Hotel for Strangers Ch. 02

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Liz and I now had a dilemma.

We had recently discovered a niche in the hotel business and had decided to effectively turn our small hotel into a very discreet and upmarket knocking house. Of course going for the upmarket slant we didn’t use words like knocking shop or brothel, but chose to continue describing our business as a hotel for clients requiring a little more than just a bed for the night.

The hotel having only eight bedrooms wasn’t exactly the Hilton but Cavendish House was an old Georgian townhouse and while it looked old world and traditional from the outside the inside was modern but retained some of the original features, high ceilings, open fireplaces and thick walls — very good for soundproofing and discretion.

After our first accidental attempt at dipping our proverbial toe into this area simply through word of mouth of those two satisfied customers our bookings had rocketed up. Obviously word had spread and while the customers had never specifically asked for sexual favours at the time of booking there had been more than one unsubtle hint that that was the reason for the booking.

Liz, my girlfriend and I decided that we would need to take on at least a couple of staff otherwise we would very quickly be run ragged as the business picked up. With a current average of four bookings a night and a capability of reaching up to eight we were either going to be fucked into an early grave or fail to live up to the standards we had set ourselves. As Liz pointed out the answer was additional staff, the problem with this is we couldn’t just put an advert in the local paper asking for experience in the hotel business willingness to screw customers essential.

We had employed casual staff previously but with our new intended range of services none of the previous staff really fitted our needs. With that in mind Liz and I came up with a plan for finding staff. We needed young, attractive and willing men and women who were intelligent enough to be discrete. Liz had stumbled (so she claims) on a website where fake interviews for the porn industry were conducted, fake agent she thought it was and suggested we conduct something similar to get the right kind of employee, the difference between us and the website would be that there actually was a real job.

Liz set up an online advert looking for hotel staff but managed to include sufficient requirements that it weeded out anyone that we felt would be unsuitable for our needs. We agreed there would be a two part interview, firstly a review of the applicants “hotel” skills, cleaning, beds, presentation even bar work and bookings. This gave us the opportunity to further vet the applicants and reject those that didn’t meet the look or age group we were going for. Then came the second part which was where we worried things could very quickly go wrong, this would be effectively a sex interview with the applicants needing to show they were prepared to provide the kind of customer service we were looking for.

Because we didn’t want this blowing up in our faces and immediately exposing Cavendish House we rented a hotel room at a local hotel chain to do both parts of the interview.

After posting the advert and discarding obviously unsuitable candidates we were left with seven potentials. Five women and two men, all of them aged between 18 and 22. Most of them attending the local university with a reasonable amount of free time available.

Liz and myself agreed we would both be involved throughout the interviews just to make sure there was a second point of view and also we thought it might be a lot of fun.

Liz set up the interviews over the next week with the plan to do no more than two a day, partly to enable us to continue running the Cavendish but also in case the interviews became strenuous so we could make sure we both put in maximum effort.

The first interview was Laura. 19 years old and a business student in her second year. Laura was 5’6″ tall with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail which extended to between her shoulder blades. Laura was dressed smartly with a blue pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse, tights and a pair of heels. Her make-up was light with only a touch of eye shadow and lipstick, I also noticed she had neatly manicured nails which were painted in a similar shade to her lipstick. The best part however was her figure, at 5’6″ she wasn’t tall but her shape was a perfect hourglass, slender legs, full hips underneath a tight waist and then a healthy bust which at an estimate must have been something like a 34D.

Overall first impressions were very good.

Liz led with the first part of the interview which she explained was why we had requested the meeting in a hotel room, running through a demonstration of the standards expected for cleanliness in the rooms and how to make the beds and tidy up blah blah blah, all relatively simple stuff but the plan was to keep it easy so the interviewees relaxed before we then moved to part two.

We had decided that at any gaziantep escort reklamları point if either Liz or myself didn’t feel the candidate was right or unwilling we would quickly end the interview to avoid too much unnecessary embarrassment.

Neither Liz or I so far had noticed any objections regarding Laura so we moved on to part two. My turn to take the lead.

