Fuckboy Workout

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Coach Stevens sat in his office as he waited in anticipation for his next “appointment.” Hearing the knock on the door, he sat up and said, “Come in, Mr. Duncan.”

Andrew Duncan walked into the office dressed in a normal gym outfit of a white t-shirt, sneakers, and not-so-normal short shorts. Looking nervous, Andrew stood before his coach’s desk and asked, “You wanted to see me, coach?”

The coach nodded and pointed to the chair in front of his desk, indicating for the boy to take a seat. The coach looked at Andrew and said, “Mr. Duncan, you have a problem. Your participation and lackluster attendance in affecting your gym requirements and you are subsequently falling short of the necessary prerequisites to graduate. What are we going to do about that, Mr. Duncan?”

Andrew sighed and looked down as he said, “I’m sorry, coach, but I’ve had a rough time at home. My dad was having troubles at work and it affected me. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I have a new home environment now and it seems to be working out for the best. I’m doing my best.”

The coach shook his head and replied, “Your former father’s troubles notwithstanding, you need to find a way to deal with this or you won’t graduate. Do you understand that a failure to graduate for these petty infractions could have the slave bureau looking into you and deciding if you might need a term of enslavement? They could process you for being an underachiever and auction you off to the highest bidder. This might just be for a term of five years, but I’m sure you don’t want that plus there are ways that even a short-term enslavement could be elongated to a lifetime enslavement if you don’t show yourself able to make vast improvements in your life. I’m sure you’ve heard about such things, Mr. Duncan.”

Andrew nodded his head as he answered, “Yes, coach, but I’m willing to put in the work. Just tell me what I have to do.”

The coach nodded as he asked, “That’s good, Mr. Duncan. Now, I’m sure you know that your new daddy and I have been best friends since middle school. Well, he has given me his permission to give you all the help I can and that’s what I intend to do. How do you feel about extra credit, maybe some one-on-one coaching, or possibly even some group coaching?”

Andrew sighed as he answered, “I’m willing to put in the work, coach. What do I have to do?”

Coach smiled as he pushed his chair back from his desk and said, “Well, that’s certainly good to hear. It’s always nice when a boy will take responsibility for his actions and seek to better himself. As to what you need to do, first, come over here and kneel down so I can explain a few things.”

Andrew did as he was instructed and then looked up at his coach. The coach grinned and felt his hard cock twitch in his gym shorts. Looking at the boy, the coach continued, “Why don’t you help me get out of these shorts, Mr. Duncan? They are getting awfully tight.”

Andrew obediently tugged down the coach’s shorts revealing a very hard cock. The hard cock was shaved smooth, rock hard, and already sported a drop of precum at the head. Grinning down at the boy, the coach continued, “For your first extra credit assignment, I want you to suck my cock. If all else fails it will be good practice for when you are enslaved and sold off to some boy brothel. And if you actually turn your life around, this will teach you to respect and obey your superiors.”

Andrew sighed as he reached up to grab the coach’s hard cock before lowering his open mouth to engulf the entire length. The coach moaned as he enjoyed the boy’s cock sucking skills. Matt had long admired the boy’s physique but had never had the opportunity or reason to initiate the boy into his normal harem of straight fuckboys. Now that the boy was at his mercy, he would have a lot of fun. Matt smiled and moaned again as he felt the amazing cock sucking ability that the boy possessed. Matt looked down at the boy’s puckered lips wrapped tightly around his hard cock and felt his hard cock twitch with desire at the sight.

Finally deciding to continue, the coach said, “Now, Mr. Duncan, I’m sure you’re wondering about your options. Well, you don’t have any. Your new daddy has given me his consent to give you the proper coaching that you require to graduate and I intend to do just that. My coaching methods may seem hard to take, but I’m sure you’re up to the challenge. By the time I’m through, you will have a newfound respect for coaching and you will finally understand your role in life.”

Matt loved talking to a straight boy while his cock was being sucked or he was fucking the boy’s asshole. Usually, Matt had to tone down his taunts when the straight boy was still free, but with a slave fuckboy he could say whatever he wanted. Taunting a straight boy was something of an art form for Matt and Brandon and they knew exactly what they could get away with saying during sex so as not to have the boy change his mind while he still could. After several sessions of sucking cock or getting fucked, the boys had no more illusions that they could just walk away and refuse either man’s Bostancı Escort advances. Matt smiled as he looked down at little Andrew and wondered what the boy was actually thinking.

