In My World You’re Married Ch. 04

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I stare at Amy sitting so sexily on my bed with her robe wide open. I almost drop the chocolate, wine, and two glasses to jump on top of her. It is so difficult to maintain self control around her. Oh so hard. I could only give her my best sexy grin and raise my eyebrows questioning ‘oh really now.’ I wonder what she’s planning to do with those handcuffs lingering in between her fingertips. Hmmm…naughty thoughts run through my mind, and instantly I’m turned on.

I slowly walk to my dresser to free my hands to light a few scented candles, and turn off the lights. The dim room flickers with candlelight. My desire for Amy burns like the glowing flames. Amy motions for me to come closer, and I obediently glide to her. As soon as my fingers touched her beautiful face, I realized that I was madly in love with her. I bend lower to kiss her as she sits on the edge of my bed. Our tongues dance rhythmically in between our wanting mouths. A small pool of wetness begins to from in between my thighs. I slide her bottom closer to me, and gently rub my thigh into her mound. A little moan escapes from her mouth, vibrating into mine.

She took my hands into hers as she lower her body onto the bed. I gently fall on top of her. My passion grew with every kiss and soft caress of her smooth hands. I stop drowning her in kisses to remove my robe, but stop as she begins to undress me herself. Watching her slowly pull the knot to expose my body to her is pure torture as I straddle her hips. As the robe falls open, Amy drags her skilled fingers across my chest and stomach. Finally she pushes my robe off my shoulders. I smile and lower myself on top of her. Our lips touch once more…full of eagerness and passion. Her hands roam over my sides and back; a few times she would cup my firm ass and squeeze. In sync, we grind our mounds into each others thigh. Little moans of pleasure fill the bedroom along with our intoxicating scent of mutual arousal. She pulls one of her legs out from under me so I could be directly in between hers. I caress her neck with kisses and little nibbles. Then I move to her little sexy ear to roam my tongue along every crevasse, then to extend my tongue into her ear hole. She responds with a moan and hard shove of her mound into mine. I continue my little assault very much liking the result and increased desire. Her hands gliding lightly over my back and ass send tiny pleasurable shocks throughout my body. She is going to make me lose my control and force me to ravish her so I decide to take her hands into mine and place them above her head.

I pause to look at her beautiful face. Amy looks completely priceless. Her eyes closed, hair a little messy, beads of sweat across her forehead, her breathing deepens, pulse intensifies, and her mouth…her mouth slightly open. Her tongue runs across her lips and she bites on her lower lip. After Amy realizes that I stopped, Ataşehir escort bayan she opens her hazel eyes, and I lose myself in a field of golden brown.

“Lisa…is there something wrong?” she whispers.

“Huh…oh…absolutely nothing’s wrong. Couldn’t be more perfect.”

I smile before placing my lips on hers. Dear god…I do love her, I thought as our bodies melt into one another once more. I release her hands to glide my fingertips down her arms to her gorgeous tits. I cup both to pinch her nipples into hard points. I begin to roll my hips into her. Her hot and heavy breath down my neck gives me goose bumps and little shocking currents through my wet pussy. I descend lower to suck and bite on her erect nipples. I move my right hand towards her wetness. I begin to massage in between her thighs and tease her pussy by running my fingers lightly across her opening. The arching of her chest and hips were erotic; turning me on more with each movement. My thumb rubs against her erect clit, my mouth hungrily suck her hard nipples, and my left hand roams across her beautiful body. My fingers tease her wet sex; lubricating my fingers with her juices. Without any warning, I bite hard on a nipple and plunge two fingers into her. As soon as her body arches high against mine I wrap my left arm around her back, holding her in place as I thrust fingers her slick pussy. I could feel my juices dripping. Her moans and nails digging into my back cause my wet sex to spasm a little. I decide to kneel on my shins and pull her on top of me. I lick and nibble on her neck as she meets my every thrust with her own. It’s beyond sexy to feel her riding on my fingers with my thighs in between hers. Amy begins to moan words as I continue to drive my fingers into her pussy.

“Ohh yes! You’re going to make me cum! Fuck yes, don’t stop baby!” God, I love it when Amy talks during sex.

“Cum for me; I want to taste your delicious cum flowing from your hot pussy…” I whisper in her ear.

After my sentence, she exploded. She begins to grind hard on my fingers, and my knuckles painfully rub against my thigh. I use my finger tips to rub directly against her g-spot in a “come hither” motion. Amy’s head flips back and she explodes on my hand once more. Her last intensive moan almost sent me over the edge with her. With her chest rising and falling, she continues to ride out her orgasm to prolong the extreme pleasure. As soon as her movements stop, she pulls me into a kiss. I slip out of her to embrace her. Our kiss seems to last forever – tender yet passionate.

She finally breaks the kiss and smiles. I try to lower her back down so I could taste her sweet juices, but she stops me.

“I want to taste your delicious juices,” I plea.

“No…you can do that later. Now I’m going to have some fun.” I just look at her, mouthing “just one small Escort Ümraniye lick”. Amy shakes her head, laughing a little.

“Lie on the bed, and close your eyes. I’ll be right back.” I obey, but took a tiny peak.

