and was kissing her pert breasts and rock hard nipples. I felt my trousers loosing and Joanne pulled out my already hardening cock. We moved to her bedroom, and whilst kissing her my hand moved between her thighs. Her legs opened involuntarily giving me better access to her sex. By now I was in no mood to take things slowly, so I lifted her skirt, removed her wet knickers and rubbed my cock along the length of her glistening slit. As I pushed downwards Kağıthane Escort the tip of my cock entered her, she met my stroke and my cock filled her right up to the hilt. I lifted her legs to gain better entry as I pushed in and out of her. Joanne’s breathing became heavier and I knew she was about to come. I felt my balls rising, and as she screamed in pleasure I pumped what seemed like litres of spunk into her wet pussy. We lay there for a few seconds, exhausted. I pulled out of her and started to get dressed, and whilst I was pulling on my shirt I heard a noise outside the bedroom door. I quickly went out to check but saw nothing.

I met Joanne the next day as usual, and she told me that Clare had been watching our lovemaking and that she was threatening to tell her parents. I panicked knowing that this would be the end of the relationship if they found out. However, it transpired that Clare was still a virgin, and wanted someone experienced as a first lover, and if I made love to her like I had Joanne, then everything would be ok. I had wanted to make love to Clare for a long time, and now I was finally going to get my chance.

The following weekend was chosen as her parents were out all day Saturday. Joanne led me to the living room, and she began to stroke Kağıthane Escort Bayan my cock through my trousers. Joanne called to Clare. She looked stunning as she entered the room. She was wearing a low cut black dress that hugged her figure and just about covered her shapely bum. Joanne beckoned to her, she walked over and sat down beside her sister. Joanne pulled out my cock and started to slowly wank me. She placed it in Clare’s hand. Instinct took over, and Clare got the hang of it very quickly, and soon she was wanking me like an expert. Joanne removed my trousers and fondled my balls. I kissed Clare’s neck and pushed the strap of her dress off her shoulders. Like her sister she had excellent breasts and I fondled them through the material. I pulled her dress down further and placed my mouth on her right nipple. She gasped as I licked and caressed her nipple and played with the other with my hand.

My cock pulsed at her touch, and I pulled away, knowing that I would come if she continued. I kissed her neck, and whilst doing so allowed one of my hands to move lower until it was just below her belly button. She knew what was coming, and again she gasped, but then relaxed and my hand moved lower. She involuntarily breathed in and opened her legs allowing me better Escort Kağıthane access to her sex. As I expected there were no knickers. Soon my finger was resting on her clit. Her breathing increased and I could tell that she was having the beginnings of her first orgasm.

Clare lay on the couch and removed her dress, she lay there completely naked ready to be taken. My cock was rock hard now, and I positioned myself between her thighs. Her eyes were closed as I moved my cock slowly over her wet slit. I pushed gently and my knob entered without a problem, but came to a stop as I reached her hymen. I pushed harder and broke through. She cried out in pain, but it soon passed as I pulled out. I pushed in a little further each time until I was fully inside her.

Slowly I started to get in to a rhythm, she was inexperienced, but instinct told her to meet my strokes. She cried out again, but this time in ecstasy as she climaxed. I too was close but carried on. I increased my speed and she wrapped her legs around my back screaming at me to fuck her harder. My balls started to rise and then I could feel my cum pulsing into her wet pussy. I pulled out, and Joanne came over, lay between Clare’s legs and began to expertly lick her out. Clare was in heaven. Within seconds my cock was hard again as I saw this amazing sight before me. I lifted Joanne’s skirt, pulled her knickers to one side and slid into my girlfriend.

Joanne and I broke up soon after that, so we never repeated that night, but Clare still smiles at me as we pass in the street. I wonder if she still remembers her first time.

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