First Meeting

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The afternoon sun beat down on the car as she passed over the Arizona/New Mexico state line. Music was blaring from the speakers but not that she was paying attention to it. Joanne’s mind was too busy thinking about what was to come tomorrow. She was meeting Mark for the first time, face to face.

They had first met playing games online and hit off right away. It turned into a friendship that had been forged from chatting for over six months. They had played game after game with each other before it became phone calls, email and video chat.

A month ago they had both decided that they wanted to meet in person. They wanted to see if what they had at a distance could translate into something in person. They both had a passion for each other but was the fantasy of it bigger than the reality.

All the scenarios played out in her mind as drove down the highway. What else was there to do? She was filled with confidence when she left home but now had doubts and fears that it won’t live up to be what she wanted. It was just her nerves, she told herself.

The last few hours of the drive went by quickly as she found herself pulling into the hotel. Mark wouldn’t be arriving until tomorrow afternoon. She wanted the time to check things out and calm her nerves before they would meet.

The time to rest wasn’t going to hurt either. He was flying into Albuquerque and renting a car to drive the rest of the way, so he was going to be well rested.

It felt great to Joanne to get out and walk around after being couped up in the car for so long. It was helping her to calm herself as she roamed the streets and shops.

With some take out she settled into her hotel room to watch some TV. She wanted to call him but knew that he would be sleeping by now since he had an early flight. Little did she know that his nerves weren’t allowing him to sleep.

Before she knew it the phone on the night stand was ringing, it was her wake up call. She wasn’t even sure when she had fallen asleep or how long she had slept. She never slept that much though, it wasn’t odd for her to just pass out, she did that all the time. It was odd for her to sleep that long though.

Her cell was blinking, she had missed a text message from Mark. It was a short message that said “On the way to the airport, see you tonight”. She smiled knowing that it was real, he was on his way.

Joanne piddled the morning away watching TV and playing cards on her cell.

After lunch it was time to start getting ready, she jumped into the shower. When she got out she noticed that her cell was again blinking. It was another message from Mark “At the rental counter, see you at the restaurant”.

She had been fine most of the morning but now she was getting nervous.

They weren’t going to do the typical first date and they weren’t typical people. There was no getting dressed up and there was no fancy restaurant. It was come as you normally are and they both agreed on Mexican food.

For Joanne, her typical attire was jeans and a tank top. For Mark, it was jeans and a t-shirt. To them, you may as well be who you are when they met. There was to no pretentious formal dinner when they met. It was going to be nerve racking as it was, so why not be comfortable during it.

As she headed to the car, she looked around to see if he was around. They didn’t share the details of where each of them were staying. It was a precaution in case they couldn’t stand each other in person. It was possible they picked the same hotel to stay at. Seeing nothing she pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the restaurant.

Joanne got there a little early, so she pulled into a spot in the back of the parking lot and decided to wait to see if she could spot him. Ten minutes had gone by and a few cars had pulled in but none of them looked like Mark.

Then she spotted him as he got out of his car. Mark looked exactly like she thought he did. He wasn’t the most handsome man in the world, or the fittest but he was what she was expecting.

Joanne sat there for a moment wondering if she would be what he was expecting.

Pushing her nerves aside she got out of the car and headed in.

Walking through the door she spotted him immediately. He was seated at a table and facing towards the door so he saw her when she walked in. Mark stood up as she walked to the table and gave her a hug. He wanted to kiss her but his nerves were getting escort bayan gaziantep the better of him.

Being all gentlemanly like he pulled out a chair for her and guided it in as she sat down. Joanne’s nerves were gone, she was perfectly calm and relaxed. She wasn’t sure why but being around him had calmed her of all her fears.

He still looked nervous and a little unsure. She leaned over and told him “Relax, the hard part is over with now” with a bit of a laugh. He laughed back and said “your right”.

The dinner was going well, they had sat there for two hours talking and laughing. Joanne suggested they continue the conversation as they walked around town. She already knew what was in store for the rest of the night but the walk was to make sure it was what he wanted too.

After the check was paid they headed for the door. He held the door open for her to walk through. As she did, she felt his hand on the small of her back as he followed her through. A wave of heat went through her from his touch.

They picked a direction and started to walk. He reached out for her hand only to have it swept aside. For a second he was confused until she laughed and put her arm around him and leaned in. He wrapped his arm around her with a smile on his face.

They walked around the town like that just talking and laughing the whole way.

Everything was going great when Mark decided to be his goofy self with a bit of boldness. “So I have a question for you, and I’m betting…your ass has the answer to that question.” He knew what was tattooed on her ass and trying to use that to be clever.

