Enslavement 05

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The slave known to me as 22 prepared me for my first appearance in public. My body had been fully waxed two days earlier and she shaved my head and brow line so I was smooth everywhere.

The daily shaving and the pleasures that followed had become something that excited me and I now associated hairlessness with submissive pleasure.

When all of the pampering was complete, I stood and looked at myself in the full length mirror. My smooth scalp shone in the light and my bare breasts were scarlet tipped as Mistress preferred. I was tightly cinched in black patent leather and my feet were in matching heels that made walking very difficult. My smooth pubis was covered by a piece of black leather no larger than a playing card. The only jewelry which I wore was a pair of large hoop earrings that showed of my long neck and shoulders to good effect.

I wore a cape over my shoulders that came to the bottom of my buttocks and left most of me exposed to anyone who saw me. Mistress was most appreciative of my appearance and she smacked my behind as she led me to the car.

We were driven to a large gated estate where many flashy automobiles were already parked. 22 acted as our driver and she let us off at the large front entrance where two bare-breasted women greeted Mistress and took my cape.

We entered what appeared to be a ballroom with a string quartet playing and filled with women dressed in evening wear. There were more bare-breasted women serving canapés and drinks and some other women were as exposed as I was. There were even several women with shaved heads so I was not as unique as I had expected I would be. Nevertheless I was a subject for much discussion. Friends of Mistress approached us and talked about me as though I was nothing more than an accessory. I suppose I was but Mistress caressed me frequently and displayed ownership.

We moved through the guests, Mistress frequently stopping to chat with a friend or to allow me to be examined by a fellow dominant.

“I love how you keep her hairless,” said one brown skinned woman with a red dot on her forehead.

“Yes,” said Mistress. “I have always found the absence of hair attractive in a slave. I always have them shaved when they join my household. Only when they are escort bayan kağıthane getting ready to leave me do I allow them to grow their hair.”

“How interesting,” said the other woman.

“This one was already shaved when I found her so

I thought about 22 whose hair was short but growing. It occurred to me that she would be leaving the household soon. I wondered who would take her place.

The formal dress of some of the guests contrasted with the exotic fetish wear of some of the more exhibitionist types and their slaves. It made for interesting people watching even if you were one of those being watched.

Mistress guided me to an alcove where several women were chatting over drinks. When we got close enough I recognized Lily the hairdresser who had originally shaved my head bald. To one side was Nadine Whitman whom I suspect was responsible for me being sold to Mistress. Standing with her back to us was a nude in red heels whose hands were bound behind her back with her bright red hair loose on her shoulders.

Something about the bound woman seemed familiar as we approached and when Mistress engaged the others in conversation, I was able to turn and look at her from the side. It took a minute to absorb what I was seeing. She was gagged and her hair had been colored an unnatural shade but there was no doubt. My former lover Gillian was now somebody’s slave.

She glanced at me and recognized me. She lowered her eyes quickly and looked away.

I was stunned and took a few minutes to try and assess the situation. Gillian was now someone’s submissive; just like me!

As she stood beside me, some of the old excitement was stirred by her presence. Her narrow waist still looked firm and flat and her breasts stood proudly on her ribcage. Her nipples seemed slightly erect as though being exposed the way she was had excited her. I allowed my bare shoulder to brush against hers and I felt the old magnetism. I wanted her to take me in her arms but somehow I knew that the old Gillian was somehow lost inside this defeated woman.

Mistress discussed matters with the other women. Nadine Whitman did most of the talking. Finally, they came to some agreement. Mistress nodded at 22 who took me by escort bayan beyoğlu the hand and led me away, towards the exit. My body was touched frequently as we moved through the growing throng.

Once we were at the door, my cape was thrown over my shoulder while I watched in amazement as the gagged, bound Gillian was led to our car by Mistress.


When we were finally alone, I walked over to Gillian who sat naked on the sofa with her hands still bound behind her back. She looked at me with some sort of faint recognition but seemed not to remember how I had once been her lover.

I touched her breasts and watched as her nipples blossomed. I bent over and kissed her on the mouth. She smelled so familiar and tasted so good but she did not respond as she would have done in the past. I slid my hands between her legs and felt how smooth she was. She spread her legs compliantly, seeming to understand her role and accepting it.

I had been given my instructions by Mistress and now it was time to initiate Gillian into the house culture.

I led Gillian to the barber chair, where 22 often shaved my head, and made her sit. I taped her beautiful mouth shut with silvery tape and then found the electric shears.

The shears whirred into motion in my hand and gave me a sudden sense of power where I had none before. I started cutting at the base of her neck and had soon jammed them with her dyed red hair. I managed to clear them and started again at the top of her forehead. I made two short cuts into her hair and brushed it away, seeing her denudate scalp where the hair had been. This was turning into a bit of fun and I started to shear my erstwhile lover in earnest.

Gillian’s tears welled up as I methodically sheared her to the scalp. It did not take long once I got the hang of the clippers and within a few minutes her garish red hair was reduced to a straw colored stubble.

I whisked her off with the soft bristles of the barber’s brush and then set out to work with the razor. I spread aerosol lather on her scalp and opened a fresh package of razors.

Shaving Gillian was exciting. She had wanted me shaved bald and now it was her turn. I started around her ears, getting the tricky part out of the way first. Then I shaved her scalp from front to back. When I was finished, I ran my fingers over it and found a couple of spots that needed to be re-shaved. After a second lathering and use of the razor, Gillian was smooth as an egg.

I finished by shaving off her eyebrows. When all of her was smooth and bare, I dried her and dusted her with powder. Shaving her had excited me and when I was done, I cupped her breasts and kissed her scalp. She responded in a strangely passive yet excited manner.

This beautiful hairless woman who had once dominated me was mine to use however I saw fit and I wanted her badly. I took her to the room where she was to be kept and I found some of the tools in the chest of drawers that were similar to those that 22 had used on me. I found a short flogger with a flesh colored handle that was shaped like a penis. There was a short thick dildo gag and a variety of plugs and clamps.

I ripped the silver tape off her mouth and forced the thick dildo gag between her lips, buckling it in place. Then I bent her over the cot and used my fingers to apply cold cream while I gradually spread her firm buttocks.

She moaned when my finger penetrated her pink rosebud and gasped when I replaced it with a short plug. Pushing her facedown on the bed, I flicked the flogger against her bare shoulders. Her gag prevented her from being audible beyond the room.

My desire to punish her increased as I began to flog her in earnest. Her back began to be striped with pink as I beat her. When it began to turn red, I realized that I had to stop. I set the flogger aside and turned her on her side.

Gillian’s eyes filled with tears as she looked up at me. She realized that her former lover was now her trainer and that she would be mine to do whatever I wanted to do with.

Seeing her there, bound and hairless, I was filled with mixed emotions. Revenge, lust, pity and compassion were entwined and I knew that most of all, I desired her.

I slid her to the edge of the bed and helped her to her knees facing me. I opened my short robe and she knew what she was to do.

Holding her freshly shaved head in my hands, I pressed her mouth against my bare pubis. She kissed and tongued me with a vigor that she had never shown before. Gillian had never really liked kissing me there but this time she was very willing. I caressed her scalp and shoulders as she pleasured me like she had never done before.

Gillian was my own hairless slut.

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