If I’d Said Yes

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Sarah sat bare-chested on the bed’s edge. The dimday sun filtered through the towel over my window; her skin was hale and fair in that hazy light. Sarah’s face was round. Her eyes were big, set above an even, aquiline nose and bee-stung lips. Her dyed red hair curled behind her ears like ram’s horns. I loved that face –I loved her. As I slid my hand along the curve of one smooth, heavy breast, Sarah turned and spoke.

“Why don’t you show me your PA,” she said to Jeremiah. He was standing beside me, shirtless. He was muscled, angular. I hated him. But then Sarah spoke to me, saying, “And you. Take off your pants and show me your dick.”

Her DD bra was on the floor. Jeremiah made no move to touch her. He stared at her hanging tits; women paid good money for tits like hers. Round and full and perfect. The nipples pointed outward, stiff with cold and flush with arousal. I cupped her breast. She stroked my hair as I knelt to suck the nipple.

“Finger cuffs?” I asked her.

“If you want,” she replied, “I’m meat. I want you to use me.”

I was raging inside. My cock stood fiercely erect. But fear kept resurfacing.

Can I perform in front of another man?

I looked at Jeremiah. He was struck dumb.

Now was not the time for timidity. Sarah was strong and brazen and beautiful and want for her had gnawed at me since I had first lain eyes on her. And now she was here, begging for it.

I decided to forget about Jeremiah altogether. Rising before her, I undid my bayan escort belt and pushed my pants and boxers down. I was nude in the heat. I approached Sarah as she sat on the bed, my dick stiff before her red-stained mouth. She cupped my balls, stroking them long and gently with nimble fingers. Her nails were painted black. I put my hand on the back of her head and she leaned forward, her lips sliding over my cockhead and along down the shaft to the shaven flesh at the base. Her tongue swirled around me; she massaged me, sucking, her cheeks puffing out and falling inward.

A sigh trembled from me. Fantastic lust made real. Sarah with my dick in her throat.

Jeremiah had grown bold as Sarah sucked me. He sat down naked on the bed beside her, first hefting and squeezing her milk-white tits, then clamping his lips upon them, biting and running his tongue around the tiny, pink areolas. Sarah moaned. Her throat vibrated against my dick head. I held her head in both hand, pumping my hips forward. Ecstasy was washing over me; I was about to drown in it –to move past that male sexual Rubicon after which she would have no choice but to bring me to orgasm.

But she stopped here. She leaned over to kiss Jeremiah deeply, feathering his prick with gentle caresses. Jeremiah was pierced through the dickhead with a barbell. His member was long and dark but narrow. It rose from a bristle of black hair. Sarah thumbed his head, lightly fingering the barbell. I heard Jeremiah moan, but could not look into his face just yet.

“Now,” Sarah said. She stood, turned to me, and touched my face. Here eyes were like cut chalcedony. She kissed me then, and her breath was cool and salty. Her tongue danced briefly with mine. Then she pulled away.

“I can’t believe this,” I said. Jeremiah was looking at me, but I was enthralled with Sarah’s pallid beauty.

Then she bent and put her hands on the edge of the bedframe. Jeremiah stood up on the bed, his cock with its glistening barbell swinging in Sarah’s face. She spread before me, bending her knees a bit to accommodate my height. I touched her thighs, her round ass; and I then romance flew from me. Carnal hunger replaced it, and I grasped her hips and pushed my cock into her blossoming warmth. That first entry was unbelievable. Sarah pushed against me, grinding her ass against my pelvis.

Now Jeremiah came forward. She clasped her mouth around his dick as I began to surge into her, holding her by the hips.

Finger cuffs.

She stood on the balls of her feet, heels raised. I shoved myself into her and her tits began to sway. She was bouncing against me. I pummeled deep, deeper. My ball sac swung. Jeremiah was thrusting against her chin; she took all of him, his speed and his length. Sarah did not gag or protest; she only moaned and gurgled in pleasure. The tide was swiftly moving over me once more. I looked at Sarah’s back; her shoulder blades rising and falling beneath the smooth flesh. Her tits bounced and rippled, rocked by my force. I slapped her ass and she bucked against me. Again I brought my hand down, leaving a red mark this time. The crack was loud in the small room. She cried out. Her muscles seized in orgasm. We pulled her back and forth, Jeremiah pushing into her throat as I railed harder into her pussy.

I smacked her ass again. She shivered. Now I could not contain myself. The world flooded away and then rushed outward as I gripped Sarah’s hips and sank to my hilt in her. I emptied myself fully, groaning as my fingernails dug into her flesh. And then I looked, at last, at Jeremiah.

He held a fistful of Sarah’s red hair. Her right hand teased his balls as he pumped into her mouth. Her eyes were closed. Jeremiah’s cock shaft raced in and out between Sarah’s full lips. Her lipstick was rubbed off, the barbell clacked against her teeth. And then he pulled away, grabbing his prick at the base and jerking it madly. Semen arched onto Sarah’s face and shoulders in thick ropes. She opened her mouth and it shot onto her tongue, her lips. Jeremiah’s body lurched.

When he was done, Sarah twirled her tongue one last time around Jeremiah’s cock shaft. She licked cum from her fingertips. Then she sat down on the bedside and Jeremiah sat behind her.

“We aren’t done,” she grinned at me. Her face was flush. She was beautiful once more, even with her face and hair messy with Jeremiah’s seed. “We’re going to fuck until I’m wasted.” She began to touch my cock again, my taut sac. This was no love making. I was thrilled by the meaninglessness of our frottage. And I knew where I’d be going next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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