She started laughing and replied “It just might have the answer, you may not like the answer though.” With laughter from both of them she continued to say ” I think you have a one in three chance that the answer will be in your favor, what is the question?”

They both got quiet as she stared up at him waiting for the question. Then she started to look around as if to find something. It wasn’t his style to be so bold, so he was struggling to say spit out the words.

“You want to head back to my room and get naked?” he finally said stumbling like a teenage fool.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him into an alcove of a closed store. Turning around she looked over her shoulder and pulled the left side of jeans down to see the answer to his question.

What he saw was the words “Fuck Me” tattooed on her left cheek and a big smile on her face.

He stepped up behind her, wrapping his arms around her he kissed her for the first time. She sank into his arms and enjoyed the warmth of his touch.

Once there embrace broke, she asked “Where’s your hotel?”, “Just down the street, lets go” and with that they were walking with a quicker step to get there.

Back at his hotel room, they rushed in side. He stops to lock the door behind him and when he turns around she jumps up into his arms. It caught Mark off guard and stumbled backwards against the door. His hands now firmly gripping her ass as there lips meet again.

Their tongues danced around each other as if they were battling it out dominance.

Mark steadied himself and moved them both into the room and towards the bed. He turned suddenly and put her down on the desk across from it. He grabbed at the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up. Breaking their embrace to pull it over her head.

Joanne took advantage of the opportunity to pull his shirt off. As he leaned in to resume the kiss she surprised him pushing him back hard, falling backwards onto the bed. He chuckled at the situation as she jumped down from the dresser and attacked the buckle of his belt.

With his pants unfastened, she tucked at them. He lifted up to make it easier and they slide off. If it had been a cartoon, the jeans would have made a swoosh sound with the speed she pulled at them.

He laid there only clad in his underwear and socks, not able to take his eyes off this lovely woman. She seemed to have a hunger in her eyes as she jumped on top of him. Leaning down and finally resuming their passionate kiss.

As they kiss, his hands wandered her body. Finding the clasp of her bra, he unfastened it, letting her breasts free from their restraint’s. She sat up on his lap and finished taking off her bra and flinging it to a corner of the room. He was again amazed at this wonderful woman’s beauty, tattooed to the hilt. She wiggled her ass against his crotch playfully.

Leaning back down, kissed his chest, she slowly moved her way down his body leaving a trail of kisses and saliva. Slipping off of the bed she was now on her knees before him, pulling his underwear off.

His rigid cock sprang free, pointing up in the air. She cupped his balls in on hand and his cock in the other. Kissing the engorged head first, down the shaft, to his sack and then back up again.

Propped up on his elbows he watched in fascination as this gorgeous woman began to swirl her tongue around the head of his dick. With her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, she engulfed it with her lips. Working it up and down, her tongue almost seemingly wrapping around his manhood.

All he could do was lay back and moan as she worked over his cock. He had never felt anything like it before and he could feel that he wasn’t going to last long. Looking down at her he said “Joanne… I’m going to cum if you keep that up” and flopped his head back down.

Instead of easing up, she increased her efforts. Her lips moving faster and tighter against his shaft. Her right hand short stroking the base of his cock, her left caressing his balls.

She knew that he wouldn’t have lasted long no matter what the pace was. There had been far to much sexual tension between them in the month leading up to this. She knew that he needed to cum first and fast so that he would last longer for the rest of the night.

She felt the pulsing of his cock and knew he was going to explode. He came with a flood of cum in her mouth, moaning loudly. She just kept up the pace, swallowing all that she could get.

Looking up at him with a sly grin, she licked her lips.

Standing up she removed her jeans and panties in one motion. Climbing back onto the bed she crawled past him on all fours like a cat in heat. He watched as her body went past him, just now seeing it in it its full naked glamorous beauty.

He thought to himself “I only have 3 days to explore that body and its not going to be enough”.

Now above him on the bed, she backed up over his head. She felt his hands on her legs as she was now positioned over his head. His lips caressing her thighs, one then the other. Spreading her legs a little further she lowered her pussy down to his face. Arching her back at the same time to give him a better position for him to eat her out.

His hands moved up her thighs and to rest on her hips as his tongue flicked at her clit. She shivered slightly with the first touches of him against her pleasure. He gripped her hips and pulled her to his mouth as he teased her pouting pussy lips.

She could feel his hot breath against her as his tongue ran between her lips. His nose rubbing against her clit as he stroked up and down her lips. The tip now circling around the opening of her hot pussy.

He could taste her womanhood dripping with her juices. Lapping it up and wanting more.

Pushing his tongue into her, he felt her juices flow onto his tongue. She sat upright as his tongue wiggled inside of her, moaning from the pleasure.

