Daddy’s Home

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Tick toc, tick toc…

The sound of the clock on the wall was just another reminder of how long her Daddy had been gone. Samantha had gotten used to Michael working out-of-town. It didn’t make it any easier especially since she wasn’t allowed to cum unless he made her or gave her permission. Michael had done neither. This time he had been gone a week. Normally it was only a few days. Samantha was all but pacing the floor watching the clock.

The deal Michael was working on should make it to where he be gone as often as he had been lately. He would still have to travel but he hated being away from his baby girl as much as she hated him being gone. Samantha knew every thing Michael did was to better their lives and she made sure to do her part at home.

Samantha and Michael had met at a local munch two-year before. They hadn’t realized at the time, but had a few mutual friends in common. They both had been active in the lifestyle for a few years and were ready to find long-term partners. The two complimented each other nicely. Where Sam was soft-spoken and shy, Michael was very outgoing and never met a stranger. They both loved to laugh and found they both had a streak of smart ass in them.

Even their looks were in balance. Both were red headed, Sam’s, as her friends called her, was more auburn but in the sun the red shone brightly. Michael was a true red-head. He was tall and well-built, lean instead of muscular, where as Sam was petite and a little curvy. Her breasts were full and sat proudly on her chest. At 30, not having had children yet they were still very perky. Michael loved to watch them bounce. Almost as much as he loved to watch her ass. Samantha had been gifted with a perfect peach shaped ass. It was thick and swayed when she walked, even when she wasn’t trying.

That is what Michael had spotted first, her perfect peach. Sam was talking to a friend across the room when Michael walked in. She had worn a skirt that day and it clung to her perfectly. He knew he had to find out who that ass belonged to. Two years later and they were happier than the pair had even though they could be.

Tick toc…tick toc…

Sam worked from home for a local nonprofit organization, that allowed her to not only work but take care of their home. Michael sent her tasks daily and while he was away it was no different. Some days they were simple tasks like taking certain pictures or doing the flower beds naked. This week’s task had been much harder. Sam was not allowed to cum. She was to play with herself anytime Michael, Daddy, texted or called her, but was not allowed release.

The first few days had been ok. Daddy had edged her before. She loved the build up but a whole week was becoming torture. The punishment for breaking the rules was worse. There would be spanking, of course, and that would be the only orgasm she would have and she would not be allowed to play with herself. She had only broken that rule a few times. Sam hated disappointing her Daddy more than she disliked the punishment.

Michael made sure to text his baby girl often, knowing that each time she was playing with herself and having to stop. He chuckled and sent her messages just to drive her closer to the edge. The final day of his trip he messaged her in individual texts, one sentence at a time. This was driving Sam crazy. She had the edge five times with the last messages he sent. When he was two hours from home he texted her…

*Hello my Baby girl. You are to take off all your clothes except for a pair of cotton panties, of your choosing. Put in your ben wa balls and finish whatever you have going on. Don’t forget to play with my pussy but DO NOT CUM!! Daddy loves you, see you soon.*

Sam got up from her computer and did as he ordered. She was aching to cum and her pussy was wet and had been all day. Knowing her Daddy was so close to home and giving her release made it harder and easier all at the same time. She stripped off her clothes and using the balls she rubbed her clit and whimpered. The need to cum was becoming more tempting than the thought of facing punishment. Reaching a point of almost no return she slid the balls inside herself and put her panties on. Soft pink cotton boy shorts. Silently cussing her Daddy she finished her work so she could give him 100% of her attention when he came home.

Tick toc..tick toc…

Thirty minutes was all she had left. They were becoming the longest thirty minutes of her life. The anticipation was building to a point that she couldn’t bear it much longer. Michael had called to tell her he was almost there. Sam had moaned while he talked to her and begged him to please let her cum.

“No ma’am. That first orgasm is all mine.”

Sam knew her Daddy was on the way and HE would give her the relief she so desperately needed, but dear God it was taking forever. The seconds turned Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort to minutes and the ache in her grew. Even though she was only wearing her boy short panties she was so hot she had to turn the air down. With every step it got worse. She could feel the movement of the purple balls inside her. They rubbed her g spot every time she moved.

