Instinctive Lust

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Her hands held mine, fingers softly stroking the wet, sultry flesh, as she drew me up from the bath. I her eyes was nothing less than love and lust, the promise of pleasure, mixed with the anticipation of lurid thoughts that consumed her mind with a frenzied desire. She’d never been this bold before, but I guess temptation was to much for her, I’d known about the attraction, I wasn’t blind, in fact you could almost say to some degree I had been quite flattered, and maybe turned on by it.

I loved the way her eyes would ogle at my legs, how they studied them, their slim trim shape, rising up, often seductively wrapped in glossy golden pantyhose, that disappeared beneath a skimpy short or tight skirt. I used to fantasize at night about how she’d sneak a glimpse, try to position herself, so that she could see if I was wearing panties. Its true that I tormented her, opening my legs just wide enough to entice her, to get her hot and flustered, forcing herself to divert her gaze and always fighting the addiction to look back.

We’d known each other for about twelve months, kissing only once, but the attraction had always been there, trying to keep it secret, locked away but never managing it. We weren’t lesbian, that was part of the problem, both of us were married and both treasured our spouses, yet we felt this intensity, this sexual heat that continued to build up

There was passion and commitment in her eyes in equal uncompromising measure, her bold strength determined to carry her through, to seize the moment and taste the pleasure. I was beyond shocked, I was totally dumbfounded, this being the one thing I had never really expected, no longer the tease, I was meek, given over to her desires, my body an aching vessel of yearning that now longed for the inevitable.

My heart was all a flutter, body chilled, quivering with all expectation, nerves and sudden drop in temperature as slowly she now assisted me from the bath. I stood before her in all my morning glory, naked, flesh glimmering in low winters sunlight that pierced the cracks in the thin Venetian blind. Her hands still held mine so tenderly, fingers still softly caressing the flesh as her eyes danced over the sight which she had longed to see.

She took a moment to study it, to see the design of my form, the long legs that had so often been a cause of temptation to her. They rose upwards almost majestically. Their shape sculptured and trim, the result of prolonged and often heavy workouts, they gave way and blossomed into rounded, curvaceous thighs and hips that led to a trim, taunt stomach that was flat, and chest that bedazzled her.

There her eyes momentarily remained, fixed to roundness of my breasts, the swell of my femininity, that currently sparkled like a glistening gem. The erect nub of my nipple was a like a stork draped in honey, throbbing and tormenting the both of us, she trying desperately to fight the urge to taste its sweetness just like she’d had done when her eyes had met with the shaven moistness of my sex.

Her face inched closer towards mine, soon I could feel her hot breath against my flesh, washing over me like a thin invisible mist of sensual heat. There was a moment of prolonged nothingness, a stalemate where we just seemed locked like that, not touching, but wanting to, desiring to, but not actually committing the act. Our bodies, quivering, hearts thundering, minds urging, wanting so badly or that first real embrace to be sealed and confidence to be shared out so we both could progress to the stage we both now knew we wanted to reach.

It seemed a tentative start, given that we both felt the same compulsion for each other, yet also both were also struggling to come to terms with it. Our faces finally merged, lips moulding to each other, kisses that started off slow, rapidly grew into passion filled, stimulation that rose the body temperature dramatically. It was the first time I’d ever been kissed by another of the same sex, her soft velvet lips seemed almost made for my mouth, whilst her tongue soon grew to be an explorative tool in its own right. I could feel the buzz of pleasure swooning through my form, nerve ends alighting and beginning to tingle, coming vibrantly alive as my clit stiffened at the same time as my nipples.

Drawing away from each other we gain seemed almost hypnotised by the others face, each one flush with colour, eyes glimmering like jewels, expressions one of happiness and intimate love, mutual respect. “You’ve no idea how much I’ve wanted you”, she whispered, her sexy seductive voice so raspy and full of promise that I nearly collapsed. Escort Ataşehir Her right hand relinquished mine, I felt it rest against the beginnings of my hips, soft powerful fingers that lightly touched the flesh which tingled with delight. “No idea”, she continued in same sexy voice, “how often I thought about doing this, touching, stroking, kissing, and eating you. Sleep has been a playground of lustful dreams which have aroused me and forced me to tease my clit.”

As she said the last bit, her hand journeyed down towards my sex, my legs instinctively opening, widening with utter relish, as I felt her palm press against the throbbingness of my feminine slit. It was an earthquake of lust that erupted within me, feeling her hand resting so powerfully yet also so tenderly upon that which is my most intimate part. I doubted little that she could feel the pounding, the warmth and the dew of excitement that was all within me and forever increasing.

A finger lightly traced the opening of its slit, a shudder of pure delight rampaged through me, which gave way to glimmer, an electrifying sparkle of lust that set ablaze every nerve end within my body. “I’m going to enjoy this”, she said in between short but exuberant kisses that reinforced the sensations which she stirred within my sex. My body was in bliss, head swam with delight, I could have stood there all day kissing, listening to her soft seductive whispers and that light, but stimulating finger that so gently heightened all of my senses.

