Exchanging Flesh Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: Conquering The Flesh

**ok, you may have wanted to read some of the earlier chaps to appreciate fully this, but give it try even if not. love, esl&&**

I wish I could say I stayed away from Bobbie but her huge tits were too much for me to ignore. Them and her obvious availability.

I still harbored resentment for her treatment of me the night before my wedding but when she gave me daily glimpses of her cornucopian body, I decided to have her. But to have her my way.

She caught me on our third morning at her place. She had the day off. Mae was at work.

I stepped out of the bathroom after showering, a towel wrapped around my waist. Bobbie was lying on the pullout couch Mae and I were using. She was naked. She held her mammoth coral tipped breasts in her hands. Her huge body spread over the mattress.

“Remember these, Danny,” she said, almost tauntingly. “Remember Mommies’ titties.”

I had been thinking about Bea in the shower so my dick was half hard. Maybe my sweet feelings for my mother-in-law made me react the way I did. I whipped off the towel and walked up to Bobbie.

“Sit up,” I said.

She did. Peter-one had told me once she really didn’t care for cock sucking and I took advantage of my knowledge.

“Open your mouth,” I said.

She reached out to stroke my cock. I pulled away.

“No hand jobs this time, Bobbie,” I said. “Open up.”

She opened her mouth and I shoved my prick between her lips. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth until I was hard as a rock. Then I pulled out. I pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her thighs. She was soaked. I tongued her clit then stuck my tongue in her cunt.

“Oh, yes, baby,” Bobbie said. “Suck me.”

Just as I suspected, her smell was completely normal if strong and musky. Through years of research, I had come to believe the reason she smelled so bad that night long ago was because she had her period. I licked voraciously and she pulled my face into her. Her voice was ragged as she begged me not to stop. “Suck my cunt. Suck my cunt.”

I had no intention of stopping. Instead, I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it hard. I thrust two fingers in her pussy and fucked them in and out. She came hard, lifting her great buttocks off the mattress and bellowing loudly above my bead.

I stood up and took my place between her thighs. She couldn’t speak, her eyes were staring frantically at me. I simply inserted my cockhead in her tight hole and slammed home. Her eyes bugged out as my length stretched her famous tight twat. I fucked her relentlessly, showing no mercy for her small size.

When I was ready to come, I pulled out and shot my wad all over her big jugs. The thick cream saturated her white nipples as I stroked my meat dry.

“You’ve learned some new tricks, Danny,” she said.

I lit a cigarette and I watched as she licked my come off her heavy breasts.

“You like to be in control, don’t you, Bobbie?”

She looked up at me, unsure where I was going.

“Yes,” she said. “It’s best for me.”

“And you don’t like to suck dick? Peter told me that.”

“No, I don’t really. I like the taste of come but I can’t stand it spurting in my mouth. And most cocks are too big.”

I stubbed out my smoke.

“Listen,” I said. “We can get together once in a while. But there are two conditions. Number one–I’m in control. Number two–You suck my cock. And know this–I want you to suck my cock because you don’t like to. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said quietly. Her nipple was erect.

“And if you do suck my cock until I come down your throat, I’ll lick your pussy dry,” I said.

Her hand flew between her legs. She nodded.

“Why don’t you go take a shower?” I said.

She lifted her massive frame off the bed. As she passed by me, she stopped to tentatively touch my limp cock.

“Now?” she asked.

“Later,” I said.

She went into the bathroom.

I think I was so mean to Bobbie because of my confused feelings for Bea. I missed her terribly and I had so much pent-up sexual energy, I needed a place to vent it. But I was done playing the one being controlled. If I couldn’t have the cooperation I’d achieved with Bea, I was going to call the shots.

Bobbie became a kind of confessor for me. She knew of a number of my conquests. She knew about Mel, though not about the time in the closet. She knew about Val and Darlene. And about Liz. I was surprised she hadn’t heard about Charlotte since they were sometime lovers. She, of course, didn’t know about Vera or Bea.

Many times as I fucked her tits, now using mine and Bea’s baby oil trick on those gargantuan things, she would question me about my ladies.

“Who’s the best cocksucker?”

“Easy, Valerie.”


“Because she likes it.”

“Who had the best body?”

Bea came to mind but I couldn “Why?”

“She was perfect. That’s all I can say.”

“What was kinkier? Val and Darlene? Or Charlotte the harlot?”

