High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Once more unto the breach dear friends

“OH GOD YES!” My female lover screamed. “FUCK ME HARD! USE ME! ABUSE ME!” She cried out.

I wrapped my hand in a fist full of hair and yanked back. “You little slut!” I bellowed. “Fucking slut,” I said as I continued pounding into her.

I could feel the warmth of her pussy and the contractions of her inner muscles as she orgasmed. I have developed quite the level of stamina and was holding off as long as I could. She was now having her third orgasm in a row. “OH FUCK ME! DON’T STOP!” She cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain. I pulled back harder on her hair and reached around with my other hand and grabbed a wad of tit-flesh and squeezed. This set her over the edge yet again and I felt a rush of warmth was over my dick.

“I am going to fill your pussy with my cum this time,” I cried out. “Is that what you want you slut?” I asked relaxing my grip on her hair. She grunted but didn’t answer. I yanked back. “I asked you a question slut. Answer me!” I then squeezed down on her breast hard enough to leave a white handprint when I let go.

“Cum in my pussy!” She cried out.

“I thought so,” I said relaxing my grip on her hair again. “You like the idea of a teenager cumming in your pussy don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes. I want a load of eighteen year old cum deep in my pussy,” she moaned.

“Beg for it Lisa,” I commanded.

“Do it Steve. One last time. Cum in my pussy,” she moaned again then screamed out with another orgasm. “Oh my god yes! Cum in me please. I beg you.”

I let myself go. I came hard and fast. I could feel a mixture of our fluids escaping around my dick and dripping down or legs. When I was finally drained I collapsed down on the bed next to her.

“I am so glad we decided on a house visit for our last therapy session,” I said to Miss Hockersmith as we lay next to each other catching our breath.

“So am I. Now you see why I had you cover my mouth last time,” she said with a smile.

“You cum like a banshee,” I said with a laugh.

As per the terms of our relationship we didn’t kiss. We didn’t hug, cuddle, coo, talk cute to each other, or anything that could be considered remotely romantic. It was a wham, bam, thank you ma’am fuck. I took a quick shower to rinse the smell of sex off of me and headed home. Luckily my mom and stepdad were already in bed so I didn’t have any explaining to do as to why I didn’t come home right after swim practice.

As I tried to fall asleep my mind raced a million miles an hour. In the morning I would be leaving for State’s campus to compete in the All-District Swim Meet. I thought about fucking Miss Hockersmith for the fourth time in a month and how that was the only fucking I had done in nearly two months. Sure I had gotten countless blow jobs and hand jobs, but it wasn’t the same. The release I felt with her though was more than enough to keep me sane going into the district meet. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, but only after rubbing out one last orgasm of my own as I thought about all the catching up I got to do once districts was over.


“Thanks mom,” I said as I exited her Volvo, “I will see you guys at the pool tomorrow.”

My mom dropped me off out front of a large house on the edge of campus. The house was owned by the swim team and was, for lack of a better description, a frat house without the idiots or all the bullshit that goes along with being in the Greek system. Only three non-Greek organizations had houses. The swim team, which was coed; the honor society, which was coed and all nerds basically; and the field hockey team, which was of course all girls.

I walked up to the door and rang the bell. I shrugged my duffle-bag back onto my shoulder and looked around. This was only my second time on campus, but my first time walking anywhere without my parents.

“Hello,” a cute female said as she opened the door. She kind of reminded me of Summer in a way. To be honest most swimmers have the same slender physique but the resemblance was still rather uncanny. “Wait,” she said before I could say anything, “you’re Steve Smith, aren’t you?”

“Uh, yes,” I said surprised that she knew my name.

“I’m Beth,” she said as she extended her hand out, “Ashley’s roommate.” We shook hands. “I’ve heard a lot about you Steve,” she then did an obvious once over.

I took a step into house and she shut the door behind me. “Come on,” she said motioning me to follow her, “She’s upstairs in our room working on a paper.”

The house was pretty big. I counted a half dozen rooms on the upper floor each with two beds in them. I also saw some guys in the TV room downstairs when I walked in and assumed they had rooms either on the first level or maybe in the basement.

When we got to the last room at the end of the hall Beth ushered me in and I saw Ashley working at her computer with her headphones on oblivious to the world. I pulled my finger up to my lips singling Beth to keep quiet. I then did my best to creep up on Ashley without alerting escort her to my presence.

