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Work was now a hell of a lot more interesting. Dan had requested that I be transferred to the marketing department where he could get his hands on me whenever he wanted ( and he wanted to a lot). I was now working as his PA, which meant I got a pay rise and spent a good amount of my working day on my knees sucking on his thick cock or bent over the desk getting it in the ass. It was no secret around the office that I was Dans little slut, in fact Dan would sometimes share me with some of his new, more important clients and to make sure no one caused any trouble, once a week Dan had recently arranged for me to ‘take care’ of Mr Williamson the 59 year old CEO.

It was friday afternoon and it was my first arranged session with Mr Williamson, why was I doing this? I didnt question anything that either Dan or Dave asked of me sexually, I was beginging to realise that I liked being told what to do, especially if I was being told to make myself a slut for someone just because I was told to.

I sat in the room outside Williamson’s office under the sultry eye of his secretary Chloe. Most of the office girls hated Chloe because they thought Williamson had only hired her for her looks and all the guys just plain lusted after her. She was a tall, slender brunette with long legs and knockout tits. She wore the most beautiful bespoke suits and prowled the office in towering Louboutin shoes. Chloe was beautiful but also good at her job, no one really knew if she was fucking the boss for sure, in fact most people thought that sex with a girl like Chloe would probably kill our ageing boss. I looked at her and I wondered if she knew about my sessions with Dan and his clients. She looked so damn sexy and powerful, I turned my glance from her and started to think about what the company CEO had planned for me.

With that Chloe’s desk intercom buzzed and I heard Williamson’s voice, ‘Can you send Miss King in please Chloe?’
Chloe looked at me and smiled,’Mr Williamson will see you now Cindy, please go on through’
I stood up and ran my hands down my body to straighten my tight black skirt, then walked through into the CEO’s plush office. Williamson was sat behind his desk with his back to the floor to ceiling window that stretched the length of the room. He was old but pretty handsome, a bit of extra weight but with a full head of silver hair. His eyes scanned me, running over my slim body and seemingly admiring my tight skirt, tailored white blouse and lingering on my seemed stockings and the patent black 6 inch heels. I pretty much looked like an office girl from a porn movie rather than a sensible worker in a busy office.

‘Good afternoon Miss King, Im so glad you could join me. Tea, Coffee?’ he asked
I wasnt expecting this, ‘Um, tea please’.
He buzzed Chloe ‘ Can you bring some tea in please Chloe’

With that he returned to eying me as I stood in front of him’
‘Now Miss King please have a seat. Daniel in marketing has told me about your excellent work in his department and about your willingness to please new clients, which has done wonders for new contracts’

I was now sitting in one of the leather chairs in front of his desk, my legs crossed so he could enjoy the sight of my black stockings, I smiled demurely at his complements, knowing that the contracts he was talking about had been secured by my ability to suck the new clients until they blew their loads over my sweating tits, or my fondness for being spit roasted in Dan’s office.

Chloe entered with a tray of tea cups and a pot of tea, placing it on the desk and making even this mundane task entirely sexual.
“Chloe, could you bring in Miss King’s gift now please’ Williamson asked.
‘Of course sir’ Chloe purred

‘I’ve taken the liberty of getting you a little something as a small thank you for all your hard work for the company’
“Thank you Mr Williamson, you shouldnt have, the work is reward enough’ I replied, moving my hand to my chest and undoing a button.
Williamson grinned at my mention of ‘work’.
“Yes I here youre very good at what you do, but I think its important to reward those employees who are willing to go that bit further for the company’

Chloe returned with a red gift box in her hands which she placed on the desk.
‘Thank you Chloe, could you please lock the door and then give Miss King her present’, he said.

The door clicked shut and Chloe carried the gift from the desk to where I sat on the chair.
‘Now Miss King, I do hope you like it. Please go ahead and open it’
I opened the box as Williamson and Chloe watched. I delved into the layers of tissue paper and pulled out a obscene looking black rubber dildo. I stared at it, it was a monster. About 14 inches long and very thick, it was covered in realistic bulging veins and from the base there was a rubber bulb that I guessed would be used to inflate it.

