Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 09

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Mitch stirred in the middle of the night, waking me from a deep sleep. From the rapid movement of his eyes behind closed lids and his indistinguishable mumblings I assumed he was in the middle of a dream. He didn’t seem to be in any kind of distress making me think he wasn’t having a nightmare.

I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. As I sat there in the dark waiting for my bladder to empty itself of the Coronas we had earlier, I thought about the events of the evening.

While I was pleasantly surprised that Mitch had overcome his dysfunction, I hoped it wouldn’t be a once and done thing.

I got my answer upon my return to the bedroom. The satin sheet covering his body was tented up above his loins. He was clearly still in a dream state, almost inaudible sounds coming from his lips confirming that fact. I stood by the bed for several minutes watching him. His fingers occasionally moved a little and his eyes continued moving under his closed eyelids I wondered if I should try climbing back into bed and just snuggle next to him, or uncover his erect cock to give him a blowjob knowing that he’d wake up and find my mouth encircling his cock. His arms rested on top of the sheet by his sides and I knew that if I tried to pull it from beneath he would wake up before I had a chance to slip his bulbous cock head between my lips.

Instead, I moved to the foot of the bed and pulled the top satin sheet out from under the mattress. I slithered up under it carefully crawling toward his loins, making sure not to touch him until my mouth was poised over his erect cock.

The sheet slid down my back as I moved, finally reaching a point where it was draped over my head instead of his hard erection. He smelled clean having showered after we’d had sex earlier and I couldn’t wait to take his cock between my lips. I lowered my mouth letting the head slip inside, then closed my lips around the shaft just below his flaring silky smooth corona. His cock felt wonderful and tasted even better as I slowly began bobbing my mouth up and down on his hard erection.

I heard him moan softly and wondered if he was still dreaming or if my soft oral caresses had brought him from his dream state. The feel of his hand against my head provided me with the answer and the slightest of pressure urged me to take more in my mouth.

As he turned on a light illuminating the room, a wonderful moan escaped from his lips. He drew back the satin sheet to watch as I sucked his very hard cock. The warm light from the lamp on the night table provided me with an opportunity to closely examine his cock. I let him slip from my delicate oral grasp and began slowly stroking the length of his shaft with my hand. The pear shaped head, smooth and glistening with saliva rose above a flaring corona. The hard shaft was without any visible matrix of veins, the only bulge being that of his thick urethra extending up from his scrotum to just below the head.

As I licked along the bottom of his shaft, my hand lightly caressed his corona and as I reached the top I looked up into his eyes still somewhat sleepy but with a definite stare of total amazement as he watched. I knew it had been years since Mitch had watched a sexy woman pleasure him in this way. My hand opened and slid down the top of his shaft coming to rest in the patch of pubic hair at the base, then pulled it toward my open mouth as my tongue reached the tip of his head.

While I continued to look at him, my teeth slid over the cock head until the tip pressed against the roof of my mouth. I continued pulling the shaft down as more and more of his cock slipped beyond my lips until the tip was wedged into the back of my mouth. I smiled at him with my eyes, signaling that I wasn’t completely done, then closed them and dipped my head slightly letting the cock head slip through the tight ring of flesh leading to my throat. In an instant my upper lip touched my index finger and I quickly removed my hand so I could impale him completely.

His lustful moan was followed in short order by firm pressure on my head as he tried to sink his throbbing cock deeper in the soft moist flesh.

I held him in my throat slowly swallowing to caress the head and part of the shaft with my muscles.

“Oh my god!” Mitch finally moaned as the full impact of my oral talents caused his cock to surge.

His hand moved away and I lifted off a little giving me room to fill my lungs with oxygen, then took him deep again repeating the swallowing motion of my throat muscles. The next time I lifted off his surging cock to breath, he thrust up off the mattress to meet my plunging throat as I swallowed him again.

I slid my hands up over his belly to claw at the mat of hair on his chest as I again made eye contact with him, his wide eyed lustful stare fixed on the oral spectacle unfolding before him.

As I lifted off his cock, now coated with a layer of saliva, it lurched toward his belly, a long thick strand of spit extending from my tongue to the head of his cock. Mitch Escort Ankara watched intently as I cupped my tongue into a U shape then slurped it back inside my mouth, much like someone would suck a long strand of spaghetti dangling from their lips.