When I got behind her I put my hands over her eyes. She quickly reached up and yanked her earbuds out then tried to pry my hands off her eyes. “Who is it?” She screamed.

“Guess who?” I said trying to make myself sound different.

She then bolted up out of the chair screaming my name and nearly tackled me to the floor. We ended up falling onto a nearby bed with her on top of me. “You’re early,” she said finally calming down.

“Mike wanted a head start and we missed all the major traffic jams I guess,” I said.

Unexpectedly, since we were in front of her roommate, she gave me a rather passionate kiss. “Good,” she said as she stood back up, “I needed a break from that paper anyway.”

Ashley turned and saved her word document and then turned to face Beth and I. “So, do you want a tour of campus?” She asked.

“Well, I got one when I was here in the fall,” I informed her.

“Oh god. Those admissions tours suck,” Beth said rolling her eyes.

“We’ll give you a proper tour,” Ashley said as she walked towards the closet. “Just let me change first. I wasn’t expecting you for another two hours so I am not really ready.”

She was in a pair of sweatpants and a tank top with the school logo plastered all over them. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were rather hard and poking at the thin fabric.

Without a word, or any effort to close the door, she stripped out of her sweatpants revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was a little shocked, but not surprised. She then put on a pair of jeans. Next she pulled off her tank top, put on a cute plaid bra, and then pulled a tighter more flirty tank top. She then turned and grabbed a pair of socks and shoes. “You want to come along Beth?” She asked her roommate.

“Sure,” she said with a smile. “I have heard so much about the great Steve Smith it will finally be nice to hang out with him in person.” She then gave me another obvious once over sizing me up like I was a lobster in a fish tank ready to be boiled alive. Not that I was complaining, she was pretty hot.

The three of us walked around campus for the next two hours. They showed me more than I could have possibly remembered. Since it was in the middle of the day all the buildings were open. I got to see the digital print lab and photography classrooms and was even introduced to one of the professors. I got to see the gym, pool, locker rooms, and coaches’ offices. Coach MacGuinness was gone, but Ashley assured me I would see him at some point. I figured she just meant from a distance. This was the first year that the district meet was being held at State. Usually it was at a school in Capital City but this year it was moved to State since that was where the State Championship meet was held and they were used to the large crowds.

“Most of the college team will be helping out tomorrow,” Beth said as we walked away from the pool building. “Coach has us helping with timing, scoring, and escorting you guys too and from your races.”

As we continued the tour I just soaked it all in. Both Ashley and Beth were openly flirting with me and I just figured that’s what college girls did. I knew Ashley and I would probably go at it later, I just wasn’t sure how that was going to work in the house and with her roommate.

Once back at the swim team house the girls introduced me to their teammates that where home. Many of them extended well wishes and good hopes for my races tomorrow. A few of the guys offered that if I needed anything to just ask. All in all they were a friendly bunch. Around 6:00 the rest of the house gathered for dinner around the large dinning room table. It was pretty crowded, but it was nice to see the level of camaraderie amongst the team. Even a few team members that didn’t live in the house had stopped by for the meal.

As the food was brought out everyone sat quietly and waited. Then Ashley stood up and began to speak. “Everyone, this is my not-really-a-cousin cousin Steve. He is up here for the district meet. He will coming to State in the fall and will be trying out for the team.” I heard some mumbles of ‘Oh, that’s Steve.’ as well as a number of people commenting that they were glad to meet me.

Once Ashley sat down everyone stared at me and I got the feeling I was expected to say something. I stood up kinda sheepishly. “As Ashley said I’m Steve. I do mostly butterfly, the medley, and relays. I just want to thank you all for allowing me to join you for this meal and letting me crash here for the night. It’s very reassuring to see that your team is a lot like my team and are a family outside of the pool.” I then sat down.

Over the course of the meal people asked me all kinds of questions. It was weird being the center of attention but everyone seemed genuinely interested. When the topic of districts came up someone asked me my seed times for the butterfly race.