She found herself rocking in her chair thinking about the way his cock would feel sliding into her slowly. She knew she wasn’t allowed to touch herself but the throbbing was becoming unbearable and almost worth the punishment. Again she thought of the feel of his cock, only this time sliding into her tight little pucker. Michael loved to fuck her tight ass and he felt so good inside her.

Samantha hadn’t realize it but her hand had made its way to the soaked crotch of her panties and she was about to slide her fingers inside them when she heard his truck coming up the drive way.

“Saved by the bell. Thank God!!” Sam was panting and dripping wet.

She took off the soaked cotton panties and sat them in front of her getting into her Daddy’s favorite position. Sitting with her ass on her feet, knees open wide and hands turned palms up on her thighs. She waited for him with a smile and down cast eyes.

The turning of the door knob brought a moan from deep inside her. Sam’s whole body responded to the sound. Her nipples became harder and she could feel the wetness start to trickle down her thighs now that her panties weren’t there to catch it. Sam knew she would leave a mess for sure today.

Michael walked in the door and stopped. Sam knew he was taking in the view, but wished he would just take her right there in the hallway. She let out a sigh of longing and need. There had never been another man who made her feel the way her Daddy made her feel. She could get turned on just looking in his eyes. It was as if they could see into her soul and set it on fire every time.

Michael didn’t move for a few moments. He just stood looking at his beautiful baby girl. Michael knew a week was a long time to be away and her need was as great as his. Thinking about how wet and needy she was made him instantly hard. Not that he hadn’t been well on his way to hard, but seeing her waiting for him and hearing her panting breath pushed him to rock hard. His eyes got darker, and the feeling of wanting to fuck her like a man possessed was taking over. Thinking of all the ways he would use her body that evening he slowly made his way into the house. She was his in every way, and He was hers. He loved her and would protect her with his life. Michael slowly walked to where she was kneeling. Damn she was beautiful. He could smell her sweet arousal the closer he got to her. He paused just a moment longer to let the anticipation build just a little more. As if she needed more time. He smiled his evil grin.

As, Sam waited for him to cross the entry way to her, all she could think was ‘Fucking hurry please Daddy!!’

She had waited for his touch all week. What was he thinking about for so long? She was contemplating glancing in his direction to see the expression on his face but she knew if he caught her she would be punished and today she really needed release. Sam let her mind wander to how things would start today. It was better than letting her mind go to the negative place of thinking she had done something wrong.

Would it be a tender caress or would he yank her head back and grab one of her rock hard nipples. The silky hot wetness was now running down past her knees at the thoughts. She loved the not knowing. Either way was perfectly acceptable and got her equally turned on.

She sighed again and closed her eyes. Sam craved his hands on and in her body. Michael had hard strong hands and a firm touch when needed, but he could also give a gentle caress that would make her whole body shake.

When Michael reached her he ran his fingers down her cheek to the nap of her neck. She leaned into his touch.

“Oooo, Daddy I am so glad you are home.” Her words were breathy and shook as she spoke.

When his hand was at her throat he took his free hand and pulled her head back by her hair. She looked into his eyes and felt a wave of pleasure wash over her.

“I have missed you my sweet baby girl! Have you been a good girl today?” He asked. There was mischief in his eyes. He must have had a good day.

“Yes Daddy, but…” he held up his hand to stop her from talking.

“But what baby girl? Is there something you need to tell me?” There was accusations in his voice but not anger or disappointment.

“No Daddy. I was a good girl. I just missed you this week.” She said it so softly he almost couldn’t hear her.

Sam was already drifting to another place where only they existed. Where his words and his touch were all that Kurtköy Çıtır Escort mattered.

“I know baby. Was it very hard for you this week? Daddy came so many times thinking of your needy little pussy and tight ass!” Michael loved to push her.