Matt moaned as he felt his hard cock give a jerk and then explode inside the boy’s sucking mouth. The boy dutifully swallowed every drop of Matt’s cum and never gagged or sputtered. The boy was definitely a natural-born cock sucker. Groaning as the boy milked the remaining drops of cum from his hard cock, Matt looked down at the boy’s innocent face as he looked forward to the next part of tonight’s coaching session.

Clearing his throat to get the boy’s attention, Matt said, “Well, Mr. Duncan, you certainly are prepared to follow instructions and not complain. Now, let’s see if we can find out what other skills and assets you might be hiding. Now, bend over my desk so I can give you a proper examination of what you might have to offer under those clothes.”

The boy obediently stood up and bent over the table as instructed as Matt looked on with a smirk. Matt leaned over and began running his hands over the boy’s body. Enjoying the boy’s tight young body, the coach said, “Strip off your shirt, Mr. Duncan.”

Andrew slipped his shirt over his head and continued to lay his chest across the desk as he waited for the coach to continue. Enjoying the view of the boy’s lightly muscled back, Matt trailed his fingers over the boy’s skin. Smiling, Matt gripped the boy’s shorts and gently pulled them down as he said, “Mr. Duncan, I do believe I need to see all of you.”

As Matt pulled the boy’s shorts completely off, he admired the boy’s cute bubble butt clad only in a white jock strap in front of him. Grabbing the boy’s ass cheeks in his hands, Matt roughly massaged and groped the luscious globes. Enjoying the boy’s ass cheeks in his hands, Matt began to spread the boy’s cheeks to reveal his puckered asshole. Matt groaned as he saw the tight little hole in front of him. Grinning, Matt then said, “Well, I think you need to stretch a little more, Mr. Duncan. The last thing you need is to pull or tear a muscle when you are exercising or being active in another way. I can help you relax a little more. I think this is the best way to keep you from pulling a muscle. Now, Mr. Duncan, you just relax, and let me show you how to properly relax.”

The boy answered dutifully, “Yes, coach.”

Matt then leaned in and ran his tongue between the boy’s ass cheeks. He then lightly bit and sucked both ass cheeks. Moaning at the boy’s gorgeous ass cheeks, Matt then began plunging his tongue deep into the boy’s asshole. Matt moaned into the boy’s asshole as he enjoyed rimming the boy again. Lifting his head and removing his tongue from the boy’s asshole, Matt complimented, “Mr. Duncan, you have a nice tight asshole. You need to relax or it might tear when it is used by your daddy or me. You don’t want to tear your tight little asshole, do you, Mr. Duncan?”

The boy breathed out, “No, coach.”

Matt gave a swift spank to the boy’s ass cheeks as he plunged his tongue back into the tight asshole. Matt enjoyed tongue fucking a boy’s tight asshole. This boy’s asshole was just as tight as Matt remembered. He smiled thinking about how well Brandon and he treated their boys, free boy or slave. Neither man mistreated or otherwise damaged their boys. Both men preferred to keep their boys in top shape and in excellent condition. With each of his hands gripping a lovely globe of the boy’s ass, Matt continued his deep rimming of the boy’s puckered hole. Matt always preferred to lube his boys’ assholes with his own spit not only because he loved rimming a boy’s ass so much, but also because he found that rimming a boy’s asshole relaxed and settled the boy down perfectly.

Enjoying the way the boy’s asshole relaxed and then tightened around his tongue, Matt squeezed the boy’s ass cheeks again just to feel them squish in his hands. The boy had a true bubble butt and Matt loved bubble-butted boys. All of Matt’s personal fuckboys had cute bubble butts. There was nothing sexier to Matt than a young boy with a cute bubble butt on display. Seeing the boy’s asshole nice and relaxed as well as properly lubricated with his spit, Matt smiled and declared, “Well, Mr. Duncan, I do believe this muscle is sufficiently relaxed. Now I just need to adequately stretch it to make sure you don’t accidentally injure it in future exercises.”

With that, Matt stood up and positioned his hard cock head at the boy’s spit-soaked asshole. Enjoying the feeling of the boy’s puckered asshole against his cock head, he slowly began pushing his cock inside the boy’s ass. Loving the tight asshole wrapping around his hard cock and the way his hard cock looked as it slowly passed between the boy’s bubble butt and into his asshole, Matt moaned softly and continued to slowly press his way inside the boy.

