Daniel and the Hot Blonde…

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Daniel and the Hot Blonde in the Elevator

When Daniel stepped onto the elevator the first thing he noticed was the blonde, legs up to her armpits. Long, wild, golden locks cascading about her lithe frame. Wearing a short red skirt and cream silk blouse open just enough to allow Daniel a glimpse of firm, creamy flesh. Mmmm yes, she was fine. His cobalt eyes raked over her curvaceous form slowly, a hunger building within his gaze.

The blonde winked saucily and leaned back against the wall of the elevator. She smiled openly at Daniel, for there were just the two of them.

Daniel stepped toward her, given encouragement by the wink, and smiling lazily. “Hello Sweetheart” he purred as his hand rose to press against the wall of the elevator just over her right shoulder while he leaned toward her. Close enough that she could feel the warmth of his breath steal over her.

“Hello” She replied with a slightly southern accent. Her jade eyes sparkling brightly as she flashed another smile.

“What stroke of luck was this?”, Daniel asked himself as he moved a bit closer. His eyes dipping to get the full effect of her ample cleavage. “I’ve never seen you in this building before. Are you new?” His eyes devoured her as he spoke.

She merely nodded, shifting a bit to allow her blouse to fall open a little more, giving Daniel an even better view.

Daniel licked his lips. Oh, what he wouldn’t give for just a taste of the succulent flesh swelling out of the black lace fringe of her Escort Ankara bra. His left hand rose as if of it’s own accord, lightly cupping the voluptuous flesh of her right breast, his thumb teasing till he felt the nipple harden under his attention. He smiled as it did.

His efforts well rewarded with a soft gasp, followed by a tender coo of pleasure as the blonde seemingly melted under his touch. Daniel turned slightly, removing his hand from her delectable flesh only long enough to hit the stop button. Halting the elevators descent. He turned back to her, seeing a reflection of his own desires within her soft green eyes. His hands nimbly unbuttoned her blouse, taking his time. His eyes savoring every inch of her as he exposed her satin skin.

She protested not, nor did she move as He peeled off first her blouse and then her bra, exposing ripe full breasts with pink pert nipples. His mouth watered.

His hands fondled those sumptuous melons of flesh, kneading them in his palms as his mouth descended to hers…capturing her velvet lips as he kissed her deeply, his tongue ravishing her sweet young mouth.

She returned his kisses most willingly, pressing that willowy body against his as she whimpered beneath his mouth.

Drawing her tongue back into his mouth he suckled upon it even as his hand roamed down the taut plane of her belly, till it felt the warm flesh of her upper thigh…then traveled higher beneath the hem of her little red skirt, disappearing beneath the material Ankara Escort as she began to squirm, her coos and whimpers increasing as he smiled into the kiss. The tips of his fingers teased the damp spot on her panties between her lean thighs.

She moaned low in her throat as she wiggled against his fingers, her body aflame with the sensations he aroused within her. “Please” She whispered breaking the kiss, her lips a hairs breadth from his, “Please” whispered again, in a pleading tone.

Daniel didn’t need to be begged, his cock was rock hard, straining against his pants as it pressed in against her flat belly. His own lust driving him to wrap an arm about her waist, hoisting her up against the wall of the elevator even as his other hand tugged her skirt up around her hips.

She wrapped those tapered legs about his waist, grinding her sweet pussy against his throbbing cock as it was now Daniel’s turn to moan.

He grabbed at the flimsy material of her panties and with a swift tug, ripped them away. He then hurriedly loosened his trousers to allow his pulsing cock to spring free. The head swollen to the size of a small apple, beads of Pre-cum oozing from the eye.

“Please” She begged again just before her mouth recaptured his, kissing him deeply. Her mouth tasted faintly of peppermint, yet warm and alluring.

He thrust his hips forward and upward, sinking his thick cock deeply into her tender hot folds amid the muffled moans pried from beneath their kisses. Ankara Escort Bayan He piston-ed his hips back and forth, alternately grinding up into her steamy cunt. It was pure heaven. She was so tight, so soft, engulfing his cock into her velvet sex. He rutted away, panting and moaning even as his mouth devoured hers greedily.

She clung to him, wiggling and undulating her slim hips. She then broke the kiss as she arched her back, her head thrown back as she cried out, “Oh God, I’m going to cum!”

At these words Daniel quickened the pace, fucking her mercilessly. He then felt the first contractions as her pussy clamped around his cock, milking at it. The sensation was too much to bear, he then let lose with a cry of his own and thick hot streams of sticky cum. Shooting deep inside her. The pace slowed….and then stopped.

He released her. Gently buttoning up her blouse before straightening himself and retrieving her panties with a soft laugh. He held them forth to her with a lopsided smirk and a wink.

She accepted them with a smile and tucked them into the bag beside her on the floor of the elevator.

Daniel then turned and pressed the start button and the elevator resumed its downward descent. He turned to her once more and smiled.

The elevators doors opened just as Daniel opened his mouth to speak. Several people stepped in, crowding between him and the blonde. The doors closed and Daniel looked around a tall brunette determined to get the blondes phone number, only to find her gone. She must have stepped out as the others entered the elevator.

Daniel thought about her whenever he stepped onto that elevator, for he never forgot the wild ride with a blonde whose name he never knew.

copyright ’99

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