Ferris Wheel

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I’ve set myself a writing challenge here, to capture an entire, erotic vignette in the minimum 750 words allowed by . If you want a fully developed story this will not be for you, so please don’t rate it low simply because of its length. Remember, the brain is the biggest sex organ! I hope you will let these short stories serve as a starting point for your own imagination. Please tell me where you go with them in the comments section.

She was beautiful. Raven hair, flawless porcelain skin, and sapphire blue eyes that seemed bottomless when I stared into them. Micah was her name; Norwegian, I think, or maybe Danish. It’s been a long time and I forget the detail of where she’d moved from, but clearly remember her faint, adorable accent and the scent of her perfume. I was absolutely smitten and couldn’t believe that she’d chosen me.

Micah was smart too, talking about topics far beyond our corn-belt town, making my head spin with desire for her. That night, we were literally spinning, as the county fair’s Ferris wheel rose upward. A sudden, metallic snap, a sputtering sound, and the whole thing went dark and ground to gaziantep escortları a halt just as we reached the top. We looked at each other, and shrugged; my height advantage allowed a perfect chance to glance down her shirt, to the side of her breast. A freckle there, visible only from that angle, was the sexiest thing I’d ever encountered. I hardened immediately, but my thoughts were interrupted by a shout from the car below us.

“Hey! They said they’re bringing a new generator from storage. We could be here a while.”

“Thanks,” I shouted back, “We’re ok.”

“Good thing we brought supplies,” Micah said with a smile, holding up her ice cream cone. “I’m cold, though.”

I put my arm around her shoulder, painfully aware that my hand was only an inch from the smooth mound of her breast. When I fidgeted to shift the strain off of my raging hard-on, her eyes dropped to my bulge, and I swear they actually sparkled.

“At least we’re having a bit of adventure,” Micah said. “This is definitely a first for me.” I sensed a momentary hesitation in her voice, before she turned to me, clearly having made a decision. “So, I guess one first deserves another,” she continued, reaching out to stroke the bulge in the leg of my jeans. She looked up tentatively, relaxing when my initial shock turned to a smile. I closed that last inch to her breast and trailed my fingertips along it, delighting in my first discovery of a nipple, thrilling as it rose under my touch.

Micah, meanwhile, had unbuttoned my jeans, pulling my shaft free. It felt incredible—no one else had ever touched me there; my attention turned from the wonders of her nipple to the electric current that seemed to flow from her hand and straight to my core. I was lost in the moment as she continued to pull at my rod. Her hand was warm, and soft, but she had trouble sliding it along my shaft.

“We need oil or something. Something slippery.”

Her brow furrowed briefly before she smiled and said “I’ve got it!”

Wrapping her hand around the scoop of ice cream in her cone, she coated her palm and fingers with it. Luckily, in those days ice cream was made with whole milk and heavy cream, and Micah’s hand was slick when she again began stroking me. The initial coolness of the ice cream was more than offset by the heat of her hand and by the fire it seemed to have lit in my groin. I was just starting to lean back and enjoy the sensations again when another call from below assured us they were almost finished with repairs.

Sensing my nervousness as I softened slightly, she leaned in close and said “I’m not wearing any underwear, because I was going to let you touch me later.”

That mental image was enough. I exploded into her hand just as she reached the top of a stroke. After a moment of looking at the palm full of cum I’d deposited, at first confused as to what to do with it, she gave me a mischievous grin and wiped it back onto the ice cream cone, then took a big bite while staring straight into my eyes. I moaned as the incredibly erotic sight sight made me ooze another load onto my hand while I struggled to close my pants.

“Sorry babe,” she laughed, “That one’s all yours.”

I wiped my hand on the edge of the seat just as the lights came back on and our car moved toward the ground.

Walking away from the ride, hand in hand, I asked if it was true, was she really naked down there and planning to let me touch her?

“Of course not, sweetie, I’m not that kind of girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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