She didn’t know about gaziantep escortları Robert. “I think you know the answer to that.”

“Charlotte and her toys. Did you piss on her?”


“Kinky bitch. Who was the first?”

“Her name was Vera.” And I told her a bit about my initiation into the world of sex.

“Was she the best butt fuck? That woman, Vera?”




“You’re getting really hard.”

“It was really good.”

“Were you in love with any of them?”

“I think so.”

“All of them.”







“She was sweet.” “Melissa?”

“Maybe.” “Me?”

“No, you pissed me off too much.”

Bobbie giggled. “Vera, the older woman?”


“Who was the best all round lover?”

“My mother-in-law.”

“Oh, my god. Danny, you didn’t?”

“She’s the best.”

“What about me? What am I the best at?”

That’s when I came as I fucked her pendulous tits. My come splashing all over her chin. I shoved my spurting prick in her mouth and fucked her lips till I was dry.

When I finally pulled out, she said, “Oh, I see. Oh well, boys will be boys. Big tits for all of you.”

I slid down to tongue her clit.

“I can’t believe you fucked her mother. Danny, you’re a match for me.”

She kept talking until my tongue lashed her to orgasm. Then her words turned to screams.

Bobbie would also regale me with stories of her exploits while I ate her pussy. As I suspected, she had been with nearly everyone I knew. Most of her male professors, as well. She told me she rarely let someone fuck her however. She used her hand jobs and titties to keep her men happy.

She was in love with Peter-one but knew it would never work. He was the only guy she truely tried to please. Doing anything he wanted. His seven inch slender prick was perfect for her small pussy. But he treated her badly. Indeed, once after they had a quickie in the study room of the dorm, he had left her there asleep with her huge tits exposed. He had just gone to his room as she slept on the couch until a custodian walked in in the morning.

Peter-two had the smallest cock she’d ever seen. It didn’t matter because he came when she undid her bra.

The biggest dick–I was number two–belonged to the Big Professor, of course. A big country man of about fifty who taught history. He had a great shock of white hair and was a well rumored cocksman.

Bobbie had pursued him and eventually caught him in his office after a class. She had made up a story about needing extra credit. Then when the door was closed, she just exposed her abundant breasts and he was instantly hard. Bobbie undid his pants and when his monster sprang forth, she was nervous for the first time in her life.

It was twelve inches long and as big around as a coke bottle with a humungous purple head as big as an apple. That was when Bobbie developed her exquisite hand job technique. She stroked him to orgasm as he sucked on her big tits. His come drenched her belly like a pint of heavy cream.

The professor insisted on fucking her and she let him put his somewhat smaller limp dick in her tight twat. He fucked her with the thick hose and she came as his prick stiffened and lengthened in her pussy. When he was fully erect he fucked her with the half of his prick he could get in her tight hole until he came for the second time. She said his apple sized cockhead felt like a fist opening when it shot off inside her.

When she told me this I became so hard I stopped licking her and shoved my prick in her cunt so hard we both came. It was the only time I ever came in Bobbie’s cunt. I insisted on shooting down her throat no matter how we were getting off. She hated it, but accepted the condition.

My favorite position with this big girl became 69 with her on top. I loved the weight of her heavy breasts on my chest as I sucked her cunt and she deep throated my cock. I could squeeze her hard nipples as I probed her vagina with my tongue. When Bobbie really had me down her throat she would lift off my chest and her great udders would hang down. I would slap them hard or slide down and bury my face in them while I held her blond head on my cock as I shot down her throat.

The only time she refused me was when I wanted to fuck her asshole. She told me she was saving it for Peter-one. I made her pay by forcing her to lick my asshole clean and then suck me off on her knees while I stood before her. I made her do this for an entire day. Anytime I got a hard-on, I would just nod for her to get on her knees. Near the end of the day, I was basically fucking her shit filled mouth while I held her head. The last time we did it in the toilet while Mae watched TV in the other room.

This day, though enjoyable, started an idea percolating in my mind. I telephoned Peter-one and had little trouble convincing him to join Bobbie and I for a day of fun. I even offered to pay for half of his bus ticket. When I told Bobbie that Peter was coming to see us, she was elated. Her face lit up with joy. When I told her what she’d have to do, she was a little in awe–but she didn’t say no.

Peter arrived on the appointed day and I greeted him at the door. I think he had a pretty good idea what he was there for. Especially since, over my shoulder, he could see Bobbie sprawled on the opened couch in all her naked glory.

