Finally: The Meeting

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Despite the cross-Atlantic gap, you and I had always wanted each other. We had never met, but I could imagine every millimetre of your body. Having met on the Internet, we had always had a very sexual relationship, even if it was only virtual. Every day, I imagined sitting your naked black pussy on my rigid white cock. Just the thought of it made me want to cum everywhere. But, as much as we wanted to meet, the distance between us meant we could not.

However, this weekend was very different. I was flying from London to New York to visit you. Sat on the plane, my cock started getting hard, just imagining seeing you finally. Touching you. Holding you in his arms. I just could not wait to land in New York.

Going through check-in seemed to take forever. Having come into New York from another country with the present situation meant that it took ages. I began to worry… would I recognise you? Would you recognise me? Would you take one look at me, and want to run away?

I didn’t need to worry. Walking through the arrivals lounge I spotted you a mile off. Our eyes connected, and there was an instant spark. My mind was not on being scared about meeting a new lover; it was on kissing gaziantep escortları the image of gorgeousness in front of me.

We were in the car on the way home, and all I could do was stare at you. I imagined fucking you, right there, right then. My cock was getting harder and harder, and all I could do was try to hold it down until we got home. It was torture, but then I saw your hand move away from the steering wheel, and reach down and softly touch my cock. “Ummm… that’s what I like to see!” you said, gently caressing my now hard member. “That had better be like that when we get to my place, or there will be trouble! And just to let you know, I’m not wearing anything under this skirt”. With that alone, I felt a dribble of pre-cum trickle out of my cock.

We arrived at your place, and before I even had a chance to walk through the door properly, you turned and kissed me. It was so passionate; just what I had imagined for months. The electricity seemed to be flying and before I knew what was happening, you were pulling your top over your head, releasing your naked breasts. I quickly seized the opportunity to wrap my mouth around your large nipples. You start to moan as I sucked hard on your black breasts. You start to try to take me top off, but I stopped you. “Lets go to your bed” I command.

We climb the stairs to your bed; a place I had imagined for so long. I lie you down on your bed, and pull your skirt off, to reveal your naked pussy. I leave you lying, naked, on the bed to pull all of my clothes off. Looking over to you, I can see cum dribbling out of your already wet pussy.

Having removed all my clothes, I slide down the bed on top of you, sliding my tongue up your leg. Eventually I arrive at your moist pussy, and lap up your juices. You let out a little moan as I suck your clit into my mouth. I bury my mouth deeper into your pussy, inhaling your aroma, and feel you push your pussy harder in to my face. Finally you cannot take anymore.


I oblige. Climbing up and kissing your beautiful breasts on the way, our tongues meet. Kissing deeply, I position myself between your opened legs. You reach down, and guide me to the entrance of your awaiting pussy, small drops of clear fluid leaking, forming a lubricate, allowing me to slide my hard cock easily inside you.

Feeling your warmth engulf me, you grip me, muscles tightening, as I slowly start to slide my hardness deeper. We hug and kiss deeply as my thrusts become deeper and more urgent, I am anxious to cum inside you. You wraps your legs round me, pulling me deeper, our bodies united as one glorious entity. Your thrusting matches mine as our passions rise.

“Fuck me!” You cry. “Fuck me! I want to come around your hard cock”.

My cock slides deeper and deeper into your aching pussy, more urgent penetration as our climaxes rise, tongues entwining, thrusting at each other.

As we reach our total peak together, our bodies are one, writhing, moving, passionately embracing, locked in sensual overload.

“I’m… going… to… CUM!… AARRRGGGGHHHHHH!” you scream as the crashing climax to our union sends waves of ecstasy through our electrified bodies, and my seed wildly powers deep into you. Your body shakes as your climax grips you, gripping and pulling me in so tight, as if afraid to let go. Your moans of ecstasy smothered by the meeting of our mouths.

We lie, motionless for a moment, thinking about what we have just done. I look over to you, and kiss you. I can already feel my cock getting hard again, looking at your now wet body. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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