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~ I want to thank sexstringwizard for all his support and help always and for editing help from Brettj, a good friend and great writer.~

It was a warm day for September. The leaves are still green and birds are flying about outside. Abigail Pinot was having trouble concentrating on her work on such a glorious day. She sat, wishing she could walk away but she had only a few changes to the designs and then she could shut down her computer. She wanted to get outside with a nice bottle of wine in her lawn chairs and breathe in the fresh air.

It was Friday and she looked forward to unwinding into the weekend since she had no outstanding projects for the first time in months. She had been booked solid ever since she started freelance Interior Design in the residential section. She wondered why she made the switch from the commercial end.

When she was a designer for an architectural firm, she had more evening and weekends free. Plus the clients seemed tougher in residential design. It was more personal to the client since it was their home and reflecting their personal taste. The lure of the money and clients that seemed to come out of the woodwork for her tapped into her work-a-holic nature. She loved design so passionately and the luxuries her had work afforded her too much.

She had first dates with men. She always found an excuse in a project or an appointment with a client that superceded a second date or a relationship. Her priority list was work and clients so her social life suffered.

She was lost in thought watching a bird peck at the grass outside her home office window as the phone rang, “Abigail’s Designs?” She answered.

“Yes, hello” the strong male voice said on the other end, “I was directed to you by Miles McKinley, I just purchased a home and am in dire need of help furnishing it. I heard your designs are spectacular and I need to make an appointment with you today.”

“Who is this guy and why so late on a Friday does he need an appointment?,” Abigail thought to herself. “I am sorry sir, I am afraid I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oh, please forgive me… my name was Samuel Detrick and I need to fully furnish and accessorize my home in 4 months,” he said authoritatively.

“My goodness, 4 months is quite a turn around. That really will be a challenge,” Abigail replied as she wondered just how big Mr. Detrick’s house was.

“If there was a problem with you being able to complete such a job Miss Pinot, I have a few other names on my list I could call. I phoned you because I was told you were the best,” Samuel stated, sounding irritated.

“Oh no Mr. Detrick. It is not a problem at all. What time would you like to make our appointment?”

They made arrangements for their appointment, he gave her his address and after hanging up she Yahoo Mapped his address for directions. She did not want to get lost with this client since he seemed edgy and impatient. She then Googled his name and discovered he was an attorney. “Great,” she thought to herself. It had been her experience that attorneys tended to be difficult clients. They knew what they wanted but didn’t always articulate it well. Then it was done incorrectly, in their opinion. Then found the loop-holes to get out of paying for all or part of the design services.

Abigail sighed as she climbed the stairs in her suburban home to change from her casual working at-home clothes into something more professional for their appointment. She put on her nicest white silk blouse that had a low neck line and black pinstripe skirt that was almost too short to be professional. She figured that if he was this gruff she would try to disarm him with her sex appeal. Sometimes that did work, and she felt she needed all the charms she could muster for this meeting. She checked herself out in the mirror. Her strawberry blond hair was in loose curls falling about her shoulders. She smiled at her petite frame that was kept in shape despite her 28 years of wear. She slipped on her favorite black 3″ heels. The addition of 3 inches on her 5′-1″ tall body made her feel tall, even if she was not.

Feeling a little disappointed that she couldn’t kick it back on a Friday evening with a bottle of White Zinfandel in her back yard, Abigail slid into her Audi with her portfolio, paint samples and swatches. The trunk of her car was a traveling design library of furniture books and other necessities. Even though she had more in her office she figured she did not have enough time or information on Mr. Detrick’s taste to pinpoint her search. So what was in the trunk would have to do.