He grinned and gave me a wink. “Thanks for the invite, buddy,” he said, as he moved past me quickly. You couldn’t blame him. The big girl looked luscious laying there.

Peter went to the bed and bent to kiss Bobbie’s beautiful pale lips. As the two of us had earlier planned, her hands went immediately for his pants and in a fraction of a moment she had his growing tool in her mouth. Peter’s cock was as slender as Bobbie had described but she had neglected to mention the large cockhead, shaped like a bullet and dark purple. She was noisily sucking on said knob, while Peter stripped off his shirt and I shucked my bathrobe.

I moved over to get a better view of the action as Bobbie deep-throated Peter’s seven incher.

He put his hands on her blond head and held her there. “Looks like you’ve taught her some new tricks, Danny.”

“She’s been a pretty willing student, Peter,” I replied. I brushed my hard cock against Bobbie’s cheek and she removed her mouth from Peter’s dick and clamped it on my big head. She continued to stroke Peter’s meat as only she knew how to do, while she sucked me.

After a few minutes of this glorious action, I murmured to Bobbie, “Bobbie, I think it’s time.”

She smiled into my cock and took her mouth from my meat. Then she fed Peter’s penis into her mouth until she had her lips around the base. His cock head was fixed in the back of her throat. Then she planted her hands on his skinny ass and began to pump him in and out of her mouth. Her masterful cock sucking would have done Melissa or Valerie proud.

After a very short time, Peter was rolling his head back and saying, “Oh, shit. You are the best, Bobbie.”

That’s when I touched her head and said, “Bobbie, stop.”

Peter looked at me like I was crazy, but I simply winked at him. Bobbie stopped and took his prick out of her mouth, she held it lovingly, occasionally caressing her lips with the big nub of a head.

“Bobbie, don’t you have something to say to Peter,” I urged. We had worked it all out in advance.

She took a breath and her huge chest rose and fell with the air. She looked delicious in the magnitude of her flesh as she sat before us.

After a moment, she said, humbly, as I had instructed her, “Peter, I’d really love to suck you dry and let your come cover my tongue. But what I really need is to have you take this big hard cock and fuck me in the ass.”

Peter let out a breath and his eyes began to shine. He was totally willing to comply with her request.

Bobbie lay on her back. I had told her that would probably be the easiest for the first time. She drew her big haunches up and revealed the bud of her asshole. I had instructed her to insert things in it for a few days previously to let it open up. But the bud was puckered, probably with her excitement and I knew she’d need a hand.

I gave Peter a tube of K-Y and told him to lube up. Then I knelt before Bobbie’s groin and pushed her legs further apart. I licked her clit and stuck my tongue in her canal then I moved down over the perineum and licked at her asshole. She moaned appreciatively at the clit but shuddered as I slid my tongue into her puckered spot. I fucked her ass with my tongue for a short time then got a blob of K-Y and applied it to her softened flesh.

I drew back and announced, “I think were ready.”

As Peter moved to his place between Bobbie’s legs, I moved around to offer my stiff prick to her mouth. She accepted me greedily but kept a wary eye toward her crotch. I, on the other hand, had a perfect view and was thrilled when Peter stuck the big head of his weapon in her cunt before taking it out and placing it at her backdoor. He rubbed it up and down a few times, then slowly inserted the tip. Bobbie tensed and stopped sucking me. But Peter had obviously done this before and withdrew. I motioned for Bobbie to continue her blowjob. Her big body was shaking.

Peter reinserted his penis and pushed the huge head in her rectum. Then he pulled almost out and pushed it back in, gaining further purchase.

“Oh, my,” Bobbie moaned around my cock. I thought she should be able to talk freely and told her to cup her big tits for me so I could fuck them. She did and I straddled her head and drove my prick into her glorious flesh positioning my balls above her waiting mouth. I fucked her tits and she licked and sucked my testicles as Peter pushed his slender cock further into her ass.

Every inch that went in caused her to say, “Oh, my god. Oh. My god,” until he was through that little ring of flesh and then she was saying, “Oh, yeah, that’s it. You got it. You’re there, baby. Fuck me.”

