Daughters Dominate Dads

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The three of them – Becky, Tori and Jacy – had been best friends ever since they were girls. They had always been popular, had many boyfriends and loved to brag and compete about how easy men were to manipulate. Now they were all 20, their interests had turned to the level of sexual dominance each could bring, the way each could get guys to do all manner of kinky things just to please them. Every time the three of them got together, the challenge was to outdo each other in terms of these stories.

‘Have you ever done it with a family member, then?’ Becky, tall, slender and pale with long straight dark hair, introduced the newest kinky topic when the three of them were sipping cocktails in her living room.

‘Does your asking this question mean that you have?’ replied Tori, petite with tanned skin, blonde curls and perky breasts.

‘Of course,’ cut in Jacy, black and curvy with large tits and a nice, round ass, ‘She wouldn’t bring it up otherwise. Who was it then? Your little brother’s kind of cute, I bet you could make him beg for your long legs wrapped around him!’

‘No, not him,’ Becky replied, ‘My dad.’

The others gasped. Becky’s dad had always seemed a little quiet and withdrawn and generally seemed to frown uncomfortably whenever he overhead the girls bragging about their exploits. And now Becky was telling them that she had fucked him. The others had to admit that they were impressed.

‘Just the other night we were alone in the house, so I sat him down and I sat myself astride him and slid my own dad’s cock right up into my wet cunt and rode him until he shot a sticky load right inside me. How kinky is that? Can you girls beat that?’

‘Ha,’ Jacy laughed, ‘That’s fairly screwy, but I’ve got you beat. You’re not the only one who loves to fuck her own parent. Only with me and my dad, it’s really about me properly fucking him. A couple of days ago, I had my dad bent over my bed, spreading his legs as I screwed his firm ass with a monster strapon. He was begging me to fuck him harder and harder. That’s how you screw your own dad, Becky.’

The other girls blushed and grinned, this was the kind of thing they loved to hear from Jacy, but they’d never have imagined she could do it to her father. Jacy’s dad was a big, tough, muscular guy. He was a gruff, masculine cop who didn’t care for anything girly or any nonsense from anyone else. Except, it would seem, his busty, sexy daughter who held a power over him that the other girls hadn’t thought possible.

‘Impressive,’ Tori agreed when it came to her turn to speak, ‘But I think I have you both beat.’

Given what had already been said, Tori would have to have a pretty impressive story about her own father fucking to be the kinkiest, most manipulative of the three. By this point the girls had no doubt that Tori, like the other two, had made her dad submit to sex with her. He was a highly respected, wealthy and influential businessman, but he’d always had a weakness for spoiling his pretty daughter. This was just the next step. Still, Tori’s dad would have had to be pushed to more than incestuous daughter screwing for his daughter to be the kinkiest of the three.

‘Sure, Jacy, you’ve got your dad begging for fake cock, but what about a real one?’ Tori went on, ‘I started out like Becky, just getting daddy to fuck me, but that wasn’t enough. So, soon I introduced Jamie,’ Jamie was Tori’s sort of boyfriend, the guy most manipulated by her fantasies into doing all sorts of kinky things, ‘Once I made daddy understand that he could only have his sweet daughter’s pussy if he took dick at the same time, I pretty soon had him eating Jamie’s big manhood while he fucked me.’

‘That’s so hot, Tori,’ Becky sighed, feeling herself become aroused by all these naughty father fucking stories.

‘Mm, kind of makes your little incest scene seem a little vanilla, Becky,’ Jacy grinned, her dark lips spreading to show brilliant white teeth.

‘Oh, there’s more to it,’ Becky cut in, ‘That was just the start. You see, I don’t think I mentioned before, as I was riding my dad’s dick he wasn’t naked. I had dressed him up, dressed him like a girly bitch. Yes, before he could get in my pussy, he had to get in my panties. So I had him wear a corset, stockings and garters, a girly little miniskirt, heels and painted his face like a whore. And only then did I slip his dick from the lacy panties and put it inside me. He was so hard from wearing my underwear, there must be a part of him that longs to be a slut!’

‘You know, these stories seem almost too juicy, too wonderful, to be really true,’ Tori said.

‘Are you saying yours isn’t?’ Jacy became a little confrontational.

‘No, mine sure is, but my dad’s easy to play with. I wouldn’t have thought the same of yours Jacy.’

‘Believe me, it happened,’ Jacy replied, ‘And I bet I could get him to do more, too.’