He only lived a short distance from Abigail’s home so she easily made the appointment with time to spare. She found arriving early showed the client how eager she was. She pulled up into the governors drive to an exquisite brick home. Living in Harmony for her whole life she watched the community grow and bust at the seams. Harmony was the new ‘in’ community in the suburbs these days. The homes kept getting bigger Escort Ankara and more expensive, and she laughed to herself remembering in high school Harmony was referred to a Cow Town. At the time the town had few signs of progress, now everyone who was anyone lived in Harmony. ~~~

She walked to the door and realized she forgot her digital camera. She turned around to retrieve it from the passenger seat. She was bent over searching a bag for the camera case when she heard the front door open and turned quickly realizing she could be revealing a little of her ass in her bending. Her eyes met his as he approached and her heart jumped and she blushed. His eyes were the most exquisite caramel brown with long, dark lashes. His skin was the kind that looked naturally tan year round and he had a devilish goatee that screamed ‘bad boy’. He was dressed in suit pants and a vibrant blue dress shirt. His tie had been long ago removed. The first two buttons of his shirt were opened revealing just a peak of his strong chest. She eyed his taut 5’8″ frame with appreciation and began to flush.

“Hello Ms. Pinot, may I give you a hand” Samuel reached out and took some of the sample binders in Abigail’s arms. Although he seemed stoic in his expression she swore there was a bit of a smirk behind his eyes. “Did he see her ass in her thong?,” she wondered and blushed. “Oh oh… yes thank you Mr. Detrick” she stammered “Please, call me Sam” he said in an unassuming tone. “Thank you, Sam” Abigail said smiling.

They entered his home and she surveyed the surroundings. She had been in beautiful homes before so wasn’t overly impressed by them so much anymore. She found that the more she saw that she liked in clients homes, the more renovations she undertook in her own. His home was beautiful but bland. It smelled new but the walls were white and it was a white wonderland. “Boy, do I have my work cut out for me,” Abby thought as he lead her through the foyer to the large kitchen. The kitchen was in the back of the house and she placed the books on a card table in the breakfast nook. It seemed to be the only piece of furniture in the whole first floor. She realized this as she began too panic.

They worked their way through the house as she took photos and notes. The exploration took well over an hour, as they made small talk about her designs and his personal taste. They had gone through the whole house but for one room. As Abigail entered the double doors to the master bedroom she saw only a mattress and boxspring on the floor with disheveled sheets and blankets. She began to blush but didn’t know why. He was handsome and intelligent and exuded confidence. That type of guy was alluring to Abigail but she had been burned by more of his type in the past. She shook her head in disbelief that her thoughts had wondered to thinking of him in a sexual way.

As she began to refocus she felt the heat of his presence bear on her from behind. She felt his breath on her hair as he stated, in a smooth sexy tone, “I have been an admirer of your work for some time Abigail.” She shivered from head to toe from his words and she felt an ache in her loins.

She managed to respond with a breathless, “Excuse me?”

Abigail turned as she finished her statement.

“We’ve met before, but you must not remember. Ever since that day, I haven’t been able to get your angelic face out of my head,” he said with light firing in his eyes and a slight crooked smile.

“Are you saying you brought me here under false pretenses?” She retorted with a raised eyebrow.

Sam began to walk toward her confident and with such intense sex appeal it forced Abigail to back up matching his steps. “Yes and No” was his response as she backed into a wall at the last word.

He stood inches from her. She could smell his sweet spicy cologne and felt the heat radiating from his firm, well-dressed body.

Nervously she started stammering feeling juices welling in her thong and her face blushed “I ..I.. I’m sorry Mr. Detrick…”

“Sam,” he interrupted.

“Sam, I don’t remember meeting you. I am surprised because I would think I would have,” she finished noticing his eyes curiously watching her lips move.

“I used to work for Thorn Sewickley Law firm downtown. About five months ago you came into the offices,” Sam said sounding slightly hurt for not being remembered but still confident that she might eventually remember.

“Oh,” she stated, remembering going to the offices of Thorn Sewickley to file a complaint in regards to a non-paying client. The thoughts of the day of her visit now flooded back and she remembered literally bumping into someone. She had passed the receptionists desk, arms full of papers not looking where she was going.

Her papers went flying as she bumped into a man straight on. She remembered apologizing profusely as she scrambled embarrassingly to pick up the papers. Only now did she remember the man’s face being Sam’s.

“You, you were the guy I Ankara Escort bumped into, she barely finished the words when his lips descended hotly onto hers, pressing her up against the wall. Without thought she was hungrily kissing him back, running her fingers through his thick soft hair.