“My first time at districts, which was my sophomore year, I was seeded 40th and finished 38th with a 1.01.15.” I said. Truth be told, that wasn’t much to brag about since there were usually five heats of 8 swimmers each. I made the cut, barely. “My second time I was seeded 18th with and finished 16th with a 58.24.” I could see some nods and some thumbs up for my improvement. “This year I am seeded 10th with a 55.02. At our conference championship meet last week I swam a 53.10, so I expect to be close to that maybe even hit a 52 tomorrow.”

“I heard you won your conference,” one of the guys from the far end of the table said.

“Yeah. It was close but the team earned it,” I said making sure people knew it wasn’t just me.

“Well good luck tomorrow,” he said as he held up his wine glass. Everyone at the table echoed the cheer and all toasted to my success tomorrow. I felt both a sense of pride as well as sense of humility that the college swim team at State just wished me good luck at my district meet tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the night hanging out with the team. I even offered to help wash dishes and stepped right in to do my part. When all was said and done I mentioned to Ashley it was probably a good idea if I turned in early since tomorrow was the big day. I also hoped to get some alone time with her.

‘So much for that idea.’ I said to myself as we entered her room with Beth in tow.

“You can sleep in my bed,” Ashley said as she pointed to her bed. I had kind of assumed that but she made it sound like she would be sleeping somewhere else.

Beth locked the bedroom door and then sat down on the other bed. Ashley set down next to her.

“I think he was expecting to get a little action,” Beth said to Ashely as she pouted in mockery of my confusion.

“Aww,” Ashley said continuing the mockery, “well, Coach did say no extra curricular exercise before districts.” Shit, Jenn or Sarah must have said something to her. “So here’s the deal. If you finish ahead of your best time tomorrow, you can have me,” she smiled. “If you finish and place in the top six you can have the both of us.” My dick twitched.

“In the mean time maybe we can give him the next best thing,” Beth said now turning to Ashley.

Without a word Ashley leaned forward and kissed her roommate on her mouth. My semi-flaccid dick that had started to deflate when I realized I was not going to get anyway started to get hard again.

Beth pealed off Ashley’s tank top and then Ashley removed Beth’s t-shirt. The two kept caressing and touch each other’s bodies like only familiar lovers can do. Next the girls took off each other’s bras and I got to feast my eyes on four perfect breasts. Ashley’s c-cups were slightly perkier than Beth’s breasts, but they looked to be about the same size.

Beth made the first move and pushed Ashley down onto her back on the small bed. She wrapped her lips around Ashley’s right nipple and began playing with her left one with her fingers. Ashley moaned and ran her hands over her roommate’s back pushing Beth’s body into hers.

I figured now was as good a time as any and I stood up and slowly began to shed my clothes. Ashley watched me with her eyes locked intently on mine at first, but then her gaze began to wander as she drank in my body.

‘Well.’ I thought to myself. ‘I guess I better take care of this myself.’ I sat down on the bed naked and began stroking my dick. Ashley smiled and moved Beth onto her back and began playing with Beth’s breasts just as Beth had played with hers.

As soon as Beth started to moan Ashley shifted down her roommate’s body and slowly removed Beth’s pants and underwear. She took a few licks of Beth’s pussy before Beth pulled Ashley up for a very passionate kiss. The two of their bodies melded together as if they were longtime lovers. In some ways I was jealous of how Beth seemed to fit into Ashley’s arms. I was noticing how the two of them moved with a fluid familiarity. Maybe it was just my inexperience, maybe I just wasn’t as good as I thought I was.

Once Beth had Ashley’s pants off the two rearranged themselves into a 69 position. I always found two females making love to each other to be very erotic. It just seemed like you took something as beautiful as the female form and magnified it ten fold when you added another woman. Porn movies always made the extra woman out to be added pleasure for the man. In contrast the sensual part I liked to watch was when two women, or even three, were more focused on themselves. Maybe I was a voyeur at heart.

As the scene in front of me progressed I could sense a collective sexual tension amongst the three of us. I let out a few moans to let the girls know I appreciated the show they were giving me. They moaned back and soon there was a seeming uninterrupted of moans and grunts going back and forth.

As I neared the cusp of my impending orgasm I leaned out from the bed and picked up Beth’s panties from the bed. The two girls then separated from the 69 and sat with their backs against the wall. The three of us faced each other and began watching each other masturbate.

