Down The Rabbit Hole Ch. 05

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“I am tired,” Aaron said looking into his coffee cup.

We were sitting at the shop down from the church. The entire night we had spent with the youth group for an all night event. Needless to say we were both exhausted.

“Me too,” I said taking a big swallow of hot coffee. The truth was I was more tired than I should be. I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander to Ian. He was just a hot guy and it was natural. It wasn’t like I would do anything. The truth was, that I knew I could do something. I wanted to because I knew what it was like to really please a guy. I thought about sucking his dick all night. Sure I was his youth leader, but I wanted to be his cocksucker too.

“What are you thinking about?” Aaron asked. He was looking at me through tired eyes.

“Not much,” I said with a fake laugh. Just wiped out you know?

“Yeah, at what point are we too old for this?”

I nodded. It had been 2 weeks since I heard from Jim. For the most part I had been relieved. Maybe that whole thing was over with and I could move on. But could I? Should I?

As best as I could remember, I sucked nine guys that night. Nine. Well that’s not true. Actually ten. But Jim was different. Nine strangers. But they weren’t strangers. There was a connection.

“Aw finally,” Aaron said as our food arrived. The smell of bacon changed my train of thought.

We ate in silence–Talking only briefly about the quality of food and the nice weather. I guess that was the kind of couple we had become.

My phone buzzed.

Jim: Excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

I looked down at it then flipped my phone.

“What was that?” Aaron asked while shoveling eggs into his mouth.

“Oh just one of the girls from group,” I said in a panick. Why is he texting me? How does he know where I am? “She shared some heavy stuff last night and is following up.”

Aaron looked at me then the phone. “You can read it, I won’t look.”

I flipped the phone over and cleared the message notification. Then I glanced around as soon as Aaron looked away. It was busy and I had no idea where to look. My phone buzzed again.

Jim: Slut, excuse yourself now.

I cleared the screen then stood up.

“Everything ok?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah, totally fine. Just gonna hit the ladies Escort Kızılay room. Might be a little bit of a wait.” “Take your time, sweetie.”

I walked toward the back of the cafe quickly looking everywhere to see where he was. How does he know everything?

I turned the corner and stopped. The back door was propped open and there he was, leaning against the wall with his phone out.

“What are you doing h—“

“Be quiet,” he snapped. “In the ladies room, third stall.”


“Go now,” he said harshly.

I turned into the ladies room and panicked as I saw a mom and her daughter washing their hands. I smiled at them awkwardly and walked to the last stall. I saw that someone was in there. I looked back to the family then pushed open the stall. A young man stood there holding a piece of paper with: Tori? Written on it.

I nodded and closed the stall door behind me. The man slid up to the top of the tank so his feet were on the seat. He quickly unbuckled his pants and yanked them down, revealing a large, shaved and mostly hard dick.

My heart was racing. I could hear the bathroom door opening and I wasn’t sure if someone was leaving or walking in. I hesitates.

The man grabbed his dick with one hand and flopped it at me.

I looked around. Aaron was waiting for me. I looked back at the guy and shook my head. “I can’t do this…” I mouthed.

He looked at me and frowned and shook his head back. Then stroked his big dick a couple times in front of me. With his other hand he held up his phone. I could see the text. I knew the number:

If she refuses, ram your cock down her throat. Don’t stop until you cum.

I looked up at him as he put the phone down. I didn’t know what to do. This isn’t right. This wasn’t what…

He grabbed my hair and suddenly yanked my head down toward his big cock. I opened my mouth in time for him to push it all the way inside. The meaty, thick head hit the back of my mouth and stopped. I tried not to cry out. I knew what to do. I needed to just let it happen. The problem was, I didn’t know how to. He was too big.