Grabbing he hair, she was grinding her crotch against his mouth. His tongue moving back and forth from her pussy to her clit.

Her own orgasm was building inside of her, she felt like she was going to explode. Quickening her tempo, faster and harder across his mouth as he lapped her up.

Suddenly she stopped and stiffened up as she exploded with a scream and drenched his face.

He held onto her tight, her legs quivering. Easing her off of him, he laid her down on the bed.

Taking a moment to let her catch her breath, he gazed over the body that was sprawled out before him. He wanted to examine each and every tattoo on her body but knew there would be time for that later.

She hiked up her legs as he positioned himself between them. She felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down her lips, teasing her hole.

Slowly he pushed the head in, their eyes locked on each other as he did. Taking his time, he slowly sank his entire length into her.

Grabbing her legs, he put them on his shoulders as he began to move in slow methodical strokes. Exploring her insides with his cock as he pushed back in, moving his hips around with each new thrust.

She could feel the pulsing of the veins in his cock, he could feel the walls of her cunt gripping him tighter and tighter.

Her head tilted back with eyes shut, she reveled in the sensation he was giving her. Moaning as he pierced her with his cock.

Leaning down, he sucked her right nipple into his mouth, lashing at it with his tongue. All the while, increasing the tempo of his thrusts. His balls slapping her ass as he bottomed out and withdrew, only to slap it again as he pounded back in.

He let lose her nipple and increased his speed some more. She felt another orgasm coming as he ravaged her.

Her back arched and her pussy clamped down on his cock as she came in a violent wave of pleasure. There was nothing he could do but hold still as she came all over his cock.

He scooted his knees under her as she relaxed. Grabbing her arms he pulled her up to him. Her arms wrapping around his neck as their chests met, his now wrapped around her.

Sitting upright their mouths smashed together in a passionate kiss.

Joanne started to swivel her hips around as their tongues were once again battling it out. He felt her hard nipples poking him in the chest.

Moving his hands, he grabbed her ass as she ground her crotch around on his cock. Lifting her up a little then letting her back down.

A moment more of this was all she could take. Breaking away from the embrace she once again pushed him back. Looking up, he could see the lust in her eyes and she could see the pure desire in his.

She continued with the gyration of her hips, lifting just a little off of him and sinking back down.

He reached up and massaged her tits, tweaking her nipples between his fingers as she rode his cock.

Placing her hands on his chest she started to rise more and come down on him with force. Faster and faster she bounced on him.

The room filled with the smell of their sex and the sounds of their pleasure.

Her body smacking against his as she forced his cock as deep as it would go. Her eyes shut, savoring every bit of pleasure she was getting from this man.

He couldn’t take it any longer, suddenly he sat up and grabbed her. Still inside of her, he scooted off the bed while holding onto her tight. He moved over to the table across from the bed and laid her down on it.

Her ass just on the edge of the table, he grabbed her ankles and held her legs high and wide in the air.

Now he was pounding into her with all he had. The table rocking back and forth with each thrust. Sweat pouring off his forehead and chest, her screams so loud they were drowning out the sound of the table banging into the wall. His grunts were doing their part as well.

He could feel her pussy clamping down on his cock again, she was about to cum. He was right there with her as she felt the head of his cock swelling up.

With her screaming in pleasure, he buried his cock to the tilt and let out a last grunt as he filled her with his cum. She felt the torrent of hot cum squirting into her. Her pussy milking him for all he was worth.

Both panting hard, his hand on either side of her as he steadied himself. She passed out there on the table with him still inside of her.

He back out from between her legs, pulling his now deflating cock from her hot soaked pussy. A pop noise was made as his head came out.

He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. Taking a wash cloth with him, he cleaned her up. Joanne was passed out, was it from exhaustion or pure relaxation, he wondered to himself.

Mark pulled back the covers of the bed and then went and picked her up off the table. He placed her down and she rolled over onto her stomach. Sound asleep with a smile on her face.

He climbing in beside her and pulled the covers up a little. He lay there, looking at all her tattoos, tracing the outline of them very lightly with his finger. Her body shivered slightly at his touch.

Joanne woke up a few hours later. His arm was around her as he lay on his side. She looked at him sleeping peacefully, already dreading that the weekend together only had two more nights to go. She knew they would be a wonderful two days and nights with him beside her but already she didn’t want to let him go.

She touched his chest as she gazed at him, he rolled onto his back. She wondered for a second if she should get him hard again. Then she thought it was better to let him rest.

Snuggled up to him with her head on his chest, her instinctively wrapped his arms around her. She felt warm and safe with him and drifted back to sleep with the thoughts of what else this weekend would hold for them.

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