Exquisite Torture Pt. 03 – Dawn

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It’s been almost a year since we christened this little … whatever it is. A year since Alex and I used Asuka while denying her any pleasure in return before we wore her out and then all fell asleep in a pile. We’ve found ourselves in couples and piles of various arrangements quite a few times since then, but there’s nothing I like more than the three of us pressed together as tightly as possible.

Not like I expected him to be anything but OK with it when I brought up formalizing our … whatever you wanna call it. “Thruple,” is what he likes, ever the analyst and word monkey, but that sounds like a gameshow to me. I just think of us as Us, mostly because I know he won’t argue with capital letters.

We got our tattoos a few weeks ago. We wanted them to be healed before the big reveal, but we knew she needed something different, something special, something that told her how vital she was to us, and to Us. A fancy dinner where we give her that something special was his idea. He hasn’t been on many dates, so he likes to show us off, and we indulge him, because we like to be shown off.

Somehow he convinced me to dye my ash blonde hair a glossy auburn. I guess that’s not fair. In one of those felt-like-changing-something moments, I did ask what color he’d like. He’d never make a request like that without being prompted. He wants us to be happy too much to worry about what makes him happy. It’s cute, until you figure out he’s like that because he’s terrified. Letting him show us off helps with that.

Asuka is all oohs and ahhs about my new red hair and my white, ruffled, one-shoulder dress, complete with zebra stilettos, when she slides into his car. She’s a sub, not a bullshitter, so she’d tell me if she didn’t like something, like the shoes I bought that she said were only good for stepping on her neck, and only in private.

She looks delicious in a tiny, black, rose-print cheongsam with a teardrop keyhole and simple black pumps. Her bubblegum perfume fills my nose, as sweet as her. Alex is playing the dutiful chauffeur, so I take the opportunity to make out with our toy on the way to the restaurant. That’s certainly why he stuck me in the backseat before we picked her up. He’d say he “positioned me to reap significant serendipitous benefits,” but he knows if he did I’d complain he was showing off again. Without those shoulders his head would have crushed him by now.

Dinner is at a very nice steakhouse. Before we get out of the car, I swirl my tongue around her ear and tell her I want her to slut it up in the restaurant. She knows we won’t loan her out; we’re both far too possessive for that, and no one is good enough to play with our toy. So, she knows she’s only putting on a show for the two of us, and she knows she’ll be paid well for her time.

That payment starts with her first present. Once we’re seated, I snatch her by the chin and press my lips firmly to hers. While she’s distracted, he slips a tall collar made of spiraling, intertwining gold wire around her neck. A red lens in the center rests on her throat. She jumps in my grasp when the cool metal comes to rest against her skin. I release her from the kiss, and her hands leap to her neck to examine her prize briefly. I push her along the bench seating to lean against him, where I snap a quick picture with my phone so she can see how it looks on her. Something bubbles across her face, telling me she knows something else is coming. She knows we’ll only let her percolate as long as it’s fun for all of us, and she’s a good girl, so she keeps her questions to herself.

Secluded in a shadowy booth, she and I tease him throughout the meal, feeding each other, licking fat and juice from each other’s faces, and just blatantly fondling each other. Of course, I’m her dessert, eaten dutifully on her knees under the table. His dessert is licking me off her face in the backseat of his car while I drive us home.

Back at his house, I go directly to the fridge to get the bottle of pink bubbly we stuck in there earlier and pop the cork. He told me once that stuffy wine tasters say the smaller the pop, the better. Fuck that. What’s the point if there’s no pop? That’s the sound of a celebration starting. I keep my back to Asuka as I slam down a small pill with a swallow from the bottle. “Time for present number two,” I announce, still hiding my face. I place another pill into my mouth, but hold it on the end of my tongue.

She melts a little as I strut slowly across the room to stand over her, just like the sweet treat she is. I cup her chin in my palm and pull her face to mine to kiss her roughly and deposit the pill in her mouth. “Drink,” I order, holding the bottle to her lips. She swallows a mouthful without question. Shocked eyes turn quickly to pleasantly surprised. She should know I know how she likes her drugs. I take a long, deep kiss from her, and she presses herself against me, offering her body and mind to her mistress.