‘Chloe, what was this device called again?’ he asked
Chloe stared at me, a look of delight on her face ‘its called a Cocklocker, its 14.5 inches long and it can inflate to 12.5 inches in circumference. Its the biggest inflatable dildo I could find’
I looked at Williamson, his eyes filled with lust. ‘Thank you Sir, its very thoughtful of you’ I ran my hand over its already massive girth and felt my pussy tingle with the thought of trying to fit such a huge thing in my pussy.
‘My pleasure Miss King, would you like to try it for size now? I’m sure Chloe would be glad to help’

Chloe was now next to me, she reached into the box and pulled out a bottle of lube oil, ‘I’d be very happy to help Miss King’. She moved closer and reached for the buttons of my blouse, deftly flicking them open,
‘Take off your skirt Miss King’ Williamson requested. I did as I was told, slipping out of my skirt, I had no panties on, but my stockings were held up with fine black suspanders. ‘mmm very good, very good indeed’.
Chloe had removed my blouse and taken off my bra, my nipples jutted out with excitement, she bent down and flicked the tip of her tongue over each rigid nipple. I was now standing in my 6 inch heels, fishnet stockings and suspenders. I pushed my long blonde hair up on my head and looked into Chloes eyes and she began to pour warm oil over my tits, letting it run down over my belly and over my pussy. She rubbed it firmly into my skin, trapping my nipples between thumb and forefinger. I swayed and squirmed under her touch, enjoying every second. She covered me in the slippery lube and my body glistened with the lovely stuff. She know lifted the dildo up and smoothed her oiled hands over its huge girth and length until it shone in a way that excentuated its thick viens. She rubbed it against me, pushing it against my face and tits, rubbing it over my tingling pussy.

‘Bend her over the chair Chloe’
We obeyed Williamson’s orders, my shiney oiled ass jutting towards Williamson as he sat at his desk, his erection growing in his trousers. Chloe took the dildo and massaged it over my pussy entrance, I pushed my ass back arching my back in the most whorish fashion. Williamson had a great view, my hi heels, stockings and long oiled legs and my ass spread slightly so he could see how dripping wet my pussy was and how ready for that monster black cock I was. With one hand on my back and the dildo in the other Chloe began to steadily push the dildo into me. I felt it stretch my lips open as its rigid thickness entered my hot pussy. It felt really good and reminded me of my night with the two black guys all those weeks ago. It felt big, nice and big – jesus this was filling me up and she hadnt inflated it yet!!

Soon the whole thing was in, forced right up to my cervix and filling me gaziantep eskort bayan with its full 14.5 inches of legnth.
‘Yes, thats it Miss King take that big fucking black cock, I can see how much you like it, how much you enjoy being full of cock. You dirty little office slut!’ Willaimson gasped.

‘Stretch the little bitch Chloe, show her how it feels, show her how good it feels to be stuffed to bursting point’
Chloe leant down and whispered in my ear ‘ I have one of these at home, I love it! I like it in my ass while one of my lovers fucks me in the pussy. Sometimes it hurts so good! I’m going to show you, you little tramp, you little fuck pig’.
and with that she began to pump up the inflatable cock, I felt it begin to grow and stretch, with each pump it pushed out my pussy walls. After a while it was locked in me, I’d never felt so full. I heard this strange low noise, and then realised it was me, moaning deeply like some animal as Chloe began to force it in and out of me. It barely moved it was in me so fully, so tight, but even the smallest movement drove me wild. I was out of control, moaning like an animal I had collapsed face down on the chair and Chloe was raping my pussy with that violent monster of a dildo. I came hard, shuddering, my eyes rolled up into my head and saliva ran from my mouth and still came the unnatural moan that I had never heard come from me before. The waves of orgasm broke over me and I felt I was having some kind of fit and then I blacked out.

I woke up as something wet hit my face, I opened my eyes to be faced by Mr Williamsons bloated cock spurting a thick load into my face. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I sucked and licked him clean as he moaned with pleasure. I looked over at Chloe who watched smiling but was otherwise unruffled. Williamson stepped back and looked at me lying on the floor like a filthy hooker, totally used and left covered in cum, my stockings torn and my pussy still crammed full of that massive dildo that seemed to have fucked me right over the edge of anything I’d known before.

He did up his fly and straighted his tie, ‘Well thank you miss King that was most enjoyable, shall we say same time next week?’
I moaned softly, unable to move, my legs still spasming from the intense didlo fucking I had just received at the hands of his gorgeous secretary.

