Daddy’s Girl

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I was pretty sure I was late and if that was true I was going to be in big trouble with Daddy. He’d only warned me last week that if I was late back home again I would suffer the consequences.

I quickened my pace as I hurried up the dirt track that passes for the driveway to our property. I’d been dropped off on the main road by Danny and now had to walk the half mile or so up to the farmhouse.

Home for me is a sprawling farmstead on land that seems to stretch for as far as the eye can see. The nearest town is around ten miles away. We have no near neighbours to speak of, the nearest being five miles or so in the opposite direction to town. If it wasn’t for a fairly regular bus service we’d be really isolated.

Daddy wasn’t too strict with me. He let me go into town on the bus to meet up with my friends every now and again but his rule was that I had to be on the second to last bus home. And I usually was. I didn’t like to see daddy get angry.

But tonight, if I was late, I had a good excuse but not one that daddy would want to hear. Because the problem was that tonight, I’d not been into town.

It had started only yesterday. I’d been in the coffee shop in town with my girlfriends when HE had walked in. He was tall, lean and good looking with a charming smile. My friends giggled as they watched him take a seat at the table next to ours.

“Hi ladies, come here often?” He addressed us in general. “If so perhaps you could tell a stranger in town what’s good to eat and what’s not.”

My friends giggled even more.

“The chilli’s always good,” I replied before quickly looking away.

“Is that a fact,” he replied lazily.

I looked up into his face to be met with the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. He grinned. His perfect white teeth gleamed. I caught my breath and felt my face flush.

“My name’s Danny,” he said, “and you sure are pretty.”

“Mine’s Beth,” I replied without hesitation. I could feel the heat rising up my neck. God my face must be on fire. My friends giggled some more.

The waitress came over and took his order. When she walked away he began to chat to me. I wasn’t really listening. All I could see were his blue eyes. They were mesmerising.

My trance like state was broken when the waitress appeared with his food. I let him eat in peace. I don’t like people talking to me when I eat so I gave him the same courtesy. I tuned back in to what my friends were talking about, although I found it hard to concentrate. All of a sudden they seemed so juvenile.

“That was great,” I heard him say a few minutes later as he tossed his fork into the empty bowl. He turned to me. “And thank you for your recommendation.”

“That’s okay,” I replied, “anytime.”

“Okay then, how about tomorrow?”

“Sorry … pardon me?” I was somewhat taken aback by his boldness. My friends started to giggle again. Sometimes they could be so childish.

“Why don’t you meet me here tomorrow and I can treat you to something … you know as a way of repaying your hospitality.”

“Oh … I don’t know … I …”

“You’d be doing me a big favour. I’m only in town for a few days and I hate to eat alone. So how about it …” He smiled at me. I felt my heart melt.

“Okay then. Do you want to meet me here again?” I asked nervously.

“Sure, why not,” he replied with a devilish grin on his face.

* * *

So due to that chance meeting, tonight had found me back in town. Daddy was surprised that I was going out again but didn’t make much of it. He didn’t even seem to notice that tonight, instead of my casual clothes and sneakers I was wearing a skirt along with a button up blouse. I also had on stockings and high heels. These were my Sunday best church clothes.

I met up with Danny at the coffee shop but he told me that he wanted to eat elsewhere. There was a restaurant in the next town over that had been recommended to him. Being a trusting soul I had no thoughts of hesitation in accepting his invitation. I climbed up into the cab of his pick-up truck and off we went. The thought I could have been in any danger never once crossed my mind.

The food was pretty good and I really enjoyed the evening although I was intimidated by my surroundings. I’d never been anywhere like this before and found it somewhat overwhelming. Our fellow diners seemed to know what was expected of them and what to do. To me it was all so confusing. So many knives and forks to choose from. Why couldn’t we just use one set.

Danny seemed quite at home in these surroundings and thankfully was quite chatty. I learned that he was a pilot for a crop duster outfit and had been hired by the local farmers co-operative to spray all the fields in our county over the next few days. I also found out he was twenty eight years old. I must say I was shocked as that made him ten years older than me. He looked younger and I told him so. He hadn’t asked me my age but I assumed he must have had an idea by the way I was dressed yesterday. So I asked him why he had offered to take me Esenyurt Escort out.