After slipping out of our shoes, we make out for several long moments, welding our bodies together, swallowing each xslot other’s panting breaths, because he deserves a present too. I pull my lips loose from hers frequently for more sips from the bottle for both of us, and we trade fizzy strawberries and raspberries on the ends of our tongues. It’s mostly empty before I realize I’m hot because I’m still dressed, I’m a little drunk, and the ecstasy is kicking in. Tomorrow might suck because of that pill, but sometimes love hurts. Besides, if we feel like garbage I’ll just make Alex take care of us.

He picks a good moment to take the bottle from me and suck down the remnants in one long gulp. I see him almost toss the bottle to the side into a chair, like I would have, but he can’t not do the math of pros and cons. So he pauses reality for a moment with a burst of willpower while he parks the empty bottle on the bar around his kitchen, freezing our bodies with anticipation, leaving only our eyes free to follow him. He returns to where he was, and when time resumes Asuka gets hoisted onto his shoulder and carried to the bedroom, giggling the whole way.

He’s lifting her arms by her wrists when I get there. Time freezes again, just for the two of them, both wearing familiar expressions of powerful affection. She stays frozen while he strips her slowly, gently, a broad smile resting on her face. She likes it rough, but she likes it however we wanna give it to her more. Although, being honest, he’s being careful because he’s afraid of damaging her dress as much as he wants to be tender with her.

I find myself enjoying my spectator role, drinking in the sight of her body that I’ll be using however I want very soon. The “X” and my drunkenness fuses our perfume, his cologne, and the fruity smell on my lips into something that makes my head hum as I leer at both of them. While his hands explore her slowly and he owns her mouth with his, I imagine myself in both of their places. Maybe it’s vanity or narcissism, but if there were two of me, I’d be fine with me putting my hands all over my body, directing me to pleasure myself, and overall just fucking my brains out. Of course, they’d want to help, and there’s something interesting in the idea of him telling me how to fuck me. Maybe I’d let her run the camera before the two of me demolish her for an encore.

He says he has a wild animal inside him, one that he’s very careful to control. It’s believable. I’ve seen him turn Asuka into a puddle with nothing but a sustained, intense look – a hawk who’s spotted prey. I’ve also felt his paws on my ass and his jaws around my neck, and he is a little furry, but pleasantly so. Sometimes, if you listen closely, and you dangle a tasty piece of bait, you can hear it.

I feel like provoking the beast a little, so I cross the few steps between us and press myself against him. He looks up from their kiss, but before he can twist and capture her between us I tell him, “I feel like being lazy tonight.” I stretch over her to press a pliant kiss to his lips. “You be in charge.” His hand clamps onto my ass immediately and a growl rumbles through his throat as she shudders against me.

The smirk on his face tells me he’s found some inspiration in what I said. “Present number three for you,” he announces without taking his eyes from mine. “I’m going to tie up your mistress, and you can do whatever you want to her, unless I direct you otherwise.” Her eyes fly open and her happy grin gets toothy. “You’re going to be a good girl and put all your effort into making her scream, right?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replies, eyes directed my way, loudly explaining how eager she is to comply. Even though there was no chance she’d answer any other way, she needs to be rewarded for her submission. His hands leave me for a moment to grip her ass and her hair, and he pushes her up against a wall, enveloping her with his bulk and owning her completely. When he turns back to me, a goofy grin is all that’s left of her. Ecstacy sex is the best.

As he finds his way back to me to nuzzle my neck, something he said follows him through the fog of my altered consciousness to ring in my ears – “Tie up your mistress.” That’s new. We’re very fond of cooperation when it comes to using our toy. Another image of me fucking me dances through my head – face down with my wrists bound behind my back while I forcefeed myself to the mattress, skewered on the end of my strap on.

I press another soft kiss against his lips. “I’m wearing sexy undies, so you better take the time to enjoy them.”

“Yes, Mistress.” His fingers dig into my hips. “But we need to explain her present first,” he reminds me. I lift my hands in the air, our little signal that he needs to undress me. They both like me in white, and my decision is rewarded when he peels my dress free from behind to expose my white satin bustier and sheer white thong, along with my tattoo that was hiding under the one shoulder of my dress. The beast growls his approval, and her eyes tell me she can’t wait for me to grab her hair and shove her face between my legs.