Williamson then left the office saying he had a meeting. Chloe helped me up, and lead me to the offices en suite bathroom. She helped me sort myself out and gave me a pair of her own stockings. Slowly I got myself back together while she watched.
‘There, all done – you look good as new, how do you feel?’ she asked
‘Like I’ve been fucked by a horse’ I laughed
‘I know – great isnt it?’ Chloe grinned, ‘ heres my card, call me if you want another orgasm like that, I think you should come to one of my little parties sometime, I think you would love it’
‘Thanks’ I said and took her card, she moved towards me and then leant in, kissing me passionately. Pulling away slightly she looked me in the eye,’ I dont normally fuck people I work with but for you I would make an exception’.
I was a bit shocked,’ what about Mr Williamson?’
‘Oh no, we dont fuck, he just likes to watch me fuck other people – its kind of an arrangement. He finds people then pays to watch me with them. He has quite specialist tastes, but luckily I do also. I’ve done some things that would make your head spin”. She smiled as a thought crossed her mind, ‘I know, why dont you have a look at some of Mr Williamson’s personal collection. It might whet your appetite for something a little more adventurous’. With that she took a DVD from a drawer in the office and handed it to me, it just had a date written on it.
‘OK thanks’ I said unsure what the hell was going to be on it.
‘Dont forget, you have my number. See you next friday’.

As I left our buliding my mobile went. It was Dave
‘Hey little girl, its friday! good day at work?’
“mmm pretty good actually’, I replied
‘That Dan guy ream your ass out again?’
‘Yes he did this morning when I got in, God that guy never tires of fucking my ass!!’
‘I know how he feels’ Dave laughed
‘Then I spent some time with the boss’
‘How did that go?’
‘It was interesting baby, very interesting’ I said thinking how that huge rubber dick had driven me into a cock crazy animal and left me almost unable to walk out the office.
‘Well Cindy I have plans for you this weekend, we have a party out of town to go to tomorrow, you interested?’
‘Sure that sounds cool. What will I be wearing?’
‘Oh baby I have something very special for you to wear, believe me, you are going to be the belle of the ball!’


That evening I got through our front door just as my dad was putting on his jacket to go out. He looked cheerful and there was a definite spring in his step.
“Hey sweetie, how was your day?’
“Fine thanks Dad, where you off to?’ I asked
“Well, I thought as your mum was at her sisters for the weekend I’d make the most of it and have a few drinks with the boys,’ he grinned, ” don’t wait up for me’, he laughed.
‘oh theres another package for you on the table, ebay again?” he said as he went out the door.

So friday night and I had the place to myself, I walked into the kitchen and saw the package. I grabbed a half bottle of wine from the fridge and a glass and took the package upstairs to my room. I put on some music and poured myself a nice big glass, which I sipped as i opened the parcel. It was from Dave, my outfit for saturday nights party. I pulled out the dress and held it up against me, it was black satin and looked very expensive. I went to the bathroom and got out of my work suit and into the shower, I couldnt wait to try that dress on!

After my shower, wrapped in a towel,I went back to my room and started to think about Chloe and the disc she had given me. I got it out of my hand bag and popped it into my DVD player, I thought I could have a look at it while I dried my hair.

The DVD looked really professional, and as it started I realised that it was a sort of promotional disc for Chloe’s ‘executive services’. I had three choices on the menu : ‘Intro to Chloe’, ‘Services’ and ‘Preview’. I clicked on ‘intro’ and the film started. It looked really cool, there was a voice over talking about ‘Chloe’s expertise and exceptional physique’ but I wasnt really listening because on the screen Chloe was dancing sexily in just the sexiest lingerie, eye fucking the me through the screen. She had an insane body, the firmest big tits I had ever seen, and the way she moved was amazing. I forgot about drying my hair and sat on the bed to enjoy her. Soon that clip ended and I was back at the menu, this time I chose ‘services’, this was just a selection of photos of Chloe in various outfits posing with hunky men and some sexy girls as the voice explained that when hiring her for your exclusive party she is available with a whole group of other people for all sorts of fun. In every image she looked the very embodiment of sex. Then we were back at the menu, I realised that my hand had unconsciously wandered to my pussy which was getting nicely wet over the idea of Chloe. I quickly selected ‘Preview’ and reclined with my hand back on my gooey hole. the preview was like a porn trailer, there were clips filmed at different ‘exclusive parties’, it was incredible! A montage of increasingly sexy scenes appeared: Chloe sucking a massive black cock, Chloe in a latex catsuit, Chloe being dp’d, Chloe writhing on a guy in a tuxedo while he shoved his hand down her pants, Chloe oiled up with two girls surrounded by cheering men, Chloe on her knees receiving a massive cum shower from a ring of 5 guys, and then I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a matter of seconds long but there, near the end of the preview was the dirtiest sight I have ever seen: Chloe on her hands and knees, her face an absolute picture of total sexual abandon while on top of her, pounding her mercilessly from behind was a huge rottweiler. Yes she was being fucked hard by a dog and loving it! Screaming like a stuck pig while a crowd of party go-ers cheered the dog on.
By this point I had 3 fingers mashing in and out of my pussy and the thought of perfect Chloe being fucked by a dog blew my mind and I came suddenly, drenching my hand in juices. ‘Jesus’ I thought, ‘She’s even more of a whore than me!’