I moved one hand from his chest to capture his cock and pulled it toward my pursed lips smearing the moisture over the soft flesh surrounding my mouth.

“Suck it again.” Mitch pleaded.

I smiled briefly at him before I began sucking, licking and kissing his cock head softly. His cock surged again as I pleasured just the head with my mouth, knowing that I wanted his thick sauce where I could best taste it.

“I want you to cum in my mouth.” I softly whispered between kisses on his bulbous cock head.

In absolute amazement he answered me instantly. “Yes!”

My delicate hand stroked the base of his shaft as my even softer lips caressed the head. Mitch moved his hand to cover mine urging me to jerk his shaft faster. Instead, I moved my hand down to cup his balls allowing him to control the pace of his approaching climax. His hand moved faster, the top side of his index finger bumping into my chin each time he stroked up.

“Cum for me, I wanna taste your hot sauce.” I urged him on.

I lightly placed my thumb against the base of his cock and actually felt the surge of hot cum fill his thick urethra. An instant later it shot from him flying above my mouth and splashing across my nose. He moaned deeply, his eyes fixed on my face, watching me accept every drop. I moved my mouth to cover the tip just in time for his second blast to shoot against the roof of my mouth coating it with his sweet cum. He groaned again as my lips closed around the head, capturing every savory drop his cock provided. His thick creamy cum tasted sweeter than most men, and I enjoyed every drop until he started to just ooze the final few onto my waiting tongue.

“God damn.” Mitch finally spoke as his cock slipped from my mouth.

I slid my hand up and grabbed him smearing his cum coated cock head across my lips, then drew him away so I could open my mouth and show him the reward he’d given me before swirling it around and letting it slip down my throat. With a smile on my lips I brought his cock back to my face using it to smear the wad on my nose across both cheeks, then took the head between my lips and sucked gently on it hoping for one final sweet droplet of his seed.

“That was fucking incredible.” Mitch softly whispered as I sucked him until he was nearly flaccid.

As he slipped from my lips, I began crawling up over his body dragging my tits over his soft cock and softer belly. I shook my shoulders letting my nipples slide through the thick mat of silvery hair on his chest, then positioned my face just above his. I moved my mouth toward him, but he turned his face away. “I’ve never tasted…” He began to say but my mouth covered his before he could finish.

His lips were held tightly together as I tried to give him a taste of his seed. Mitch either found the taste un-offensive or decided to just give in to my wishes and parted his lips letting me probe beyond with my cum coated tongue. Our kiss grew in intensity, until he was sucking my tongue and licking at my sweet cum coated lips.

Breaking our savory kiss I slipped my mouth to his ear and whispered. “I love the taste of your cum.”

Mitch just giggled and replied. “I could tell.”

I slid off his body and snuggled into his side. He reached down and pulled the satin sheet up over us both and slid an arm under me to pull me even closer, his fingers slowly caressed my shoulder. My head rested on his chest as I ran my soft fingertips across his paunchy belly.

“Were you dreaming?” I asked.

“I was and you made my dream come true.” He replied.

His chest began to rise and fall at a slower rate and soon after he no longer moved his fingers on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and joined him in a blissful sleep.

Hours later I awoke, bathed in sunlight but alone. As I rolled onto my side to shield my face from the sun’s rays streaming through the window, I noticed a single red rose bud resting on the pillow beside me. I reached for it and brought the blossom to my nose its lovely fragrance stimulated my nostrils, but more importantly the gesture warmed my soul.

Slipping from under the satin sheets I walked to the dresser where I’d carefully sorted my clothes the day before. I had the perfect complement to Mitch’s early morning gift and slipped into a short red satin robe, tying it loosely around my waist. As I walked to the living room the smell of fresh coffee filled the air. I approached the room service cart and found a vase containing another two beautiful red rose buds, an insulated carafe of hot coffee and an assortment of danish pastries he had ordered for breakfast.

Soft tropical music was playing from unseen speakers and I looked toward the open balcony door where the gentle ocean breeze was again ruffling Ankara Escort the sheer curtains covering the opening. Mitch was seated on one chair waiting for me to join him. I poured a cup of coffee and walked through the curtains.