“Ok Laura” I started “the domestic side of the role looks pretty good and we see no issues there, but the customer service aspect is in our hotel even more important than the stuff Liz has shown you so far.”

Laura nodded and even made a comment about the customer always being right. Oh if she only knew how right she was.

“And would that be a problem for you?” I asked wondering how far she would take this.

“No, I’ve done bar work in the past and we had the instruction that even if the customer changed their mind half way through an order, always give them what they want without making a fuss or making them feel bad for the mistake.” Laura beamed as if this was a mantra that a previous employer had drilled into her.

“Very good, but you can get some rather personal requests in hotels” I let the statement hang for a few seconds knowing that Laura would probably pick up on it and ask the question….

“What do you mean?” Laura asked with an innocent smile, a smile that I was positive was a mask hiding a more knowing expression but as yet unwilling to reveal it.

“Our clients are mainly business men or women and occasionally after a long day working away from home they look for a little stress relief, we often find they look for that relief from hotel staff, especially when the staff are as pretty as you are.” I laid the last part on a bit heavy but I figured a touch of flattery was always good for the ego. “How would you react if one of the clients asked you to help them relax?” I tried to put it delicately hoping Laura would understand.

She didn’t.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean by relax?” Laura questioned.

I began to fumble with another obtuse reference but Liz cut me off and came straight to the point.

“Sex my dear.” Liz said clearly and simply. “Some of the clients may ask for sex or a blow job or even may ask if you would do a spot of dusting with your top off. Whatever they think they will provide the relaxation they are after.”

“Oh!” was the stunned response from Laura, but her facial expressions were more one of surprise and intrigue rather than one of disgust. “It depends on what the hotel policy on that sort of thing is I guess” Laura eventually responded after a few seconds thought.

We have a winner — Liz shot me a small smile.

“The hotel policy is to provide excellent customer service, there is and never will be anything written down to expand on that but obviously we are looking for the right kind of staff with the right attitude to making the clients stay as good as possible.”

“So I would have to fuck all the guests?” Laura asked, now beginning to show some signs of concern.

“Absolutely not” both Liz and I shot back at once. Liz then taking the lead “You are not expected to do anything you don’t want to do, but if you happen to like a guest and they make a request then it is up to you on how you choose to respond to that request.” Liz explained hoping it would leave enough of a grey area for Laura to be able to consider it.

Somewhat unexpectedly Laura agreed that as long as there were no quotas or forced expectations then that wouldn’t be a problem, it might even be fun.

“One more thing though before we offer you the job Laura, we need to be sure you have the right body for the job. You look fantastic as you are but we need to check what you look like without your clothes on.” My plans of breaking this slowly and trying to get Laura undressed a piece at a time went out of the window when the blood rushed south away from my brain at hearing her say she was up for the job.

Laura stood, visibly took a deep breath to steady her nerves and then began to undo the buttons of her crisp white blouse. Starting at the top and quickly undoing the four visible buttons, pulling her blouse out from her skirt and undoing the last button before placing it neatly over the arm of her chair. Next was the skirt, the button and zip undone and she shrugged the tight skirt down over her hips until it fell to the ground around her feet, leaving her in matching white bra and knickers, dark tights and a pair of heels.

Now my cock really did begin to throb, Laura really did have a gorgeous figure, curvy in exactly the right places and her top had been concealing an even more impressive bust than I had previously realised. Laura had a full bra that held her large breasts firmly and I could already imagine that once released those lovely fleshy globes would bounce around with wild abandon given the right encouragement.

Laura paused while Liz and I took in the sight of our semi-naked almost employee, “Do you need everything off?” she asked.

“Yes please.” Liz responded before I could even open my mouth, Liz seemed to be enjoying looking at this delectable beauty almost as much as I was.

The bra was removed first, a simple unclasping and the white garment was discarded on top of the blouse. As expected her breasts were fabulous. Full and round with just a hint of droop without the support of the bra, Laura’s nipples a few shades of pink darker than her skin sat perfectly pointing straight out. I couldn’t tell if Laura’s nipples were erect but I definitely was.