Beth draped her leg over Ashley’s allowing each girl to spread their legs further. I could see the flash of something metallic between Beth’s legs. I then realized she had a silver ring through the hood of her clit. I looked up and noticed she had too silver bars through her nipples. This was like throwing gasoline on a fire.

My loins erupted and I let out a deep guttural grunt. I held Beth’s panties over the tip of my dick and they barely contained the rush of semen that escaped the depth of my balls. As I clenched my eyes closed in the throws of pleasure that coursed through my body I heard the girls start to climax. I quickly opened my eyes and saw the two of them close their eyes and let out deep moans as their bodies went rigid and shuddered next to each other.

We sat quiet for a while and caught our breaths. Beth then got up and turned out the lights in the room. Before laying back down she grabbed her soiled panties out of my hand. “I’ll take those back now,” she said with a smile. “I think I may just wear them to bed.” She then pulled the blue fabric stained white with gobs of my cum up her legs. “Umm,” she moaned, “that feels good. Not as good as it will be tomorrow night when you cum in my pussy, well, if you get on the podium that is.” I got a teasing smile from her and a laugh from Ashley as Beth climbed into bed with her roommate. The two soon fell asleep in a lover’s embrace as I watched.

Once they were sound asleep I rolled onto my back and entered into a meditative state. I focused my thoughts on being centered. I got my breathing and heart rate to slow. I then let my energy flow out and the universe’s energy flow in. I then thought I needed to do this more often that it had been missing from my life.


I woke up at 4am the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world at the district meet. Before getting dressed I tossed a pillow onto the floor and got into a more formal meditation stance. I figured I had a good hour to get centered before heading over to the pool for stretching and drylands before our 6am warm-up time.

I was quiet and focused with my eyes closed so when the girls woke up I was aware of their presence and I could almost feel their renewed energy.

“What’s he doing?” I heard Beth ask Ashley as I slowly grounded myself.

“He’s meditating,” she replied. “It’s kinda this thing he does to stay centered and be true to his authentic self.” I was surprised at how she well put it; albeit briefly.

“That’s hot,” I heard Beth comment as the two continued to remain as still as they could so as not to disturb me.

“I may be meditating,” I said keeping my eyes closed, “but I am not deaf.”

“Sorry,” I heard Ashley say. “We didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“No,” I said as I opened my eyes. “I find your presence soothing. I’ve missed it.” I said looking at Ashley. “And I find the newness of your presence invigorating.” I said turning to Beth. “Thank you again for allowing me to witness your intimacy last night.” I then smiled and gave a nod.

“You told me he was smooth,” Beth said as she jutted an elbow into Ashley’s rib, “you didn’t tell me he was that smooth.”

I stood up, still naked, and allowed the girls a good look. I then started getting dressed.

“You didn’t tell me he had such a nice cock either,” Beth said. “Forget the podium. He could punch an official in the face and I think I will still jump his bones tonight.”

I just laughed. “I am heading over for a 6am warm-up,” I paused as I pulled my team captain polo shirt over my head, “I will see you later.” I then walked up to Ashley and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “And Beth, I look forward to getting to know you a lot better as well.” I then gave her an equally gentle, but slightly longer kiss. When I stepped back she still had her lips pursed out and her eyes closed.

Ashley shook her head and then motioned me to go. “Good luck,” she said as I exited her room.

A few of the college swimmers were already up and about the house in various stages of dress.

“Steve, right?” I heard a female voice say from the kitchen. She was wearing a sports bra and spandex pants that stopped midway down her calf.

“Yeah,” I said extending my hand to shake hers.

“Nicole,” she smiled, “I’m a sophomore this year. You heading to the pool?”

“Yeah. 6am warm-up,” I said shouldering my duffle bag.

“I’ll walk with you,” she said with a warm smile. “I like to walk a while before starting my run. The company will be nice.”

We made small talk for the half-mile or so it was from the swim team house to the pool building. When we got to the pool building there were about a hundred or so high school kids exiting busses. Every pair of male eyes, teachers and parents included, looked at Nicole for at least a second. Even some of the girls gave her a once over and either looked away in a huff or continued to stare out of envy. Nicole was older, more mature, and dare I say even hotter than any girl my age due to her confidence. Hopefully it was a sign of what was to become of Jess, Jenn, Heather, and the other girls from back home once they entered college.

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