Harem University Ch. 06: Dorm Mates

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**Author’s note:

Thank you so much for your patience. I have a good chapter filled with a lot of sex as a thank you. My graphics card is fixed now so i should be back up to once a week. Have Fun!**


At around 4:30 Angel burst into the room, her top half naked, and grabs my arm. “Come on I need some help with the setup for tonight,” she tried to pull me off my bed, then she realized I wasn’t budging. She took a good look at me then asked, “Why’d she do it?”

“What do you mean?” I questioned back.

“Why’d she break up with you?” she clarified.

“How did you-”

She interrupted me, “I’ve had to let a billion guys down, letting them know sex doesn’t mean a relationship. I know the look. So are you going to answer the question?”

“It was another guy,” I said while I looked down at my feet hanging off the bed. She sat next to me.

“Well I’m sorry,” she looked surprised.

“It is what it is. I can’t change what happened now. Might as well try to move on.”

“If there is anything I can do let me know ok? In the meantime there are girls outside waiting to be fucked during this orgy as we speak. You can take your mind off her for a little while. What do you say?”

“I say why not? I shouldn’t put my fun on hold right?”

“That’s the spirit! Let’s go, I need to be tied up!” she bounced out of the room and I followed. I took a small break to the bathroom to splash some water on my face and I met her in the common room for our floor. She was arguing with another girl.

“I told you, you can’t lay on the table, that’s where we have to put the drinks!” the lady started to get agitated.

“I don’t see why they can’t put there drinks on the end tables around the room!” Angel raised her voice.

“Because people are more likely to forget about their drinks if it’s not in front of them. Then we’ll have to clean up a bunch of half drank cups to clean up!”

“Hey, may I?” I interrupted them, “If they are all in the same area more people will be watching them, which could prevent potential druggings, however it also creates a lot of lost drinks as well. That will result in more people just pouring a new cup instead of bothering to find their previous one. So why don’t we do it this way, We can take the main coffee table and move it off to the side and then take the end tables and put them all in the same area, but keep them separate by a small amount of space. That way people will be more likely to recognize which of the tables they put their cups on.”

“That’s not a bad idea. Thanks ace,” the girl said before ordering a couple men to do as I suggested. I moved the coffee table to the side and started to tie the rope to it. Angel stripped down completely and laid across the table on her back. She spread her legs and offered me her feet. I tied the rope around each of her ankles, pinning them so her legs stayed parted. I tied her wrists as well but I gave them enough slack so she could give guys handjobs. I popped open the body marker I gave her. I took a good look at her tanned skin and decided to write ‘Cum dump’ right above her pussy.

“How is that?” I asked her.

“This is great, thank you so much Lucas. Oh wait! We forgot the buttplug! It’s in the bag, would you mind?” she looked at me pleadingly. I walked over to the bag and grabbed it for her, as well as the lube from my bag, and opened it up. I lubed up the metal piece before kneeling down and parting her ass. As I slid it inside her ass, she moaned slightly. Not many people would see it but it would probably please her.

I decided Angel would be the subject of my film so I set up the camera on a shelf so it wouldn’t be too noticeable, that way people wouldn’t act to weird in front of it. I went back to my room to grab the dvd I left. When I got to my room I noticed Brooke was sitting on my bed.

“Oh hey?” I greeted her confused, “What are you doing here?”

“Hey Lucas! My boyfriend told me about the orgy happening here today, and since he lives on the fifth floor he invited me,” she enthusiastically explained.

“That’s great but I more so meant my room.”

“Oh, yeah,” she giggled a little, “Sorry about that, I just saw you leave a couple minutes ago and decided to check out your digs. It’s a nice place you got here, especially with those posters!” She gestured to Angel’s posters of the pornstars up on the walls. “Anyways I should probably head up to Jeremy. We’ll come find you later!” With that she kissed my cheek and ran out the door.

I grabbed the DVD and walked back out to throw it in the player that was in the common room. As I walked out I noticed people were already starting to gather and fondle each other. Angel had a guy that was teasing her nipples with his tongue and her pussy with his fingers. I threw in the DVD and watched as within five minutes the room was filled with moans. Couples were already starting to fuck and some were dancing to the music that blared from the porno. I noticed in the corner was bayan escort a group of girls dancing and grinding against each other. All of them were in skin tight dresses and heels, some dresses more revealing than others. Then in the middle I noticed the girl that Angel was arguing with before we started. She was wearing a deep purple dress that just barely covered the ass that she was grinding against one of the other girls. Her tits were barely contained inside her dress, threatening to spill out with every move she made. Her brunette hair fell in curls around her shoulders. I walked up to the group.

