Dirt and Oil

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I can’t stop thinking about my hot boss, who from now on shall be called Mister (mostly because that’s easier for me to think and type). Tensions are at an all time high, and I can’t do anything about it! It’s driving me mad. My only relief from it is these stories, in which I release everything my sordid mind thinks up during the days and nights.

I want him so badly I can taste it. It drives me mad that I can’t have him, which in turn makes my fantasies that much wilder. So I impart to you, loyal readers, my Fantasy of Dirt and Oil, one that began so many months ago at our old store and shall continue to grow here in the new one….

It’s closing time for our department and it’s only Mister and I left. All the technicians have gone home and I’m closing down the computers and putting up the day’s paperwork. He’s still out in the shop, cleaning up the messes that the boys didn’t think important enough to finish. As the manager, he feels it’s his duty to leave the shop in pristine condition for the next morning’s open. I stare out the window at him as he sweeps and looks incredibly wistful. He turns suddenly and notices me standing there. My face flames crimson, for I was wearing the same expression that his had been.

We both had our problems, this handsome man and I. Our problems were similar, and we could talk together without worrying that the other wouldn’t understand. It was one of the reasons I’d been so eager to get back to this department after I’d been transferred back to the front. Others could claim they understood, but they didn’t- not really. The profound sadness in his eyes as he leaned upon the broom gazing at me wrenched my heart. I could feel it rend as I stared back at him.

Laying the broom aside, he walked quietly to the door that led back in from the shop and leaned his head in, beckoning me to join him out there. Gladly, I went.

“It’s terrible, isn’t it, the mess they leave this place in? There’s no respect there at all,” he spoke bitterly, handing me a broom to help with the sweeping. Taking it, I nodded. I had made it a point until now not to get caught alone with him, because I didn’t Escort Eryaman trust myself not to spill out the innermost desires of my heart and body to him. The last thing I wanted was for him to know…

“Krysta…” His soulful brown eyes stared into mine.


“You missed a spot.” He laughed a soft laugh, and dutifully I swept the last of the dirt into the little pile we’d made. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“What is/” I leaned upon my broom, hands crossed over the handle.

“That we should be standing here now, together and alone. Alone in more ways than one. You and I, we’re the same. You’ve got your divorce, I’ve got mine. Your heart breaks a little every day- I can hear it in your voice. Is it ever going to stop hurting?” Anger tinged his voice as the conversation took this turn, one which we both had avoided while there were others around. “Can a broken heart ever completely heal?”

I shook my head, and my hair floated around a bit before coming back to settle on my shoulders. “I don’t think so. But it can beat again for someone anew.”

“And then that person takes your heart and wrenches it, too. The pain of relationships sometimes seems… not worth the struggle.” He laid his broom aside, and I followed suit. Quickly, he changed the subject.

“Let’s go check the pit. I know they didn’t clean that right. They never do.” Leading me down the stairs, he continued talking. “One of these days, one of the guys is going to slip and fall and break something on these steps. Please be careful. I don’t want anything else of yours broken.” I could hear a smile in his voice.

“Nor do I, boss.” Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I could see that he was right- only a rudimentary cleaning had been done. No attempt to hose the oil off the floors or the catwalks had been made. Dirt clung to everything. Mister caught my shock and dismay out of the tail of his eye.

“Disgusting, isn’t it? I should write each and every one of them up for leaving this place like this…” As he spoke, I was venturing a little deeper into the pit. I’d never been down here and was fascinated by Eryaman Escort the equipment and the utter filth… and then I slipped. My feet went right out from under me, and I fell.

My head cracked hard on the concrete floor, enough to make spots dance in front of my eyes and tears of pain flow down my cheeks. In a flash, Mister was right beside me, cradling me in his arms, supporting my neck, and checking me over to see if anything was broken. “Oh, my god, Krysta, are you all right? Can you hear me?” I nodded. As I did so, he began to check me over for injuries. Then he did something unexpected- he leaned down and kissed me.

Taken aback, yet not willing to let this moment slip by, I leaned into his kiss. His arms went around my shoulders and brought me close, practically crushing me against his lean form. He was amazingly strong for such a small man, and I felt my own arms encircle him. My head stopped throbbing as our kiss deepened, but then I noticed that the throb had only relocated itself further down my body. I could feel his heart beat against his chest as he sank down beside me there on the floor, letting go of me.

“I didn’t mean to do that…” He helped me sit up.

“It doesn’t matter. No one will ever have to know. I certainly won’t tell anyone.” I drew my legs up and circled them with my arms.

“Your clothes are ruined.” Apology was in his eyes and voice.

“They’re just clothes. Easily replaceable.” I turned towards him, smiling. “How long has it been for you?”

“Too long.” He reached out for me again, cupping my shoulders in his hands. “But, we can’t…”

“I said, no one will have to know.”

“Then you’re saying…”

“I’m answering an unspoken question. The one that’s in your eyes whenever you look at me. The one that’s in your voice whenever you speak to me. And the answer is yes.” I leaned forward on that filthy floor and I kissed him full on the mouth, allowing him once again to crush me to him. Our fingers worked at the buttons on each other’s shirts until we were free of restricting cloth, and they were being used to pillow my injured head against Eryaman Escort Bayan the hardness of the floor. My fingers dug at unyielding leather, his dug at resisting cotton.

Finally, we were free of constraining garments and our fingers found soft, warm flesh. He pressed against me, and slowly I opened for him. I felt his hardness hover at the entrance of me for just a moment, then he pushed against it and he was there, inside me. I felt every move he made as he twisted my body to do his will. His face was buried against my neck. My hands found his back and I clutched as the pure force of his thrusts drove me over the precipice of my climax. His groans were only matched by my breathy squeals. I brought my mouth to his ear and whispered. “Harder, please.”

Gladly did he oblige my request, sending me again into throes of ecstasy. He shoved himself up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, drawing him in as deeply as he could go. He moaned and shuddered as he came inside me.

Exhausted, he rolled to the floor beside me, reaching out to turn my face towards his own.

‘Tell me you enjoyed that.” A smile played upon his full lips as his breathing slowed to a normal pace. I nodded, unable to speak.

After a few moments, we were able to make ourselves presentable. He held out his hand to help me up off the floor. Grateful, I accepted it. My head had taken the opportunity to start ringing again, and I winced.

“You cracked your head pretty badly, didn’t you?” I nodded a little. “You might have a concussion…”

‘I doubt that. Not after…” I gestured to the floor.

“Still, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be left alone right now. Tell you what… I’ll go clock out, and you can follow me a few minutes later… meet me in the parking lot.” We headed up the stairs, and I allowed him his head start.

A few minutes later, I joined him in the parking lot of the store, where he was talking on his cell.

“…for one, that’s right. Thanks. I’ll be there shortly. Goodnight.” Turning to me, he hurriedly explained his plan. I was to meet him at one of the local hotels, one that was many miles away from the store and where we had little chance of being discovered. I nodded, and walked to my car. What was I doing? Was I really going through with this?

Yes, yes I was. I had let it start, and I needed to see it through to it’s end, no matter how it ended…

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