“Yes Daddy it was almost unbearable. It’s no fair you got to cum.” Sam knew she was verging on being pouty

Michael kept her hair in his left hand and with his right he traced her face and back down to her neck again. Sam shook as he spread his fingers around her throat. She inhaled slowly knowing what was coming next.

Michael’s fingers tighten around her throat to the point she couldn’t breath. He let go of her hair and ran his right hand down to her left breast. Sam didn’t move an inch. More sweet wetness began to run. Michael gave her tit three quick hard slaps. She let out a little breath thru her nose. Three more to the right breast and release.

Michael knew just how long she could stay that way without it going to far. Sam inhaled again and he repeated the process. Three hard slaps to one breast then the other and release. This went on in that fashion for four more set and then he took his hand off of her throat.

Sam stayed still. She knew he would never hurt her or take things to far with the breath play. She loved when he choked her especially during sex. This was one of their usual warm ups and it definitely got the juices flowing. It often left a puddle on the floor. Today was no different.

Michael pinched her swollen nipples and pulled straight up. She gasped as the feeling ran thru her body straight to her center. He let them go and Sam let out a little whimper. He grabbed them again and again she gasped. Michael did this a few more times because he loved to watch them bounce and to hear her gasp and whimper at his touch.

Sam could see the outline of his thick cock thru his pants and wanted him in her mouth so badly. His dick was just the right size. Not so large that she couldn’t take it all with minimal gagging and he was thick. It filled her perfectly.

“Please may I put your cock in my mouth Daddy?” She whispered the request but knew he could hear her. She loved to please him and that was one of her favorite ways to do it.

“Not yet baby girl. Daddy has to make sure your pussy is ready for me.” There was an edge to his voice but it wasn’t harsh. He knew she loved sucking his cock and he loved denying her.

“Yes Sir.” There was a pout in her voice as she looked down at the floor.

“Are you pouting?” The edge in his voice got darker.

Sam knew she wasn’t supposed to be pouty or bratty yet she was today. She didn’t look up because she knew he would see the pout on her face.

“No Daddy.” She tried to hide her disappointment at his denial. He chuckled and pulled her head back again.

“I have other plans for you now, but if you’re a very good girl I will let you when I’ve had my fill of you.”

Michael wasn’t angry at her. She very seldom gave him a reason to be. A smile spread across her face.

“I’ll be a very good girl Daddy.” She smiled again and he could see her dimples.

Those damn dimples. He let go of her head and ran his hand down her side and squatted so he could reach her pussy. Michael knew she would be wet but found her lips puffy and beyond soaking wet.

She had a sweet little pussy that gripped his cock and fingers anytime he played with her. Sam’s body responded to him in ways he had never experienced. Michael ran his fingers down her wet slit and spread her open. She let out a moan and pushed her hips towards his fingers. He smacked her pussy gently but enough to sting a little.

“My my baby girl. You are very wet. What have you been thinking about today?” Before she could answer he asked, “Or have you been playing?” The was only a small amount of accusation in his voice.

“No Daddy. I’ve only been thinking about you.” Her voice faltered a little. She was so turned on but worried he thought she had been bad.

“Good girl.” He knew she rarely broke the rules.

He continued to run his fingers up and down her lips. He hadn’t run his fingers up to her little button yet or down to her ass because he knew she wanted that. Sam again let her hips rise to his fingers. She would hump the air soon if he didn’t give her some relief.

“Is Daddies baby girl horny? Does she need to cum?” He was teasing her now. Running his finger in circles around her clit without touching it.

“OH yesss Daddy. Please.” She was begging but she knew it wouldn’t be that easy. It never was.

“Please Daddy. Can I please cum for you. I only want to please you and make you proud of me. Please.” She knew he liked it when she begged.

Michael slide two fingers inside her and took the balls out. They were hot and dripping wet. They were in a Kurtköy Elit Escort little cover that kept them together and pulled out easily. Sam gasped and shook as he did so. He placed the balls into her mouth.

“Does Daddy’s girl like the way she tastes? Clean them all up like a good girl.” He smiled as she sucked her juices from the balls.