His shirt xslot Giriş flies through the air onto his bed, immune to any disaster math, like the rest of his clothing. One of his hands grips both my wrists and holds them above my head. He beckons her to him with the other. “Eyes closed,” he whispers to me. I understand in that moment why Asuka likes to be blindfolded, and why he likes to blindfold her. One less sense means all the others are louder. The waves of heat from him washing over me singe my skin before causing goosebump eruptions everywhere. I gasp loudly when her fingers dive into my thong, steered by his arm reaching around me. I can taste us all on the air I suck down.

The hand not holding up my arms goes back to my ass. He doesn’t have to try to hold us together, since my body is shoving itself into his grip and she’s desperately trying to be as close to me as possible. She sprinkles kisses over my chest while he gnaws on my neck, and I notice I’m rocking my hips, trying to convince her to do more than rub her palm slowly over my smooth pussy, but he hasn’t told her to do more, and she knows he’s in charge right now.

His lips find my ear, and he tugs on it gently. “Keep those arms up. I told her she can have you however she wants, and I don’t want you interfering.”

As often as he plays along, I realize then that I maybe don’t return the favor as much, so I decide he deserves a little something special from me. “Yes, Sir,” I moan, pressing my butt into his hand and his growing hardness. He grips me tightly and bites my neck, another growl seeping from him.

He doesn’t take the time to gnaw on me though. Instead, his hands disappear, and I hear him moving away. I sneak a peek, because I know she can’t see me do it with her face pressed between my tits, and because I know who’s really in charge here. I see him pulling a rainbow handful of bandanas from a dresser drawer. Three of them are tied end to end to make a short rope. When he starts to turn back, I snap my eye shut.

His footsteps approach, but they stop behind Asuka. A loud crack of flesh on flesh rips through the room. I don’t have to see it to know that’s the sound of him slapping her on the rear. “Go bite her ass while I tie her up.”

“Yes, Sir.” I do enjoy it when he tells her to worship me with her mouth. She’s very thorough.

His fingers capture my chin gently as she tugs my thong down to my feet. Her tongue swipes slowly between my legs, and I know that he wants my eyes open, but that’s easier said than done. “You’re OK with this?” I can’t help but smile at the seriousness on his face. He has rules about tying people up, again because he can’t not do the math. ‘Worst case scenarios happen’ runs through my mind in a voice that matches his face. That’s why he’s about to tie the ends of the bandana rope around my wrists using slip knots that I can reach easily.

I lean forward around his hand and kiss his cheek softly. “Claim me,” I whisper, unnecessarily, since we already both know we own each other as much as we own her. He kisses me wildly, and everything fades from existence except for our lips and the sub covering my round ass in sucking, nipping worship.

I snap back to reality and pull my lips from his when a tug at my wrists makes me look down to see he’s managed to tie me up with his eyes closed. Ten fingernails and as many teeth as she can manage dig into my ass. His voice takes another lap through my head, this time repeating his earlier offer to her. He steps back as I lunge to bite him, and my body goes watery without some way to brace myself. A very un-mistress-y whimper escapes me.

“Pause,” he announces. Not the same as freeze. He’s careful with what he tells her to do, because she’s careful to do exactly what he tells her to do. It’s their special language. Her fingers and teeth withdraw promptly, and I know she’s sitting on her heels, waiting. “Tattoos,” he reminds me.

I’m mad that he stopped her, and I’m not exactly happy with the amount of time it takes me to recover and respond. “You gotta admit, making her work for that information is pretty perfect. I say we wait until she’s earned it.”

He kisses me hard, his tongue quickly overwhelming mine. When he’s taken what he wants, he backs away smiling before turning toward the door of … well, it’s our bedroom now, and he’s upgraded it. Screwed into the doorframe is a hefty, shiny, chrome hook. He leads me to it, lifting my bindings and dropping them over it. It’s high enough and the rope is short enough that I can’t unhook myself. “Gonna have to add some length for you,” he tells our toy.

Her eyes light up. “Maybe I can have my rope and Mistress can have hers.”

“Don’t get used to this,” I tell both of them flatly before they get any more ideas.

“Yes, Mistress,” they sing together, eyes my way. My shoulders release tension I didn’t realize I’d been carrying and allow my arms to hang from the hook. He takes a step toward Asuka, who is still waiting patiently, but then stops and spins back to me. “Forgot something.” xslot Güncel Giriş My eyes follow his hands to see he’s untangling a pistachio green bandana from his wrist, which he secures slowly but smoothly around my eyes. He’s extra careful with blindfolds since that time he fat-fingered a knot and almost pulled a chunk of Asuka’s hair out.

