Dirty Daughter Ch. 02

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All characters are over the age of 18

It had been three weeks since I watched my beautiful Mia get fucked in our living room. Three weeks of me yanking on my cock every chance I got, to the image of her. I’m sure her mother wouldn’t have left her here if she knew what I wanted to do to her now. Ben has been over a few times but it was clear Mia hadn’t lied she doesn’t like having sex if she knows I’m in the house.

However today is the day I make my move, my precious Mia was going to find out what a real man is like. I woke up early, my excitement making my heart pound I dressed as I normally would for work but I wouldn’t be going in today. I brewed my coffee and pulled out my news paper like normal, Mia would be down any time now, in that teasing little outfit.

I heard her enter the kitchen grabbing her mug, the sunlight lit up our white kitchen, was I really so bold to do what I wanted in broad daylight? There was no hiding from god when the room is this bright but the devil was speaking loudly in my ear. ‘She’s been yours for years, take her’.

Mia was in fact wearing that satin night outfit, her nipples as always pressing against the fabric, a lighthouse calling to my ship. She slowly sipped her own coffee, I let my eyes trail over her again her long legs were crossed at the ankles as she rested against the counter.

“Can I sleep over at Syd’s place tonight?” It was a Friday she often stayed over her friends house on the weekends normally I didn’t mind, with her being an only child and me being busy with work I gave her the world.

“Not tonight I need you to come home after school.” I chuckled to myself she wasn’t even going to make it to school today. She looked up at me shocked, I didn’t tell her no often she wasn’t used to it. “No tonight let’s have some daddy daughter time.” I said as nonchalant as I could, my cock was already hard if she just looked down she would see it.

“But I already told her I was coming.” I set down my paper and coffee walking over to her my heart hammering away. It wasn’t to late I could back out, Mia would never know. But instead I wrapped my arms around my daughter in a hug, we didn’t do it often but not not enough that this would read as strange.

“Can’t I also just wanna hang out with my daughter? I have a day off tomorrow so we can spend the day together.” Mia sighed bringing her arms up to hug me back. Her nipples pressed into my work shirt, she was a walking tease.

“Fine” i smiled into her hair, before dropping one hand down her back rubbing up and down before moving south and grabbing one ass cheek. Mia tensed up as I squeezed her ass again and she started to pull away but I tightened my grip. “Dad wha- stop this is gross.”

I moved my other hand up, twisting her beautiful brown hair around my fist and yanking her head back so she looked up at the ceiling exposing her neck. I bent down licking a line from her neck to her ear before kissing her jaw. She pushed at me now, and not lightly either but I over powered Mia in every way that mattered.

“Dad stop! This is gross.” She tried to lift one leg to kick at me as well but I used the motion to slip my legs between hers allowing myself to rub her cunt with my leg. “Stop! I mean it. STOP!” Why was I getting more turned on? I turned my head to speak into her ear.

“Be a good girl Mia. Don’t you wanna please your dad?” She pushes harder then, the situation she was in dawning on her fully. But I had taken three weeks to picturing this. Tightening my grip in her hair I yanked her away from the counter, she stumbled forward as i pushed her towards the glass kitchen table I bent her over it. The satin shorts rode up showing me more of her ass. I reached down with my free hand, grabbing my belt yanking it free from my slacks. I moved up behind her kicking her legs open so I could press my cock against her ass.

I let go of her hair moving quickly to grab her arms yanking them behind her as she arched her back still trying t get away. She was truly beautiful. I slipped the belt around her arms binding them behind her back so she couldn’t use them against me. Now that her arms were out of şişli escort the way i let my hands travel down her sides before gripping the satin top and ripping it in two to remove is from her body. Throwing it on the kitchen floor behind us.

“Dad stop please…” her body shook with a sob, running my fingers down her spine towards her ass. Ben had said he would be the first one here and I was hoping he hadn’t beat me to it.

Gripping her shorts I pulled them down and was so pleased to find my baby girl didn’t wear underwear. The shorts pooled at her ankles, as I reached up grabbing her ass. She whimpered, looking up I could see her tits pressed into the glass. The glass was foggy where her mouth was open and blowing hot air against it. Gripping her ass I spread her cheeks apart, her pussy was glistening, fuck she was already wet.

I ran my fingers through her lips they came away sticky. “You’re already wet and you’re telling me to stop? Who knew my daughter was such a dirty girl.” She cried out as I pushed a couple fingers into her warm cunt. Her body clamping down on my fingers. “Greedy fucking girl aren’t you” I pumped my fingers curling them to find that little gem in there.

“Stop! Take your fingers out! Dads don’t finger fuck their own daughter you sick fuck! Take them out!” She was so loud, her voice already raw with the tears she was crying. I shoved my fingers in faster, her sweet juices dripped down my hand. I lifted one of her legs so I could suck on her clit. Mia cried out her body shaking on the glass table.