‘Perhaps we should,’ Becky smiled, naughty new thoughts crossing her mind, ‘Tori, you want to prove that what bursa suriyeli escort escort me and Jacy say about our dads newfound fetish fun is true, right?’ Tori nodded, ‘And Jacy, you want to push your dad into further depravity to really get you off,’ Jacy agreed, beginning to see where this was going, ‘So, let’s bring them together. Perhaps we could invite all three of our dads here this weekend and see just what we can get them to do not just with us, their daughters, but also with each other.’

‘Mm, I like that,’ Jacy grinned, ‘Let’s see if they try and outdo each other.’

‘Yeah,’ Tori agreed, ‘Let’s see if we can make them want to impress us so bad in front of the other dads!’

So it was agreed. The following Saturday all three girls would return to Becky’s apartment and each would bring their father. Each would show the other girls just what they could make their dad do. Becky felt a stirring and a wetness in her pussy just thinking about showing off her crossdressed sissy dad to her best friends, not to mention wondering about what the other girls could contribute. If Tori’s dad was sucking dick, maybe her timid father could too.

Becky’s dad was the first to arrive, before the other two girls and their fathers. Like his daughter, George was pale and slender, although not so tall compared to other men. In fact, father and daughter were a similar build. He had previously had a thin, neat beard, but Becky had had him shave it when she had dressed him up. His dark hair was equally neat and short. He arrived dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, but his daughter had other plans for him.

‘I don’t really understand why you invited me here,’ he said as he came in.

‘You’ll see,’ his daughter smirked, ‘I want Tori and Jacy to bring their dads too, we’ve got something to show you all.’

She let him walk into the living room before grabbing at the waistband of his jeans.

‘Hey, what are you doing?’ her dad demanded weakly.

‘Just checking you’re properly prepared.’

Sure enough, as she unzipped his pants, Becky revealed her father had his dick tucked into a pair of pretty purple panties with lace and bows, a pair of Becky’s own. Seeing her dad still showing his love of being a girly man even beneath his normal clothes made Becky confident she would be able to lead him to anything this evening.

‘Good boy, Dad,’ she said, slapping his ass as he re-zipped his jeans, ‘Nice to see you’re still your daughter’s little sissy.’

He blushed but said nothing as the doorbell rang and Becky left to let Tori come in with her wealthy, important father.

Tori came in leading her father by the hand. Unlike George’s casual look, Wallace was dressed in a suit and tie. Even though it was a Saturday, he had come straight from the office and, if it hadn’t been for the seductive persuasive powers of his daughter, he would still be there. Like his daughter, Wallace was not tall, but he was definitely attractive for a man in his 50s, his skin was tanned and his fair hair was thinning, but he looked like a much younger man.

‘OK, sweetie, what did you want to bring me here for?’ he was saying to his daughter.

‘Oh, you’ll see, daddy,’ Tori replied, ‘We’re just waiting for Jacy to bring her dad, then the fun can begin.’

Tori and Becky left the room to wait for their friend, leaving their two fathers to stand awkwardly in the living room, eyeing each other up. Both of them had a sense that their daughters were quite slutty in their behaviour and had no qualms about bragging about their conquests. Both felt a little embarrassed at the possibility, therefore, that the other’s daughter might know their naughty incestuous secrets. It was a feeling, however, that they both quashed as too strange. They couldn’t quite imagine that of their daughters.

Still, neither father felt completely comfortable in the others presence. For George’s part, he was uncomfortably aware of the feel of the lace panties beneath his jeans, the way they made him feel like a sissy whore. He wondered if Wallace could have noticed, he saw Tori’s dad’s eyes glancing across his crotch. Wallace, for his part, couldn’t help his eyes moving down the other man’s body to that point. Ever since his daughter had made him suck her boyfriend’s dick he was ashamed to say that he often found himself looking at other guys and wondering if their cocks would taste and feel the same.

‘I wonder how uncomfortable they’re feeling in there,’ Tori whispered to her friend as they went to open the door for Jacy.

‘I bet they’re desperate for their daughters to come back and tell them just what to do,’ Becky responded.

Jacy was wearing a tight one piece dress that both barely held her massive black breasts in place and hardly covered her round bubble butt. However, she also carried a shoulder bag that Becky realised must contain the strapon dildo she loved to use on her father. Darryl, for his part, bursa ucuz escort also carried a similarly phallic rod in the shape of his nightstick. Like Tori’s dad, he was dressed for work, which, in his case, meant his police uniform. Unlike the slender George or short Wallace, Jacy’s dad was big and built. Well over six foot tall and still bristling with muscle, he dwarfed the other guys and girls in the room and yet still hung on his daughter’s every word.