Saturday night came around soon enough. I was in my room putting the finishing touches to my make up when my dad knocked on my door.
‘Come in’ I said
Dad stepped into my room, he too was dressed up for a saturday night, ‘Wow look at you Dad! Should Mum be worried about another woman?’ I joked
‘God no darling, Im just going to a thing with the fellas from work, thought I’d make a bit of an effort – but look at you, special night?’
‘Im just going to a party Dad,’ as I said this I could see in the mirror that Dad was checking out more than just the dress, his eyes lingered hungrily on my young, tight body.
‘You look a million dollars’, i had to admit he wasnt wrong, the dress fitted like a glove (and probably used as much material!). It was a designer black satin, halter neck dress that plunged to my navel and hugged my ass beautifully. I felt great, Dave had really gone to town with this, for once it wasnt a fetish dress, or even that slutty (for me). I had a feeling that Dave was taking me somewhere fancy so that he could show me off.

“well darling you have a great night, see you later’ he said and soon after I heard the front door close behind him.

The car arrived at 9pm, a proper car too, not a taxi but a limo! I walked out and in the back, waiting was Dave with a bottle of champagne.
‘Hey Cindy, you look amazing’
‘Thanks so much for the dress its beautiful’ i said kissing him as I sat down, showing a lot of leg. ‘where we off too, somewhere special?’
‘Oh yes and I think you will like it, you look gorgoeus baby’

The car pulled away and I relaxed into the leather seats and sipped my champagne, this was the life. It was so nice to be treated like a lady by Dave for once. I noticed by his side on the seat was a large velvet covered box, the kind that expensive jewellery comes in, maybe a necklace? ‘Wow’ I thought, ‘Daves really pushing the boat out, maybe he’s getting serious?’

We chatted about stuff for a while as the car sped through the night, I wasnt sure where becuase of the tinted windows but by the occasional flash I did catch we were somewhere in the country, a nice hotel I hoped.

The car pulled up a long gravel driveway and came to a stop. The chauffer opened the car door for us and we walked up to the front door of a very expensive looking house. Before Dave knocked he pulled out the jewellery box I had seen in the car.
‘I got you something I would like you to wear tonight, its just a little token that will hopefully remind you of all the good times we’ve shared’.
I opened the box to reveal a black leather collar with the words ‘USE ME’ in diamante on it and a long leather leash attached. Not what I was expecting at all. Dave took it out and closed it around my neck. He knocked on the door which was quickly answered by an attractive brunette in a french maids outfit, including fishnets and blck hi heels.
‘Good evening sir, madam. The gentlemen are waiting downstairs’
Dave led me in by the leash and the girl took our coats, Dave then smiled,’As gorgeous as you look baby you are a little over dressed’ and with that he undid my dress and let it drop to the floor, leaving me standing in the hall in black satin knickers, stockings, suspenders and my hi heels and of course my new collar and leash.
‘Mmm thats better’, he said and the maid nodded in agreement. ‘one last thing’ he said and took a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket and securely cuffed my hands behind my back,’ excellent’ he said and then led me down the hall, through a door and down, down into the basement.

As he led me into the basement room I was faced with a crowd of men, probably about 15, stood around in the lowlit room drinking cocktails that were being served by two girls in maids uniforms (except these uniforms came with slutty hi heels and skirts so short you could see the maids lacey g strings and pert asses).

A round of applause started a I was led into the room, I noticed that in the middle of the room, amongst the leather sofas was a low platform, like a large black leather coffee table, around its base were thick chrome rings.

