First Time

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Waiting in the lobby at the airport her thoughts began to drift. She had first seen him at one of those web cam chat sites you could find anywhere online if you took the time to look. She usually went there when she was bored and needed a little excitement and just wanted to watch. It really hadn’t mattered who there was to watch, as long as it was somebody different. Until she saw him.

One night, while feeling particularly bored and needing a bit of attention, she caught sight of him. It was only a still picture, but a picture showcasing all of his assets. He was sitting in a chair, tan skin in stark contrast to the clean crisp white cotton button down shirt. It could have been any ordinary picture except that the picture provided only a view from the chest down. He was sitting back in his chair wearing only that shirt. Dark, curling hair peeked out from behind the V-shaped opening at his chest. Some buttons were fastened across his stomach, but only a few. The rest of the buttons were undone and each side of his shirt lay across his upper thighs, leaving all else unveiled. One of his hands lay open across a thigh. She remembered thinking he had sexy hands…with tapered fingers that she was sure could work magic on a woman’s body. In the upper left corner of his screen was his email address. She lingered for a while watching. Being a bit shy, she decided that since she was tired she would just check back for him on another night.

She continued to come back to the site in the nights that followed and would see his picture there. This became a ritual of a sort for her. One night, feeling particularly brave, and seeing the additional notation of the chat room he was presently in, she decided to talk to him. After complimenting him and chatting with him for a bit they decided to chat privately. They got along very well and began to meet online to chat.

After chatting online a great deal for a few weeks, she decided to take a chance and invited him to call her. She was to be away from her family for a few days and gave him the number at the hotel she was staying at. He did call her and they talked for hours. As time went on they continued to talk on the phone almost every day. They knew every intimate detail about each other…their thoughts and desires. They cared deeply about each other and wanted to be together but they were separated by hundreds of miles. They each had families and knew it would be difficult to ever meet.

The announcement on the overhead speaker brought her out of her daydreams and she realized his plane had arrived. Both having families, they had decided that they both would take a day from work with some excuse of a meeting or appointment and he would fly to her and they would spend the day together. As she stood to the side, she watched the passengers come off of the plane. Her heart began to sink when she realized that almost all of the passengers had disembarked and she still had not seen him. Just as she thought she was going to have to turn and go home there he was. Since she was standing to one side he had not seen her yet. He was even more gorgeous than the pictures she escort bayan gaziantep had seen of him. He was dark in contrast to her paleness, with full lips and soulful eyes. She watched as he came out into the waiting area and as he walked past her position to the side she softly called his name.

He turned suddenly and saw her. As he quickly came to her she reached out her hand and when she felt his touch for the first time she knew she was where she belonged. He pulled her into his arms and stood looking down at her as if he could not get his fill of the sight of her. She reached up both hands to the sides of his face and pulled his head down to hers for their first kiss. Soft warm lips met, bodies melting into each other. As their kiss became more passionate, their lips parted and she ran the tip of her tongue along the fullness of his bottom lip. As she gently kissed his bottom lip, she took it into her teeth and nibbled. She felt his sharp intake of breath and heard him softly moan. Their tongues began an intimate cat and mouse game, each trying to take possession of the other, chasing and teasing. Gradually they realized they were not the only ones in the airport and pulled themselves apart. She took his hands and looked into his eyes and whispered huskily, “Come with me.”

They walked hand in hand through the airport, out to the parking garage and to her car. As they got into the car, he asked “Where are we going, my love?” She only winked at him and kissed him quickly before pulling out of the garage. She drove a few miles down the highway from the airport and pulled into the parking lot of a hotel she had visited earlier and where she had reserved a room for a day. They quickly made their way through the lobby and got on the elevator. She pushed the button for the floor and the door slid closed. As the door closed he leaned over and nuzzled her neck.

Looking straight ahead she whispered, “Not yet, baby.” The bell signaled that they had arrived at their floor and the door slid open. Quickly she pulled him down the hallway to the room door and unlocked it. They entered the room and she heard him lock the door and slide the bolt. He was suddenly behind her lifting her hair out of the way so that he could kiss her neck. His lips left a blazing hot trail down the side of her neck to her shoulder and she thought she would collapse from the sensations. Reaching his hands around the front of her, he cupped her heavy breasts in his hands, thumbs rubbing across her nipples through her thin shirt. She dropped her purse on the floor and turned in his arms.

All else in the world was forgotten as they explored each other’s lips. Their hands explored each other through their clothes and the kisses became much more heated and intense. Suddenly he backed her up to the wall, his hands sliding down her arms to grasp her wrists. When she tried to reach back for him he wouldn’t let her and instead brought her hands around behind her back as he pressed her to the wall with his body. He devoured her with his mouth. He kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and neck. As she strained against him he tightened his grip and pressed his entire body against her so that she could not move away from the wall. She couldn’t have moved away from him even if she had wanted to. She could feel his excitement and hardness pressing against her. As he explored her, their fingers entwined and he loosened his grip. At that opportunity she suddenly backed him over to the bed.