“Hey,” I greeted. She stopped dancing and came up to me.

“Hey what’s up?” she greeted back.

“I never got your name earlier,” I said, “So I was thinking you could tell me as payback for the table solution earlier.”

“Look it was a great idea and all,” she said checking me out, “But let’s be honest it’s not worth my name, let alone sex. Besides I’m into some rougher stuff, from what Angel tells me, that’s not your style.” She started to giggle and walk away. I didn’t have time to think before I grabbed her wrist and had her pinned between me and a wall, my knees placed between her legs, pushing up firmly. Her blue eyes were wide with surprise.

“Something like this?” I asked as I pushed my knee further onto her bare pussy under her dress.

“Y-yeah something like this…” she spoke with a soft moan behind her voice.

“What else are you into? Maybe some spanking, biting, hair pulling? Or the really rough stuff? Handcuffs, collars, slapping, bruises? How would you like it?” I whispered into her ear.

She whimpered before replying, “N-no, just the light stuff, for now.”

“I can do that,” I said as my lips moved down her neck. I nipped it a couple times before really biting it. Her heavy breathing was interrupted by a sharp inhale and a small whimper as she exhaled. She moved her hand to the back of my head but I grabbed it and pinned it against the wall. I unlatched my teeth from her and she started to breathe heavily again instead of in moans. I moved my other hand and ripped her dress off her tits. The tanned double d’s fell out and jiggled a little, teasing me, her nipples poked out, pleading me to take them. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked hard on it, nibbling on it. Her moans returned with increased volume. My hand wandered down and replaced my knee, cupping her pussy in my hand and rubbing it teasingly. I pulled myself off and led her to a couch. I bent her over the couch so she was facing a couple with a girl riding the guy. I hiked her dress up to show off her bare ass. I raised my hand and spanked her hard. The slap resonated through the room as did her yelp.

“How did that feel? Did you want more?” I teased into her ear.

“More please, yes more,” she panted. I spanked her a couple more times, each time she yelped. Her pussy started to drip with her juices. She reached a hand down and started to finger fuck herself as I spanked her. Her moans echoed and merged with the rest of the moans in the room. I pulled her back up and turned her toward me. I bit her neck again and through the flesh I asked her, “So you want to tell me your name, or should I just call you slut?”

“It’s Alyssa,” she said through moans and gasps. I let go of her neck and brought my mouth up to her ear.

“So Alyssa, are you ready for my cock?” I whispered. She nodded feverishly, and I rolled her back over to face the couple on the couch. I pulled off my clothes and Alyssa spread her pussy lips wide open for me. I lined up and spent no time on pleasantries, slamming myself into her as hard as I could. She shrieked and squirted all over my cock. And I mean squirted, she came for a good minute, juices spraying both our legs the entire time. The juices made plenty of natural lube for me to slide in again and slam into her. My balls hit her clit and she came again, not as long this time but her juices fell to the floor. I kept up my rhythm and continued to slam my cock into cervix. Her walls were slimy from all the juices. I reached forward and took one of her tits into my hand and twisted her nipple after groping it a couple times. Her moans increased back to a shriek, and she moved her hand to do the same to her other nipple. Eventually the girl on the couch picked up to what was happening and took Alyssa’s nipple into her mouth and fondled the other one as well as she rode the guy.

It didn’t take long for the guy to cum due to Alyssa’s moans and screams and his girl sucking on her tits as well. As soon as he came Alyssa did too, causing more juices to hit the floor. The girl got off the guy and offered her cum filled pussy to Alyssa. Alyssa gladly accepted, lapping at the girl’s folds digging the cum out of it with her tongue. I spanked Alyssa as I slammed into her and she moaned loudly into her new partner’s slit. I did it once more and she screamed and came again, squirting juices onto my thighs and I saw a red headed girl crawl her way under us and lick the juices off Alyssa’s thighs. Eventually her tongue made her way to Alyssa’s pussy and she started to suck on her clit. Alyssa moaned just as the girl on the couch took Alyssa’s mouth and merged it with her’s. Their tongues disappeared into each others mouths and only peeped out when they parted for small breathes. The redhead was still sucking on Alyssa’s pussy and started to move her tongue to my balls.