‘Well guys, here she is. Cindy the fuck toy, yours to do with what you will for the whole night – no holes barred!’, Dave said proudly, I stood feet together, my hands being cuffed behind my back made my back arch and my tits jut out as if begging to be felt. Which as the first guys moved towards me was exactly what happend. A dozen hands suddenly began to grope my young body, sliding over my ass and tits, making my nipples rock hard and my pussy damp. Some of the guys just sat and watched but at least 7 or 8 were touching me all over. I saw Dave get a drink and step back to watch the scene. One of the maids handed out a couple of big bottles of aquaglide which were quickly emptied over my body, running down over my shoulders and tits and soon reaching my ass and pussy and then continuiing down over my thighs. The men smoothed the cool lube all over me, pulling on my nipples and easing down my panties. I felt the first oily hands slide over my mound and then the first fingers entered my pussy and then soon after my tight little asshole. I let a low moan as this happened and called them dirty fuckers when two guys pushed a finger into me at the same time.

My body felt gloriously slimey, and the feeling of so many mens hands on me was getting me really turned on. I soon felt some of the hands pushing me on the shoulders, I slowly dropped to my knees and before i knew it I was faced with a whole forest of cocks, hard and throbbing, inches from my face. A plum sized cockhead was jammed between my scarlet painted lips and without any ceremony pushed deep into the back of my throat. I gagged but he kept pushing until it was all in. Then my head was pulled roughly back and another rigid cock pushed balls deep into my throat. This happened over and over until I lost track of which guys had had their cocks in my throat. One guy must have found it all too much and I felt his cock swell and throb and then release a thick throatful of hot cum in me. I swallowed it down so I didnt choke, before I knew it I had another cock in my well lubricated mouth.

I felt a tug on my leash and i realised i was being led towards the table. The guy with his erection in my mouth pulled out and a great load of saliva ran from my lips and fell on my oily boobs. Dave moved in and undid my handcuffs so that I could mount the platform on all fours. Theres nothing like a good throat fucking to get me hot, and the thought of being used by a room full of guys had my heart racing and my pussy throbing.

As soon as I mounted the platform I felt a hand on my waist and the head of a thick cock pushing at the moist opening of my eager pussy. The feeling of that first cock was amazing, it had a lovely girth that stretched me wide as he slid it in deep and hard and began to bang away so hard that it forced the breath out of me with each thrust.

‘Oh GOD YESSS!’ I grunted with joy, but my cries of lust were hushed as another guy forced his cock into my open mouth, I sucked him in and lashed my tongue around his beautiful stiff dick. I felt hands all over me, rubbing more lube over me, groping my tits and pulling on my stiff nipples. The crowd of guys were urging each other on and shouting with excitement:’Fuck the slut’, ‘give it to the bitch’, ‘go on man, shove it in her ass’

With that, the guy in my pussy pulled out and ran his stiff cock over my oily ass cheeks before he plunged it firmly into my ass , jesus it felt so good, and he must have thought so too because within 3 or 4 thrusts he gripped my waist tight and unloaded his balls deep in my ass. I shuddered with my own orgasm, moaning deeply around the thick cock that was jammed down my throat, just before he too shot his hot wad.

I was then man handled by two new guys onto my side so that they could sandwich me between them, I knew where this was going and I liked it. The guy behind me gripped me tightly and began to ease his meaty cock into my ass, while the guy in front pushed his big tool into my soaking pussy. It felt gorgeous as the pair of rock hard cocks were pushed into me at the same time, I let my head fall back and let out a lusty moan ‘OHH yesss! shove those cocks in you fuckers, stuff me full of fucking cocks!!’

I looked around and saw Dave sat on a sofa being sucked by one of the french maids, she was right down at the root of his cock and had his big balls in her hand. Then the men surrounding me closed in and my view of dave was obscured by the 15 or so men who wanted to have their turn on my willing, young body. A fat cock was pushed towards my face, I looked up at the guys face, his eyes filled with lust. I recognised him as one of the bouncers from a local nightclub, I remember him oggling me and my mates when we used to go there dancing on a saturday nights. Now his straining cock was pushed hard against my cheek, I moved my head to get that fat knob into my mouth and began to suck him greedily, he let out a sigh of pleasure and grunted that I was a dirty whore and I was getting what I had always wanted. He was right.

The two guys that had me sandwich were pumping me hard and firm and I could feel another orgasm building, mens hands took hold of my hands and guided them to their erections, which I happily began to rub and massage. I must have looked a sight, lying there surrounded by naked men rubbing their stiff dicks watching me take on 5 guys at once.