And we both did. I pumped her breasts as I watched Peter screw her virgin butt hole. He slammed home every time forcing her great girth to wobble and bounce and jiggle. I dug my fingers into her snatch and found her clit which I fingered above the pounding cock in her ass. She sucked my balls into her mouth and soon she was coming, shaking the entire bed. Her orgasm threw Peter into his and he groaned deeply as he came in her bunghole. This sent me over and though my first spurt of semen landed on her big belly, I moved back and deposited most of it in her mouth. She sucked me dry and replaced my hand with her own on her clit, frigging herself to another climax.

Peter watched her take my come in her mouth and swallow and shook his head in amazement. “Shit, Danny. You’ve taught the teacher.”

“You think so. Bring your shit streaked pecker up here and see what she can do.”

He did and Bobbie took him, more lovingly than myself, I thought, into her mouth. She gently washed his cock and balls with her tongue until he was clean and limp in her mouth.

Watching this had given my cock new life though and I moved around to between her mammoth thighs. I put the head of my dick at the entrance to her vagina and, finding it well wet and oiled, shoved my prick into her. I fucked her slowly to orgasm as Peter’s prick grew again in her mouth. She screamed her coming around the cock meat. Then I withdrew and put a blob of K-Y on the head of my dick.

I placed the knob at the entrance of her asshole.

“Danny,” she said. This was a change in the plans. She had agreed to let me fuck her ass after Peter was gone but I wanted it now.

I bounced the head of my dick off the slack opening. I looked at Peter who didn’t seem to have a problem.

Bobbie said, “Danny, you promised. This was for me and Peter. You said you’d wait.”

A light went on behind Peter’s eyes. He touched the side of her head, brushing her hair. “It’s all right, babe. I don’t mind.”

Bobbie looked up at him like she wished he did mind. I was about to pull away when she said, “But it’s so big.”

Peter continued to stroke her hair and said, “It’s okay, doll. It’s not even as tight as your pussy in there.”

Bobbie looked at me and gave a slight nod.

I married the big head of my cock to the small hole that was her asshole. Then, I knew what I really wanted. I had her turn over and get on her hands and knees. The tips of her tits brushed against the mattress. I wanted her big expanse of buttocks spread before me as I fucked her butt.

Peter took his place before her and she gobbled his rawboned dick. I squeezed her ass cheeks and parted them, notching my prick into the mouth of her rectum. I wasn’t as gentle as Peter had been as I began pumping my cock into her. And I took great delight in making her ass shake as I pounded her. Peter was right–her anus was less tight than her impossibly tight twat and easily accepted my huge tool. Before long, Bobbie was pushing back on it as I pushed forward. I reached down to cup one of her huge tits and found Peter’s hand there. We laughed and I reached over to grab the other one.

Then I raised Bobbie off the bed so her back was flat against my chest. I couldn’t move much in her ass but that was not what I was interested in at the moment. I rested my chin on her shoulder and spoke into her ear. “Suck his cock, Bobbie. Suck him good. That’s it. Show me that big cockhead. Lick it, sweetie.”

My hands came around her prodigious back and held her massive breasts. I kneaded and squeezed the white nipples. I continued in her ear. “Now, take that prick to the back of your throat. Show him you can do it, Bobbie.”

I watched, inches away, as she devoured his sword. She groaned as the meat passed through her lips. Then her mouth came off the dick and she licked a drop of pre-come for the tip. Peter’s cockhead was expanding and pulsing before her tongue.

Then, Bobbie surprised all of us, maybe even herself, by saying, “Oh, what the fuck. I might as well see what all the fuss is about. I may not get another chance. Get under me, Peter. Fuck my pussy while Danny reams my ass.”

With barely a glance between us, Peter squirreled under the big woman and slipped his cock in her open cunt. I could feel the big cock head slide along the thin membrane that separated us, down the length of my prick until it hit home deep in her canal.

Bobbie moaned how good it was and kissed Peter’s mouth like lovers do, tonguing him deeply. Then she turned her chubby face around and offered me a similar sweet kiss. When our lips parted, she held herself above Peter’s slight frame and brought a huge tit to her mouth, and said, “C’mon, boys, fuck me. Fuck Momma’s tight ass and tighter pussy. Do it to me, boys! Fuck me good and hard.”

Then she chomped down hard on her nipple. And we were off. Peter suckled on the remaining tit and lifted his ass as much as he could to fuck in and out of her cunt. I found purchase with my feet flat on the mattress and squatting behind her, I held onto her big chunks of ass meat, and drew my big prick in and out of her ass as hard as I could.

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