He smiled and I saw a look in his eyes that I couldn’t quite place.

“From the moment I saw you I knew you were different. You already know that I think you’re pretty but you have a sparkle in your eyes that made me want to get to know you better.” He ran his eyes over my body.

I breathed in deeply as his words washed over me and my emotions took over. As my chest expanded my breasts pushed out against the confines of my blouse and I could feel my nipples swelling and hardening inside my bra.

It was true. People often commented on how much older I appeared than my age. I’d been a bit gawky as I approached my teenage years and a bit of a tomboy but then puberty kicked in with a vengeance. I grew curves. Lots of them. My hips expanded and my ass developed into a round bubble shape. But it was my breasts where it all really happened. They exploded into a full 34DD size. My nipples were large and were often quite painful. As they were right now as they pressed forcefully against my bra.

I looked down. They were clearly visible through my blouse. Danny had his eyes fixed on them too. I swallowed nervously.

“Come on then, let’s go.” Danny stood up from the table. I draped my cardigan over my shoulders, fastening the top button and followed him outside. He opened the door to his pick up and as I moved to climb in he grabbed hold of me, spun me around and kissed me forcibly on the lips.

I pushed him away, my hands pressing into his lean, hard chest. I was panting for breath.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” he said with a smile on his face, “but I’ve been wanting to do that all night.”

“That’s okay,” I stuttered. But it wasn’t okay, not okay at all. I had never been kissed by a man before. Sure I’d kissed a few boys in the past but never with so much force and they’d certainly never shoved their tongues down my throat.

I could feel my heart pounding loudly inside my chest. “I think I want to go home now please. You can drop me off in town and I’ll catch the bus home.”

“Okay, if that’s the way you want it,” he replied sullenly. He stared into my eyes. I looked away.

“Yes it is,” I answered.

We drove back towards town not speaking. The drumming sound of the pick-ups tyres on the blacktop became quite hypnotic and after a while I began to feel drowsy. It wasn’t long before my head was nodding.

I awoke with a start and was suddenly aware that we had stopped. I opened my eyes to see Danny looking at me intently.

“What’s going on, where are we, why have we stopped?” I asked as I looked around outside through the open window. We were pulled off the road. I then noticed that my skirt was somewhat higher up my legs than it had been.

“Relax Beth, we’ve stopped because I want to apologise to you. I never meant to give you any cause for concern. It’s just that you are so goddamn gorgeous and I just couldn’t help myself.”

He leaned across and draped his right arm over my shoulder. “I really like you Beth and I would like to kiss you again if that’s alright.”

I started to speak but he stopped me. “Yes, I know, I overdid it last time. Let me try again. Please.”

I didn’t know what to say. Danny took my silence as my agreement and leaned in closer. I could feel his hot breath on my face. He appeared to be excited. I felt funny. His excitement made me feel excited too.

Our lips met. It was perfect. Soft and tender, like a first kiss should be. Well according to the glossy magazines that’s how it should be.

He broke the kiss and pulled back. I opened my eyes to look into his smiling face.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Huh huh,” I whispered.

“Want to try it again,” he asked.

“Huh huh,” I answered.

He moved closer and kissed me again. This time I felt his tongue against my lips. He pressed a little more and I opened my mouth. His tongue slipped inside and found mine.

Oh my god that felt wonderful. The pleasure of tongues entwining was something I had never felt before. He kissed me harder and I responded without thinking.

My heart was thudding inside my chest now and I could feel my nipples rubbing against my bra. They hurt but in a good way. I’d never had feelings like this before.

I suddenly jumped in surprise. Danny had touched me where no-one had before. I felt a jolt in my stomach.

There it was again. It was unmistakable. Danny was circling my right breast with his hand, lightly touching and feeling it. I should have been incensed. I should have pushed his hand off me. But I didn’t. I let him fondle me. I think I liked it.

He kissed me harder and I responded. This caused him to grasp my breast harder. His breathing quickened. He was clearly aroused as he groped and fondled my large boob with a growing urgency.

His hand left my breast as he moved to undo the buttons on my blouse. His fingers fumbled to begin with but I just let him slip them open one at a time. I should have been stopping Esenyurt Escort Bayan him but I couldn’t. I was mesmerised by his actions. And so excited!

