Full Moon Fantasies Ch. 1

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The moon looked drunk. It was big and full but seemed to waver back and forth in the clear late fall evening sky. Twenty one year old Tracy lay on her bed looking out at the moon wishing she was drunk, too. Her boyfriend Stan was out of town so she had decided to hit the sack early with a good book. Unfortunately, the only book she could find in the house that she hadn’t read was ORGY GIRL, found under the bed in her teenage brother’s room. That was at 8:30. It was now nearly 11:00 and she had completely finished the book, devouring every filthy page. Chapter after chapter of graphic fucking, sucking, licking, spanking, and coming had made Tracy hornier than she’d been in years and here she was all alone on a Saturday night!

Her hand inched its way inside the flimsy fabric of her long-soaked pink silk panties and she dug three long fingers deep into her puffy snatch. As her head continued spinning with pure lust, she closed her eyes to reality while the moon continued to stare down at the randy goings-on in her room. After just a moment, she withdrew her fingers with a little squish and quickly pulled her underwear completely down to her ankles, flicking it off one leg all together. Her fingertips easily found her throbbing clit and started rubbing it in that way that sent pure electricity through her young body. “Oooooooooooooowwwwwwww,” she howled. Her tongue shot out past the hated braces on her teeth, licking savagely at invisible cocks dangling in the air. Her other hand had deposited those three fingers back in her hole, jerking them in and out while her clit was being dribbled like a basketball just above. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…”she kept squealing in a high pitched baby voice as her relentless assault on her own body neared its climax. Her breathing was in quick starts and her ass was bouncing up and down on the squeaky mattress, itself now just one giant wet spot. She squinted her eyes and growled a guttural “Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Ungh!!Ungggh!!! Yes!!! escort bayan gaziantep Oh…Oh….Oh!…Oh, YES!!! YES!!!YES!!!, Oh, God, Yes!!!!Oh, FUCK!! Ohhhhh….Ohhhh….”

As the explosion inside her body died down, Tracy fell back on the sticky, wet sheets and looked out at the moon again. The night smelled of her lust and desire. She took her own slimy fingers and licked them up and down the sides, sucking her thumbs like a little girl. The moon still looked drunk…and Tracy was still hornier than she’d ever been!

She wished that Stan would call, saying he was back sooner than expected. If he did, she would rush over to his apartment and screw him silly. The phone just sat there like a silent corpse, making not a sound and driving her crazy in the process! “I’ll call Doug! He’s always been hot to get in my pants.” She embraced the hated phone and punched up his number. He was her friend and confidante and puppy dog admirer, the guy who would take her dancing when Stan was drunk or abusive, the guy who sent her flowers at work for no reason, the guy who never really believed he’d get anywhere with someone like Tracy.

After several rings, he answered with a cheery but just awakened “Hello?”

“Hiiiiiiiiii. It’s me.” She said in that little girl voice that sent warm chills up his spine.

“You woke me up. Do you know what time it is?”

“It’s only eleven or so. I think. Anyway, what are you doing tonight?”

“Tonight? Pretty soon it’ll be tomorrow.”

“Why are you whispering?”

“Luckily, you didn’t wake my parents. They’re still asleep. Look, what do you want?”

“Like I said, what are you doing tonight?”

“Sleeping…. or at least I was. Why?”

“‘Cause I want to fuck your brains out.” There was a pause.

“You’re drunk.”

“No, I’m just horny as hell and Stanley’s out of town. You wanna fuck me or should I choose some other lucky winner?”

“What time?”

“Be there in twenty minutes. You be out front.”

To Doug’s mind, this was all a dream. He was still sleeping. In the year and a half he had known Tracy, fear of her hulking boyfriend had kept him from ever doing anything but fantasizing about her, in spite of their obvious mutual attraction. Now, to have her begging him? This couldn’t be real. Still, he dressed lightly, snuck out the back door and made his way around to the front of the house. The midnight air was chilly and the full moon seemed blurry. It almost looked drunk.

He had just about decided that Tracy’s call was part of yet another of his frequent wet dreams about her when suddenly her little blue Celica drove up. He jumped into the door she opened to him. “This is crazy!,” he complained. “What’s really going on?” He never got an answer, just a flurry of giggles as she lunged for his zipper. He was too stunned to protest as she pulled his previously untouched prick up through his fly. It was fairly long, but completely soft. She jerked at it to his utter amazement…but little else.

“C’mon,” she whined impatiently. “Get it up, sweetness!” Her right hand kept playing with his dick while her left took control of the steering wheel and her foot hit the gas. She turned into the alley in mid block and squealed to a stop in a dark, vacant parking lot. By this point, Doug couldn’t help but believe that it was really happening as the physical evidence was right between her legs. She had jerked him up to full size and he was hard as a rock.

She giggled uncontrollably as she leaned forward from the driver’s seat to put her soft, wet lips in just the position he had long wanted to see them: encircling the head of his cock. He still wasn’t sure how or why but his hands held onto the back of her head, playing with her light auburn hair as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. “Oh, baby….You…You don’t know how long I’ve imagined….Oh, oh! I mean…Oh, you’re incredible!” The only sounds coming from Tracy were the wanton slurps and gurgles her lips and tongue made as they worked hungrily on his hard cock.

For a few seconds at a time, she would let his meat slip from her greedy lips with a “pop.” Then she’d tease her long, agile tongue into his pee-slit, already seeping out copious amounts of lubricating pre-cum. She looked up and let him see the tiny string the sticky fluid made clinging between her lively lips and the head of his dick. Briefly, he recalled all the lunchtimes when some white sauce or other would always seem to find its way to suggestively drip from the corner of her sexy lips. But this was the real thing and the very realization of that made him suddenly shudder and exclaim, “I’m coming. Oh, God, I’m coming already!”

Tracy appreciated the warning and slipped her hungry mouth down over a good five inches just as the throbbing rod began dropping its white-hot payload directly into her throat. She swallowed every few seconds as wave after wave of his pent up sperm shot straight into the very object of his long-frustrated desire. She relished the feel of the thick, hot liquid settling into her stomach. He moaned in unbearable relief at this final release.” Uunnnnngggggghhhh. You are amazing!!!!”

She rose off of his flesh breathless and maneuvered into an even more uncomfortable position to put her arms tightly around him. At first, he wanted to push her away as her face neared his. When he finally gave in, she attacked his lips in a way she had never, ever kissed him before. The distasteful thought of tasting himself in her mouth gave way quickly to a long mutual embrace between their tongues. Her hands ran aimlessly over his head, mussing his hair. When she finally pulled away, she looked at him with eyes lit up in delight and a big nasty grin on her face. He tried hard to think of something appropriate to say. “Wonderful…wonderful!,” is all he could mumble.

“Don’t think we’re though yet, Lawrence Welk. It’s a long time ’til morning and I am wiiiiiide awake. AND STILL HORNY!”

To Be Continued…

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