FWBs Long Before There Were “FWBs”

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This story is pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. (wink)


JoAnne and I had been best friends in high school even though she was 2 years behind my class. We had been friends for many years because we attended the same church youth group and had been on several group trips together. She is one of those girls who I felt a natural non-sexual attraction to. As I said, we were best friends.

About me, I was extremely naive in school. I can’t emphasize that enough. For reasons I cannot explain I wasn’t interested in women in a sexual way until several years after I graduated. I had A LOT of female friends, in fact, I hung around far more girls than guys and thought nothing of it. It had nothing to do with my sexuality. There wasn’t any confusion in my mind that I liked girls. Quite to the contrary, I wanted them, I just didn’t know how to make the first move. Now that I am much more worldly I can look back and lament not fucking quite a few of those girls.

Anyway, to the story.

After I graduated we saw each other occasionally. I got married and in the service and JoAnne had gotten married before I did and then divorced 2 years later.

JoAnne wound up going to a college in Moorepark, CA where she shared a 4 bedroom house with three other women. All were in their very early 20’s and also college students. When I learned I’d be in Port Hueneme for several weeks I called her and asked if she’d like to get together.

She immediately said, “YES! OMG, You have to spend the weekend with us!”

Friday came and I rented a car to drive to Moorepark. When I pulled into the drive way JoAnne bounded out and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

GOD she looked great. To describe JoAnne… she is 5 ft 2 inches tall, very slender, small breasts, thick mid back length brunette hair, shapely legs, and a wonderful heart shaped ass that the one piece body suit she was wearing accentuated nicely. She had poor eyesight and had to wear glasses all the time.

We went into the house and plopped down on the couch together. Her roommates, their names aren’t relevant, were introduced. They were all in their late teens and early 20s, a few years younger than JoAnne. We sat a bit talking and half watching TV when JoAnne leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Follow me.”

I followed her to her bedroom where she told me to set down my bag.

She hugged me and said, “I just wanted you alone, we haven’t talked in SOOOO long.”

We chatted for awhile before she showed me around the house. There were two bathrooms. JoAnne had the master bedroom and her own bath. The other three girls shared one bathroom and it looked like a Victoria’s Secret shop in there. There were bras and panties hanging everywhere.

JoAnne had to pull me away from it.

When we walked past the living room I asked loudly if there would be a Victoria’s Secret show later… they all threw pillows at me and laughed.

JoAnne finished the tour and we went back to her room. During the entire tour I was focused on her amazing ass. JoAnne had a way about her that hadn’t bothered me a few years earlier but now I really noticed, I just had to find a way to get things started and see where they went.

She asked me what I wanted to do and I said I needed a shower before we decided anything. She got me set up with a towel in her bathroom.

She lay on the bed reading as I showered. Yes, the door was closed.

I finished and stepped out to dry off. JoAnne started talking through the door as soon as the water stopped. She wanted to know all about what I did and what I’d been doing. I dried off, put on deodorant and some cologne, then put on my underwear and a pair of shorts, and opened the door.

JoAnne was sitting on her side and when she saw me she said, “Wooow, you’re in shape boy! Navy been good to you?” She was being nice, I was not jacked at all but I had lost a bit of weight.

I tensed up and did escort bayan gaziantep an Arnold pose for her and said, “You may not touch the Arnold,” in my best Arnold voice.

“Oh, please,” she played along.

“OK, you may touch the thigh,” Arnold said and I put my leg out.

She caressed my right inner thigh and said, “Mmmmm, nice.”

“That’s enough,” Arnold added, “you will get aroused and I will be forced to unleash my manhood on you,” and I stepped away.

She laughed and watched me get dressed. As I was getting dressed I asked where we were going. JoAnne said she wasn’t sure yet.

“The roomies coming along?” I asked.

“No,” she replied “It’s a Friday and they are all out until God knows when.”

I innocently but excitedly clapped my hands and said, “Oooooh, since they’re gone can I go try on their fancy underwear in the bathroom?”

She rolled with laughter and stood up saying, “Whatever floats your skirt, boy, but I get to take pictures.”

She opened her dresser and took out some undies and clothes. She began to walk past me toward the bathroom and I stopped her by grabbing her waist. I intended to ask her where she was going but she turned away from me and her ass was right there…

I grabbed a cheek in each hand and said, “God Damn JoAnne, you have a great ass, where’d you get it?”

In her own poor Arnold voice she replied, “I work out and get pumped up,” and stepped toward the bathroom adding, “I’m going to take a shower too before we leave,” adding in her Arnold voice “I’ll be back.”

