Hotel Room

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The maid knocked on the door for the third time, rather pointlessly it seemed. She had obviously rushed out or fallen asleep. To her surprise, the door opened to reveal a beautiful woman, dressed only in a very short, see-through dressing gown.

“Come on in,” she said as if her mind were occupied with other things. The maid rushed past, half embarrassed for the woman and her lack of clothing. The door was closed behind her, much to the maid’s surprise.

“On the coffee table please.”

The young maid set down the champagne and made for the door, deliberately passing the woman for her tip. She leaned against the wall by the door, arms folded. The maid gave a quiet sigh of resignation and turned the door handle.

“If there’s anything else don’t hesitate…”

“Can I ask a favour of you?’ said the woman.

“Uhh, sure,” said the maid. “That’s what we’re here for.”

“What bra size are you? You look pretty big…”

The girl quickly shut the door in her embarrassment.

“It’s just that I really need a bra for tonight and I’m sure you could lend me yours, if it’s the right size of course.”

“Umm.. Well I’m a thirty four D, so I doubt if…”

“My size exactly.”

She knew the woman was lying; she looked double D at least. After examining her breasts, she noticed her entire body was wet which made her dressing gown cling to her. She’d been in the shower, her reason for lateness at the door.

“Could you show me it, what it looks like?” The maid began to remove her bra underneath her blouse, but only got as far as moving one strap off her shoulder.

“No, no. I need to see it on.”

From that moment. Küçükyalı escort bayan she knew what the woman wanted. And, for some reason, she wanted it too. Perhaps it was the way she looked at her, that suggestive half smile which she found so attractive on men, and now on this fantastically sexy and seductive woman.

Deliberately slowly, she began to remove her blouse, undoing one button at a time, slowly revealing her beautiful breasts in her black bra. The woman moved towards her, never taking her eyes off the young girl’s breasts. They stood close enough for their nipples to gently press against each other. They spoke in whispers. “I’ll be honest. I don’t want to borrow your bra.”

“I know.” The woman put her hands on the girl’s hip.

“Why do you wear such a short skirt?”

“Because I like men looking at me. I turns me on.”

“And women…?” Her hand searched underneath the skirt and felt her buttocks. “Why do you wear no underwear?”

“That’s for myself.”

“How old are you?”


“Have you fucked a woman before?”

“I’ve never even thought about it.”

“Are you a virgin?”


“I’m Charlotte.”


“I want you.”

“I want you too.”

“Fuck me.”

They began. Charlotte took her hand from under Becky’s skirt and touched her face softly. They kissed, letting their tongues explore each other’s mouths. Becky moved down and kissed her neck. Her few experiences with men had been so awkward, this felt so natural, so right. They were pressed together so closely, as if they wanted to be part of each other. Their two pairs of breasts were squashed Escort Kartal hard against each other and both women could feel their vaginas becoming wet as they continued to kiss. Suddenly, Charlotte stopped and moved away, rubbing between her legs.

“Undress for me.”

Becky smiled and slid off the other strap on her bra. She wanted to show that she could be as seductive as her devastatingly sexy observer. She turned and removed her bra. Charlotte gasped as she watched the curves of the young girl’s body and longed to explore it. Becky touched and caressed her breasts, knowing it would drive Charlotte mad with passion. She bowed low, allowing Charlotte to see everything behind her obscenely short skirt. Still facing away, she lowered her skirt slowly, revealing her perfectly round buttocks. She turned slowly, still covering her breasts with her hands. Eventually, she revealed them. They were the most perfect pair of breasts Charlotte had ever seen. She longed to have those beautiful pink nipples in her mouth. Becky crossed the room and lay down on the sofa and began caressing her vagina. Charlotte removed her gown. She was small but had large breasts, a petite, curvy figure. She sat on the edge of the sofa, by Becky’s legs.

She removed a bead of sweat from Becky’s thigh with her tongue. “You’re sweating. Let me cool you down.”

She reached to her right and took an ice cube from the cool bucket Becky had brought in. Holding it between her forefinger and thumb, she moved it up the edge of Becky’s torso and finally onto her right breast, circling her nipple, which became erect instantly. Becky moaned softly with pleasure. When it had melted from Suadiye escort her warm skin, Charlotte took the champagne and poured a little onto her breast, before licking it off. The sensitivity of Becky’s nipples made her gasp. She’d never felt anything like this before. Another ice cube was melted on her right breast.

“Get ready for ecstasy,” said Charlotte as she reached for another ice cube. She carefully inserted it in Becky’s vagina. It melted instantly. Charlotte licked her clitoris straight afterwards. Becky writhed madly on the sofa, screaming with pleasure. Charlotte’s tongue worked faster and faster as she brought the young maid closer and closer to climax.

Suddenly she stopped, leaned across and kissed Becky hard on the lips, and then softly on her breasts. She then turned onto her front and stood on her hands and knees. Becky kissed and licked the perfectly round buttocks in front of her face, taking loner and longer strokes with her tongue. Charlotte kneaded her own breasts as Becky pushed her left breast against Charlotte’s pussy, working her clitoris with her still hard nipple.

They stopped and kissed passionately on the couch, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and tongue, masturbating each other, licking each other. Becky lay back and Charlotte lay flat on top of her. Their clitorises were touching as they gyrated their hips and ground their pussies together. They took one of the other’s breasts in each hand and pushed them together with their own, kneading and feeling, flicking each other’s nipples.

They stopped and both opened their legs and pushed them together like two pairs of scissors, rubbing their pussies together furiously. After a while, they climaxed together.

The two beautiful naked bodies separated and Becky collected her clothes.

“Thank you,” she whispered to Charlotte and kissed her on the cheek. She closed the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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