Smoothly having discarded her bra Laura slipped out of her heels and pushed both her tights and underwear down together, sitting down to pull her feet out of the tights before now completely naked standing and doing a twirl so we could check her out completely, her pony tailed hair whipping around as she spun on the spot.

I shared a quick look with Liz and an almost imperceptible nod confirmed she was happy for me to progress the interview to the final stage.

Laura seemed quite relaxed despite standing in front of two strangers naked. I smiled and asked her to sit back down moving to sit on the same sofa but a couple of feet away.

“Well Laura you definitely meet our expectations and as you can possibly see from my trousers you have caused quite a reaction. What I’d like you to do now is treat me as though I were a hotel guest and I have asked you to help me relax.” This was the real pivot point, if Laura continued then she would be employed and would likely do very well with us, otherwise I was about to get a slap and possibly criminal charges.

Laura shuffled closer on the sofa, her hand resting on my thigh before she leaned over me and planted a kiss on my mouth. A soft kiss, slightly open mouth. Gradually the pressure of her lips against mine grew and I felt her tongue press against my lips parting them before she pushed it into my now open mouth. As she kissed her hand moved to cover my cock, still contained in my trousers but aching to be released.

Her tongue danced inside my mouth as her fingers began rubbing me over my trousers, caressing my length and squeezing my cock, slowly Laura began wanking my cock gripping it through my clothes.

If she carried on like this I was going to cum in my pants which was not exactly what I had planned.

Kissing Laura back hard I pushed her back slightly and quickly undid my belt and trousers, standing up to remove them Laura moved off the sofa and dropped to her knees in front of me grasping my cock as it sprung out of my boxer shorts giving it a couple of quick jerks before her lips enclosed the tip of my penis, her tongue circling the head and probing at the hole at the end. Laura quickly moved from sucking the tip of my cock to swallowing more and more, bobbing her pretty mouth along my shaft until her nose bumped against my skin.

Laura sucked quite enthusiastically, gently cupping my balls and vacuuming my cock with some skill. While I could very happily cum in her talented mouth I really wanted to fuck her so with some reluctance I eased my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up to her feet, immediately her mouth pressed against mine with a want and desire.

My hands slipped to her breasts, lifting and squeezing her tit before rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Now Laura’s nipples were hard and had grown slightly from when she had first undressed. Her tongue pushed hard into my mouth as I kneaded and massaged her big breasts in my hand.

Breaking the kiss I told Laura to sit back on the sofa and bring her knees up.

Laura was doing everything asked now, there was no hesitation or reluctance. It wasn’t surprising then when I moved my mouth to lick her pussy that I found her dripping wet. Normally I would start slowly and lick around a woman’s pussy, teasing her lips, dipping my tongue delicately between her lips and running the length of her pussy up and down making sure she was thoroughly wet before going anywhere near her clit. Laura was already sopping wet and her lips spread wide allowing me access to her inner folds and pink inner pussy. Almost from the very first lick Laura was moaning, apparently Laura was as turned on and up for sex as I was.

Encouraged by the moans I moved from tonguing Laura’s pussy and lapping her juicy cunt to flicking my tongue directly over her clit. Laura pulled her knees back further and spread them wide almost thrusting her pussy up to meet my mouth, small squeals now interspersed with her moaning.

Looking up from between Laura’s spread legs I could see her eyes screwed shut and her mouth hanging open as my tongue lapped at her clit, her body began to shake and spasm and Laura let out a low guttural moan as she climaxed under my mouth. Two fingers pushed deep inside her pussy as she bucked and moaned as I tried to prolong her orgasm by assaulting her pussy and clit with my fingers and tongue.

Laura rode her orgasm for what seemed like several minutes but probably only about thirty or forty seconds before her legs flopped down and she pulled my face out of her cum soaked crotch, pulling me up so she could taste her own cum directly from my mouth.

Locked in a deep kiss we were naturally positioned from my throbbing cock to nudge between her legs, my shaft rubbed against her pussy splitting her lips but not pushing inside her, the friction of my cock rubbing against her pussy and clit could not have gone unnoticed by Laura but for the moment she was too interested in kissing and sucking my tongue.