I felt both his hands on my face and he yanked me back, then drove my head down again. The big head slammed into my mouth hard. I gurgled and tried to relax. He did it again and Kızılay Escort again. Each time harder than the last. I heard the toilet seat rattling and I got on my knees, so he could thrust and pull as hard as he could. I knew my eyes were watering, but I couldn’t do anything but take it. He drove my head down hard and the head smacked the back of my mouth. He held me there, just pushing, trying to force it into my closed throat. I was staring down 6 more inches of solid cock. There was no way.

He yanked my head back and looked at me with frustration. I could see it in his eyes. He wasn’t angry at me. He was so hard. He wanted it so bad. I pressed my face down again, trying to suck on it, trying to run my tongue on it as I took it down as far as I could. It stopped again. Still so far to go. I bobbed my head on his dick then stopped and sucked on the big head. If anything, I wanted at least this much to feel good for him.

He kept his hand in my hair as I sucked. I grabbed his shaft with both hands and focused on sucking. I kept my eyes open, looking up at him and back toward his body. He was huge and I wanted all of it. I twisted it in my hands and sucked, speeding up as I could see it felt really good for him. I pulled it from my mouth and started to lick the head, then the sides, then kiss it all over. It was massive. It was like the difference between a penis a true cock. I kissed down the side to his body and he pressed it against my head as I went. I realized it was bigger than my head.

I held it firmly next to my face and looked up at him. He had his cell phone and I think he took my picture. I was so turned on. I smacked his dick on my face and kissed at him. He was breathing hard and looked down at me intensely.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open. A small panic ran through me. We couldn’t stay in here. There was just a matter of time. I smacked his shaft against my mouth a few times. The truth was I wasn’t ready yet. There was something about this one that made me want to just be on my knees in front of. This wasn’t just a big dick to suck, no, this was one that you worshipped–that you gave everything to.

I took in the head and started to jerk him off into my mouth as fast as I could. I could tell it felt good as he let his hands go to the side and he Kızılay Escort Bayan watched me as I jerked him fast, just sucking the big head and looking up at him. He looked at me with so much desire and I locked on his eyes. I wanted him to know that I loved this cock. I fucking loved it more than anything. Suddenly he grabbed my hair and I knew his cum was on the way. I sucked it as it came out, swallowing it all immediately. It came in thick delicious gushes like melted soft-serve and I swallowed and kept jerking until I knew I had all of it. Every drop. He nodded at me as I stopped and I kept the tip in my mouth a few more seconds. Then I let it go and licked lips.

I stood up, messed a little with my hair then stepped out of the stall.

A woman was putting on makeup and she glanced in my direction. I said nothing, walked over, washed my hands and walked out into the hall. I nearly walked back to my table, when I stopped and turned around. Jim was still in the hall by the door. I walked over to him and he watched me.

“Well?” He said.

I looked at him and licked my lips again. “I want to see him again. But not here.”

Before he could respond I walked quickly back to Aaron and sat down.

He looked up at me from his phone. “I was about to text you to make sure everything was ok.”

I smiled at him. My heart was still racing and I could taste the anonymous guy’s cum in my mouth. “Let’s get out of here.”

Aaron nodded as I squeezed his knee under the table.

The drive home was frantic as my hand was down Aaron’s pants the entire time. His dick and especially his balls felt so good to me. I was so wet, I almost slid out of the seat.

As soon as we were in the door, my husband’s pants were down and I was sucking his cock. It was much smaller than the last guy’s I felt like I could swallow the whole thing. So I tried to. His balls pressed my chin as I sucked on his dick.

“Holy shit Tori,” he groaned.

He pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply. “You taste good,” he muttered.

I rammed my tongue in his mouth hard and we kissed as his hands ran over my body. My hand was on his cock, jerking him fast and hard.

Aaron pushed me to the floor and yanked down my pants. I pulled them off frantically and opened my legs for him. I was so wet that he slid in easily and he started thrusting furiously. My ass squeaked against the wood floors while my husband pumped. We kissed as he fucked me and in a manner of seconds he started to cum.

“Yes, yes, yes!” He groaned as I clung to him.

Then it was over.

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