Ellen and Joey – Naughty Mom and Son

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All characters engaged in sexual acts are of legal age. ‘Ellen’ is 39, her son ‘Joey’ is 18.


Ellen Crosby was proud of her figure, although she was dreading the approach of her 40th birthday. She stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror, drying her hair, giggling as her 36D tits jiggled and swayed. Further down was the very beginnings of a matronly tummy. It never had been flat, but now there was a slight paunch. Still further down was a thatch of dark brown hair which she kept meaning to trim. She wasn’t Jungle Woman yet, but she figured it was three weeks since she last trimmed and shaped it. Watching as she did, she ran her fingers through the short bush: Careful Ellen. Any pressure — mmm, there! — and it might get interesting!

A noise from the front door broke her solitude — Joey was home from work and he would pass her open bedroom door any second. She threw her wraparound dress on quickly, without underwear, just in time.

“Hi mum. Nice day?”

“Yes, honey. Had a few drinks after work. Yours?”

“Pretty good. I got good marks for my exams — only two more years and I’ll be a qualified sparky!”

“That’s great son! How about Indian takeaway to celebrate?”

And so 90 minutes later, well-fed and content, they retreated to their usual spots — each had an armchair at 90 degrees from the other with a long couch in the middle. Ellen was feeling very naughty. In her haste to beat the evening rush she’d immediately phoned their order through and she hadn’t put underwear on. She had to admit to a slight arousal at her boldness. The voice in her head spoke: Ellen Crosby, are you tingly because you’re commando with this fine young man in the room?

Joey really was a fine young man. Tall, athletic, broad shoulders and solid thighs in those tradesman shorts, biceps bulging under his t-shirt.

Jesus girl, yeah you’ve drunk too much, but he’s your son! Quit it!

The dress she wore was cotton, yellow with a floral design, each side overlapping at the front with a waistband tie to keep it in place. Only for her, with tits like that, ‘in place’ meant constantly worrying about flesh spilling. The garment was designed for her to sit in privacy at her dresser brushing hair or making up, not for on-the-lap dining with a hormonal 19-year-old. Especially her own son. But she had to admit the scenario was quite arousing.

The humidity of the midsummer evening made airconditioning essential, and the combination of cool air fanning her body, the insistent naughty feeling, and the fabric on her bare flesh had an effect. Her nipples stiffened.

Ellen blushed and tried to adjust the wrap, but it was useless. Her blush became a flush, and another problem arose. She felt her body heat rising and inevitably it meant sweat, and that held the danger of damp spots and sticking fabric.

Joey glanced up from the menu he’d been studying for next time they used that takeaway, then immediately looked away. His mother’s erect nipples were obvious and she was clearly flushed. She pretended to be engrossed in her phone while she hoped for two things — one that her son wouldn’t notice her arousal, and two that it would go away so she could confidently stand and walk past him to put something appropriate on.

Joey couldn’t resist. He looked back. Those nipples drew his gaze then it fell to his mother’s legs. The wrap had fallen either side and bare thighs showed almost to her arse cheeks. Nevertheless he marvelled, not for the first time, at the smooth, lightly-tanned thighs, well-defined calves and delicate feet. But the magnet of her tits drew his eyes back. He looked for two or three seconds then suddenly realised she was looking right at him.

His eyes met hers, and she was flushed pink in embarrassment. He tried to stammer an apology.

“It’s OK honey. It’s my fault. Should have put on a bra in this flimsy thing. You’re not freaked out?”

“Oh no mum. Sorry I stared, I just… Well…” He grinned at her and exaggeratedly wiggled his eyebrows and said: “Hubba Hubba! Pretty impressive, mum!”

She laughed with him and it lightened the moment; but the problem remained. She had hard nipples which were quite visible to her son, he knew it, and she still had to get past him to change. She bit her bottom lip: “Honey, look away? I need to change.”

Still grinning and loving the power of the situation, he said: “And what if I don’t look away?”

He thought she would plead with him, but he was taken aback when his mother simply stood, put her hands on her hips, jutted her huge tits outwards and then with a wicked grin of her own walked past him to her bedroom, tits jiggling, delighting in the dropped jaw she left behind.

Joey’s mind imprinted the sight, with an unexpected result. His cock stirred in his shorts. His mind spoke: Fuck! Is mum hot or what? Those tits!

A minute later she was back, in the same dress, presumably with underwear. She sat with her feet on the seat and grinned at herself for her blatant tease, pretending once again to look through her phone. She was aware that Joey was just looking at her. She assumed he bayan esmer escort bursa was checking out her tits again, but when she looked she saw his gaze was lower down. She realised he was looking between her legs, and figured her pretty white panties might be visible.