This kind of horse play used to be harmless but I decided what I’d do and see where it went. Looking around the house I confirmed we were alone then went back into her room and closed and locked the bedroom door.

From behind the bathroom door I could hear the shower running. Grasping the doorknob I slowly turned it, the door opened slightly, and I peeked inside. Her naked body was obscured by the shower door. Her clothes, towel and glasses were on the sink next to the door and I went to grab them as I looked at her.

She noticed. I heard her say, “HEY, what are you doing over there?”

“Uh, nothing” I said as I quickly grabbed her clothes, towel, and glasses and closed the door.

JoAnne hollered after me saying, “You’ll pay for that!”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

I took her clothes and placed them on the dresser far from the door. Then I slipped off my clothes and sat on the bed. I carefully positioned her towel over my lap. Soon the shower turned off and I heard the shower door slide open. Then a pause, followed by, “OK smart ass, where’re my glasses?”

“They’re out here with your clothes and towel”, I said.

There was a moment’s silence. “I’m wet not to mention naked, give them back to me please,” she said quietly.

“Nope, you have to come get them”

“I’m gonna kill you for this”, she said. The door cracked open and JoAnne peeked out. Her hair was wet and I knew she couldn’t see well at a distance. She opened the door just enough to wiggle her naked ass out. She kept her back to me and her arms crossed over her tits as she kept looking over her shoulder to see where she was going.

Her ass was perfectly shaped and glistening. She back up until she was within range to grab the towel. As she turned slightly to the right and reached with her right hand to grab for it I reached out and grabbed her hand. She turned back away from me but that only served to pull her onto my lap. She shreaked and laughed, her arms going up across her chest again and she bent away from me to hide herself.

I held on to her hips holding her in place. After a few moments it got quiet and she slapped my right leg and said, “Ok asshole, do I get my towel or not?”

I took her right hand and moved it to my waist and then guided it down to my hip. She jerked her hand back and said, “You’re naked?”

“We’ll sort of” I replied, “But I have a towel on my lap and you’re sitting on the towel, so not technically naked. However, you on the other hand are without question naked. Really nice ass by the way.”

“Oh”, she said and then moved her hips in a circle asking, “This ass?”

My cock began to swell and twitch. “Ya, that one… and I’d stop that if I were you,” I said and followed with a kiss on her wet back.

“You’ve forgotten something,” she said. She stopped and adjusted herself a bit by spreading her legs on my lap…

“Ya, what would that be?”

Then she suddenly reached between our legs up under the towel and had me by the balls. She squeezed gently and said, “Gotcha.”

“Now do I get my towel?” she asked.

I thought for a moment, smiled to myself and then said, “Yes, lean forward a bit and I’ll get it out.”

When she leaned forward she meant to stand up but I pulled the towel out from under her ass and then quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my lap.

This wasn’t quite what she’d intended, now my cock was at half staff and pressing against her pussy. I felt some fur so she wasn’t shaved down there. She reached down with her left hand and pushed my cock down, her right hand still had my balls. I grabbed her hips tighter and held her in place.

“Damn it!” She laughed and said loudly, “you’re close to fucking me, let me off.”

“Naw, I kinda like this,” I said wriggling my ass, she quickly had a fully erect cock in her hand.

JoAnne didn’t reply but held on to my cock for a bit.

It got quiet.

Her grip on my cock changed from pushing it down to grasping it. “Aw, he’s oozing,” she said and rubbed the pre-cum around the head with her thumb.

“Going out tonight isn’t on your mind is it?” she asked.

I let go of her hips and ran my hands up and down her back. “You know, JoAnne,” I started, “when we were in school I always knew I liked you. But until now I never did I understand how lovely you were and how stupid I was for not pursuing you.”

JoAnne released my balls, placed her left hand on my left knee and and cupped her right hand over my cock and pressed it against her clit. She began moving her hips forward and backward sliding my cock up and down her clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as my cockhead slipped between her lips and over her clit. Her breathing was deeper and she ground her hips a bit.

She leaned forward a bit and my cock slipped between her lips just at the entrance of her vagina. She paused, moved the shaft a bit and then settled down until the head slipped inside.

I pulled on her hips to get in deeper but she wouldn’t allow it raising on her legs to counter me.

She raised up and down on the head a few times to spread her juices around then very slowly slid down the shaft in one smooth long move.

She sat on my legs and said, “Jesus, that fills me up.”

I leaned all the way back on to the bed rubbing my hands on her lower back. She leaned forward to put her hands on each of my knees. She started moving up and down really just my cock moving inside her vice stroking.