The bouncer guy pulled out and shot a thick hot load across my face and tits, just as another guy wanking next to him did the same, cum ran down my lips and face. I grunted from the double stuffing I was getting and came hard, shuddering and swearing ‘ use me you dirty fuckers, fuck my filthy brains out! OH GOD!! I want you both in my pussy now!’

The guy in my ass did as he was told and pulled out from my twitching ass and began to force his fat cock in alongside the other cock that was already stretching me wide. He grunted as he got it inside, I swore like crazy: YESSS you bastards GOD FUCKING YESS!! COME IN ME YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!!’ I was shouting loud and the watching crowd cheered them on calling me a cumbucket and a filthy fuck pig. And with that the two guys wedged together in my tight fuck hole came almost at the same time, filling me up so much that it squirted out around the bases of their dicks.

Over the next hour or more the guys took turns to fuck all my holes, while I jerked and sucked others off. I was dizzy with pleasure, my pussy and ass buzzed with orgasmic waves that just kept coming and coming. My jaw ached from taking countless fat hard cocks and I could feel what must have been a pint of cum in my guts. I was in a daze as the last guy fired his load over my belly and tits to a round of applause from the other guys, leaving me lying on my back on the leather platform covered in cum and oil. I could feel it all over me and underneath me, I writhed gently on the slippery mixture my body involuntarily searching out a hand, mouth or cock. I now knew what it was to be drunk on cock and all I could think about was getting more. I moaned softly and opened my cum splattered eyes to see Dave standing over me.

‘Baby you are amazing, you have worn out 17 guys and still you want more cock!’ he laughed
I smiled at him and the other guys,’mmmm I am such a little slut’ I said softly, my hand sliding over my cum covered body towards my throbbing pussy.

‘Yes you are baby, you are the filthiest little slut we have ever seen, and we’ve got it all on video for you to watch’, he pointed at a guy with a video camera.
‘but we are not done with you yet little fuck toy, there is a special guest just for you,’ with these words some of the guys stepped forward and held me down by my hands and feet, I smiled and purred ‘ oooh baby what have you got planned for me?’

As I said this Dave stepped aside and a big guy in a robe moved into my line of sight. I gasped and began to strain at my holders grip, but all I managed to do was squirm around in the oil and cum that covered the platform I was pinned to. The man shrugged off his robe to reveal his naked body and a jawachingly massive cock. The man was my dad!

‘Look at you Cindy, you slut. I have to watch you walking around the house in tight dresses, hi heels showing off that perfect tight body of yours and because Im your Dad Im not mean to think about how much I’d like to fuck you?! I hear guys at work talking about how much they want to fuck you in the ass, or the rumours down the pub that you have to have two or more cocks at a time as one is never enough for you. And then Dave plans this and invites me along to watch my daughter take 17 guys in every hole’ He growled, his huge member bobbing as he moved towards me. I squirmed and tried to move.

‘Daddy no, you cant ! Im your little girl!’ I squeeled, but my body still cried out to be touched. To be fucked, and I realised that I wanted it, I wanted my daddys fat cock in me, I wanted him to pin me down and use me like a filthy whore.
‘Yes thats right you are my little girl and that means I can do what I want with you and what I want is to fuck you hard you dirty little bitch!’
And with that he moved forward and shoved his vieny cock into my cum dripping pussy. Even after the gangfucking I had just taken he still felt massive and I cried out, but rather than tell him to stop I urged him on:’Oh God, Yes daddy fuck me, fuck your little girl, fuck me hard with that big dick, oh GOD it feels good, it feels so damn goood!!” and it did.

The guys at the sides let me loose and I thrashed around under my dad like a wanton slut, screaming with utter pleasure while I abandoned my body to my pervert daddy.He then pulled out and flipped me over, mounting me roughly from behind, “you filthy little whore, you fuckslut bitch- take your daddies cock in your slutty little ass hole”
he said as he forced that massive dick into my gaping ass, it hurt, but the pain made me come suddenly, I moaned that I was cumming and he just kept pounding my ass until after what seemed like ages of glorious hard ass fucking he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and sunk his cock in to the balls and dumped a massive thick load into me. He put his mouth to my ear and said ” you are daddies little fuck slut now Cindy, no one elses, you do as I say, you fuck who I say, your mother cant know but I will fuck you anyway I want whenever I want. Do you understand Daddy, whore?’

‘Yes daddy, Im yours,” I panted as his cum ran from my ass, “im your little fuck toy, im your dirty little girl’

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