Still feeling coquettish and thinking it was all just silly girlish fun, she said: “Hey there, son! You looking at my panties now?”

He met her banter in the same spirit: “Well, if you’re a-showin’ then I’m a-lookin’!”

“I’m not showing! Look away young man!”

“Nope!” He used a phrase from their facourite card game he knew she’d understand: “Double down or fold! Show more or cover up!”

“Joey Crosby!”

But she didn’t cover up. So Joey looked again, fully aware she was watching him closely.

In a flash, like a bolt of lightning, the atmosphere in the room switched from teasing fun to erotic charge. Joey was still grinning wildly, now Ellen’s face changed to a thin smile as she slowly, deliberately put her hands inside her knees and parted her thighs, all the time watching her son’s reaction.

He looked, open-mouthed at the strip of white cotton between his mother’s legs. He saw three distinctive creases, which he knew were the outsides of her pussy lips and the cleft between. Where he was conceived, and from where he came into the world.

Ellen’s hands slid like silk down along her thighs and back up. Joey watched, looked at his mom’s smiling face, then back to her panties. Now he realised little wisps of pubic hair were visible at the sides, and she had her legs so wide apart that the hollowing before her pussy itself was there for him to see.

And one more thing. There was a small, inch-long dark patch in the middle. His mother was showing him between her legs and it made her wet.

Joey looked into her eyes and couldn’t help but give a dry gulp. She was still smiling, but he knew her well enough to see some trepidation there.

“Oh mum. Jesus you’re hot!”

She closed her legs and put her feet on the floor. She giggled: “And you’re very naughty.”

“Me? You’re the one who…”

“OK, I’m naughty too.”

“Why did you do that mum?”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Hell yes, but, well, why?”

Ellen hadn’t thought why, it just seemed like fun. Then insight hit her: “Because I’m nearly forty, your dad’s long dead, and I’m wondering if maybe I’m gonna, y’know, get big and ugly and miss out? On Fun, I mean. That kind of fun.”

“You want another man?”

“No. Yes but no. Oh I dunno. Yes I want fun but hell no I don’t want a man, not for keeps anyway. Am I making sense?”

“Well it was fun for me anyway mum.”

“Good. Who knew I could be such a brazen hussy?”

“You enjoyed being a hussy?”

Ellen didn’t answer. Her smile narrowed, she fixed her son’s gaze, then edged her butt forward on her chair. Leaning back, she parted her thighs once more, put her hands behind her knees this time, and pulled her legs up and way apart.

Joey noticed the wet patch was now longer, wider. His hand gravitated to the erection in his shorts, aching now in its prison, as he looked there. “Mum? Are you, um, wet?”


“Oh god. I’ve never seen one…”

Her inner voice argued with her: Stop now and make it a joke. No harm done. But if you do what you’re thinking of doing, well. Just think. It can’t be undone.

The voice spoke reason but her hands didn’t listen. Her inhibitions had been dissolved by alcohol and awakening desire. One hand left her knee and Joey heard it slide along her flesh to her box. Without taking her eyes off her son, Ellen Crosby pulled the cotton aside to show him her open cunt. She arranged her panties to one side, over her butt cheek so she didn’t have to hold the gusset aside, then pushed two fingers inside herself right up to the last knuckles, holding them there while gently wigging them.

When she withdrew them they were covered in her juice. Using that to lubricate the whole area, she parted her labia with her fingers to show her son the glistening wet folds of her pink insides.

“Well you’ve seen one now.”

Joey was mesmerised at the sight of his first ever pussy. His mum’s pussy. Without realising his thoughts were spoken aloud, he said: “Oh god that’s so fucking beautiful.”

Ellen answered, in a low almost whisper: “Double down or fold. Show more or cover up.”

He didn’t know what she meant. Quizzing her with his eyes, she gestured to the hand grasping the tent in his shorts: “I want to see you too, baby?”

Joey’s eyed went back to his mother’s downy pussy as he robotically stood, loosened his shorts, and pulled them down with his boxers, then knelt while he grasped his cock and stroked. He had no sense of anything other than the sensations his masturbation gave him and the erotic show before him swimming in his head.

“Oh baby, that’s beautiful too! I’m so glad we never got you circumcised. Let’s get on the couch?”

He nodded. They faced each other at opposite ends, both with thighs apart, both watching each bursa ucuz eskort other masturbate. Ellen’s breathing deepened. Occasionally her eyes closed, but mostly they went between her son’s cock and his eyes.

