First Time with My Indian Fuckbuddy

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I’d been talking to various guys on MSN Messenger for a while, and had even met a few for sex, though it was always only ever the one meeting, normally at my own flat but occasionally me traveling to their place. One guy in particular I had started chatting to was an Indian guy called Nav. We’d been chatting for a couple of weeks and the chat had started getting sexier all the time, both of us fantasizing about what we’d like to do to each other if we got the chance. It just so happened, this particular sunny Sunday afternoon, that Nav somehow plucked up his courage and suggested he come over to mine and ‘see what happens’.

I agreed, and we chatted a little longer, me agreeing to make sure I was naked before he arrived, as that would really get him going and give him the confidence he needed.

Anyway, eventually he said he was on his way, so I logged off, drew the curtains to my front room and stripped naked. My cock was already pretty hard anyway. I sat on my settee, waiting for him to Ataköy travesti arrive, careful not to play with my cock too much in case I came before he even got there. After about twenty minutes, my intercom buzzed and the voice on the other end announced that it was Nav, and that he had a little surprise for me. Intrigued, I said to come up and then instantly started to worry about my nakedness, just in case this was not as clear cut as I was expecting. I’ve had one or two fairly dodgy meets in the past so didn’t want to take too many chances. I quickly went into the bedroom and donned my dressing gown, just to be on the safe side. I needn’t have worried, as it turned out. The surprise was a good one.

As he had been getting into his car, one of his neighbours, who happened to also be a bedmate, had got chatting and Nav had suggested he tag along for the ride. So there I was, standing in my living room with two of the most amazing looking Indian guys I had ever seen in my life, Bahçelievler travesti me naked and then quickly stripping to join me. I was quickly on my knees grabbing at both Nav’s and this other guy’s cocks, taking turns with my mouth and tongue on them both. They were groaning and kissing each other hungrily all the while. After a few minutes, the other guy suggested I lay flat on my back, and I obeyed, not sure what was coming next but knowing I wouldn’t mind a bit. As I lay there, this guy crouched over my face and lowered his arse down gently onto my hungry tongue, careful not to put the full weight of him down on me. At the same time, Nav spread his legs wide and lowered onto my stiff cock, riding me like a pony! This was bliss! I had never had 2 guys at the same time before, but I wasn’t telling them that. We carried on this action for a while, until I heard the guy tell Nav to sixty nine me, which he immediately obeyed. I took Nav’s cock into my mouth once again while Bahçeşehir travesti he hungrily sucked on mine, having only seconds before slipped it out of his arse.

While we sucked each other, I looked up to see the guy aiming his cock straight at Nav’s hole, and very quickly he slipped it in and started to fuck him, pounding away just inches above my face. It was great to see that cock sliding in and out of my pal’s hole and his balls slapping away just inches above my nose while I sucked Nav’s cock. He kept pounding away and, as if the three of us had planned it, I exploded into Nav’s mouth as he came in mine, and the other guy quickly backing out of Nav’s hole and shooting his load over both Nav’s balls and my face. I drank down every last drop of Nav’s juice, as he did mine. Once we had finished and Nav and his friend had licked every drop of cum from my face, they dressed and left, thanking me for a great afternoon.

I never did get to find out the guy’s name and he never came back on the many occasions that Nav and I got together after that. But Nav and I had great fun together, often just the two of us, but equally as often inviting other guys we knew to join us. We even, one afternoon, ended up with 5 of us in my front room, but that is a story for another day!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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