Fantasy and Reality

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The hot water ran over her, soothing muscles still sore from a 15-mile run earlier that day. Natalie smiled as steam rose around her, brushing her face with its heavy mist. She leaned a little against the shower wall, closing her eyes and letting the water massage into her skin.

She enjoyed taking the time to treat herself to an extensive shower after a long day. Her schedule had been packed with classes sandwiched around her job, her run, and a quick turn in the kitchen to cook up some pasta for dinner. Now, she had some music playing in the background and the lights off, the shower illuminated by the soft line of light creeping under the bathroom door. Although this was a communal, dorm bathroom, Natalie had her timing down and didn’t expect to be disturbed much.

The quiet music and the warm water relaxed her; there was something sensuous about the dim light and the way it softened her curves, brought out the shadows in the hollows of her hips. Soaping up, she slowly slid her hands over her body, working in the soap, enjoying the smooth, slippery curves of her muscles, the roundness of her breasts, the pert little nubs of her nipples.

While Natalie had never really thought of herself as hot or sexy, she still enjoyed her own body. She liked exploring, and had discovered all the secret places where the flow of her form was just right, the softness and gentle curvature suddenly exquisite beneath her fingers. She was an athlete, slim but powerful, of mid-height, with sensual hips and small, perfectly rounded breasts. She had a narrow, cat-like face with flashing green eyes and a head of long, slightly curling red hair.

Natalie started as she heard footsteps approach from the hallway outside. Whoever it was passed by, however. Her heart started pumping just a bit faster as a thought occurred to her. She was living in a small, co-ed dorm and the bathroom on this floor was also co-ed. It was completely possible that, at any point, her long-time crush, Mark, could come in… Utterly unaware that he was separated from a view of her wet, naked body by only a thin vinyl curtain.

Her fingers wandered down between her legs. She and Mark were both part of a tight circle of friends and spent a lot of time together. Both were single, but Natalie had always been too afraid to approach him. She couldn’t bear the thought of possibly messing up their friendship. She tried to keep her thoughts of him platonic, but sometimes her attraction to him got the better of her.

Her mind started to play out a fantasy in her head. He would come in, headed for the showers, towel in hand. Listening to the music playing, Mark would realize that it was Natalie in the shower. Leaving the lights off, he would creep up to her stall and quietly strip naked. Slipping around the curtain, he would meet her startled eyes in the foggy light, their skin brushing…

He gave her that amazing, crooked grin of his, all mischief. Silently, he took the bar of soap from her and began lathering her up himself, his gentle fingers running over first her arms, then her shoulders, then down her back. He paused, then slipped his hands around her waist to softly rub over her belly. Kneeling, he slowly worked his way down her legs, carefully avoiding going anywhere near her more private regions.

All the while, Natalie was devouring him with her eyes, from his shaggy, dark hair to his strong shoulders and the toned muscles of his back down to his perfect ass. She could catch glimpses of his smooth, tight balls just below his butt as he bent over her feet. When he stood again, running his fingers along her collarbone, she snuck a peek at his now hard cock. Gorgeous.

Mark was now gingerly cupping her breasts, waiting for her reaction. She sighed, leaning into him. She desperately wanted to feel that silky, rock-hard cock rub against her thighs. He was going slowly, though. Kneading and stroking each breast, he felt the exquisite curves in just the right places, then pinched and flicked at her nipples. At last, he pressed forward as she moaned and melded his lips with hers. They kissed deeply, the water raining down on them, trickling down their cheeks, beading on their bodies and washing into crevices. His long, firm cock slipped between her legs, rubbing over the lips of her pussy as he softly ground his pelvis against her clit.

For a full minute they stood there, arms wrapped tightly around one another, swaying as they moved their bodies together gently. They nibbled at each other’s lips, tongues entwining cautiously at first, then with more insistence. They circled within the shower, like dancers, their skin meeting and parting, twining around each other with serpentine grace, relishing every inch. He was behind her now and stroked the head of his cock down her ass until it reached the small, quivering mouth of her pussy…..

Natalie came back to the moment. She was slumped against one of the shower walls, legs spread wide, one gaziantep escortları hand squeezing her breast, the other slowly rubbing up and down her lips from her cunt to her clit. ‘Dream on,’ she thought pessimistically to herself. She was on the verge of sexual frustration now. She wanted something in her pussy—since it couldn’t be Mark, she would have to improvise.