“Oh fuck,” I heard him moan as he pulled my blouse to one side. He could see my breasts pushing out above the confines of my bra. He reached inside and hefted them out. “Oh fuck, they’re just so fucking big,” he groaned.

He tweaked each of my engorged nipples in turn. I gasped as small jolts of electricity shot through my body. He kissed me again as his hands played with my boobs.

I was on fire. I had never felt like this before. But then no-one had ever done these things to me before. I truly was in uncharted territory.

Call me naive, because that’s what I am. I admit I was enjoying his fondling of my boobs and his attention to my swollen nipples but it wasn’t until his hand slid up my skirt that it finally dawned on me what he wanted. Aunt Mae’s words came ringing in my ears, “Beth, men only want one thing!”

And there was no way he was going to get that. I was a virgin and would remain one until the day I married.

His hand was under my skirt and had reached my stocking tops before I clamped my hand firmly down on top of his. “You can stop right there Danny,” I said firmly, “there’s no way you’re going any further.”

He withdrew his hand and gave me a soulful look. “Are you sure?” he asked, “you seemed to be enjoying what we were doing.”

“Maybe I was but I’m not going to let you have your way with me. Not now, not ever. Not unless you marry me!”

That seemed to stop him in his tracks.

I readjusted my clothing, replacing my breasts inside the bra. I fastened the buttons of my blouse. I could see Danny was disappointed but at least he didn’t appear to be too angry.

“I would like to go home now please,” I said. It was getting late and I was pretty sure I had now missed the last bus home.

Danny grunted and started up the engine. We drove back in total silence.

* * *

I mounted the steps to the porch with dread. The house appeared to be in darkness. The fly screen door creaked as I opened it. In the stillness of the night it sounded so loud. I grimaced as I turned the handle of the main door and crept inside.

Slipping off my heels I tiptoed my way carefully across the hallway and reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Is that you baby girl?”

Shit! Daddy was up.

“Yes daddy,” I replied. “I’m just going upstairs to bed.”

“Okay sweetheart. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” I heard him chuckling. Daddy said that to me every night. Sometimes I think he still sees me as his little girl rather than as a young woman. His voice sounded remote. He must be in the kitchen sitting in the dark.

“Yeah okay, night daddy,” I replied.

I scurried up the stairs as quick as I could. I obviously wasn’t late. What a relief.

* * *

Two days passed. I was sat in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee, just thinking. I hadn’t been back into town since my night out with Danny. I was starting to think about him. Okay I wasn’t ever going to marry him and he already said he was only here for a few days but at least he was someone different to talk to, rather than the local boys.

He was also older, which added to his mystique. He’d been places, places that were just names on a map to me. Maybe I should go into town again …

The front door slammed, breaking my daydream.

“FUCKING CO-OPERATIVE! Telling me how to run my farm. BASTARDS … MY FARM … not theirs. FUCKING ASS-HOLES!” Daddy was in full flow as he stormed into the house, shouting and swearing at the top of his voice.

I rushed through to find him. “What’s the matter Daddy. What’s wrong?” I’d never seen him this angry before. “What’s the co-operative trying to do to you?”

I looked at him and was suddenly really concerned. Daddy’s face and neck were bright red. A vein was visibly pulsing in his forehead and his eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets. He looked as if he was about to blow.

“The fucking co-operative … the fucking co-operative! THE FUCKING DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARDS!” He was raging.

“What is it Daddy? Please calm down, you’re making me scared. Please daddy.” I could feel the tears forming in my eyes as I clawed at his arm trying to placate him somehow.

His eyes eventually seemed to focus on me. His chest was still rising and falling but at least he seemed to be calming down a little bit.

“The FUCKING co-operative have insisted that I have my FUCKING crops dusted this year,” he hissed with venom.

“But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” I’d learned a bit about farming when I was little but since growing boobs daddy didn’t seem to want to teach me anymore.

“No … Yes … Normally … but …” He trailed off before slumping into a armchair. He looked exhausted. And defeated.

“I’m going to bed,” he said as he abruptly stood up. I watched him as he walked out of the kitchen. I was still scared. This was so out Escort Esenyurt of character.