She kept this up for what seemed like forever to me and then raised completely off my cock until the head popped out and my cock slapped my stomach. I positioned my cock back under her and she sat down on it roughly. She took the whole length in one movement and then she went again off my cock. I held my cock in place as she began a pounding rhythm. She rose off my cock each time only to slam back down on it with a loud slap on each stroke. My balls started to feel the pain and I told her I was about to cum.

JoAnne didn’t take any notice and kept slamming my cock. I started to cum on one of her upstrokes and my first shot hit her pussy as it hovered just before coming down again. It was an amazing orgasm as she slammed up and down on me. I was covered with cum and her juices when she finally sank down on to my shrinking cock and hunched over my knees breathing heavily.

After a few minutes I slipped out of her vagina and she stood up walking into the bathroom with her towel, and closed the door. The blow drier turned on.

I lay there thinking on what I just caused to happen and realized we’d not seen each other naked the entire time. I only saw her back and she only saw my legs… maybe my cock.

As I lay there thinking, the door opened and JoAnne walked out. She was dry but naked, her hair was brushed in her typical fashion of long straight hair. She paused looking down at me for a moment and then walked around the bed to the side my head was at. She leaned over, kissed me on the lips and said, “Don’t forget, you started this, now it’s my turn.”

With that she climbed onto the bed, positioned her pussy over my face, and leaned forward so her hands were on each side of my hips. Her pussy lips were engorged and red with the clit swollen and poking out. It all beckoned my mouth. She spread her legs a bit and settled her pussy down, my hands found her ass and I lifted my head slightly to kiss her hot pussy lips. They were hot to the touch and I began to gently lick around the outside of her lips through the hair. I traced her pussy a few times and then used my tongue to flick at her clit.

She jerked a little at this but really reacted when I decided to clamp my mouth on her pussy and suck her clit into my mouth. As I sucked and flicked her clit she rotated her hips as her juices began to cover my face. She was drenching me and she hadn’t cum yet.

I grasped her around the waist and pulled her to my face as hard as I could, driving my tongue as deeply in her as I could get it, and then licking around. I alternated between her clit and pussy until it was clear she liked her clit smashed with the flat of my tongue. I complied and she began rotating my face grinding her pussy into my mouth. She then fell forward on top of me he face next to my cock.

I love the taste of pussy and JoAnne’s was like peaches. I was drenched as she came and swallowed all I could. She lay on me quivering and breathing heavily with her head on my left thigh as I ran my hands up and down her body. My head was between her legs and I was looking at her pussy and ass just below my chin.

We both recovered but neither of us made an effort to move from the other.

Then she said, “Well… that was different for us.”

“Ya”, I replied, “Damn, we should have done that a long time ago.”

“Lord yes”, she agreed.

She flipped around and kissed me. It felt so natural, no hesitation in it. We lay there for the longest time just cuddling and kissing.

It’ll sound odd but we’d actually slept together a few times before this but nothing ever happened nor was there the faintest thought of doing anything. Well, at least for me. We were just friends sharing a motel room when she had driven down to visit me. For a reason I cannot explain or even fathom at this point is why neither of us made a move before this.

This night we slept together. I distinctly recall drifting off to sleep with her laying on my left side, rolled into me, her left leg between my legs, her face nuzzled into my neck.

In the morning I woke to the pleasant feeling of a kiss. Opening my eyes I saw JoAnne leaning over me. Her hair was pulled back behind her ears and she was moving some some of her long hair off of my face.

I smiled back at her, “Morning.”

She smiled back and said, “Yes it is,” and kissed me again.

I got up and went to the bathroom. When I returned she had made the bed and was sitting on the side as if waiting for me. We were both still naked.

Taking her hands I pulled her up to me and we embraced and kissed again. My cock was beginning to vote on another round when I stepped back a bit. Concerned with what her room mates might think of her fucking a married man I said, “We shouldn’t now that they are back.”

JoAnne smiled a little knowing smile and started to get dressed.

We got dressed, straightened up the room and walked out to the living room.

We were greeted with her roommate’s applause.

JoAnne turned every shade of red there is. I suppose so did I.

Her room mates had returned earlier than expected and had heard us.

“Ah well.” I thought to my self.

On Saturday night we were sitting watching a college game. JoAnne was laying next to me with her head in my lap when one of her roommates slipped off her chair and crawled over to whisper something in JoAnne’s ear.

JoAnne looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, “Ya, I suppose you can borrow him later tonight.”

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