“Fuck, God yes, Lucas cum inside me already!!” Alyssa screamed, “I wanna feel your cum! Fuck god this is soo GOOOOOOOOODDDD.” She came on my cock again, tightening her pussy and gripping my shaft. This in combination with the redhead licking and sucking my balls made me cum, I slammed my cock deep inside her pussy as I came. Even so the cum dripped out and hit the redhead which she gladly licked up as much as she could, some landing on her face. I slid out of Alyssa and she leaned against the couch for a minute before moving to sit on it. The girl that was on the couch knelt down and started to lick my cum out of Alyssa, which she gladly let her, spreading her legs and gripping her hair as she did so.

“I’m going to t- fuck yes right there… god yes. Keep licking, gooood… I’m going to take a break, thanks Lucas. I’ll talk to you later,” Alyssa said. I decided to go check up on Angel.

When I went to see Angel I saw a group of guys surrounding the table. I pushed my way through to see her with one guy slamming his cock into her pussy, two others in her hands, and one being sucked off. I decided I’d come back later in the night. I started to walk around, observing the two girls smashing their pussies together on my bed. I saw Jeremy across the room and decided to say hey.

“What’s up dude,” I walked up to him taking his hand in a shake.

“Oh nothing much, just enjoying the party,” he smiled back at me, “I saw Angel was enjoying herself as well. What about you? How many down so far?”

“Just one girl, Alyssa. Do you know her?”

“Third floor Alyssa? Hell yes I know her! Sexy as fuck and always so bitchy too. But in a good way. Been rejected by her more times than I care to share. How’d you do it?”

“I just took her. Took some anger out on her too, since she likes it rough.”

“Dude, lucky as hell, but I understand you have reason to be angry. I heard what happened between you and your girl.”

“How’d you hear?” I asked nervously, fearful the whole school might know at this point.

“That’s the same dorm building Brooke lives in. She saw what happened. Oh but don’t worry, she hasn’t told anyone but me,” he reassured me, seeing the nervous look on my face, “Speaking of which she told me to direct you to the fifth floor’s bathroom when I saw you.”

“Well, I guess I should get going then, it’s rude to make a lady wait, right?” I said waving as I left.

“See ya later bud,” I heard Jeremy from behind me. I took the elevator up to the fifth floor. When the door opened I saw a couple making out, the girl pinned against the wall and the guy slamming into the girl he held up. I walked around and saw the bathroom. I entered to see that one of the showers was on. I go over and open the curtain and saw that Brooke was finishing off a guy with her mouth, cum dribbling out the side onto her chin. They both looked at me, Brooke took a big gulp and smiled, “Lucas! Jeremy gave you my message!” she turned back to the other guy, “See Sean I told you blowjobs felt good, your girlfriend just needs to take the sexual tech class. Until then if you want I’d be more than happy to show you again, with her in the room this time. She might learn something. Anyways I’ll see you later?” With that the guy rushed off to the common rooms again. Brooke stood up, the water falling down her body, dripping off her crimson red hair and violating every inch of her body. Her lipstick was still on surprisingly, the same red that matches her hair.

“Hey, so why’d you call me up here?” I asked her.

“Well I think that’s fairly obvious, don’t you?” she responded sassily, “I want to fuck you… again.”

“Yeah, but why here?”

“Because, silly boy, shower sex is by far the best,” she explained as she pulled my arm to bring me to her, “I’m all lubed up to use whatever hole you desire, the water makes my skin look great, and who doesn’t love a good shower?” I followed her tugging into the water. It was warm enough to be relaxing but not hot enough to burn. Her hand immediately went to my crotch, massaging my balls and stroking my cock until I was hard. She fell back down to her knees and wrapped her red lips around my tip, licking it teasingly. One of her hands started to play with my balls. She removed her lips from my tip and licked the underside of my shaft from my base to my tip and back again. She kissed the length of my cock on both sides then took me back into her mouth, making slow bobbing motions while her tongue massaged my cock from inside her mouth. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head so my entire cock slammed to the back of her throat. She looked surprised, her brown eyes widening before releasing me and gasping.