I reached for the phone. Aunt Mae would know what to do. I dialled her number.

It took Aunt Mae about an hour to reach our farm. She lived quite a ways away. She was daddy’s only sister and she was my only aunt. But we’d always got on well.

She was the one daddy turned to after momma left us. She is a formidable woman and I love her to bits and I’m pretty sure if it hadn’t have been for her, daddy and me would never have survived the devastation.

* * *

The year is 1959 and my name is Beth Matthews, I am an only child and still live alone with my daddy, which around here is considered unusual. Most girls are married at sixteen, even fifteen sometimes. And not only that, they are usually pregnant within a year. That’s just the way things are when you live out in the sticks. But me; well I was already eighteen and I’d not even had a proper boyfriend yet.

My daddy has always been extremely protective of his little girl but ever since I’d hit puberty and grown breasts he had made doubly sure to keep any boy who showed just a modicum of interest in me at arms length. Just waving his 12 gauge shotgun in their general direction invariably was all it took to scare them away. It was almost as if he was saving me for someone special.

I live alone with daddy because momma left home when I was eight. I don’t think daddy has ever gotten over it. He never mentions her name, which is Dorothy by the way. He never even speaks about her, except one time I heard him call her a slut when he was talking privately to Aunt Mae. They didn’t know I was listening.

I don’t know why but Momma just left one day and never came back for me. Talk is that she ran off with another man but I’ve never heard the truth of it. For a long time I blamed myself for her leaving. Could I have been a better daughter. Could I have done the household chores she asked me to do without bitching about it all the time. Daddy told me over and over again that I wasn’t to blame but it didn’t make me feel a whole lot better.

It was hard but we got through it. Daddy tried his best and Aunt Mae came by from time to time to help out. When I hit puberty she was the one that daddy turned to. He didn’t know how to deal with a hormonal teenage girl but she sorted me out.

When I became of an age to learn about the facts of life, Aunt Mae told me everything I needed to know about the birds and the bees. But she was no shrinking violet and even though I was fairly young she was very graphic in her descriptions of the male and female anatomy and how things happened. She felt it was important that I not only know what the proper names were for the various body parts and how they functioned but also that I got to know the slang names for them as well.

So I learned that a woman’s vagina was called a pussy and my labia, the folds of skin at the entrance to my vagina, were known as my pussy flaps or lips. She also told me that a man’s male member or penis was usually referred to as a cock and that a man’s sole aim in life was to stick it inside a woman’s pussy as often as he could at every available opportunity. She also told me that cocks came in all sorts of shapes and sizes; long, short, fat or thin but no matter what anyone ever told me in the future, size was definitely the most important factor when it came to sexual fulfilment.

I had no idea what she meant and she scared the hell out of me when she revealed that snippet of information and it got even worse when she told me that men also liked to stick their cocks into our mouths and up our asses, even though she told me that in our State the last one was illegal. When she saw the look of horror etched on my face as she divulged that last bit she just laughed and told me not to worry about it. When I became a woman my instincts would take over and I would probably look forward to it.

I couldn’t quite see how. It sounded horrible!

She then went on to tell me about the different ways a man and a woman could excite and satisfy each other. According to her, being intimate with your husband wasn’t just about procreation. She said there was a lot of enjoyment to be had from fucking, which was a word used to describe having sex; as well as making love. A woman could pleasure a man by taking his cock inside her mouth and sucking and licking his penis even going so far as to take it down her throat. A man could reciprocate by licking a woman’s pussy lips and sticking his tongue and fingers inside her pussy. She said women get a lot of pleasure from that being done right. It all sounded really gross to me but again Aunt Mae just laughed and said, “when you get older, you’ll see!”

Again, for the life of me, I couldn’t see how.

Growing up, daddy and me had always been close. People say he doted on me as his only daughter. He would hug and kiss me all the time and I liked the fact that he loved me and made me feel secure. But as I hit puberty and my body began to develop I noticed a change in his feelings towards me. He was no longer hugging and kissing me. In fact it was much the reverse. He went out of his way to avoid any bodily contact with me. I found it very disconcerting. Did he no longer love me? I eventually confided my disquiet about these changes to Aunt Mae.

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