Darryl had a fairly high opinion of his physicality and, therefore, was quite pleased on coming into the living room to see how much bigger and stronger he appeared than the parents of his daughter’s best friends. Like the other two, however, he felt a little nervous and unsure about why they might have been invited there in the first place. His daughter’s tight dress wasn’t helping either, he couldn’t stop eyeing up her curves, eager for her to make him her bitch once more.

‘I guess you three dads are wondering why your daughters have brought you together,’ Becky began, once they were all together in the living room.

‘Well,’ Tori went on, ‘We’ve been hearing about what fun you three are and we wanted to bring you together to see how much fun three sexy young daughters could have with their daddys.’

‘You see, we know about how you love to dress up,’ Jacy stood beside George, gently running her hand over his crotch.

‘We know about what you like to feel,’ Tori smiled, running her hand over Darryl’s ass.

‘Or what you like to eat,’ Becky gave Tori’s suited father a peck on the lips that made him blush, although not half so much as her implication that Tori had told her about his cocksucking.

‘So, you see, you’re all the kind of guys who like to let their daughters take control,’ Jacy smiled, ‘So, why not show the others what you like.’

All three fathers stood silent, embarrassed, trying not to make eye contact either with their daughters or the other men. They felt powerless to do or say anything, simply letting Becky, Jacy and Tori circle them like predatory animals.

‘Well, if none of you are very forthcoming, perhaps my dad can show you something,’ Becky said, pulling her dad’s jeans straight down to reveal to the whole room that he was wearing her purple lace panties.

George blushed almost as purple as his underwear, but his dick was already making a little tent of arousal in the panties as Tori and Jacy removed his sweatshirt, leaving him standing in the middle of the room dressed in nothing but his daughter’s panties, surrounded by the surprised gaze of two other fathers.

‘Wow, George, you little sissy,’ Wallace was pleased to see the attention turn from what his daughter had done to him.

‘Yeah, man, you like wearing girl’s panties, you little fag,’ Darryl added, feeling similarly relieved not to be the centre of attention.

‘That’s not all,’ Jacy told her father, ‘He’s not just into panties.’

With that she began to remove Becky’s blouse, placing soft kisses over her friend’s face as she did so. Tori got to her knees and took off Becky’s little pleated mini skirt while caressing her stockinged legs. Darryl and Wallace were starting to enjoy the show in spite of themselves. It felt good seeing their sexy daughters stripping their friend, it felt exciting.

As they got down to Becky’s underwear, the men were excited to see she wore no panties. It became clear as they looked her over that this was because the bra and garter belt she wore were the same matching purple lace as her father’s panties. Sure enough, Jacy and Tori helped their friend strip the rest of her clothes. Completely naked, Becky then began to dress her dad in the same lingerie she had just stripped from. So, on top of his purple panties, he soon wore bra, stockings, garters, miniskirt, blouse, even Becky’s heels.

After a while, George was dressed as his daughter and feeling really embarrassed and dirty, not just from the audience of Becky’s friends and their dads, but also from the fact that his very short skirt, falling barely below his black lace stocking tops, did nothing to conceal the erection in Becky’s panties.

‘We’ve one more treat for you girlydad,’ Becky smiled to see her dad in all her pretty things while her slender long legged body was completely naked on show.

She left the room briefly and returned with a wig of long dark hair like her own and some makeup. After she was done, there was no way of telling her dad was a man at all. He looked far more like he could be her mother. Having painted his lips a sexy dark red, she kissed them, a long, slow, lingering kiss more like lesbian lovers than father and daughter.

‘Aren’t you a pretty little sissy, my girlydad,’ Becky said, ‘Look how the other girls admire you.’

‘Not just the girls,’ Tori added, standing beside her own father, who appeared sweaty and nervous in his suit, ‘I bet my own daddy likes the look of a pretty thing like bursa üniversiteli escort too.’

‘Yeah, right,’ Darryl cut in, sarcastically, ‘Like we’re interested in that sissy fag.’

‘Oh, you will be, Dad, you will be by the time we’re done,’ Jacy laughed.

‘Mm, yeah, ’cause this sissy is getting from his daughter just what you want from yours,’ Tori said.