As the backs of his legs encountered the bed she applied pressure and he sat down. As she bent to kiss him and wrapped her arms around him, she whispered in his ear, “Do you want me, baby?”

At his shaky whisper of “Yes”, she ran her hands down to his chest and unbuttoned his shirt slowly, pushing it off of his shoulders, over his arms and throwing it behind her on the floor.

Stepping back from him, she looked him in the eyes and began to strip her clothes off slowly for him. First the shirt slid up over her breasts and head and landed on the floor. When his hands reached for her, she gently slapped them away and whispered “Not yet.” She undid her pants and slowly slid them over her full hips and down her legs, before she kicked them to the side. Reaching behind her back she undid her bra and let the straps fall down her arms, eventually letting the bra slide off of her arms to the floor. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her hips and thighs until they slipped down her legs to her ankles and she could kick them to the side. She stood back so he could see her standing in front of him totally naked.

His breathing became quicker as his gaze slowly traveled down and back up her body before resting on her eyes again. Putting both hands on his shoulders, she pushed him back on the bed. Trailing her fingers down through the hair on his chest she slowly and teasingly undid the button and zipper of his pants. Hooking her fingers inside both the waistband of his pants and his briefs, she slowly slid his pants and briefs down over his thighs. Kneeling between his legs she slid them down over his calves and off his feet and threw them to the side. Taking his hands she pulled him back to a sitting position. Looking up into his eyes she slowly slid her hands up over his calves, along his thighs and around to caress his behind. As she leaned forward and upward a little to kiss him, her breasts brushed against his hardness. She felt him jerk slightly in response. As her nipples brushed past him, she could feel them harden to hard, tight points. She bent her head down to softly kiss the tip. As her attentions increased in intensity, she took just the head into her mouth and sucked on it.

As his hands came up to her sides she stopped them and removed them from her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and roughly pushed him back on the bed. After he lay back, she enclosed her hot lips tightly around him and slid her mouth slowly down over the length of him. As her mouth came back up and off of him she brought her mouth lower and underneath to kiss and tease each ball with her mouth and tongue. She felt his sharp intake of breath as she sucked one into her mouth gently. As she let its fullness slip out of her mouth, she got up from her kneeling position and placed each of her legs on either side of his thighs and straddled him. She moved up along him until she was kissing him.

As his hands slid up her thighs to cup her behind, she reached behind and took hold of his hands and brought them up next to his shoulders. While she had him pinned in this way, she slid up his body. He could feel the hard tips of her nipples brush against his legs, over his stomach and across his chest. As she reached his neck, he tried once again to bring his hands up to touch her. She pushed them firmly back to the bed and on either side of his shoulders. As she explored his ears and neck with her lips and teeth, she positioned herself directly over him so that just the head of his cock was at her entrance. He could feel the hot wetness just at the tip and it was almost unbearable for him. She slowly slid down over him, tightening and loosening her inner muscles. As she used her muscles to squeeze him he tried once again to move his hands. This time she did not have the strength to prevent it.

Using his body strength and hands, he sat up while still inside of her and carefully rolled her over onto her back. She was amazed that he could accomplish this and still be completely enveloped within her. She tried to bring her arms up and around him, but he whispered, “Two can play that game, my love.”

He not so gently placed her hands above her head and held them there. He slowly began to move within her while kissing her softly. As he slowly thrust and slid against her, she could feel every inch of him fill her. It was as if he had been made to fit her like a piece to a puzzle. As he continued to move inside of her he drew back to look at her and she tried to move her arms from their pinned position behind her head. “Please…” she whimpered.

He began to thrust more insistently against her as he bent his head to take a nipple between his teeth and flick it with his tongue. She felt as if electric shocks had passed through her and she began to thrust her hips in a perfect give and take with his. Her arms strained against his, but he didn’t yield. “Tell me you are mine,” he roughly whispered.

“I am yours forever,” she answered in gasps. With those words he thrust into her hard and deep just once and she reached her peak as he accomplished his own release. All that could be heard was the sounds of their labored breathing and their damp bodies moving against each other.

As the afternoon wore on, they alternately memorized each other’s bodies and lay in each other’s arms whispering and giving of themselves to each other, body, mind and soul. Finally, the time came to part. They slowly drove back to the airport, fingers entwined. As the time came for him to board his plane, tears came to her eyes. He looked at her and said, “This is only the first time of many, my love. I am always with you. We will be together someday, I promise you this.” He bent and kissed her one last, lingering time, brushed a tear from her cheek and turned and disappeared onto the plane. She wiped the tears from her eyes, as his plane took off, confident in the knowledge that they belonged to each other and that this first time would not be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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