Sam was so close to cuming. Tasting herself made it that much harder. She focused on sucking the balls clean and tried not to think of his cock, only inches from her face.

He could feel her throbbing under his fingers. He knew she would hold out as long as he told her to. He loved to listen to her beg but he also loved to watch her squirt.

“If I let you cum what are you going to do for me. Hummm.” He could see in her eyes that she would agree to anything he asked.

“Mmm anything Daddy. I’ll do whatever you ask. Please let me cum.” The desperation in her voice was undeniable.

He pulled her up to her knees and saw just how wet her thighs were. His cock jumped at the sight. Her heavy tits swayed as she balanced herself.

“I want you to put your hands behind your head and lace your fingers together. I don’t think I have to tell you this but, I want you looking in my eyes when you cum.” His voice was thick and hungry. He loved to watch her cum. She would get so lost in the pleasure he gave her. The sounds she made always drove him harder.

“Yes Daddy.” She moaned the words.

Sam did as she was ordered and held as still as she could. Her body shook and she continued to feel wetness running down her legs. Michael leaned down and kissed her as he slid two fingers into her so slowly. Sam moaned into his kiss and pressed her soaking pussy into his hand. He pulled away from her and she looked into his eyes as he began to fuck her hot aching pussy.

She was gone. His fingers were rubbing all the right places and his thumb was circling her clit. Michael was going to take her up slowly. He knew the release would be much harder if he did.

Sam was working her hips and begging him to go harder and faster. He kept the same pace. She was rocking so hard he smacked her ass.

“Baby girl be still and breath.”

She stopped and let the feelings take over her. He continued running his fingers in and out of her. Sam moaned and called out to him.

” Fuck!! Daddy please please. It’s been all week. Please Daddy!! “

“No, baby girl not yet.”

Her pussy was convulsing around his fingers and she was so hot it almost burned him. He reached up with his free hand and grabbed her nipple. She only moaned louder and kept looking him in the eyes. Begging him with the sound of her voice and the look in her eyes.

Michael sped up and ran his other hand up her body. Her breathing was getting ragged at this point and he knew she was about to break. He grabbed her throat and leaned in close to her ear.

“When I give you permission I want you to show me how grateful you are to your Daddy.” His voice was getting deeper watching her. His cock was making a wet spot of its own in his pants.

She didn’t answer she was too far gone to make words. She only moaned her response. He leaned in and kissed her softly. Moving back he slid in one more finger and began to pump her hard and fast.

“Cum for me now baby girl. Right now.” His voice was almost a whisper.

At Michael’s command she exploded. She shook and flooded his hand and the floor. At first it was one continuous gush but the more he worked her pussy it became spurts of hot cum. It was as if a damn had busted. She just kept coming. She almost lost her balance with the force of her orgasm. He caught her before she could fall backwards.

“OH THANK YOU DADDY!!” she yelled as she came. Over and over she thanked him and kept shaking.

She told him what a good Daddy he was and how much she loved him. He took her in his arms and kissed her and held her close. When she finally came back to her senses. He laughed.

“You made quit a mess little girl. You know what to do.” He was going to his happy place. He loved his control over her but loved that she trusted him enough to give it to him. She quickly got on her hands and knees and began to clean up her mess.

She mopped the floor twice a day so she didn’t have to think as she began to lick up her spilled juice. She liked the way she tasted and she knew he loved to watch her submit to him however he asked. Michael told Sam often her flavor was just like her, sweet and tangy.

When she had cleaned up after herself to his satisfaction he held out a hand to her to help her to her feet.

“I’ll meet you down stairs in two minutes be ready for me when I get there.”

Michael kissed her as he let go of her hand and watched her walk away. He loved looking at her body especially after she came. She was lose and almost swayed as she walked. A wicked smile came across his face. His plan had worked just the way he wanted it to. Michael was happy he was home and with his baby girl. He couldn’t wait to tell her the good news, but first he was going to fuck her silly.

“Baby girl are you ready for Daddy?”

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