Drinking Wine with Mum

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Tom had gone out with some of the people from his office for a drink on Friday evening. He had messaged his mum to say that he would be home at eight. Tom had suggested to her that he wanted to have an Indian curry this evening and she would like to join him then she would have to wait until eight. His mum had replied saying that would be good if he arranged the Indian takeaway and she would get the wine chilled. Tom’s father had died seven years ago in his second year of University.

He had now been graduated for three years, and six months ago he had been offered a partnership in the Law firm where he worked. It had been tough for his mum after his father died of cancer, both his parents were doctors, Tom would never forget coming home from University and his mum said, “Tom, I have some bad news, dad has a very aggressive cancer, he told me this morning that he hadn’t been feeling well for the last six weeks. I took him to the hospital, they kept him in, I will be surprised if he is still with us in a month.”

Mum had been right, they tried everything for two and a half weeks then let him come home to die which he did three days later. Tom had been at his mum’s side throughout this terrible ordeal. Mum had her own Clinic with dad, she kept this going after his father had died, but she cooked Tom his dinner every night. Tom’s graduation was terrific for Tom and his mum, his mum was so proud of him.

Tom got a position in the best law firm in the area, he had a quick legal brain and was an excellent debater. Both Tom and his mum didn’t socialise a lot, they both just worked. They both enjoyed wine and were members of various Wine Clubs. They would drink some wine every evening, a couple of times they had a little too much, but they were both still in control when they retired to their separate bedrooms.

Tom was now twenty-five, and his mum was forty-nine, she had him when she was twenty-four. Tom was tall and good looking, he was also an outstanding golfer who played for his Club’s team. He had been four times the Club Champion in four straight years.

His mum was also tall, she had a voluptuous body. Tom often wondered why she never dated as she was a beautiful woman. Tom had once joked with her and asked her, “Why do you not date?”

His mum then replied, “The majority of men don’t know how to kiss.”

Tom took the train home and ordered the Indian takeaway from the train. He would be home in ten minutes. He messaged his mum, it read, “Be home in ten minutes, food has been ordered, how’s your day been?”

Mum’s replied two minutes later, it read, “Darling, I think that I’ll be a few drinks in front of you, been watching an exciting thriller on catch-up television and I am halfway through my second bottle, don’t worry there’s plenty of good wine in the fridge. How’s your day been?” bursa otele gelen escort

Tom answered, “I’ve had three glasses of not so good wine, I am sure that I will catch up with you, I am now walking home, I am with you in two minutes, you can pour me my glass now.”

Mum had kept the family home, it was a detached villa in the best area of the town we lived in. It had a large garden which was maintained by a gardening company. Mum was in the kitchen when Tom arrived, Tom was surprised at how his mum was dressed, she was wearing a skirt and blouse, she was also wearing three-inch heels. Her blouse was unbuttoned, and she was showing a lot of cleavages. Tom said, “Mum, stand beside me, this is the first time that I’ve seen you in such high heels, I must say that you look gorgeous.”

Mum went beside Tom and put her hands on his waist and said, “Next Tuesday I’m at Medical lunch, and there’s a horrible, small and supercilious doctor going to be there, and I am going to be at least twelve inches taller than him. I’m wearing these just to get used to them. Now I see that when I wear them, I am the perfect height for being your dance partner.”

Mum gave Tom a little cuddle, surprisingly she was pulling him towards her. Their mouths were now so close, Tom bent his head down, and their lips met, Tom was amazed as his mother’s tongue slid inside his mouth. Tom could feel the weight of her massive tits on his chest, mum was also pushing her pussy against his leg. The kiss was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. As Tom stepped away, his mum said, “You are a good kisser.”

Tom then got the takeaway, they ate in the kitchen, the meal was excellent. Mum said, “This meal is so good, we should have this a couple of times a week, it would save me so much time.”

After the meal mum said, “I have now had these shoes on for over four hours, I’ll now change into something more comfortable, would you like to sit in the lounge with me?”

Tom answered, “That’s a good idea, I have a Premier Cru Chablis in the fridge would you like me to open it then we can taste it together?”

Mum replied, “I would love that, I will go and change and will see you in the lounge.”

Tom then got the wine and opened it, it smelt delicious, he got a tray, wine cooler and fresh glasses then went into the lounge. He poured the two glasses and waited for his mum to come. He couldn’t get the kiss out of his head. His cock had started to stir, then mum came into the lounge, she was barefoot and was wearing a pair of tight fitting leggings which showed her massive vulva to perfection. She was wearing a cashmere sweater, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Tom stood up when she came into the lounge, she acknowledged that he had done this then he gave her the glass bursa eve gelen eskort of Chablis and took his own and sat beside her on the sofa. Tom said, “I waited for you so that we could taste this together, it has a wonderful nose.”

Mum then nosed her glass, they then tasted at the same time. Mum said, “This is delicious, how much have we got of this and can we get any more?”