Moaning quietly as she worked at her clit, she grabbed her shampoo bottle and flipped it upside-down. It was semi-cylindrical and fairly thick. Sliding it between her pussy lips, she began to ease it inside, her hips humping forward as her pleasure grew. Stifling a cry, she thrust it completely into her sopping cunt, her muscles sucking at it as she ground her pussy onto it. Her body bucking, she rode the plastic phallus hard, plunging onto it as she rubbed her clit wildly.

“Yes, yes!” she murmured, imagining having her arms planted on the wall above her head, breasts slapping against the cold tile as Mark sank into her from behind. She thrust the bottle in and out of her cunt faster and faster until she came to a shuddering climax, her juices mixing with the water and washing down her legs.

Feeling lightheaded, Natalie rinsed off the shampoo bottle and finished washing. She’d been in the shower for almost an hour. Rather than feeling a post-orgasmic glow, she felt decidedly glum, reality having hit her like a bucket of ice water over the head. All she could think of to do to cheer herself up was to go and hang out with Mark. Rather than torturing her further, she knew he would make her feel better. It was hard to be around Mark without feeling happy.

“And so, round and round we go,” she muttered. She loved being around him because he made her happy, but the more time she spent with him, the worse she felt when he wasn’t around. “I really am an idiot,” she said, rolling her eyes. Why couldn’t she just take the plunge? Probably because if she ended up being rebuffed, she might just jump out the nearest window, she thought wryly.

Throwing on a light tank and some silky pajama bottoms, she hurried off to find him, running lightly up the stairs to the second floor hall his room was on. His roommate had taken to spending his nights elsewhere, so they often hung out in his room and talked late into the night. Tonight, it was nearing 1 a.m. She had no qualms in letting herself in without knocking; she had done it many a night, albeit not this late. She didn’t want to wake him if he was sleeping, so she carefully eased his door open without a sound. He never locked it.

He wasn’t asleep. He was sitting slouched in a chair with his back to her, only his desk lamp on. Carefully, she closed the door and tip-toed across the room towards him, intending to scare the pants off him if she could. Abruptly, Natalie froze. His pants were already off. From over his shoulder, she could see that he had his boxers pushed down on his thighs, his hands at work on one hell of a hard-on. She stood petrified for a moment at once terrified that he would realize she was there at any moment and yet fascinated with what she was seeing.

Then her eyes caught his open laptop sitting deserted on his desk. He had an album of photos pulled up, and a picture of her in a particularly sexy short dress filled the screen. Could it be coincidence? He wasn’t looking at it now. Slowly, she moved forward, enthralled with the small noises he was making, watching the straining head of his cock disappear and reappear between his fingers.

Making a decision, Natalie slipped out of her clothes. Intentionally, she allowed one of her feet to thud once against floor as she moved up behind him. Mark twitched slightly and stopped, tilting his head to listen for a moment. She cleared her throat softly.


His hands flew to yank his boxers up as he tried to lean forward and block her view. Natalie laid her palms on his shoulders, lightly rubbing, stroking his shoulder blades and the nape of his neck with her thumbs.

“You don’t have to do that,” she told him, her voice low and seductive. Her hands ran down the front of his shirt to tug at the waistband of his boxers playfully. Her face brushed his hair, her warm breath lightly caressing his ear. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up from a ripple of chills she had sent through his body. Mark was breathing in gasps—he was petrified that she had seen him, but was thrilling at the sensation of her fingers. Natalie moved to stand in front of him, revealing her nakedness. He drew a sharp intake of breath, trying not to stare.

“You can look,” she invited. Glancing up, he met her eyes and she smiled gently. “Would you like some help with that?” she asked, pointing to his still obvious hard-on.

“Natalie, I—I don’t know what to say,” he stuttered, his eyes drinking her in. He gazed at her firm, round tits, her nipples hard as little pebbles. Shadows played on the hollows of her hips, which drew his eyes downward. He could just see the glistening pinkness of her clit winking at him through the soft dark hair of her mound.

