Harem University Ch. 02: First Day

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So this week has been quite an interesting one. Let’s start with tuesday since that is where I left off. When I got into my Sexual Techniques class they assigned us our Practice Partners. There were a couple real hot women in there but the sexiest by far was this one across the room. She had brunette hair and tanned skin, she had to have double d’s and her body was toned. I was hoping I’d get her but I knew my luck. So the professor laid out a bunch of condoms on the table in two piles, all with numbers on them and told each student to grab one, men from one pile and women from the other. When each student had one, he revealed the numbers on each of them matched another student’s. He called us 1 through 13 and each student revealed if that was their number and was introduced to their partner. He wrote down the pairs as they were called. My number was 12, and by the time my number was called it was only the really hot girl and another girl, this one blonde with a fair complexion, a petite body, and B cupped tits. She was pretty good looking too but I was really hoping for the brunette. Of course when 12 was called I responded with my name and stepped forward. Then, the blonde stepped forward and revealed her name to be Mia. We both went to our assigned desk and watched as the last pair, Miranda and Leo got paired together. After talking for a couple more minutes he told us to get to know our partner.

“So, it seems you’re a little disappointed,” Mia said nervously to me.

“I promise I’m not disappointed, it’s just…” I started to say.

“No, it’s ok, I understand,” she interrupted, “I would want her instead of me too.” I had no idea how to fix what I had done. I lifted her chin up and looked her straight into the eye.

“Mia, you are one of the prettiest girls in the room and surprisingly the only blonde in the room. It’s almost as if you are the treasure of the classroom. I wouldn’t be happier to have anyone else,” I said out of nowhere. She kept her eyes locked with mine before she cracked a smile and blushed, before she turned her head to the side and giggled. When she looked back up at me she had a tear forming but it quickly disappeared. We talked for a bit more and got to know each other. She is from LA, and she enjoys gymnastics, in bayan escort fact it seems that all she talked about. She had this spark in her while she talked about it and when I asked why she wasn’t pursuing that as a career she got quiet and I quickly changed the subject by asking if she had a boyfriend.

“I’m lesbian silly,” she giggled, “I actually haven’t had a steady girlfriend though. Most of the girls I’ve been with were just friends with benefits.”

“Wait you’re lesbian?” I questioned her, “Why aren’t you paired up with another woman?”

“I don’t think the professor will really care even if I did bring it up. Besides if I want to get into this business I have to learn how to like both sexes.”

After a couple more minutes of conversation the professor let us know we were dismissed whenever we felt like leaving as he stepped out the door. We said our farewells and left the class. As I walked to the café for lunch I was stopped by someone tugging on my backpack. I turned around to see Miranda standing there, her gray eyes inches from mine.

“Oh, god you scared me!” I exclaimed.

“Oh so now I’m scary looking?” Miranda responded with a fake pout, “In class, you couldn’t take your eyes off of me. So much so that even your partner noticed.” She watched me waiting to see if I had a reaction. When I stayed silent she continued, “I came to talk to you about that. I just wanted to say what you said saved your ass from having a very shitty semester. It was also sort of sweet.” She said the last part softly, almost to herself, “If you want, call me, and I’m sure we can practice a couple things together.” She handed me a piece of paper and winked before she skipped off.

After lunch was over it was time for my pornetry class, and finally film class. When I got out I went straight for my dorm. When I walked into my room I found Alessandra and Angel in the room, and they were making out, heavily. Their shirts were off and their tits squished together, seeming like they were as desperate to touch as the two girls that owned them. When I closed the door they both looked up and smiled at me.

“Oh hey Lucas!” They said in unison.

“We got bored waiting for you,” Angel said, “Your girlfriend came to introduce herself. We wanted to get to know more about each other over dinner using you as a buffer.”

“We got so bored waiting for you though!” Alessandra interjected. They both got up and picked up their shirts. “So where do you want to go to dinner honey?”

“Wait why are you putting on your shirts?!” I exclaimed surprised.

“You’re right. As long as we stay on campus we don’t need them,” Angel said. The two girls walked arm in arm, bare chested, and talked as we found a nice little diner. As we ate the girls teased me the entire time. Angel spilled a drop of chocolate sauce while she made her chocolate milk on her boob and Ali licked it up for her, making sure to get a good suck on her nipple too. At one point Ali even reached into Angel’s shorts and pulled her hand out with her fingers wet.

After dinner we walked back toward the dorm and I couldn’t help but stare at their bouncing tits as they walked together. When we got to a bench along the route they both stopped and looked at each other. “Is this a good spot?” Angel asked Ali.

“I think it is,” Ali replied, “I think we should draw quite a crowd too.” They both looked at me again and pushed me down to sit on the bench. Ali straddled me and started to make out with me. As she did this I could feel Angel’s fingers working my pants to remove them. After how hard they had made me, I was not going to argue. When she freed me, my cock sprung out and lightly spanked Ali. She reached her hand down to feel for me and grabbed me from between her legs she pulled herself up a little more and aiming my cock underneath her skirt. She lowered herself down onto me and I felt her wet lips as they passed the head of my cock and worked their way down my shaft, Ali letting out a moan when I filled her as much as I could. I felt my balls become wet with saliva as Angel started to suck on them while Ali bounced on my cock. After some time, Ali’s prediction came true, and we drew in a crowd. Ali positioned herself to face the crowd as she rode me. I looked around her to see Angel on all fours alternating her tongue between my balls and Ali’s clit. I noticed a guy walked up to her and whisper something in her ear. She nodded and he moved behind her. He removed her shorts and pulled her red thong to the side. He positioned himself on his knees with one foot on the ground and lined himself up before plunging his cock deep inside Angel’s soaked pussy. She moaned, in rhythm to his pounding, around my balls and when she switched she let out a large moan before grasping her lips around Ali’s clit. Ali’s moans were now audible to the whole crowd as she bounced on my cock, her D cups bounced for the crowd as well. She reached up and cupped her boobs, pinching her nipples, and her moans increased. “Oh fuck, Lucas, God your cock,” She moaned soft enough for just me to hear.

I pulled myself up and asked her, “Where should I cum?”

“Tap my waist twice when you are abo- Ooohh… Fuck, about to cum and I’ll get off. Cum o- FUCK YEssss… cum on Angel.” She managed to get out before her moans over took her. The feeling of her soaked walls, in combination with her orgasming once or twice after, didn’t allow me to last long. I tapped her waist twice and she jumped off of me and I sprayed my load onto Angel’s face. She stuck her tongue out as streaks of white landed on her face and in her hair. I collapsed onto the bench and watched as Ali continued to finger herself, making herself squirt her juices onto Angel’s face as well. Not long after I heard the other guy grunt and pull out of Angel.

Angel sat on the bench while Ali took position on her knees. Ali started to eat Angel’s pussy out, fishing for the cum that was freshly released into her hot folds. As she did this, Angel fingered the cum off of her face and sucked it off seductively until Ali was finished. Ali opened her mouth for the crowd to see the cum resting on her tongue. She then turned back toward Angel and pushed her tongue into her mouth. They proceeded to make out with the cum flavoring their saliva, and making sure the crowd knew it by letting some drip out of their mouth onto their tits as they separated for air, leaving a string of saliva and cum between their tongues. They both licked off the remnants of their treat from each other’s tits and collapsed next to me.

The crowd cheered and started to disperse. A couple people came up to each of us and gave us their numbers in case we ever get “lonely”. Angel got dressed then her and I parted ways with Ali back to our dorm. Angel unlocked the door and when we walked in I noticed that Ali had forgotten her shirt in my room and I chuckled.

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