Sure enough, as they turned to look, they could see naked Becky down on her knees beginning to rub her hands over her girlydad’s purple panties, rubbing at George’s already semi-hard dick until it was strong and firm, sticking out of the top of his daughter’s panties, pushing the lace bows aside. She allowed his dick to spring free of the panties until it jutted out under his skirt between his black stockings.

As her two best friends and their fascinated fathers watched, Becky gave quite a show of going down on her crossdressed father’s cock, running the whole of its length between her lips, getting it slick and wet and making him moan. Then she got to her feet and pressed her lips to his, painted as they were like those of a slutty whore, kissing him and giving him a taste of his own cock.

As Becky made out with her father, dressed in her clothes, Tori came over to join them. The shorter perky blonde now got to her knees where Becky had her hand around her father’s dick and was stroking the stiff shaft.

‘Mm, Becky, your girlydad’s dick looks so cute sticking out beneath his skirt,’ Tori sighed, ‘Let me have a taste’.

Tori took George’s cock from Becky’s hand and began to kiss and lick the shaft, all while girlified George continued to make out with his naked daughter. George was thrilled, he would definitely consent to dress in girly clothes like this if it allowed him to enjoy two nubile women half his age at once, even more so given one was his sexy long legged daughter. He had to admit, though, that it wasn’t just that he was willing to be coerced into the lingerie and miniskirt, it was something he was enjoying. The girly clothes felt good on him and they just made an already naughty situation even naughtier.

‘Mm, your sissy dad’s cock tastes good,’ Tori moaned, ‘I wonder who else would like a taste of it!’ All eyes in the room turned to look at the third daughter, busty black Jacy, expecting her to be the one to join Tori and Becky in making out and going down on Becky’s dad, ‘I don’t mean Jace, although I’m sure she wouldn’t say no,’ the little blonde minx went on, ‘Dad, get over here.’

Even though the other girls knew the power that their petite blonde friend had over men, it still excited them to see how readily Tori’s high powered father came over at the first word from her. He was still fully dressed in his business suit but looked far from the power player he was in the office. Instead he looked like a nervy schoolboy as his daughter grabbed him by his tie and pulled him down to kneel beside her.

‘Open wide, Daddy, and your little girl is gonna give you a juicy treat,’ Tori grinned.

Blushing and looking both nervous and embarrassed, Wallace nevertheless did just as he was told, knelt there like a good submissive and opened his mouth as Tori, tugging on George’s dick, maneuvered her friend’s dad’s throbbing hardness into her own father’s mouth. Holding the back of her father’s blond haired head, Tori pushed him further and further down George’s cock, all the while kissing both her father’s face and her friend’s father’s arousal. As soon as she let him, Wallace pulled back, gasping, but Tori didn’t let him stop. After that sharp intake of breath, his daughter pushed him right back down on that quivering dick again.

‘Wow, Tor, you weren’t kidding about your cockhungry old man!’ Becky laughed, getting wet as she stood there naked, watching her crossdressed father having his cock eaten by another man, ‘He’s so hungry for dick, he could teach sluts like us a thing or two!’

Indeed, once Wallace had got into a rhythm of bobbing his head up and down on the other guy’s dick, Tori didn’t even need to push him, she just got back and enjoyed the show. Wallace, for his part, seemed to get over his initial reluctance in the obvious pleasure of enjoying this tasty man meat emanating from what looked like a beautiful, lingerie clad MILF. Even his daughter’s teasing and the audience of her friends didn’t deter him once he really started going to town on Becky’s dad’s dick.

‘Oh boy, so good,’ George gasped, seemingly unaware that he was speaking out loud, just giving a release to the incredible feelings of kinky arousal that flooded through him.

‘Way to go, Dad, you cockbitch,’ Tori laughed, ‘Looks like you’ve got natural skills.’

‘Yeah, Dad, are you saying Wallace here gives better head than a cute girl like your daughter,’ Becky teased her own father, ‘Maybe this mid-life crisis cockhound could give us girls some pointers! Or maybe you just like the dirty feeling of another guy blowing you while you’re all dressed up, Dad!’ She slapped his panty clad ass playfully and George let out a girlish squeal and thrust even deeper into the other man’s mouth.

‘What a bunch of fags,’ Darryl reminded everyone that a third father was present in the room, ‘I can’t believe you guys. One of you wants to dress like a sissy bitch and the other can’t wait for a mouthful of dick!’

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