With a small adjustment my cock stopped sliding over her lips and speared between them, one thrust penetrating deep inside only stopping when I could push no further. Laura moaned appreciatively arching her back and pushing her tits up against me before falling back onto the sofa as I withdrew and pushed forward again.

I built a steady deep rhythm sliding fully inside Laura before pulling almost all the way out and driving back in.

Laura had a tight little pussy but she was so wet and hot I had no problem filling her cunt with my cock. I pushed Laura’s knees back up and apart so her knees were almost by her shoulders and started to increase the force and speed of my thrusts. Once again Laura screwed her eye closed and her mouth hung open, groaning and moaning with every thrust as my cock pounded her tight hole.

Every thrust brought a delicious roll of energy bouncing through her breasts, her large gravity flattened globes bouncing softly with each push, like sped up waves crashing against the shore her breasts rolled up and back before being jolted up again with the next thrust.

I was so lost in fucking Laura that when I saw a hand caress and play with Laura’s nipples it took a few seconds to realise that it was Liz who was touching her. Laura was so lost in herself I don’t think she had any idea that Liz had joined in either.

It was Liz who now guided the action telling me to lay down on the bed and pulling Laura up so she could straddle me. At some point during fucking Laura, Liz had undressed and was now also naked. I still had trousers around my ankles and a shirt on. Now I had Laura lowering herself onto my cock and Liz kneeling over my face pushing her own cunt down towards my mouth. Now this would definitely be the way to die.

With a face full of Liz’s snatch I couldn’t see what Liz and Laura were getting up to but I could feel Laura bouncing on my cock and it felt like the two girls were both leaning forward and kissing.

Laura’s tight pussy was working my cock quickly towards my inevitable eruption.

Liz ground her pussy hard against my mouth as the three of us continued to writhe on the bed, Laura’s bouncing being mimicked by Liz as the two girls synchronised their movements using my cock and mouth for their pleasure.

My point of no return was rapidly approaching and I didn’t think it right to cum inside Laura without at least warning her so when Liz lifted up I blurted out I was about to cum.

Liz immediately moved laying back on the bed with her legs spread wide open, Laura too slipped off my cock pushing her face into Liz’s needy pussy and pushing her arse high in the air.

Moving quickly I had the option of either shooting my load over Laura’s arse or aiming to cover Liz’s tits and stomach, both girls looked just so inviting.

Laura looked at me as she tongued Liz’s pussy and my decision was made, kneeling beside Liz’s body I tugged my throbbing cock briefly and angled it towards the combined target of Laura’s face and Liz’s pussy, releasing a jet of cum onto Laura’s face, another one followed and Laura opened her mouth catching some of my cum. Another jet landed on Liz’s inner thigh and pussy and my final spurt landing on Liz’s stomach.

Without missing a beat Laura lapped alternatively between my spilt cum and Liz’s pussy, Liz herself now convulsing and moaning as she began her own orgasm in response to Laura talented tongue.

Laura concentrating on devouring Liz’s pussy making her scream and moan even harder. While I knelt to her side with my dick slowly becoming limp in my hand.

With Liz’s orgasm finally diminishing Laura lifted her face from Liz’s snatch and licked her lips clean of both my own and Liz’s cum giving Liz’s pussy one last rub with her fingers before climbing off the bed.

I pointed at the bathroom door and told Laura that if she wanted to freshen up there were towels and a shower through there. Laura smiled and bounced over to the bathroom her full hips and breasts swinging lusciously as she moved softly closing the door behind her as she left.

“Well she definitely gets the job” Liz sighed as she slowly came back to reality after her orgasm, sitting up and giving me a deep kiss.

With a smile I reminded Liz we only had another four interviews to do today, now really looking forward to getting our hotel fully staffed and operational.

Laura finished in the bathroom and a little sheepishly with a thick towel wrapped around her retrieved her clothes before disappearing back into the bathroom to get dressed.

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