Slowly she edged me towards the wall, so that my shoulders rested against them, my legs splayed out, sex open waiting, wanting, desiring that touch that was going to ignite the inferno within me. Her broad, gentile and seductive smile, told me everything I needed to know, as I watched her glided flawlessly down my body, close enough to me that she extended her tongue out and let it run down in between my bosoms.

I stood there like a statue, my chest heaving, my heart pounding, my flesh glimmering like the soft sensuous buzzes of electricity, my mind a rash with thoughts, desires and questions. I hadn’t had chance to think of anything other than the eroticism which had surfaced, yet in that fleeting moment, a question sprang up, a realisation of what was truly happening here. I was about to make love to a friend, a good friend, someone who I had trusted implicitly and without question. Sure they’d been attraction, but never this powerful, was I really ready for the consequences of what could happen, the strain on the friendship, the desire that might spring from it. What if it was enjoyed to much, would there be a compulsion to repeat it, a need a desire that forever would burn and the guilt of each one of us betraying our husbands, the very people we had promised faithfully to love, cherish and honour for all of our lives.

I wondered if the same thoughts were or had traversed through her mind, it gave me comfort to think that they had, as I looked down at her, her face level with my sex, her eyes glancing up, so bright and vibrant, face alive, pulsing with colour that could only come from true carnal lust. Just looking at her was bad enough, she provoked feelings within me which were different from what I’d been used to, it was more intense, and more sexier. Being able to touch her, to smell the odour of perfume and the thought of being intimate was beyond intoxicating, could I really deny myself the pleasures of what was about to unfold, did I truly want that?

The thoughts that roamed within my head were quickly shattered; my body shuddered with an expectant, arousing desire, as I felt my lovers tongue make its first impact upon my sex. It was like a strike of lightening, a cataclysmic shock of desire that spread out within me, all centring upon and around my sex. A gentle, erotic tingling sensation flooded through me, penetrating the folds of moist flesh within me looking, searching out the erect nub of my clit. My chest heaved dramatically, my head rose skyward, eyes closed, I felt my body respond, the sweeping sensations, that surged up, the hardening of my nipples, arousal overload.

Her tongue continued to dance, dragging itself over the lips of my sex, lightly at first, skimming the opening, before slowly beginning to enter its domain and tasting the sweet nectar of my desire. My whole body appeared to relax, my sex throbbed with unrelenting pleasure, I could feel her mouth pressing against its lips, her tongue delving into the sensual flesh, penetrating it, toying with my clit, sucking, kissing and licking. My eyes rapidly closed, heavy with Ümraniye escort desire, my whole body and mind was laced with a deep erotic lust that became visible upon my skin, by a thin layer of glistening sweat.

Her tongue continued its intimate assault, probing deeper and further into my sex, her hands clamps my thighs, holding them tighter as she sought to truly feast herself. I couldn’t help but allow myself to moan, to let out a low but audible whimper of pleasure as again I felt the wave of her eroticisms surge through the internals of my body. My own hands involuntarily found their way to her head, cupping its sides, pressing her closer to my body that now began to demand more lavish and spectacular penetration, something which she was only too willing to give.

Her tongue roamed with a more feverish desire, delving deep into the crack of my sexual treasure, wild and erotic movements, that tore through my body alighting nerve ends and fluttering my heart. Pleasure totally ambushed me, my eyes closed, so heavily laidened with desire, my head swam, entering this dream like state, where everything appeared to be almost exaggerated. Her tongue penetrated deeper, teasing my clit harder, lips pressing more viciously, clamping almost the softness of the opening and devouring it with avid delight.

My chest heaved so dramatically, my heart thundered, body quivered and shook, spasms of delight rampaged through me, nerve ends screamed mercilessly for joy. Murmurings of pleasure echoed from my lips, filling the room and sounding like a chorus of some undistinguishable song. Pressing her harder against me, I could feel the desire leap from me to her, her hunger growing, as she tasted the sweet luxuriant scent of my arousal. Her face buried in my crotch, mouth chomping, tongue sweeping dramatically, I could barely stand up, as muscle spasm after muscle spasm tore through me. Pleasure and lust swirl, mixing together in one enchanting and addictive cocktail, fighting the compulsion to climax, was getting seriously harder now.


Over to the bed we go, we’ve said very little in the past hour, we haven’t needed to, words aren’t required, we know what the other wants and requires. You stare up at me, those full gorgeous eyes so sensual and entrancing, bedazzle me, forcing me down towards your body which is know naked, displayed for my eyes in all its natural splendour and wow is it majestic.

I kiss you with as much passion and tenderness as you had done me, lavish and long embraces that pepper every inch of your face, neck and lips, especially the latter two. I can taste the beads of sweat, salty, sultry liquid that is an indication of your passion and the desire that builds within you. I move stealthfully downwards, onto your chest and those majestic globes of feminine flesh, I feel the pounding of your heart and racing of your pulse.

It pleases me massively to know that I excite you, that my kisses are bequeathing stimulation upon your form, for it’s a body that should be worthy of such pleasures. Your back arches as my mouth makes its first light caress upon the lips of your sex, I can feel the muscles relax, your body drain itself of the tautness which you imposed upon it. A whirlwind of sensations marry within you, swarming over not just you sex, but your entire body, as again I embrace the sweetness of your feminine treasure.