“You could say ‘yes,'” she suggested, her playfulness faltering as she tried to read if she’d done the right thing. Trying to push away the coil of fear in her gut, she began to question him. “Do you think my boobs are nice?” she asked, noting that he was staring at them. “I know they’re kinda small…” she continued, bouncing them in her hands.

“No!” he exclaimed. “They’re perfect!” A blush rose in his cheeks.

“What about my hips and belly?” she wondered, gesturing at her flat, muscled stomach and curvy hips. “Do you like them?” Slowly, he nodded, a smile gradually breaking across his face. “How about my legs?” She posed for him, showing off the great shapes her exercising gave to her long, slender legs.

“Pretty nice,” he told her, chuckling; he was liking this game. Natalie went for it. Pivoting, she spread her legs apart and presented her ass to him, bending over. Mark gulped.

“How ’bout my butt?” She glanced over her shoulder at him, widening her eyes in innocence. Mark was stuck stuttering as he stared at her smooth, round ass cheeks, her tight rosette just peeking through them, and, below, the wet slit of her cunt, the lips pulled slightly apart. He felt his cock throb as he looked at her, his breath shallow and panting. It was all he could do to keep from reaching out his hand to feel her, slide his fingers along the slick folds of her pussy.

“Oh…” he whispered, any words swiftly flying from his brain.

Waggling her butt at him, Natalie straightened and turned back around to tug at his shirt. He allowed her to pull it off over his head and, after just a moment of resistance, obligingly lifted his hips to help her slide his boxers down to his ankles.

“I think your whole body is gorgeous,” she told him, her eyes roving. He completely melted at this, shoulders relaxing, and reached out to her. She opened her thighs and straddled his lap, wrapping her arms around him. Mark buried his face in her breasts, her soft hair spilling down to brush across his shoulders and cheeks.

Pressing together, Natalie sighed deeply as her clit pushed against his rigid shaft. Mark tried to control his trembling as his cock grew, sandwiched between their two bodies. He could feel the dampness of her pussy on his balls, the welcoming softness of her breasts against his face. He wasn’t sure how this was happening; wasn’t sure whether he was actually dreaming, or whether his fantasies had suddenly become real.

Tentatively, he flicked out his tongue to sample one of her very erect nipples. He heard her gasp and push into him, her back arching, head flung back. He kissed his way up her chest to her throat, then pulled her face down to his. Natalie eagerly met his lips and their mouths blended, tongues probing gently, both sighing their enjoyment. Mark could hardly think as his body shook with bliss, his hands cupping her face, their flesh meeting with overwhelming heat. Whimpering slightly, he squirmed, almost cumming right then and there.

Leaning back, Natalie looked down at his pulsing cock. The head had swelled until it was shiny, tinged purple with desperately pumping blood. It looked so smooth—she wanted to wrap her mouth around it and feel it, lap at it with her tongue.

Sliding off Mark’s lap, she crouched between his legs, pausing to look at him some more. She had never seen a guy this up close, and certainly never erect. Reaching out tentatively, she fingered his balls, surprised at how soft and loose the skin was. She liked the roundness she felt beneath the flesh. Working her hands up the inside of his thighs, she buried her fingers in his hair, encircling the base of his cock, and bent her head to carefully suck one ball into her mouth, then the other. Hungrily, she licked her way up to stop just short of his hard-on, pulling back to look at him again. Mark was panting now, fingers digging into the sides of the chair.

Natalie poised her lips just above the throbbing head of his shaft, her warm breath making him gasp. She allowed a bit of her own saliva to drip down over his cock, lubricating it. She wasn’t even sure if she could get it in her mouth—he was nicely thick and she had never done this before. However, she was determined; she wanted to feel his hard shaft sliding into her mouth. With no more hesitation, she plunged down, sucking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Mark nearly went through the roof, bucking in the chair, his hips thrusting involuntarily.

He was warm and smooth in her mouth, gliding against her lips and tongue as she bobbed her head up and down. She wanted it deeper, she wanted to get all of him into her throat. Her tongue swirled at the edge of his head and she sank down letting him slide into the back of her throat.