“Good morning lover.” I greeted him from behind, my fingers touching his naked shoulder as I move to his side.

He turned and looked up at my face. A broad smile appeared on his lips before he spoke. “Good morning to you Angel.”

I leaned down and kissed him softly on the mouth as my robe fell away exposing my lush full breasts.

Mitch peeked down inside and smiled as I straightened up and sat down next to him. His eyes followed checking out how the satin fabric clung to my breasts and showed off my nipples.

“Great tits.” He said.

I smiled and shook my shoulders a little causing my tits to sway side to side allowing him to appreciate the ripe fullness of my breasts.

I took a sip of my morning java then sat the cup on the table beside me.

“You know what I like most about my tits?” I asked.

Mitch was still checking them out as he looked up and replied. “What’s that?”

“I love how they look with a hard cock sliding between them.” I answered smiling widely at him.

He kept watching me, but I knew he was enjoying a mental image of his hard cock being caressed between my soft tits.

“So what’s on tap for today?” I asked.

His mind was still focused on that mental image. “You mean beside me thinking all day about fucking your tits? He replied.

I smiled. “Well I wouldn’t want that to distract you, so if you like I can get down between your legs and suck your cock till its rock hard and you can fuck them right now.”

Mitch giggled then answered. “I think I might enjoy the distraction. Lord knows the anticipation of that will benefit us both later this evening.”

“Okay, so if you don’t want my body this morning whatever shall we do today?” I politely asked.

“You know I’d really like to just relax for a while, maybe we could go down to the pool or if you want we could sit on the beach.” Mitch suggested.

I grinned then stated. “You just want to see this sexy body in a swimsuit.”

He leaned toward me. “You’ve read my mind.”

“The pool looked so inviting when I walked by yesterday and I’d hate to get sand everywhere so I’m voting for the pool.” I remarked.

“The pool sounds good to me, that way we won’t have to worry about man eating sharks.” Mitch replied.

I giggled then asked. “But what about woman eating men?”

Mitch laughed loudly at my reference to his woman eating talents.

“So tell me what your preference is?” I asked.

“Preference for what?” Mitch replied looking a little confused.

“Should I wear my white suit or black?” I asked.

He moved his bent finger to his chin like he was deep in thought about his choice. “I believe I’d like the black.” He requested after what seemed like an inordinate amount of time.

I grinned at him. “Good choice, I look very sultry in black.”

He laughed again. “You would look sultry in a burlap bag.”

“And what about you, did you remember to pack your Speedos?” I asked.

Mitch laughed almost hysterically. His hands slid to his pot belly as he replied. “I don’t think so, this old body is no longer built for a Speedo.”

I finished my coffee then announced. “I’m gonna change into my suit.”

Mitch just smiled and nodded his head. I could tell from his expression that he couldn’t wait to see me in my swimsuit.

With a fresh cup of java and a tasty looking pastry in hand I headed for the bedroom to prepare for a late morning visit to the Royal Cancun’s awesome pools.

Slipping my satin robe off, I surveyed my body in the dresser mirror. My augmented breasts looked very natural without the ripples often seen on women who paid less for their implants. The tiny scars below each nipple had almost completely faded away. My flat stomach blended perfectly down to my silky smooth pubic mound, accentuated by the fullness of my hips and shapely thighs below. I smiled at my reflection knowing my body could still bring a dysfunctional cock to life.

I took a bite of the pastry before stepping into my one piece suit sliding it up my legs, carefully tugging it evenly over my hips, then slipping my arms through the shoulder straps. The deep plunging V between my tits showed off my impressive cleavage and just a hint of the big soft mounds of pleasure. Turning sideways, I inspected how the suit rose over my hips, exposing every luscious inch of my shapely legs. Lifting up on the balls of my feet to see how I’d look in heels, my legs looked even longer and sleeker. The miracle wet look fabric gave the appearance that I’d already dipped my sexy body into the water of the pool. I loved how it clung to my body.

I regretted not buying a pair of black heeled sandals to wear, knowing black pumps or even worse stilettos would give me a trashy Ankara Escort Bayan appearance. Instead, I opted to wear the same sandals I’d almost left on the beach last night.