Tom answered, “I bought only one case but I have an option on another five cases, if I can get any more then I will take it this wine is exceptional.”

Mum said, “It is gorgeous, what an aftertaste, eating a strong cheese with it would be amazing. Buy as much as you can, and I will buy it for us.”

They sipped away with their wine, and soon the bottle was finished. Tom was going to suggest another bottle, but mum said, “Darling, I think that we should call it a day or you will have to carry me upstairs.”

Tom then took the tray into the kitchen and put the glasses into the dishwasher as mum put the lights off in the lounge. They walked upstairs together. Tom wanted to kiss her again but didn’t want to try anything and then be rejected. The kiss had felt so good, Tom wondered if it just been a one-off.

They got to mum’s bedroom door, and mum put her arms around Tom and pulled him close to her, she said, “I loved our kiss this evening, let’s hope that we don’t get interrupted with this one.”

They kissed again, and Tom felt the sensual way that mum was kissing him. Both their hands were exploring the other’s bodies. Tom was playing and squeezing mum’s massive tits when mum said, “I love that, I love the feel of cashmere against my hard nipples, darling, it was more comfortable kissing you with my heels on, let’s lie down on top of my bed, I’m sure that it will be much more comfortable.”

They went into mum’s bedroom and mum put on a bedside lamp, mum said, “Let’s get naked, I would prefer keeping the light on, I must take my leggings off as I feel my pussy getting wet and I don’t want a spunk stain on them.”

They were both naked in seconds, Tom was amazed by mum’s massive tits, they were huge with big hard nipples. He was also surprised at how fit her body was, she was in first-class conditions, flat stomach, gorgeous backside and a beautifully smooth, swollen vulva, her sex slit must have been six inches long.

When mum saw Tom’s rock hard long thick cock, she said, “That’s fucking massive, your father was only half the size of yours. It’s been well over seven years since I last had a cock inside me, I would prefer it if I went on top when we get to the penetration stage, then I can control things better. I love lots of stimulation in foreplay. Tom, I have wanted this for a long time, if I had known your cock was so big, I would have moved bayan escort bursa a lot sooner.”

They kissed and touched for a long time, they were both very tender and affectionate. Soon they were sixty-nineing, mum was taking three-quarters of Tom’s cock in her mouth before she started gagging on it. Her lips were wrapped around his massive cock with her tongue working overtime.

Mum’s clit was huge, it was like a little cock, Tom started to suck it, and finger fucked her as he sucked. Mum loved it, twice he felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth, mum said, “That’s fucking incredible, it’s since my University days since I last had my cunt licked, you’re so good at it. Your father didn’t like it, so I didn’t get it. Tom, use my cum as lube then tickle my dirty hole with your finger, I love it in every hole but your dad thought ass fucking was dirty and he wouldn’t do it. I missed out on a lot of naughty sex during my marriage. You are the first man to eat my cunt, and when you ass fuck me, you will be the first man to do that to me.”

Tom asked, “Who licked your cunt at University?”

Mum smiled, “I’m bisexual, I have had a few girlfriends, since your dad died I have only been with girls, I love sex, I need sex, I love naughty dirty sex, I also love your massive fucking cock, lie back as I am going on top now and I will give you the ride of your life. You can cum inside me as after my last period I went on the pill, I have been planning this for a long time. Once I know that I can take all of you then I’ll do you hard and fast now I am going to love your cock with my hot cunt, I’m so hot for you baby, I want your hot seed inside me.”

Tom lay on the bed, squatted over him, mum was holding the base of Jack’s massive cock and massaging the bulbous tip of his cock against her huge hard clit. Mum was good, she then pushed down on his hard shaft, half of his shaft slid inside her hot cunt, mum said, “That feels amazing, I want all of it inside me.”

Mum started pushing up and down on Jack’s cock with a slight circular motion. Mum was also gripping Tom’s cock at the crown of his cock and at the point where she felt that she had taken enough on this thrust.

Within a couple of minutes, she was taking his full length. She soon had a powerful rhythm going and was beginning to pound her cunt on his stiff cock. Mum said, “I can take it all, and it feels soooooo good, how’s it for you darling, is mummy giving you a good ride? It’s going to be so good when we both get to know what the other one likes, I am so happy that we are doing this.”

Tom replied, “Mum, you’re wonderful, it feels so good inside you, I love how you grip my cock, you have powerful pussy muscles, I love how your beautiful tits are wobbling as you ride me.”

For the next thirty-five minutes, mum kept pounding away, then her tempo got so fast and hard, mum came first then Tom exploded his seed inside her hot wet cunt.

Mum lay on top of Tom, still holding his cock inside her, they kissed tenderly, and with affection then mum said, “I feel so good, I had a powerful orgasm, one of the strongest that I have had in my life and you’re still hard, let’s do it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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