“I’m going to cum! Oh God,” Mark cried, trying to pull out of her mouth. Holding his hips firmly, Natalie only bobbed her head faster, licking and sucking wildly. She felt his cock spasm and swell, tasted the warmth of his cum shooting into the back of her mouth. She swallowed and suckled greedily as his whole body twitched and shuddered. At last, she pulled away as he slumped limply in the chair. Glowing, she watched his face as he slowly came down from his high.

Regaining his breath quickly, he shot her an intense, unreadable look and then lunged at her, scooping her up and tossing her onto his bed. She squeaked with delight and surprise, then moaned loudly as he pushed her legs apart. Now it was his turn to look, taking in her velvety lips, pink folds, and the swollen pearl of her clit. Natalie was trembling, desperate for him to touch her. He stared at her dripping pussy and her tight ass, her muscles flexing with anticipation. She could feel her cunt hanging open slightly, craving him to enter it.

Softly, he ran his finger down the length of her slit, making her yip and push her pussy against his hand. Exploring her folds with his fingers, Mark brought his mouth down on her clit, sucking and flicking with his tongue. Natalie shrieked—she had never felt something so incredible in her life! The warm moistness of his lips engulfed her with intoxicating sensation, making her juices flow as her body screamed for him. Her hips lifted up off the bed as her muscles clenched, her legs shaking uncontrollably.

Mark suddenly plunged two fingers into her soaked cunt and she howled, body writhing as it climbed towards a dizzying peak. He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy, adding fingers until she was taking all four up her spasming cunt. When her orgasm hit, he rode it out, keeping his fingers thrusting and tongue working until she climaxed powerfully twice again in quick succession.

Gasping for air, Natalie found that Mark was now spread on top of her, his cock hard again and probing between her thighs. She locked her lips to his with a passion, burying her fingers in his dark hair, stroking his face and his neck. Returning her zeal, he rained kisses on her, then turned to softly suck and nibble at her ear. Her skin broke out in goose bumps as he trailed his lips down her throat tenderly, sending her into a haze of desire.

Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him close to her, feeling the satiny skin of his cock rub the length of her slit. She was shivering, her whole body electric, as he began to slide his cock up and down, slippery with her juices. Their movements increased to a fevered pitch, their bodies pushing, rubbing, wrapping together.

They froze for a breathless moment as his cock caught at the mouth of her cunt. Moaning, she pushed down, trying to impale herself on his steel-hard shaft. Bodies quivering, they both cried out as he let himself sink down into her hot, wet folds.

At first, he moved slowly, inching the full length of his cock into her so deeply that she could feel the head glide over her cervix. It was an excruciating pleasure as he pulled back until just the tip of him remained inside her. Shuddering, pressing her back into the bed, opening her thighs wider than she ever imagined they could go, Natalie thought she would go mad with ecstasy.

“Hard, I want you to fuck me hard,” she begged. “I want you slamming into me, filling me all the way. I want you to stretch my pussy with you big, hard cock!”

Mark groaned—or growled—with desire, a fire spreading in his blood. He rammed into her to the hilt, balls slapping against her ass. Driving into her dripping cunt with wild abandon, he pushed his palm against her clit. She howled, clawing at the bed, thrusting herself onto him, her pussy gushing.

Panting as his muscles strained, Mark pulled her over on top of him as her climax subsided. Sitting on his straining cock, she bounced up and down, pussy clenching around him. With one hand, she furiously rubbed at her clit, while the other pulled and tugged at her breasts and nipples. He lay beneath her, moaning, pushing his pelvis up to meet her, hands grasping at the blankets.

“Oh, yes!” he murmured hoarsely. “Fuck me…I’m going to cum all inside you.”

Her cunt tightened at his words and she shrieked incoherently, plunging her pussy up and down on him faster. Grasping her hips tightly, he pulled her onto him, burying his cock completely within in her. Grinding together, they came at once, Natalie climaxing all the harder as she felt the warmth of his cum spreading inside her shuddering pussy. Collapsing together, they lay sated and exhausted, breath coming in gasps, bodies still tremoring.


When they woke in the morning, he was still inside her, their limbs tangled together, heads nestled against the other’s. Stretching luxuriously, he gave an experimental thrust into her pussy and she mewled plaintively. Mark looked at the clock: it was 10:00 am. “What time do you have classes?” “Not ’til 3:00,” she answered, smiling slyly. “You?” He grinned back, “I’m calling in sick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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