I’m left isolated from the world for a moment while he directs Asuka to join us. The air around me grows suddenly warmer, so I know Alex at least is very close. A broken thermostat in the middle of the night last winter showed me and Asuka that he is more than capable of keeping both of us warm, especially if we tease him a little first.

His lips, and I know they’re his because they come at me from above, capture mine, gentle but intense. They don’t stay long, giving way to a slutty tongue that leaps into my mouth at the first opportunity. I nip it gently before sucking on it, pulling an enthusiastic whimper from Asuka. Her lips abandon me quickly enough that I know it happens at his direction. She’d never stop on her own after such a little taste of me. His smooth head nudges my chin upward, and they plaster my neck with soft kisses. Mirrored but dissimilar hands land on my ass, gripping and lifting. When their mouths finish their journey up my neck to my ears, I hear, “We love you, Mistress,” from both sides. They disappear as my breath catches in my throat and my bustier flies away. I thrust my gloriously bare chest at them, knowing I have more power here than an outsider might recognize. The beast gives himself away with a throaty rumble.

I wait breathlessly for a moment before I feel anything. It’s not hard to know whose mouth is where; his beard gives him away. The same goes for their hands. Hers are half the size of his, and impossibly soft, while his palms burn whatever they land on. I can’t anticipate anything though, and every warm hand and hot mouth that finds a new spot sends a jolt through me. It doesn’t take long for none of that to matter, because their hands and mouths are everywhere. All I can do is squirm and groan, literally at the end of my rope.

They disappear again for a moment, and I’m certain I can hear him whispering to her. I shriek when they both bite my nipples, my body seizing with the sudden impact of intense stimulation that sends several waves of heat over my skin and into my core. Maybe I like pain a little more than I realized. Maybe it’s the drugs. “Oh, god,” I moan when their mouths spread soothing wetness around the tooth marks they both left, but only for a moment before backing away.

“She did owe you that,” he offers while I catch my breath.

“She did, but in light of that fact I had been going easy on her. No more.” Asuka gets smeared onto me, immediately gripping and sucking on one of my breasts.

“Is that so?” rasps in my ear. His hand returns to its favorite place, and his hard cock lands on my hip.

“Mmhmm,” ends in a squeak from me. I never should have let him get away with telling her to spend a few hours learning exactly how to play with my tits. She knows how to suck, how to pinch and twist, how to squeeze and knead, and exactly when to do which. My head is suddenly filled by a fog made of her skillful submission and the pill I took as I drown in a warm, wet bliss.

Their sudden absence jolts me back to reality again. After a moment of silence, words that I’ll never regret echo through time in his voice. “I think we should torture her for a bit. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Sir.” She gasps shortly after. “Please play with my tits, Sir.” I hear small sighs from her several times, but nothing else until, “It’s so hard. I think you like her tied up.” Another pause. “If you want to fuck me for hours and leave her dangling, then that’s what I want, Sir.” A wobbly groan precedes, “Thank you for putting something in my pussy, Sir.”

After that, there’s nothing to hear but her slowly accelerating breathing for several moments. It stops suddenly, and when it resumes, she’s close enough for me to feel the warmth of her breath on my stomach. “I’ll lick whatever you tell me to lick, Sir.” She kisses her way slowly up to my chin before she vanishes. I have no idea where he is, but I really want his hands on me.

She gasps again, and I get my wish, although not how I expect it. One of his fingers swipes her pussy over my lips. “Suck,” he offers simply, and I pull every inch of her from him with one slow pass of my mouth. He presses a gentle but powerful kiss into my lips, and I lean into him, unable to contain my need and affection. He pulls away and splatters her against me again before circling me, one hand trailing lightly around my hip to grip my ass.

The only thing that could distract me from her worshiping my tits is his dick landing on my butt. That’s when I figure out that he put the hook in the doorway for a specific reason; whoever is dangling like I am is automatically a two-sided fuck toy – prefect for two people to consume a third. I’m not totally immobilized though. I shove my ass against him, telling him exactly what I need. His hands dig into my hips as her mouth wanders slowly downward. I consider admonishing her for taking liberties, but when I look down to stare at her, I’m reminded that I’m bound and blindfolded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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