“You said I could use any hole right? I assume that means I could use them as I pleased no?” I asked her.

“I like the way you’re thinking,” she said between breaths, “But next time a little warning, eh? That being said, I’m ready for a face fuck now. Use me as you please.” She purred the last line before opening her mouth fully. I grabbed her hair again and shoved my cock into her mouth again, causing her throat to bulge where my cock rested. She stuck her tongue out, so every time I slammed my cock back into her throat she licked my balls. I used her mouth as a pussy, slamming in as hard as I could, lubricating my cock with her her saliva, which was falling out of her mouth, mixing with water that fell on bodies and onto the floor. I saw her hands exploring her body, one gripping her B-cupped tit, the other focused on her pussy. Moans mixed in with the gagging. I took her hand off her tit and moved it to my balls which she gladly massaged as I fucked her mouth. After a couple minutes of this I pulled her hair back, pulling my cock out of her mouth, and came on her face and hair with a few strands falling to her tits. She got up and turned around. She bent over so her ass was in front of me, water cascading onto it. She wiggled it a little before saying, “Lucas, wanna fuck my ass? I’d love it. Please?”

I lined up my tip to her asshole and slowly started to slide it in, easy enough due to the saliva and water. Once I had made my way in completely, I started to pump my dick into her ass at a faster pace but nothing like I did with Alyssa earlier. I saw Brooke’s hand move to her pussy and she massaged it as I slid myself in and out of her ass. Her moans became rapid and shallow before she came, letting her juices fall to the floor and down the drain with the water. Her tits jiggled with each push into her ass, water falling off her hard nipples, which I happily started to play with. I felt her asshole tighten around my cock and she started to buck her hips in rhythm to my pumping.

“C’mon, is that what you call a fuck?” she teased me, “Really give it to me, I want to have trouble walking. Fuck me harder!” I pulled my cock out completely, stopped for just a second before I slammed my cock into her ass as hard as I could. Brooke screamed, “YEEEEEEESSSSSS, fuck goooood YEsssss, keep that u- ooooohhhhhh hFUCK that hurt, God Shit, fuck fuck fuck.” I felt her ass tighten again and saw her cumming again, releasing juices onto our thighs, which quickly were washed off. She pulled herself off and faced me. “Hey sit against the wall,” she instructed. I did as I was told and sat with my back to the wall. Brooke squatted over me, taking my cock and putting it back in her ass. She bounced on my cock feverishly. I massaged her clit with one hand and her tit with my other. I licked, bit, and sucked her other nipple. Her hands rested on my shoulders, digging her nails in. It didn’t take long for her to cum again, letting her juices land on my stomach.

She rushed off me and started to lick it up before the water could whisk it away. After she licked up her own cum, her mouth moved down to my cock again, wrapping her mouth around my balls as her hand pumped my cock. She licked my sack and then my cock before she squatted over me again. This time she lined up her pussy and slammed down as hard as she could, making her cum again, but this time she didn’t stop. She let me feel her walls as she agonizingly lifted herself slowly off my cock before slamming back down forcefully. She bounced along my cock, moving her hips in a circle as she went down, letting me feel every part of her pussy. I felt myself building up to cum again. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down, causing her to lose her footing and fall on me. I came deep inside her pussy not letting her get up until I drained what I had into her womb. I let her up and she fell on her ass next to me.

“God that was great,” she told me, “But I was looking forward to tasting your cum.” She started to pout. I saw some of my cum dripping out of her pussy.

“I don’t see why you can’t,” I said, pointing to her pussy. She gasped in surprise and scooped it up with her finger. She sucked on her finger for a minute, moaning softly at the taste.

“So what are you going to do now?” she asked still sucking.

“Well I suppose there are more girls ready for a fuck around here somewhere,” I replied, “After a quick rest I suppose I’ll find them.”

“That sounds nice, a rest,” she sighed. She slumped down, letting the water run over her body.

After some time, and a quick shower, I went back out to the common room. The sounds of fucking were prominent all around me, hardly anyone was making small talk anymore. I recognized one of the girls from my film class being pinned against the wall as a guy pounded into her, holding her legs on his arms. The sound of their slapping skin and moans filled the elevator as I rode back down to my floor. I decided to check up on Angel once again, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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