Hearing the boy’s breath catch as his hard cock came to rest balls-deep in the boy’s ass, Matt said, “That’s it, Mr. Duncan, you need to be properly stretched to avoid injury. I doubt your new daddy wants his boy Ümraniye Escort injured in any way, do you? Feel how nice and stretched you are now, Mr. Duncan? Now I just need to get you a little more relaxed with some deep exercises and then I can give you a nice hot injection that always helps the growing boys remember how important it is to properly stretch before you exercise. Just relax now, Mr. Duncan, and let your coach get you all stretched and ready before you go home to your daddy. I’m sure your daddy will want to know all about these relaxation and stretching exercises, that way he can help you too.”

Matt then began a slow and steady pace of ass-fucking the boy. The boy’s asshole was perfectly relaxed and slick from Matt’s deep rimming. Moaning as he felt the boy’s tight asshole squeezing his hard cock wonderfully, Matt began to aim for the boy’s prostate. Over the years, Matt had become an expert in targeting the prostate of his boys. There was nothing sexier to Matt than a straight boy cumming involuntarily from having his prostate milked. Seeing the looks of shame and confusion on the straight boys’ faces after they had orgasmed from getting fuck up their asses always got Matt hard again.

Matt continued to fuck the boy at his slow pace wanting to draw this out as long as possible. A long build-up always made Matt cumming harder and with greater amounts of cum. Matt wanted this boy to be properly bred and have his insides bathed in Matt’s hot cum by the time he sent the boy home to his daddy. Hearing the boy’s quiet breathing and involuntary moans told Matt that the boy was feeling his prostate being stimulated but was trying to hide the fact that he was taking pleasure from this experience. Matt smirked as he thought of all the boys before this one who had gone through the same experience and this boy would be no different. He could deny his own pleasure and pretend to hate the experience, but when the boy shot his load on Matt’s desk just from having his straight boy-ass fucked the shame and denial would begin to break down the boy’s defenses. Turning a straight boy into a willing and eager cock sucking fuckboy was a special pleasure and hobby to both Matt and Brandon. There was nothing sexier than having a young straight boy offer himself or even beg to have the coach continue to use his body for his own pleasure.

Moaning at the tightness of the boy’s asshole wrapped around his hard cock, Matt explained, “You see, Mr. Duncan, once you have relaxed all this stretching becomes easier, doesn’t it? A good long stretch followed by a hot injection are just the things that a growing boy needs to meet his full potential. I know your new daddy is very invested in you reaching your full potential. I’m sure he gives you plenty of exercises and injections of his own. A good daddy should always work his boy deep and hard. Maybe your new daddy and I can show you some team exercises sometime, Mr. Duncan. It might be hard for you to handle, but I’m sure a good boy like you can handle it, can’t you, Mr. Duncan?”

With a gasp as his prostate was struck again, the boy finally was able to answer as he said, “Yes, coach.”

Matt growled as he felt the boy’s ass cheeks squish in his hands as he continued his slow and steady pace of fucking the boy. Matt always preferred the first time with one of his boys to be slow and steady. He enjoyed taking his time and building up to an immense orgasm. Having the boy cum as well from his expertise at targeting the prostate was a bonus. Hearing the surprise and pleasure as a boy cried out in orgasm the first time Matt literally fucked them until they came, was like music to Matt’s ears and always helped Matt get hard again for another round.

Matt watched the boy gasp and tense as he continued to target the boy’s prostate. The coach could already tell the boy was fighting his body’s natural reaction to having his prostate stimulated so thoroughly and expertly. Matt smiled as the boy unconsciously clenched his asshole sending shivers up the coach’s spine. The position the boy was in lined up his prostate perfectly and made Matt’s goal easily attainable. Having performed this exact technique on numerous 18-year-old boys in the course of his career as coach, Matt knew that it was only a matter of time before the boy blew his load inside the jock strap.

Feeling his orgasm begin to build, Matt smiled and admired the perfection of the boy’s gorgeous bubble butt again. Matt fully intended to spend as much time as possible giving the boy’s ass plenty of attention, provided his new daddy allowed it. Matt began thinking of the straight boys in his stable of fuckboys that his friend would enjoy and could be traded for the night in exchange for more fun with this boy. Matt smiled again thinking about having a get-together with this boy and his daddy, where Matt could bring over one of his fuckboys for a fun night of boy-swapping.

Feeling a surge of energy run up his spine as he felt the customary tingle in his balls, Matt knew his next orgasm was moments away. Squeezing the boy’s ass cheeks in his hands, Kartal Escort Matt had to fight his urge to pick up speed and pound the boy’s ass. Wanting to continue the slow and steady technique to make his orgasm more powerful, Matt tried to focus his attention on stimulating the boy’s prostate and ignoring his own impending orgasm.