After a minute, she undid the wrap, flung the sides apart, and reached behind her to remove her bra and free her breasts. The coolness of the airconditioning was heavenly on the aching heat of her nipples. And Joey’s appreciative gaze told her everything she needed to know. One hand plucked and tweaked her nipples but the other went back to her wet box and back to its horny work.

Joey’s mind raced at the sight before him. His mother’s pendulous tits swayed at her manipulations, the nipples round and hard, as she rubbed her pussy and clit dipping her fingers inside herself to keep them wet.

“Oh mum this is so hot. I think I’m gonna cum soon!”

“OK baby. You wanna cum on mummy?”

“Mm Hmm.”

The words she spoke sent him over the edge: “Cum, baby. Cum all over your mum.”

It boiled in him rapidly. Lifting himself so he knelt astride his mother’s thigh, he aimed his cock at her. His jizz had started its journey before he’d got into position so it erupted and splashed on her tits, stomach and hand; wild and wanton. He watched it arc towards her, the first spurt falling on the wrist of the hand she was diddling herself with. Forcing his hips forwards his second rope splashed her left nipple and breast, the next hit under the other breast, the rest spurted into a puddle on her belly.

“I’m sorry mum, I couldn’t help it. I came so fast…”

“It’s OK baby. I like it on me.”

She spread it out while her other hand continued fingering her sopping quim. Joey was still watching her, and that kept her very turned on.

“You want to touch me, honey?”

Joey reached out to her tits and kneaded them rather roughly. She took his hands, showed him how, and after a couple of minutes he’d learned what she liked.

“Yes, like that baby. Ooooh. That’s really nice. Will you touch me there too?”

He didn’t dare before, but now she wanted him to. Taking one of his hands in hers, Ellen guided her son to her slick pussy and showed him what she liked there too, and especially how to stimulate her little bud in its protective hood.

Joey’s face was close to her tits, and instinct drove him to suck on her nipple for the first time in sixteen years, only this time he was tender. This time he was also finger fucking her. And this time, he knew, he wanted to be inside her.

Joey was still mostly hard, and knelt between Ellen’s thighs. They looked at each other, Joey saw agreement in her eyes. She said “You wanna fuck me?”

He nodded, gulping in a dry throat. She shifted her position and he sank onto her, into her, both sighing with relief and in erotic charge.

“Oh yes. Keep still in me baby. I haven’t had a cock in so long, I just want to feel it. Oh Jesus Joey, if I’d known you were this big I might have tried this before!”

“If I’d known you wanted me to I would have done it before. Mum, you know you’re my first?”

Ellen took his head in her hands, his smile telling her it was true. She kissed him joyously on the lips, then hugged him and whispered in his ear: “Thank you darling. I’m so happy!”

Joey whispered back: “Well, you wanted to be naughty. Think for a minute what we’re doing.”

Ellen’s hips gyrated gently, pushing at the cock inside her.

“OK. How about you tell me.”

Joey’s whisper was deep, sonorous, manly: “I’m fucking my mother.”

“Mmm. And I’m fucking my son.”

Joey’s hips matched his mother’s thrusts, pushing in as she pushed up. Their thighs slapped gently now. The booze in her made Ellen feel even dirtier now: “Feel my pussy around you, Joey. Feel how wet it is?”

“Mmm, yesss…”

“You’re filling me up baby. F-Filling my whole… c-cunt!”

Joey’s dick stiffened. He’d never heard her use that word and it increased his desire. He figured it was part of the game and played along.

“Mmm, yes mum. My cock is so hard in your cunt, and it’s so hot in there. Feel how hard?”

“Oh yess baby. Oooh, you’re gonna make your mother cum!”

“I want you to cum, mum. With my cock inside you.”

“F-fuck me son. Oh, Oh, just fuck me now!”

Joey’s athletic body rose to the challenge. He got a rhythm, then confidence, so that seven of his eight inches were outside, then all of it was so deep that his pubic bone ground her clitoris. The strokes were deep, slow, so slow that Ellen’s hips ground back at her son’s invading member to make pressure on her bud each time he hilted in there.

She shuddered. “Oh baby I’m cumming. Don’t stop!”

Joey pushed and ground, Ellen moaned, and he felt her pussy flush heat as her thighs stiffened against his while she squeaked in extasy through clenched teeth. She held his butt to her, he pressed his hips to stay hard up inside, and she shuddered once more then relaxed. He resumed his long, slow thrusts and she began gently pressing back at him.

“Oh baby, keep going just bursa anal yapan escort like that!”

But the knowledge that he’d fucked his mother to orgasm was too much for his youthful control, and he began thrusting harder, faster: “I c-can’t, I’m too turned on. Let me cum?”

“OK baby. Cum for me. It’s OK, cum inside me if you want.”