I draped my beach cover up over one arm and headed for the balcony. Mitch was sitting there enjoying the soft breeze and warm sunlight as I slipped through the curtain. I placed my cover up over the back of the other chair and walked past him to the railing leaning over it just a little which showed off my sexy ass.

“Oh shit!” He exclaimed.

I knew his eyes were glued to my ass and I paused a moment to give him time to fully appreciate how shapely my hips and ass were. I turned sideways and paused again to show him every inch of exposed leg, his eyes clearly savoring its length.

He forced his eyes up to meet mine as I turned again revealing the best part.

“Oh my god!” Mitch exclaimed.

His eyes reminded me of the look a small child gets on Christmas morning, but his present was covered in black shimmering material with a streak of creamy white cleavage serving as the ribbon. I slipped my hands up and pulled the fabric at the sides of my cleavage widening the streak of white, giving him a glimpse of the gift he could unwrap whenever he wanted.

I asked the obvious silly question. “So you like my suit?”

“Like is the understatement of the decade.” He replied, smiling widely and raising his hand. He pointed a finger toward the floor and made a circular motion with it for me to spin around again.

I pirouetted on the balls of my feet giving him an opportunity to again check out how well the suit covered my body while still exposing the important naughty bits. Coming to a stop again facing him, I smiled waiting for him to comment.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sexier swimsuit.” Mitch said.

I cocked my hips and replied. “It makes me feel sexy wearing it for you.”

“I’m not sure I want to share this with all the other men here.” He commented.

I took a couple steps toward him and as I bent at the waist I said. “That’s funny.” Pausing until my lips were beside his ear. “I want every other man here to see what a hot woman you’re spending the weekend with.” I softly whispered.

I straightened up and slid my nails over his chest, then retrieved my cover up. As I stepped toward the door I said. “So get a move on buster so I can make them all jealous of you.”

He didn’t need to be told twice and caught up to me as I stepped back inside. “Give me two minutes.” Mitch said as he headed to the bedroom.

It took him less than that to change into his swim trunks. He returned looking a little disappointed. “These used to fit a lot better.” He remarked, then sucked in his gut trying to show me how they fit years ago.

“I like the cute little bulge in front.” I commented

He shook a finger at me and with a serious look said. “Never call a guy’s cock cute or little.” Then a wide smile came to his face.

I apologized. “You’re right, that cute little cock filled me just fine last night.”

Still smiling, he walked over and gave me a playful slap on my ass telling me that was for my last comment after being warned. He then took my cover up from my hand and draped it over my shoulders, his fingertips sliding down along my sides until they reached my hips.

“I can’t wait to get you in the water so I can play.” Mitch commented as we left the room.

“You think I’m getting wet?” I asked.

“One way or another.” He replied.

I smiled accepting my fate that I’d be his pool toy sometime in the next few hours.

After exiting the elevator, we made our way through the resort to the pool. As we walked out onto the deck I spotted Tiffany reclined on a chaise lounge enjoying the sun at the deep end of the pool, but James was nowhere in sight. “There’s Tiff.” I commented pointing in her direction.

Mitch put his arm around my waist and directed me toward the shallow end. Tiffany saw us and waved realizing that Mitch wanted me all to himself for now.

“Do you want to sit under an umbrella?” Mitch asked as we neared two open chaise lounges both protected from the bright sunlight.

“Yes please, the last thing I want is to get a burn so you wouldn’t be able to touch me later.” I remarked. I hung my cover up over the back of the chaise lounge and slipped out of my sandals, then sat down and stretched my long shapely legs out on the comfortable cushion of the chaise lounge.

Mitch dropped his shirt to the deck and kicked his Docksiders off. “Think I’ll test the water.” He said.

I watched as he stepped down the stairs in the shallow end until the water covered the bottom of his trunks.

“It’s like bath water.” Mitch said, than dove into the water.

I watched to make sure he surfaced expecting him to climb back out and join me. Instead he began swimming toward the other end of the pool. He reached the other end then turned and began swimming back. Surely he’d climb out and sit beside me I thought as he approached the stairs. Much to my disappointment he turned again and I realized he was actually going to swim laps. I wanted him next to me so I could flirt and tease him, but Mitch must have decided it was time to start getting in shape.

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