Forgetting how they got there she could not deny her attraction or her sexual desire for this virtual stranger.

As they continued to flip their tongues around each others he grabbed her hips and pulled her body to his. She felt his engorged cock against her tummy and let out a gasp.

Abigail slid her hands out of his hair and down his back to his tight, well-dressed ass. She pulled him into her with more pressure. She was delighted in the feeling of his arousal and was surprised by her strong desire to have him in that moment, at any cost.

Sam pulled her blouse out of her skirt to slide up the front and fondle her breast. Her nipples were raised in arousal and more moisture welled in her thong, dripping out. Not knowing what came over her; Abigail unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it at her own feet. He took her cue and unclasped her bra and immediately cupped one breast while licking the other breast’s nipple. She tipped back her head and arched her back for more contact with his warm mouth. She let a soft moan escape her lips. Sam continued his attention on her breasts while he slipped his right hand up her thigh. She was tingling from his touch reaching the lace of her black thigh highs and he stopped his progression.

Abigail whimpereda bit in disappointment. Just as she feared he wasn’t going to continue, his other hand slid up her left thigh stopping at the same spot.

He lifted his head from her reddened and pleasured nipples and looks into her eyes. She was sure her desire was as visible as was the scent of her arousal.

He held the gaze a second longer then leaned in for hard powerful kiss. Both of his hands cupped her ass rubbing, kneading and caressing. “Mmmmmm” was what she thought and what she said.

With one finger Sam ran along the crease of her ass and then deep into the moisture of her center that was flowing out around her thong. He removed his hand and pulled back. He looked into her eyes as he brought the finger that was covered in her sweet juices up to his mouth and licked it clean. She was so turned on she could barely contain herself. At the sight of this she pulled his shirt nearly ripping off the buttons while trying to remove it.

She set to work on his pants, fumbling as she unbuckled his belt. His pants hit the floor and he returned his hands to deftly remove her skirt. He then stepped back to stand to look in awe of her body. He looked at her from her heels up to her legs to her thigh-highs, over her black silk thong and to her heaving breasts.

Sam stepped closer to Abigail, plunging one hand down the front triangle of her thong and the other hand down under the back thread section. He began to wet both hands in her juices and moved the front hand to her swollen clit that was peaking out, waiting for his touch. She jumped at the contact. His fingers toyed in the moisture of her center; circling, rubbing and only slightly inserting. The pleasure to her clit increased Abigail begged Sam to plunge his finger into her pussy. He waited for the second, “Please,” and then, obliged her catching her breathless.

With both hands pleasuring her she could almost not keep her sanity. She grabbed his cock, which had peaked out fully engorged from the slit in his boxers, as if to steady herself. Her legs began to quiver and gave out slightly as her juices flowed hotly down her legs with little warning. In one swift movement Sam bent to his knees, he pulled her legs apart more and lapped up her juices he has sent freely flowing.

Flicking his tongue over her clit kept her jumping back on her heels and grunting. His hot tongue circled her clit as he slid two fingers into her and the sensations were amazing. She felt she could stay in this position forever with him licking and fondling her. He brought her almost to the brink again but abruptly stood up.

With a wry smile he pushed down on her shoulders, making her kneel before him, gazing up doe-eyed but knowing what he was asking for. She turned her gaze to his swollen cock and watched it twitch slightly by her just looking at it. Abigail smirked a bit, knowing she was quite good at pleasing a man with her mouth; she started to grasp his shaft in her hand and lovingly stroke it. Abigail extended her tongue to the soft swollen tip of his penis and licked it wet in circles and then trailed down the shaft to the end. She lapped at his balls with blind attention.

She finally heard his silken voice let out a groan of his own and dropped her lips around his cock. Sliding only half way down she moved up and back at a regular pace, moving her tongue obediently around to tickle him in every way she can. She then slowed down pulling out and with a quick thrust Ankara Escort Bayan fully took his length to her gagging point. He grunted and grabbed her loose hair in his hands to encourage her to repeat that.