“Hey, I saw that!” she says. I just smile and close my eyes once more. Soon I feel my bed dip. “Keep your eyes closed.” I nod in agreement.

I feel a silky material run up my stomach to my chest making my nipples turn into hard peaks. Then the cloth tickles my neck and finally ends at my eyes. She’s going to blindfold me. What is she planning to do? Soon enough Amy ties a knot to secure the blindfold. Suddenly, she grabs my wrists and places them above my head. Before I could resist, I was cuffed to the bed.

“You’re so bad!” I laugh.

“Well, I just had to test out my new handcuffs on you. I hoped that you had a nice bed frame so I could cuff you to your bed, and…I was right.” I could just picture her with the biggest smile on her face as she replied to my statement.

I hear a metallic clink of chains. Oh boy. She slowly draws the metal chain across my stomach and chest. Instantly, goose bumps arose from my body causing my nipples to rise. Suddenly, one of my erect nipples receives a little painfully pinch, and the other soon followed. Now the chain sits on my stomach. The pain remains, I was a little confused. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love pain with pleasure. Oh shit! Nipple clamps. Duh. Anyways…

Amy rakes her finger nails down my sides. I squirm a little. I could hear her moving lower. Her kissing of my stomach and hip bone confirms my assumption of what she going to do next. When she kisses directly above my mound, she tugs the chain attached to my hard nipples. I rise a little above my bed, and her tongue teases my clit. I begin to moan and my breathing increases as she licks my sex up and down teasing my clit from time to time. She slides two fingers easily inside of me, and directs her skilled tongue on my clit. When I least except it, she would tug at he chain sending pain through my body, yet her continuous licks and sucks were extremely pleasurable. I wish she didn’t blindfold me so I could glaze into her eyes as she looks up at me assaulting my wet pussy greedily.

I begin to moan louder and roll my hips onto her tongue as my orgasm approaches. I guess I gave it away to much because Amy stops.

“Aaammyy, why did you stop?” I ask still breathing heavily.

Silence. I hear her move off the bed. I give her my pouting lips.

I feel her hot breath against my neck. I moan and suck in a deep breath as she bites my neck hard. She pauses only to caress the throbbing with her tongue. Her hand cups my wet mound, and I roll my hips making my clit rub against her palm. Soon her fingers fill me and moans emit from my mouth. As soon as my breathing shallows and a moan of “ohh Bostancı escort yess” escapes from my mouth, Amy stops everything and pulls away. I’m going to scream bloody murder but I didn’t. If I wasn’t blindfolded, she would be getting my look of death.

“Be right back, hun…” Amy mocks. I groan, and then sigh.

Damn it…I want to get off so bad…she is being such a tease! Ahhh! Frustration! I hear a door close. Oh god…don’t tell me she left me here! I use the classic iron rod on my head board to pull myself up to a sitting position. I turn over onto my knees, twisting the chains to the handcuffs once around. I can’t believe Amy would leave me here. I start to rub my forehead against my arm to remove the blindfold. She tied it tight enough; I was shaking the entire bed with my body trying to get the darn thing off of my eyes.

Out of no where, a hand slaps my ass hard. “Ouch!” I yelp. My ass stings and I could swear it echoed through my bedroom.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Amy sternly says.

I begin to elaborate on my thoughts for my actions but got cut off by her gagging me with another piece of silky cloth. I feel helpless bound to my bed, gagged, and with my ass lingering in the air for her to spank. But I was extremely turned on, and still dripping for some relief.

“I think you need to be punished,” Amy says. I mumble an ‘I don’t know…maybe’ through the gag. Amy slaps my ass hard a few times and tug the chain still attached to my nipples hard. I moan and groan through the gag. Amy massages my clit with her fingers and spanks me hard some more. I begin to move my hips towards her fingers.

Without warning, she rams a strap-on into me. I moan loudly, but was muffled by the gag. I collapse a little from having my pussy walls stretched out so far so suddenly.

Amy begins to thrust hard into my dripping wet sex. I couldn’t help but moan as she continues to pull on the chain and slap my ass a few times. I begin to meet her heavy and fast thrusts. Soon her hands grip tightly around my waist, and she fucks me vigorously at a hard rhythmic tempo.

“Yeah you like my hard cock don’t you? Cum on my big cock, my dirty slut!” she shouts. God, she’s going to make me cum so hard! Suddenly, she grabs a hand full of hair and pulls hard while thrusting hard and fast into my pussy. I moan louder and fuck her cock hard as I cum all over myself and her. It’s so damn good, that I continue moving back into her. She continues at a slow pace feeling my pussy convulse around her strap-on. Without even stopping, she develops a steady tempo again. I haven’t even recovered from my mind blowing previous orgasm and she’s already at it again, I thought. I’m going to cum over and over again and possibly pass out. She rubs my ass to soothe the numbness, and grips on my waist once more as she begins to pound into me again. I moan and breathe loudly through my nose as my second orgasm approaches fast.

“So Lisa baby, since you’re already in the perfect position, I think I’m going to take your ass next…” she says a little out-of-breath as she slams into my dripping pussy triggering another intensive orgasm.

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