“Cum for me Mia, come from your daddy’s fingers and tongue.” She shook her head god her tits looked so cute pushed against the table like that.

“No! Fuck, I don’t want to cum I don’t want to cum from your fingers. Stop this, you’re my dad!”

“Daddy” I muttered before bitting her clit shoving my fingers in deeper. She cried out tightening around me.

“Fine Daddy! Just stop!” Her legs started to shake. “Oh god, I’m cumming from my daddy eating me out while fingering my pussy.” Her cream coated my hand as I pulled away spreading my fingers to watch her juices cover them. “Please stop now daddy. ” she turned her head to look at me, her lashes wet with tears. “Whatever I did I’m sorry. Please stop now. You’ve made your point.” My baby girl was naked in front of me I wasn’t stopping.

Dropping her leg I sat back on my knees spreading her cheeks again using my cum coated fingers I gently pushed my fingers into her ass, she tensed and started thrashing against the table, trying to break free of me.

“No god please don’t! Dad!” I shoved my fingers deeper into her. It must have burned, sure the cum on my fingers helped but it wouldn’t be enough. “Stop! Stop!” She tried to pull away from me but I pressed down on her upper back keeping her still. I felt an evil smile on my face.

“Tell me Mía, did Ben already fuck you here?” She tried kicking me but she just wasn’t in the right position to hurt me. “Did my slutty daughter let her lowlife boyfriend fuck her sweet ass?” She responded with more tears. I released her back smacking her ass hard. “Answer your father Mia.”

“You watched us? You sick bastard get off me!” She yelled her voice breaking. God this was better than I expected.

“That’s right I saw you fuck him in our living room, you had no problems spreading your legs for him. Who knew my sweet daughter took cock so well. I heard you crying out for me.” I reached into my back pocket pulling free the small tube of lube I had then dropped my trousers, freeing my cock. I rubbed it between her lips slicking it up with her juices as removed my fingers from her ass, shoving the tip of the lube into her now slightly relaxed hole and squeezed it all inside.

“It was role playing, fucking role playing .” I let the tip of my cock catch on her now soaking wet back hole several times. God himself wouldn’t be able to not fuck her ass. “I don’t won’t your dick in me! You sick fuck!” She screamed but her ass was calling my name, it beckoned me like a month to a flame. I was going to fill her ass to the brim and then I was going to fuck her pussy. I was going to beşiktaş escort fuck her so hard that any man who even tried to fuck her next would feel the imprint of my dick and know she was taken.

“I love you Mia, you’re the best daughter I could ask for did you know that?” I grabbed her hips lining my cock up and the thrusted in slightly. she screamed and I thought her other screams had been screams but this one took the cake. her body tense, freezing as I felt my eyes roll back in pleasure. Hell God himself would probably worship this ass if he was inside her. I pushed my cock in more, I was so close to being fully inside her, she was bucking against me now but being between the table and myself and not being able to move her arms it was pointless.

“Stop!!! It hurts, it hurts so much, daddy please stop I’m your daughter!” I clenched my jaw yanking her hips back so I was fully in her ass. It was so tight around me, I must be fucking god because her ass was heaven. “Pull it out! Pull it out! It hurts! My ass it’s breaking!” I moaned snapping my hips forward, she grunted a sound back, her insides holding me tightly not wanting me to even pull out.

“You’re lying, you little slut. Your ass is trying to drain the cum from my balls. You keep sucking me in every time I pull back. God Mia your ass feels so good. How have I held back this long?” I reached forward allowing myself to finally grab her tits my fingers twisting her nipple hard. She was back to screaming which was only broken by her sobs. Which heaved her breast in my hand as I toyed with the perkiest nipples, everything about her was perfect.

“I’ve never had a girl milk my cock this hard. Fuck Mia these tits, I love your tits. Since they started growing when you were younger, these pink little nipples have been calling my name. I wish I had done this sooner.” I snapped my hips harder the table shaking with every thrust I made the salt and pepper container fell over but the sound was drowned about by her sobs. She tightened up around me.

“Sweet Mia are you close to cumming? You’re tightening up around me so much. Don’t be shy Mia I’ll allow you to cum as many times as you want. I’ll allow you to cum because you’re taking my cock so well.” I kissed her neck before bitting down on the soft flesh there I wanted to mark her everywhere. “You take cock so fucking well Mia, my balls are so heavy, I’m going to fill this sweet little ass up with my cum. You’re daddy’s little girl Mia and daddy’s little girl is going to cum from taking her father’s cock up her ass.”

“No! ….shit I can’t stop it! I don’t want to come from you fucking my ass! I hate this.”

“That’s right I’m fucking my daughters ass while twisting her nipple for my pleasure and you’re cumming because you’re a fucking slut. Isn’t that right Mia?” My balls pulled up I was so close, I wasn’t holding anything back as I thrust into her she would take everything I was going to give her.