Selfish now, Joey plunged and bucked while his mother used her experience to keep his wild thrusts inside her, but she too felt a new climax approach and desperately wanted to cum with him.

“Oh yes baby. I’m gonna cum again. Pleeeaazze…”

This time they climbed towards climax together, their stomachs and pubic hairs slick with sweat, slapping together, Joey’s rod iron-hard and Ellen’s pussy all liquid fire. His balls tightened, lifted, the burning started, his face turned red and contorted in a grimace.

“Yessss baby!”

“Oh fuck, mum!”

Both minds drifted to fog as orgasms washed over them, his cock spurting gobs of cum five, six, seven times into his mother’s womb as she gyrated under him, lost in lust, consumed by passion, until he collapsed onto her and panted in her ear.

Ellen felt her son’s ejaculation, his pulsing cock, then the gentle twitches when he’d finished. She rewarded him with a few squeezes of her inside muscles, joyous laughter receding to become girlish giggling as each squeeze of her pussy got an involuntary twitch from her son’s still-hard cock.


“Yes baby?”

“I just had my first fuck.”

“Oh honey, yes! How was it?”

“Way better than I’d dreamed. I know what you mean about being naughty. When we talked dirty I got it. It’ll never be better with anyone else because it’s so, um, taboo with you. Gives it an edge like nobody else could. Is that what you mean?”

“I think so. Baby, you can be dirty with me any time.”

“Oh don’t worry, I intend to!”

“Good. Shower and bed.”

“But mum, it’s only nine o’clock!”

She took up on his roleplay, trying to summon the stern mummy voice from years ago when he was younger: “Be a good boy and do as I say. Oh, and my bed. And don’t think you are getting much sleep tonight, mister!”

“OK mummy.”

She smiled at their little-boy and mummy game, then made it all adult again as she whispered in his ear: “Bring your cock. I’m gonna want it in my pussy again!”

That got her another big twitch, then her eyes and mouth widened as she felt him bloat to full hardness inside her again and begin gently fucking.

“Oh baby, maybe the shower can wait…”

Joey came for the second time inside his mother’s pussy ans the third time in a coupe of hours. Then she reminded him they had both sweated freely during their sex and also that she still had his cum all over her tits and belly from their mutual masturbation session. He was proud of himself and told her so.

“Mum, I came three times! See how horny you got me?” She beamed with pleasure: “I’m not too old yet then.”

“No way! Jeez, no!”

Her shower was built for two, both in size and because it had shower heads at each end. Joey couldn’t take his eyes off her body, watching her soap herself and enjoying the jets of water cascading off her large round breasts, dripping off her nipples, her pubes: hell even her elbows seemed sexy to him right then.


“Yeah baby.”

“In case you don’t know, you are very, very beautiful. And sexy”

She beamed. “Thank you honey. Sure you’re not just trying to get into my pussy again?”

“I am, yes. But you are. Sexy.”

Ellen took him into her arms and planted a big, wet kiss on his mouth. Feeling no resistance, she licked his lips. They opened, and her tongue explored her son’s mouth.

“Not too weird, French-kissing your mum?”

“After fucking her twice? No, not really.”

She laughed: “Fair point. Joey? Still want me to be dirty?”

“If you want.”

“Oh, I want all right.”

She sank to her knees. Joey’s heart skipped a beat as he realised what was going to happen, then in the next heartbeat it was actually happening. His mother took his cock in her mouth and began gently, sensuously sucking on the tip with her lips.

“Oh..my..fucking..god mum.”

Ellen licked the shaft while she spoke wickedly to him: “You like this honey? When mummy sucks your cock?”

“Nnghhh fuck yes. I can’t believe I’m hard again already.”

Ellen gobbled her son’s cock, occasionally taking as much in her mouth as possible, but mostly using her wet mouth and lips on the very end of it and around his knob. She kept it up for five or six minutes, Joey just stood there and rocked gently. His breath quickened and his thighs began to quiver. He put his hands either side of his mother’s head and began jerkily fucking her mouth, but gently, though. She was impressed at his restraint, for his part he was slowly rising to orgasm but could not let loose for fear of choking or hurting her.

“Ohhh mum! F-fuckkk… I… NNNGGhhhh!”

His dick twitched, swelled, jerked, spasmed — and Ellen tasted the salty cream her son was splattering into her mouth. She fixed her lips around his knob and let him empty his balls. His knees buckled but she did not retreat, and then he was done. He looked down at her, to be rewarded with her triumphant face looking back. She slupped her lips off the end of his cock, briefly opened her mouth to show him his cum, then closed them again and swallowed.

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