This time it is more prolonged, more deserving and passionate, your heart and pulse race, no longer a steady rhythm every second, now it’s a thunderous pulsating frantic beep that tells me of your delight. From between you splayed open legs I look up at you, your body truly is majestic, those mounds of succulent flesh so inviting, especially with the stork like nipple just waiting to be stimulated. Your eyes are closed, face full of concentration, mind no doubt determined to savour every last drop of pleasure, for a body that feeds off like others require nourishment of food.

There is a heaviness of desire resting around you, a thin veil of mist that touches and lightly caresses you form, the flesh shimmering from both that mist and salty beads of perspiration. I smile more fuller now, as my head returns back to the place where it feels more comfortable. A kiss linger-some and enchanting is placed upon the crease of your thigh, where legs meet sex, but not on the sex, just off to one side. You feel my tongue lick so potently, dragging itself over, dancing and caressing the flesh that shivers and responds beneath it. A whole new wave of bliss erupts within you, desire, eroticisms and lust sweeping majestically Bostancı escort bayan upwards, enveloping nerves and enchanting them bringing them to life in the most spectacular way, that a whole series of soft lustful moans whimper out of your mouth.

Almost teasingly I move across, letting my tongue slide across the sensual flesh, heading towards its goal that soft, moist mound of your sex. Every movement I make stirs images, feelings within you that bring you closer to rapture, you feel the hardening of your clit, the pulsing of your nipples, the thundering of your heart, its strong commanding beats traversing throughout your entire form.

I know how much you desire to have my lips nestling against you, to feel the swish of my tongue, the penetrative stabs, the suckling upon the swollen bud of your desire that allows you to bask in monetary pleasure as your mind and body swoon from the enjoyment of it all. The odour of your excitement is massive, the juices build up within you, your body a veritable feast of pent up desire just waiting, wanting to be released.

With my fingers I part the lips of your sex, a shudder of delight echoes through you; anticipation is like an icy erotic wave that cascades through you, chilling the nerve ends. So close now is my face to your delicious sex, that you can feel my hot, sultry breath against you. You feel it impact against the naked moistness of your most intimate part, how it spreads out, covering all those luscious folds, fanning and teasing across the flesh with such hypnotic bliss.

When it came, your body shudder with incredible delight, a tidal wave of relief swept through you, consuming you, muscles contracted with eagerness wanting this to be lingering touch that would send you into the depths of pure orgasmic pleasure. My lips pressed against the wanting moistness of your sex, my tongue toyed with bud of your sex itself, flicking over it, roaming around it, stimulating and unleashing all of its potent power.

You rested back, you arms extending out, holding me, cupping my head and drawing me still tighter, forcing my willing head to press against the crotch of yours that was so worked up. A hundred soulful and erotic kisses were unleashed, each other so powerful and potent that I felt your body respond, sucking, cleaning, licking and tasting the juices that were easily teased from within you, began that spiral of rapture which had been so long waiting for.

Your hands held my head more firmly now, refusing to let me pull me, instead demanding that I eat sex with more vigour and I only too willing to comply with that. Your body begins to responds, hips gyrate slowly at first, the noises escaping from your mouth become more vocal and prolonged.

Your hips rise upwards, and forwards, pushing themselves even tighter against me, as my your body begins to writher and dance. I feel the muscles tighten, my mouth launches a fresh and furious assault upon your sex, knowing you to be close. I taste your juices in abundance, as the compulsion for pleasure now grips us both, your body is a shimmering wreck, just waiting, wanting the release which you struggle to hold back. I can feel every tender ripple, every single echo, the tightening of muscles, the build up of desire and lust, the feverish want for that orgasm. My mouth continues to eat you, devouring the sweet nectar of your pussy, sucking, nipping, stroking the inner flesh of your sex, seeting your body ablaze, which also continues to writher and dance, this time even greater meaning.

The inevitable came, your resilience broke, the climax shook you like a terrific earth, rising from the very depths of the pussy that I was eating and spreading in all directions, caressing and provoking sensations of total euphoria. A shrill of pleasure, heaving of your chest was dramatic, but heightened further by the fact that I sought to lap up every piece of your sweet passion juice, until nothing remained.

For a moment we lay there, in that position, motionless as though frozen in time. You naked on the bed, legs open, me with my face still buried at your crotch, equally attired, for any third person that could have seen us, it must have been both erotic and romantic, two lovers caught for a second in time after a torrid, but blissful lovemaking session.

Slowly I move, beginning to crawl upwards, towards you, my body gliding over yours so that when we meet and kiss, you feel my breasts against yours, as I feel yours. We kiss lavishly, mouths enveloping each others, tongues exploring, searching, licking, the ruminants of your juices are being swapped back into your body. Both of us are tired, bodies shimmering with eroticism, nerve ends still alive and vibrant, but energy sapped. Instinctively we just want to cuddle, to be close, to feel the other’s body and rest, recuperated and see if we desire the need to play again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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