“No! I’m not a slut, I don’t want to feel good from this. I hate this I don’t want cum. I don’t wanna cum. I don’t wanna cum!” Her head fell back on my shoulder as she climaxed I pinched her nipples harder as I turned my head shoving my tongue into her mouth, her mouth was just as sweet as the rest I her. Her soft pillow lips opened unwillingly under my assault. I released her tits grabbing her hips again pulling her fully onto my cock as I let my seed fill her up, ropes and ropes of my cum coated the inside of her. Holy shit, I just came in my daughters ass.

I kissed her slowly now, while rubbing her tits to ease the pain I caused. I eased myself out of her ass and was more than pleased to see my cum already flowing down her thighs. I stepped back as she fell forward on the table giving me the perfect view of her now swollen cum oozing hole. I reached up undoing the belt around her arms, a mistake on my part.

As soon as she was free from me she ran, my cock surged back to life aching as I followed. She made it as far as the foyer before I caught up to her, I reached out snagging her hair around my fist and yanked her to the floor. She yelped when she hit the cold marble as I pushed her taksim escort onto her back, I moved between her legs my cock already aching to get inside of her again. She looked down and saw i was ready to go again and I had my eye on her wet cunt this time.

“Don’t! You’re not wearing a condom!” She yelled trying to push me away as I lined up my cock with her pussy, i had planned on waiting a few minutes before doing this but the chase had turned me on and my cum from her ass was leaking on to the floor and I was a man who took what he wanted. I released her hair to shove her hips open more. She was once again in the middle of telling me to stop when i thrusted inside, and gritted my teeth to stop from cumming, how was she this right? Ben must have a small dick.

“Fuck! You’re so tight baby.” I slipped an arm around her back pulling her up so those tits pressed into my chest. She pushed at my shoulders but she was weak.

“Help me! Somebody help me! Take your cock out of me!I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.” She muttered as I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Bitting it gently, i wanted to suck her tits for hours. I moved us forward slightly so her back rested against the front door. She was sliding around every time I thrusted into her so she need the support so I could fuck into her harder. “I hate you.” Again said through more tears her lashes looked so pretty all wet like that.

“No you don’t. You’re my perfect daughter and you’re taking daddy’s cock so well. It’s like you were made for it.” I thrusted into her faster, the door rattled on its hinges, the sound of me fucking her echoed off every wall, i wish I was recording this, I’d play it on a fucking loop in the house it’s the only thing I’d let her watch, she’d get off on hot she looks crying. “Fuck I’m going to cum.” I didn’t want to cum this fast but her juicy pussy was milking me. Her eyes grew wide full of panic.

“No! Don’t cum inside me! I’m not on the pill I could get pregnant! Don’t! seriously stop I’ll hate you forever! Don’t cum inside me!” More tears leaked down her cheeks.

“Shut up!” I slapped her cheek her mouth went slack in confusion. I didn’t hit her hard I promise.”I can do what I want to this perfect pussy. You’re a perfect little slut, no you’re MY perfect slut Mia. Daddy loves you so much.” I grabbed her face so she would have to look at me, my cock swelled and i thrusted straight into her womb.

“Nooooo, stop! Stop cumming inside of me! I don’t want to get pregnant! You’re fucking sick cumming inside your daughter, you sick pervert.” She was back to trying to push me away but I ducked me head leaning forward sucking a hickey on top of her tit.

“That’s right, im a sick pervert, I’m fucking my beautiful daughter. I love you, I love you Mia, my perfect daughter, my perfect cock loving slut daughter. I’ll be using your body whenever and however I want, do you hear me Mia? You’re my fucking cocksleve a walking flesh light.” I thrusted deep inside once more my balls emptying inside her warmth before pulling free. Mia slid down the door her legs still open my cum making her pussy shine even more. It glistened beautifully in the morning light coming from the foyer windows.

She looks beautiful like this naked and flushed because of our fucking. I was getting hard again, Jesus she made me wanna fuck her into next year with a body like that. I sat back wrapping my hand around the base of my cock, I stroked up once then twice. She lifted her head her face tear stained and her one cheek slightly red from where I slapped her.

“You’re fucking disgusting” she said bitterly her voice coming out cracked and raw from screaming and all I could think was how lovely her voice was, my balls ached already. Leaning forward I grabbed her behind her knees pulling her to lie flat on the ground I bent down kissing her stomach before crawling to her pussy, our juices mixed there.

I licked her gently and she tried to push me off but she had little strength left. We tasted so sweet combined, i had never had anything taste better. My head between her legs, her finger digging in my hair trying to push me away, as she sobbed quietly into the empty house, it was perfect. Then there was a knock at the door.

“Mia!? It’s Ben come on we’ll be late for school!” Mia froze, her precious boyfriend stood less than two feet away while I ate her out….. but I wasn’t finished with Mia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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