Hearing the boy suddenly moan quietly as Matt struck the boy’s prostate, he smiled and said, “Do you see, Mr. Duncan, a good long stretch can feel good. Just imagine if you had tried to get fully involved in a physical activity without properly stretching. But now, you are feeling much better, aren’t you, Mr. Duncan?”

The boy gripped the desk to steady himself as he replied, “Yes, coach.”

Matt smiled and had no doubt that this was not the first prostate orgasm the boy had experienced. Knowing the boy’s new daddy, Matt bet this boy was intimately trained in orgasming by prostate stimulation. Smiling as Matt wished he had been there the first time this boy shot his load after having his prostate stimulated. The first time a straight boy orgasmed from being fucked was always shocking to the boy, most of which had never heard of the prostate or that orgasm could be experienced through its stimulation. The boys usually were confused and sufficiently malleable to the idea that they must have homosexual tendencies if they had orgasmed simply by being fucked. Most of these boys fought this idea, but repeated occurrences began to settle the matter.

After a few good long fuck sessions, these straight boys could usually be convinced that they were in fact homosexual or at least had urged toward homosexual sex. After that, getting these boys to submit to the coach and any other man that the coach introduced the boys to was exceedingly easy. Matt smiled again thinking of all the straight boys over the years that he had convinced were homosexual and were now still sucking cock and taking hard cocks up their asses. Matt had enjoyed passing a few of these boys off to his gay friends and a few others he had procured scholarships for them. These scholarships were always athletics, but the boys were usually required to service the college coach, coaching staff, or one lucky boy who was now servicing the entire college football team as their personal team fuckboy. The boys would get an entirely free college education and all they had to do was be the fuckboy that they had been conditioned to be.

Matt moaned as he felt the boy’s asshole suddenly clench around his hard cock. The boy went rigid and seemed to be shaking in jerks as the boy’s hard cock spurted his cum inside his jock strap. Matt smirked as he said, “You see, Mr. Duncan, a nice athletic boy like you can really excel and benefit from the proper motivation and guidance from your daddy and coach. Nothing wrong with taking satisfaction in giving your all, Mr. Duncan. All you need to do is focus yourself on following your daddy and my instructions and I’m sure you can meet your daddy’s hopes and dreams for your future. You want to make your daddy proud of you, don’t you, Mr. Duncan?”

The boy was still trying to catch his breath, as he replied, “Yes, coach.”

Matt smiled feeling his cock begin to tingle. With a grunt, Matt felt his hard cock swell and explode inside the boy’s ass. Matt continued his steady thrusts until every drop of his hot cum had been milked from his cock. Letting his hard cock rest inside the boy’s ass, Matt asked, “Well, Mr. Duncan, I see that you are very adept at stretching and are getting your proper protein requirements met, but now we need to focus on your own exercise routines. We need to see if there are any areas that might require you to do more.”

With that, Matt slowly removed his still-hard cock from the boy’s ass and sat down in his swivel chair. Smirking as he admired the boy’s gorgeous bubble butt and puckered asshole, Matt continued, “Now Mr. Duncan, we are going to start on some squat exercises and see how you get along. We might try some other exercises if you have good form and don’t need a lot of correction. But first Mr. Duncan, I do believe you made a mess on my desk. Why don’t you clean that up before we start with the exercise portion of tonight’s events?”

The boy looked down and saw some of his cum had leaked out of his jock strap and into the coach’s desk. Without hesitation or showing any disgust, the boy simply replied “Yes, Coach,” as he bent down, and dutifully licked up all of his cum.

Matt watched the boy’s obedient behavior with a smile as he felt his hard cock throb for more. As the boy finished, Matt continued, “Now Mr. Duncan, this technique for squats is a little extreme, but it has great results. What you’re going to do is straddle my lap and keep your feet planted firmly on the floor to either side of my chair. Then you lower yourself down onto my hard cock and take it all up your asshole. You squat down until you are just about to sit on my lap and then you raise back up until only my hard cock head is still inside your ass. You continue this technique until I decide you’ve mastered it sufficiently. You need to keep a steady pace and keep going, no matter how much burn you feel in your thighs. As I said, Mr. Duncan, this may seem a little extreme, but the results more than makeup for the sore muscles. Come on, Mr. Duncan, time to work those thighs and glutes.”

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