The slow torture out, and fast engulfing continued and Abigail was enjoying herself very much. She was lost in his pleasure, his scent, his groans and moans. She was focused on his hands on her head, and him moving his hips forward and back to increase the depth of his penetration of her mouth pushed her. The pleasure she got from him was intensifying as her pussy shoots out more cum onto Sam’s new carpet. Neither of them was worried about such things.

He was obviously near the brink as he pulled her mouth off of him and stood her up. Lust in his eyes told her that playtime was done as he spun her around. He pushed on the middle of her back. She was bent at the waist and her hands touched the floor. He lined up his cock with her juicy center staring up at him. She was ready as he grabbed her hips. She wanted him to just take her, but he proceeded to slowly penetrate her pussy with such agonizing control that she screamed and came again immediately.

He kept up the slow fuck in and out of her. She grabbed the floor with both hands, lost in the spot he was hitting as he reached full depth. He pulled out slowly and she was prepared for another slow descent when he slammed his cock into her. She barely hung on and gasped in pleasure. He moved out slowly and fucked in with great force. The sensations his thick hard shaft had on her walls drove her insane. He eventually moved to a regular rhythm and more efficiently in and out.

Their arousal increased almost in synch. She was building up another orgasm, the likes of which she had never experienced. Her legs were getting heavy, tingly and almost paralyzed. The pleasure shot through her clit, her pussy and down her legs. She wanted to wait for him to come, but felt she could barely hang on to her sanity. The blood was rushing to her head and her orgasm built with intensity. It was all too much now. She was screaming with each penetration. She yelled, “Don’t stop Sam, don’t stop!”

Abigail was yelling to the gods in heaven as her cum shot out and onto Sam’s thighs. She heard him yell, “Oh god!” She could feel his cock twitch inside her as he held himself deep inside her, the tip touching full depth. His cum was now dripping out of her and down her leg as they made each other wet with the others pleasure.

Both panting and silent after the fucking, reality hits Abigail and she tried to stand up. He offered her a helping hand. She steadied herself to her feet feeling the pressure of the blood that rushed to her forehead. She turned fully flushed and breathing heavily. She saw his eyes soften. He began to speak, “Abigail….” She paniced. Grabbing at her clothes she threw her skirt on then her blouse and grabbed her undergarments. Running around trying to retrieve her notes and other paraphernalia she began to say, “I am so sorry Sam. I will contact you with the designs as soon as they are complete so that we can order everything!”

“Abigail what are you doing? Don’t go….Abigail wait…,” was all Sam got out while grabbing up a robe on his bed and trailed her. She had a good head start and trotted down the stairs. She threw open the door and ran down the front steps. She ran outside half dressed with little regard for anyone outside. Her blouse was almost flying open as she clutched her belongings to her chest to cover her breasts. She jumped into her Audi and speed off without a goodbye.

Two days later Abigail was sitting in her home office at the front of her house with music playing softly on her Yahoo music station. She was drafting up plans for Sam’s empty house. The plans were almost complete and she believed he will be pleased with her work. She allowed her mind to wander to their sexual escapade. She had left the front door open, allowing the screen door to ventilate the air into the house on the Indian Summer day. She disregarded the fact that her office door was slightly ajar. She forgot everything as her mind replayed every moment, every sensation and every orgasm of their wild romp brought to her tiny frame. The images brought her wet with arousal. She quickly pulled open her special pencil drawer that hid her pocket toy. She slipped it up under her denim skirt and spread her legs open a bit.

She slid her ass to the edge of her leather chair and turned on the vibration rubbing it over her clit. She gasped and pictured his tongue there. She moved the toy over her wet center and imagined his talented fingers toying with her. She was fully aroused as she tickled her clit once more gasping and penetrated her pocket toy into her wet pussy. She was moaning a few times as she heard a rap at the front screen door. In haste she quickly set the toy down on top of her sketches for Sam. She jumped to her feet and straightened her skirt. She rushed to the office door and threw it open to see Sam at the door. He was looking at her while holding a dozen yellow roses. She noticed that hanging off the roses was her black silk thong. Her eyes moved from the panty adorned roses to his face she saw he had the most exquisite smile on his handsome face.

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